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Full text of "Maximum Rocknroll, No. 108 (May 1992)"

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MO. 1 08 
MAY '92 










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H*» HAfHA' 

Hopefully you've figured out by now that the last month's issue 
(#107) was our April Fool's joke on you. And if you haven't, well, you 
shouldn't believe everything you read (And here I was thinking that 
punx questioned everything. Oh, I'm crushed). Anyway, Tim wants us 
to "enumerate all the falsehoods" 'cause he doesn't want MRR to get 
slapped with a lawsuit. Read the last sentence as: people who make 
money off 'punk" are a tad touchy. 

So, first off, we aren't buying out Flipside. We just wanted to add 
more fuel to the paranoia concerning our far reaching and omnipres- 
ent control of the "scene". Thanks to Al and the Flipside staff for having 
a sense of humor. 

Many of the regular sections contain bogus items. In the le Iters- to- 
the-editor section, the most obvious phonies were the Bad Religion 
and Vegan Reich letters. The rest of the letters we'll leave up to you to 

Now, the record reviews. All records that were reviewed by A.P. 
Rilphoole (AR) were not real. So sorry kids, but there is no 8 LP Jello 
Biafra spoken word box set... yet! The Scumpit was a hilarious free-for- 
all for which no one person can be held responsible. And, of course, 
What's The Scoop was a fictitious product of Chris Dodge's twisted 

Ok, we finally get to the columns. They are all fakes; that's right, the 
columnists all wrote each other's columns. The first Jeff Bale column 
was done by Lawrence and the Cooking Jeff by Lily. The rest were as 
follows: Jeff did Lawrence's, Sam did Tim's, Dan did Sam's, Jennifer 
and Katy did each other's, leaving Ben and Mykel to also pull a 
switcheroo. So it follows that Mykel did not get arrested for child 
molestation, though the news story and letter (submitted by Ben, of 
course) about the whole ordeal were pretty convincing. 

What's left? Well, we didn't really interview Nirvana and hopefully 
they aren't as stupid as the piece made them look. 

Special thanks go out to Lance, Matt, Chris, Smelly, Walter, Joe, 
and that little gray man for their part in all this. 

P.S. All checks for the MRR merchandise should be made out to 
Mike McNiel. 

So it goes, 


DEAR ADVERTISERS: MRR is about to put out another 

This time it wi 11 be issue #110 and will come out on June 

1 S. Both part one and part two will contain all the regular 

features Oust as they did in double issue #100, both parts 

of which sold as well or better than regular issues), but 

one part will be an update on the Bay Area scene (bands and individual 

activists), and the other part will have a theme as well — punks reaching 30+ 

years. It will contain over 50 interviews wi th, and columns by, people who have 

been active in the scene for a long time. 

If you are interested in running an ad in one of these issues, the rates 

are as normal. For those that want both, we have a reduced rate for just this 

issue. Here's the scoop: 

One ad $100, or ads in both for $160 
One ad $50, or ads In both for $80 
One ad $40, or ads in both for $64 
One ad $25, or ads in both for $40 
We would like to know well in advance if you want to reserve an ad 

in just one part or have ads saved in both parts, so please let us know ASAP. 

Ads themselves will be due in before June 1. Thanks a lot! 

DEAR SUDSCRIBERS: Because there will be two simultaneous full length issue 

110's, we will be adjusting people's subsciptions accordingly. People whose 

subs end at 1 10 will just receive 1 10 part 1 . Those whose subs end at 1 1 1 will 

receive both parts but not 1 1 1 . Everyone whose sub ends after 1 1 1 will have 

their sub-ending number lowered by one. 

1/2 page 

(7 1/2" x 5*') 

1/3 page 

(5" x 5") 

1/3 page 

(2 1/2" x 10") 

1/6 page 

(2 1/2" x 5") 

Steve Aycock \ 
Michelle Belacic 
Mel Cheplowitz 
Chris Dodge 
Lali Donovan 
Karin Gembus 
Katja Gussmann 
Harald Hartmann 
David Hayes 
Ayn Imperato 

Mick Krash 
Timojhen Mark 
Mike Millett 
Ms NP9330 
Katy Odell 
Natasha Riggins 
Dave Seifert 
Dave Stevenson 
Martin Sprouse 
Matt Wobensmith 
Miriam Wilding 
Joel Wing 
Jeff Yih 

Lai^. . ,*hn 
Michelle Haunold 
Ryan Hopeless 
Kent Jolly 
Sebastian Kimmell 
Mike La Vella 
Mike McNiel 
Devon Morf 
Neil Nordstrom 
Mr Pagemaker 4.2 
Bruce Roehrs 
Harry Sherrill 
Steve Spinali 
Cammie Toloui 
Kevin Wickersham 
Eric Wilson 
Winni Wintermeyer 
Tim Yohannan 


Mykel Board 
Lawrence Livermore 
Bill Collins 
Jennifer Blowdryer 
Doug Ward 
Greg Chumpire 
Helge Schreiber 
Howard Zinn 
Jeff Spaz 
Tom Vague 

Ben Weasel 

Sam McPheeters 

Murray Bowles 

Jeff Bale 

Mark Hanford 

Fred Cleaner 


Mary X 


Jon "Moo Moo" 


Melanie Gauthier 

Heather Choy 
Michelle Haunold 
Radley Hirsch 
Barry Lazarus 
Jon Von 

Mike Gill 
Paula Hirsch 
Kenny Kaos 
Alisa Schulman 
Last Will 

CFMU Hamilton, Ont 93.3FM Mon 1 1:59 PM 
CKMS Waterloo, Ont 94.5FM call station 
KABF Little Rock, AR 86.3FM Fri midnight 
KALX Berkeley, CA 90.7FM Weds midnight 
KCPR San Luis Obispo, CA 91 .3FM Thurs 5PM 
KSCL Shreveporl, LA 91.3FM Weds 10PM 
KTEQ Rapid City, SD 91 .3 FM Thurs 9PM 
KZUM Lincoln, NE 89.3FM Weds midnight 
WCNI New London, CT 91.1 FM Sat midnight 
WJMU Decatur, IL 89.5FM Sat 10PM 
WLCX Farmville, NE 90.1FM call station 
WRMC Bethlehem, PA 640AM call station 
WRUV Burlington, VT 90.1FM Thurs 6PM 
WTSR Trenton, NJ 91 .3FM call station 
WYRE Waukesha, WI 103.9FM Fri 8PM & Sun 9PM 
WZRD Chicago, IL 88.3FM Sun 3:30PM 
Radio Pomme Louviers, France 91 .6FM Sat 5PM 
A Slot Helmond, Holland call station 
Canal Sud Toulouse, France 92.6FM Mon 6PM 
Radio Dio Saint-Etienne, France 89.6FM Sun 7PM 

RADIO STATIONS: MRR Radio shows are available lor 
stations only. Requests for info should be on station let- 
terhead. Contact us at the address on the next page. 


|_ An For what It's worth, here's some of the MRR crew's current Top 10 u r\ 
F I 1 K lists. Please send us your records (2 copies of vinyl, If possible-one | M 
Ivl f 0r re view and one for airplay), CD-only release, but no tapes yet). ■*» 


• U.S.: available from U.S. address below. 

r^nr^'mr nra <CO £A flarh/ fi ICCIIPC ciih fnr 

$15.00. Calif residents, it's S1 6.25. 

• Canada: available from U.S. address at 
bottom of page. Copies are $2.75 each/ 6 
issues sub for $16.50 (US dollars). 

• Mexico: available from U.S. address at bot- 
tom of page. Copies are $2.75 each/ 6 issues 
sub for $16.50. 

• U.K.: available from MRR/ PO Box 59/ Lon- 
don N22/ England. Copies are £2.50 each/ 6 
issue sub for £10.00. Write this address for 
European distribution too. 

• Europe: available from U.K. address above. 
Copies are $4.50 each/ 6 issue sub for $24. 

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address below. Copies are $6.25 each/ 6 
issue sub for $37.50 (US dollars). 

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below. Copies are $4.50 each/ 6 issue subfor 



Back issues #37, 43-52, 55-64 are $1.50 
each ppd in U.S. ($1 .65 in Calif), $2 Canada, 
$2.75 So America, $4.25 Asia & Australia (all 
from MRR/US). Same issues are £1.50 for 
U.K. and $2.50 for Europe (from MRR/UK). 
Back issues 66-100 (pts 1&2) are: $2.50 US, 
$2.75 Canada, $2.50 Mexico, $5.50 Asia/ 
Australia, $3.00 So America. Back issues 
101-107 are as stated above in sub info. UK 
office only has issues 90-present. For earlier 
issues to UK & Europe, write MRR/US, cost is 
$5 per issue. 


Scene Reports: continuously, with photos! 
Interviews: continuously, with photos! 
Ad Reservations: backlog-write or call now! 
Ad Copy In: 1 st of month-absolutely no later! ! 


1/6 page: (2 1/2" x 5") $25 

1/3 page: (2 1/2" x 10") $40 

1/3 page: (5"x5")$50 

1/2 page: (7 1/2" x 5") $100, 2 or more items! 

CLASSIFIEDS: 40 words cost $2/60 words 
max for $3. No racist, sexist or fascist mate- 
rial. Send typed if possible. Cash only!!! 

COVER: Yo Mama 

SELL MRR AT GIGS: Within U.S., we'll sell 
them to you at $1 .50 each ppd, cash up front. 
Must order 5 or more of the same issue. Need 
business address to UPS to. 

STORES: If you have problems getting MRR 
from your distributors, try contacting Mordam 
Records at (41 5) 243-8230. 

Please send all records, letters, articles, 
photos, interviews, ads, etc., to: 


PO BOX 460760 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94146-0760 



CHUMBAWUMBA-I Never Gave Up-12" 


V/A-Squat or Rot #3-EP 




MAN IS THE BASTARD-Backward Species-EP 
SLAVESTATE-Evil Empire-tape 
MELVINS-Night Goat-45 














VELOCITY GIRL-My Forgotten Favorite 
V/A-Dope, Guns N Fucking Vol 4-7-LP 


V/A-Guns & Roses Punk Roots Vol. 1-EP 
DIE TOTENHOSEN-Learning English-LP 
HARD-ONS/CELIBATE RIFLES-Whereth'e Wild...-2x7" 








COWS-Cunning Stunts-LP 


BIG CHIEF-Strange Notes-45 

V/A-Clamchowder+lce vs. Big Macs+Bombers-LP 

SUGAR SHACK-Feariess Frat Killers-EP 


V/A- Women's Liberation-CD 

NAKED AGGRESSION-Keep your eyes open-EP 

MICKEY FINN-Peacemaker-EP 

MOB 47-Racist Regime-LP 

V/A-Guns & Roses Punk Roots Vol. 1-EP 



NATIONS ON FIRE-Strike the Match-LP 




COWS-Cunning Stunts-LP 

MDC-Hey Cop, If I Had a Face Like Yours-LP 

ICKY BOYFRIENDS-Size is Everything-EP 


RISE ABOVE-Where the Meat is Red-EP 
LEGITIME DEFONCE-Dont Stop the Madness-EP 
V/A- Where the Wild Things Are-2x45 
AGAINST ALL HOPE-Breaking Throuqh-EP 


WYNONA RIDERS-Some Enchanted Evening-EP 
BEATNIK TERMITES-Ode To Susie & Joe-45 
V/A-Clamchowder+lce vs. Big Macs+Bombers-LP 
WOGGLES-I Got Your Number-EP 
BUM-Promise Is A Promise-EP 


MDC-Hey Cop-LP/MALE-No Future in 1977-EP 



American Me-movie 




BUNCHOFUCKINGCOFS-Carnival a Chaos & Carnage-CD 



BUILD UP-Keep Up The Fight-tap 

SPITBOY-The Threat-EP 
THE FREEZE-Five Way Fury-LP 
NATIONS ON FIRE-Strike the Match-LP 
VINDICTIVES-lnvisible Man-EP 


NATIONS ON FIRE-Strike the Match-LP 




ATOMIC 61-Heartworm-10" 
RIDE-Leave Them All Behind-12" 
V/A-Smells Like Smoked Sausage-2x45 
HAMMERHEAD-Load King-45 

BUM-A Promise is a Promise-EP/RiCHARD HELL-EP 
V/A-Clamchowder+lce vs. Big Macs+Bombers-LP 
WYNONA RIDERS-Some Enchanted Evening-EP 
TH E BROOD-Vendena-LP/WOMBLES-Too^ nq^P 

SPITBOY-The Threat-EP 

STRAWMAN-Politics on the Pavement-EP 


NATIONS ON FIRE-Strike the Match-LP 


HAMMERHEAD-Load King-45 
MONOMEN-Took That Thing-EP 


V/A-How Much Longer?-EP 
V/A-Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat-LP 
URGE-Selt Respect-LP 
FREEZE-Five Way Fury-LP 






A.C.-live EP & Unplugged EP 
SPITBOY-The Threat-EP 
SHEEPSQUEEZE-lt's Not Working-EP 

FRATRICIDE-Scream Bloody Vengeance-EP 
V/A-Reagan Regime Review-EP 
V/A-Smells Lik e Smoked Sausaqe-2x45 


E-TYPESI-Action Packed-EP 



V/A- Where The Wild Things Are-2x45 

SPITBOY-EP/TOTENHOSEN-Leaming English Lesson-LP 
WOMBELS-Too Long-EP/V/A-Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat-LP 
V/A-Clamchowder-LP/V/A-Guns'N'Roses Punk Roots-EP 
V/A-Qwertyuiop!-EP/V/A-Squat Or Rot 3-EP 
V/A-Reagan Regime Review-EP 

an all-volunteer run store/community center 

Volunteers always welcomed. Meetings 1st Sunday of month 7PM 

we buy, sell, trade 

new & used records/tapes/CDs 

fucking unbelievably cheap 


°* H31N*> X 

icriD a mmme or your new neienjuni 


New. Hours!! 'And Now.Open .Tuesdays!! 

Hours: Tues-Fri 3-8PM , Sat noon-8PM , Sun noon-7PM, closed Mon 

924 Gilman 

Berkeley, California 


Or your little sister, or the 
kid down the street, or your 
English Teacher who drinks too 
much. Hell, take 'em all. 

17 Fri: Jonestowni Trenchmouthi 
Unwoundi Moltr i f fid 

16 Sat: Undertow 

2H Fri: Citizen Fishi Paxton 
fluigglyi Spitboyi The Gru'ps 

25 Sat: Gas Huffern Supersucker -i 
Circus Lupusi Crainn Backwoods 

01 Fri: Nuisancei Bitchcrafti 
Grimacei Gridlock 

02 Sat: Fifteeni Hoodhousen 
Corni Scherzo 

03 Sun: Youth Brigade 

Ofl Fri: RDCi Econochristi 
Rancidn Gina Arnold Fan CIudt 
Jack Acid 

lb Sat: Motherloadi Schlongi 
Pounded Clowni Seapigs 

17 Sun: Holly Rollers-, 
Ruination-i Strawmani Prick 

22 Fri Honsulai 23 Sat Haunted 
Garagei 51 Fri Neutral Nationi 
30 Sat Paxton Quiggly 

All shows all ages no drugs/ no 
alcohol. Shows cost $5 or $6 w/ 
$2 membership. Call 510/525- 
9926 for latest info. Remember, 
Membership Meetings every Sat. 
at 5PM. All Welcome! 


475 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103, (415)255-0388 

I Peacrlptlon 

> | Frit 

: ww na m i Q anm *a n | : o o oo ponn/HC. only 6:7*£P ' 3.30 

•ume » LP 

•CO j 10.10 

Bad Rdg/on : Generator 

agoVet :s*»noertot« 

Bulle'l lavotia -The bin 

: stll crankin out tvor^LP :*.10 
! G wto *$)** ,*»» ha: 7" _ _ i 3 ?6_ 
j toUlv ^ayllil'lH " _[c P '_*. : 4.65 

Buzzov-en iWound : skm heavy gitxJ a\a '-TEP ;230 

Christ On A CruKti JCttM Pay* When Pfewell dons *J^.?«H?:.?i?;??. 

Cofln Break 

■ No Bleep Tjjjl Stardut; ratroipedltre coMacMo^CD 


: lui -on r aal power harjLP ;7,20 

_ iNnteLIke BeaBijYw toper twayy eour>dlnj3:7"EP S2M 
"XJ^Tffi.""" ■"■ "j WMIy. cfwag'tlji ™"1_ |L*P "_"J 2 JO. 

n Polar Nail* ■* ,Q |^ i P u r * V** ■ rEP j 230 


:Cemry 21 : R ,e *' anfwfrtle PJ** \T ; 3j 

rripplno h wdeora, wary irElj4J0 


Oom Oar 


: ro ugh , raw, (an. need:T*EP:g.BO 


1.H??..J5JK , . : .™Jt.!MSi9. t ?...l e ^i . 

\tlo-mo powa f yunga.jr _ -335 

jboyond o ookwea 


jBttabeti Han ! real good alrong jMoo^r ;230 

"*|ft«'""" | "io*ny " "pj' ivaii*" a^airn* icp'" : » jo" 



: Janitors Of Tomorrow mo toy hard rockJn iff LP ;«30 
*~—~ ■ " ■•• f - ... ^ — ■ „ ... „ ^. . , ; . — r --~— 

; Jjrttori Of TornorrocLP t 6 axira racks :CO 

punyHC. «ttjr£p:330 

: mora of thetr hard roe 7" 

Hunger Farm 

: varied hardcora Irom £rep:230 


:WWwebe*eve jlota e rf powertaat rtar cjLP j6*0 

: fun garage pep pur*, i 7*EP : 1 .96 
•Tonouat : power « melody =7* :2.75 

: Buty"" "**"■*"' AJ^^^'^^i'o-!r:ir" "i **°" 

•Al Day Sucker 

> the Ex In i;LP :6.8Q 


i pom Hale Ua Bocaui'ip^fatarxf* : rEP • 


| Mh*ayF 

:PuDta Frtand 

: poppy •gffiptyefi jLP 

:»couilc tolk/pop 
"""atLP |cb" 



MjjJon imposstwe 
Mono Men 

Vooi t TTua TiVng 

jwray heavy pott^dkw n :7* ■2.65 

Mr. T Enpencnca .Hk^W Srtfi. . . 

: very ttronj] and powe 7~EP 
|way ;.fodtln i wjih"''»0«* """' 


lowty enaapmi 

■ s«(Wi a*te KnHa Tpiswu^tMfje punk fro:LP 
jKeepYour E_y« Open ■ *econrj Hn^la, more C7"EP 


USA l ' 















NanonCT Uyasei JBtrth Of A Uyttet A? harth, Wtrrtad, wrkx < r j 2-76 

•Liberal Artmanon 


COti Number i 

jS omotyg N 

tl pood aharp upiam^a 

t3 Jam-l»h mod Una* \T 

Paxton Ctio^y _ J Paxion Ouk^yty dariw : way cool heavy M«a-:caa a :130 

Planer Ed 

Rjdto c uhal mel -Plan Plan 

:PraaojueOen« _ :J?°S?.**.W„^J;^:.'Cl p .i?:? . 

Rjiuii Grenadter 

•ftak 3rd LP, »* unb^LP :y.»6 

Roten Tandkr am | QomDlg 



^ tw Ada Katk vetn:7*EP:3J0 


Wax y Yelo w BuHclup jj ato^'yo^reVttiareAiCLP ;6JS 

Seven Stoux -Seven SJoux „J A .^*?! ^."^.?:i.™ F f p i?;? .. 

SMnkir Pwiie |'s^^aiapunk : «un u^eal .^.*«*f «'|c5 ^ : a"46 
Skar j kar'piokte : SkaUajaattpunk : exactly what iha llKi:caat.i*li» 

ShewbaWOrafWUF^ SkcwbakVGrana Unto: 2 tcorcNng hatdcora : 7" _ 12M 
Slot " "" iTan Foot Sure i^*^.!^.f l y|!!P.^?!!*i T " „.:?.■?*., 

SJug"' " '* ':BrJM^*tm'7Tw^'*C^ ;3JS 

• MM ot HeatMrtl doe«: 7* : 2.70 


JWalOIHaia ^ 

: awtaoma iiriu triple \rip • i jo 

j «ntt LP pka trtt r pTcaw. : 2J0 


.^yfgS li S ^ S ...Lu u W i .? iS£ S!S.H 

isnuftsajd.. i. "T**. *#. >**. .*■* .77. P4.?i?„.: ?.-* f *. . 

:Splcwy :no oomprornlsa, hare 1:7* ^^230 

J ypotto f On*TriB Pawr'aitarMing e^e-wtoa* "" 

: r J 2 .65 

Svcreura Slayat :J | ?nr^_Pavem«n« L m *^.^!^.9:.?S.'r. f :. p .j. 3 . J ??.. 

Teddybea r s 


■ Women In Pan j metalk! HC, any <t oj T :3J0 



Un henysW ruft 


: total tact HC lom *5«7 m EP ;330 

JVardOljbWOm ;. f y***^"?. *Si.?Tfr. .*.?*:. 'Tffli?.'? .. 

*;Unhen^ak"|U» ' ' " : ^ 

i Dope, Ount, Pucklng iaarr 
:Dope. Guna. FudUngleon 

ip or a* aw _»acM £ C p _ 
M.**to *^'u rn"AtorXL'p'" 


: 11.06 

■Uve t Kicking #2 - W CWien Ftoh, Cftum;caM.:6.»S 

( : Muraier Dance H*l) y: 18 

jPatwtoajcl Comp. 

banda .Ine v_Panelo^ LP_ 


VVitna FamMy 

:Stuj>WBy ThaOraceCw/ 
"TvWew lr^irt"^"T?w" 
'ywM''t'cVarV*Hoaw'U "^ 




.Yif?!???.^*??!y.....«:"0??.9! l S?... 


HC Mund CLP !«Jo 

;l Hate The QratekJ D.|»un 

pkji one •> t ' r ,'*.C9.:?.P. M 

o*-y , *w KL. 


USA , 


USA "" 



USA _ 

lacklist mailorder is a not for profit, volun- 
er run, mailorder operation. Those of us at 
lacklist are dedicated to keeping the independ- 
ent music & literature scene alive and strong. 
f you are interested in volunteering at Black- 
list, give us a call or drop by. Please send 
promos for distribution. For a complete cata- 
log, send $1 in USA and $2 overseas. 

I'OS I ,\L KATtS-Iii;COKl>S <S; TAl'KS 

packet' rate lo( 

send large overseas pac kapes 'sui (a 

packages. T~~ ' 

tJic first Uuc — 

specify refund or credit. California rcsidenLs pic 

tax. Please note! 

A^^ an. lhi< cam 

USA Mcx El 

charge I LP 1 05 3 SO 3 66 5 M 7 -10 7 53 6 55 

charge 1 7" 105 1.05 1.81 2 35 2 S5 2 93 6 55 

"*? 022 0.65 150 2.65 3 65 3.70 1 05 



:Some Enchanted Eventpop punk rom rta Eas:7" 




fTogetw Dumb jhard rockln tkitt :r 



Angry Tharejuan :#2 


efcus -*i7_ 

Drastk-'sowiona" tais 


La HerencU Oe Loc iiq^naier 
Mandragoora" [«'l j 

Puncture :#23 

Sou^Chotee |#1 7 

'^waVey Example; : A Documental 

Tobocman Sefi ; You O o m ^ v ; 


Urinal Fanzine 


aryte * glamour hi prbn -i 

If. .fk m . .^?!**SSK! 
US adiaon of rebew< 

more ojAarorri ad\ 
cjreat w/ Bad Reltjjio 

twughli, i torl et, i 

imall ■Izod'coHaetl 

t bicycle*, irave 

.1^ .X**™?*. , F .*T!*^ 

w/ dial, a rado'con 
2nd printing* -" great'. 

gripping prapnlpa an 

SF mworeyde 'arw i 

cool nonet . qrapnk 
iacfc n aacfc, Up rx 


Prt i r JO. aO^ 

ortii : l .00 


pnvn :o.*o 


prlrrt : 1 .20 

prtW :2.50 

*p*w :«*«'' 

prlrn :».« 

L " ; aa" 

print J3.00 








S oz. 


5 cz. 

[\V] Ms. 

^e AflJi his girlfric^i lc*U>y y^ere 
receiM-ly Mled ky * <Jrwik dntw 
in ColorftAo. 

\|£rY snaeil | records «<( . 
&A\\on$ far S\0 0>S8 2W(o 


OUT NOW!!! As heard on Voice of the Voiceless 
MAJORITY OF ONE one man 4song 7"...$4pp 
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SOUL KILL 4-song 7" 
OUT NOW!!!! 

$4pp or $7 for both SPLIT LIP 
and MOO One Man T"s 

CDsingle out May includes 3 extra songs 

P.O.Box8946 DISTRIBUTED by: 
Toledo, OH 43623 

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phone and fax 

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fjUKE 7" EP WYNONA R"DERSj> f ^ ^Jljjj*^ Efc 



-FLOYD" BACK IN STOCK| ^.%$$ -Donl pi an ^TT^^ COr<iS 

* * Wont 






London E17 9DA. 

Pg^ « ^ u„ was „ E UI0M a ^— ; , )m |o kegp [hTO — -Ji 

L^e.of iso,,,^^,,,,,,^^,^ ,^^ . — 

i Mna Larry s back too.^ ^'^■^■HilJBlHii^^B.M — «— is^kwb 

PO BOX 11374 BERKELEY CA 94701 

■■■■■■■■ii'' ' . * .... "f r-Mii^wrmiMii — 

| photo by Al Sobrantel 

Three aggressive new releases from rcross the pond! 

The Mhssrcre 




shim mvt 



©M tail mm 


sh or blank money order in U.S. Funds only. Add $1 N. Amer. / S3 Overseas each item for postage. Send S.A.S.E. or 1.R.C for more informaUo 


3332 Peachtr 
OH 4580 

li fV , ' l, *' |l, l iffi 

|CQ mitl g Sootilbyi 



the deadline 
looming in 1992 could determine Ibe 
fate of the people on Big Mountain; it 
also adds a sense of urgency and 
wj stress. They can continue to resist, and 
mi succumb to the stress of insecurity and 
harassment, or they can move and 
succumb to the stress of forced reloca- 
tion, culture shock and spiritual 
death when they "disappear" from 

i„ America, is no stranger to contro- 
versy over the way .hey treat people 


over tne way »-/ ,;■•.. 
interfere with their pro wls 

now available 


The native people of Big Mountain! 
most of whom do not speak any? 
English, have no word for 'reloc.v , 
lion.' Ilic only term that is even com-j 
rable is 'disappear.''" 

This is the same company 
pled guilty to criminal charges in 

'devices that monitor coal dust » 
th cir ermine., putting »unJ^ 
th eir own employeesatnsMor black 

■ disease. ^| sheep liavc been impounded and 


iming Soon 

Big Mnaiiain Benefit! 
Compilation 12T 

Moral Suck ling I2"| 

Power slave 10"! 

Hale » 9 121 



'any of the remaining residents 

they arc being harassed by the 

.Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and 

'Pcabody. They have lost Ihcir water 

nd grazing rights, making it impos- 

' "» for them to support themselves. 

he land has been divided and 

killed as^he result of a^ovmuiKMit scarrcd b X fcnces and roads < crea,in S 
order to reduce the size of Ihcir unnatural borders between family and 
l lcri l s tribal members. By law Ihcy can not 

•"l '' ■■■ / \ ... improve or repair their homes, and 

contend lhat Pcabody is punipini; lhc^*yj|||| ^MV^WfJIWL Mthrir drinking water has been con 
blood of lliel-lopisoul of tlie land andW 3-jj ■ A^FUl ' IJB'aminalcd by the activi ty of 
draining away Ihcir cullur.i l J^_^^|(|fiJ|t^BMLlMr^BPeabody., " 

SHbEDBeR .JetfeIlMsiN8Wi 

ICE Tan' - DRVf 

-—— «ai -ha ■ .JaaarJam 


1 puatnvpcr 

p«rfl" ptf^* 41 ' 
pualytl* Wntola p«r»o> 

All the singles are $2.50 each. The DROOGIES LP/Cassette is $6.50. 
JAWBREAKER'S "Unfun" LP Is $6.50, but we're running out. The 
PARASITES "Pair Of Sides" LP Is out of print. Postage Is $1.05 for 
the first pound U.S., 436 each additional pound. Order from: Blacklist 
Mailorder, 475 Valencia St., S.F. CA 94103. Distributors contact 
Mordam Records, 181 Shipley St., S.F. CA 94107. 







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includes as Bonus the SCRAPS LP 


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|X-MIST RECORDS, 'Meisenweg 10, 7270 NAGOLD, West- 

Iphone: (+49)7452-2848 fax: (+49)7452-4124 



> 0l tfet 


l ternative to 
the nega- 
tive, bitching, shit- 
calling letters that 
usually dominate this 
section, we'd like to 
spread some good 
vibes out there for a 
change. 8 BARK has been back for just two days 
from our second Canadian tour, and we thought 
we'd use these pages to thank all the cool people 
who helped us out. 

Jim from RANDOM KILLING @ (416) 489- 
8721 put on a show in Toronto. They are a great 
band, and Drew put us up. Benoit in Sherbrooke, 
Quebec puts on hall shows @ (8 19) 823-65 12 and 
GENERAL FOOLS is a cool Sherbrooke band. 
Max from the band SHITFIT (who rock) puts on all- 
ages loft shows in Montreal. Call him or Isabelle @ 
(51 4) 562-9629. Dan and the Under-the-Counter- 
Culture Gig Collective in Ottawa do the only inde- 
pendent hall shows in town @ (613) 828-4963 
(support him!). Shawn Scallen does CKCU radio® 
(613) 788-2898 or (613) 235-7934 and takes pho- 
tos. Rori did a fun interview and Keith put us up for 
two days. For all the negative gossip, Fou Founes 
Electrique in Montreal did right by us, so thanx to 
Dan Webster, @ (51 4) 845-5484, for booking things 
and locals SAWTOOTH for organizing it & playing 
with us. GRIM SKUNK and Janice Fike, mgr. of 
BLISS, gave us hospitality, support, and info for 
Montreal as well. Big thanx go to Martin Fournier & 
YOUTH FED UP @ (418)285-1970, a great band 
from Donnacona Quebec, who put together a last 
minute show in Cap Sante, and to Huw & Natalie of 
LES MAUVAISES HERBES for their home for a 
night in Quebec City. They do shows there too 
through Prod. Tintamarre @ (418)837-0400. Thanx 
to ARMED & HAMMERED for crash space, they 
are Punk as Fuck. Oz gave our singer Victoria a 
cool tattoo in York, Ont. Ian Hassel from 
WETSPOTS worked hard for a gig for us in St. 
Catherines, Ont - Thanx. Finally Scott from the 
Electric Banana in London, Ont, {not Pittsburgh 
PA!!!) was cool forgetting things together there @ 

Thanks to these people, 8 BARK played 9 
shows in 1 1 days, had places to stay every night, 
got paid well every show, played on the radio, got 
tattooed, spoke French, had fluorescent paint land 
on Doug's amp, saw Niagara Falls, ate poutine, ran 
from The Man, and met some awesome people. Oh 
yeah, had FUN. Canada is a great place to play, 
and they are very appreciative of U.S. bands going 
up there. Getting over the border as a band is a bit 
of a hassle, but instead of filing papers and paying 
a $150 Canadian (=$130 U.S.) work permit fee, we 
just pretended we were tourists, got lucky, and 
made it over the border no problem. We mailed 
records over the border to friends before-hand, and 
stuffed T-shirts in with our luggage. If you're going 
up there, ask these people for some ideas on the 
best way to do things, as there are a myriad of 
scams possible to cheat The Man, including fake 
recording studio letters, etc! Call these people and 
bands and ask them to help you set things up. 
Talking with the people involved in the scenes is a 
great way to find out what is really going on, and 
these people are really willing to help out. Check 
out their bands, too. It is much, much harder for 
Canadian bands to enter the U.S., so buy their 
demos and support them however you can. There 
is some great undiscovered-to-the-U.S. music up 
there that is definitely worth your while. Thanx 

8BARK/POBox476847/Chicago, IL60647/(312) 

® My dearest M R R 
Frst I'll get your undivided at- 
tention by pointing out that I am a punk- 
rock god. I sang for ANAL CHINOOK 
(Canadian legends see MRR# 80, Canadian 
scene report) for several years and then LEATHER- 
ASSBUTTFUK. We played with superstars like 

C.O.C., M.D.C., the DEAD MILKMEN, the DAYG- 
LO ABORTIONS, GWAR...and so on. I am pres- 
ently touring all over Europe with some friends (of 
similar awesome backgrounds) and we stay with 
bands or squat (We stayed with CONCRETE SOX, 
Ben of RAISING HELL, F.F.F. and some famous 
squats.). We've seen lots of shows "E.N.T." and 
punked a lot of punk. 

The problem is we are all old now and for one 
detest punk rock. I think "black music" is infinitely 
more aggressive and powerful than HO I don't 
care if the CHILLIS or FUGAZI charge $1 5.00. I've 
been on tour myself and I know how expensive it is. 
I thought E.N.T were fucking pathetic. Pure shit. 
They acted like a SEX PISTOLS. They were as 
regressive as the Doc Martened, mohawked and 
studded crowd (It cost me 4£ because "Stick" the 
drummer was too stupid to remember, let alone 
spell my intensely complicated name, G.A.V.I.N. 
for the guest list.). I felt like I was at a rockabilly 
show with a bunch of Teddy Boys. At least at a hip 
hop show you feel like you're in 1992 and life is 
moving. Awww, it's all crap. 

But! ! ! (And this is the "but" that keeps me up 
at nights, the "but" that stops me from regretting my 
tattoos and prevents me from feeling silly putting 
GODFLESH into my CD Walkman.) But, all these 
anarchist dudes we have been staying with are 
beautiful people; too generous for words and al- 
ways happy to put us up (or get us a place), feed us 
and this and that just because we are remotely 
associated with a movement that happened 15 
years ago. It's only the aforementioned hosts who 
seem to be able to refrain from "chick jokes" to me 
and my girlfriend and have no problems letting us 
into the center of their lives, 

So what do you make of it? This Euro tour 
would have been a youth hostel HELL if it wasn't for 
punk rock. But the more tunes and fashion I seethe 
more it looks like "Dead Heads" living someone 
else's past. 

I'll tell you what it is. Punk rock is dead, but 
its "babies"(as my girlfriend put it) are still going. 
The fashion and the A-C-G-A riffs are thoroughly 
dead, but the equality, anarchy, state-free living, 
capitalism-free tuneage are still going strong. There, 
I am at peace now, the Wattie punks among us 
bearded anarchists no longer get on my nerves, but 
remind me of when I was 1 4 and getting things a bit 

This letter goes to all of you 21 post punkers 
who hate "punk", but use it as an integral part of 
their survival, a common bond that makes instant 
companions everywhere they go. Please print this 
epic finally to my seven years of uncomfortable foot 
wear. Love 

Gavin, c/o his mom and dad/ 38 Stinson Ave/ 
Neplan, Ontario, K2H 6N3/ Canada ' 

P.S. Feel free to write to me unless you're 

pogoing your way to the record store to buy the new 

DOOM 7", because you hate skinheads and read 

about it in that childish piece of utopic rhetoric, 

Profane Existence. 

^^^^^ Dear J@ck - Militant Monster, 
^L ^^^ Boo fucking hoo! What comes 

^k^r around goes around, I guess. A few years 
^F back, I ordered a DESECRATION/SUB- 
VERT split from you for like 6 or 7 bucks. 
Guess what you sent- one issue of Hippycore and 
a "Sorry, don't have any". Nothing else. Now, just 
think if you did this often. You'd have probably 
made some decent money. Should have banked it, 
I guess. No tears and a tough shit from me, 
Rob W./ PO Box 842/ Winsted, CT 06098 

jHHIl Dear Maxies: 

^^ ML Hey! Sorry about all the crap 

^B*Bf of calling for a copy of #105, but I'm sure 

^l^^you've heard how lame the South Florida 

scene is, and we were scrounging all over and 

couldn't find MRR anywhere! Thanks for sending 

one out. I'm writing to just cite a few corrections, 

and do a little griping about your perceptions of us: 

1) Our 'zine is free, although stamps and 

trades of any 'zine or bootleg is always cool. C'mon, 

do you really think we expect the average MRR 

reader to shell out even 500 for a 'zine centered on 
Jesus? 2) We are NOT fundamentalist Christians!!! 
If you walked up to your right-off-the-assembly-line 
Bible thumper and said, "Jello Biafra", he'd think 
that was a frozen Italian desert. Yes, obviously we 
express a belief and dedication to living a scriptural 
way, and walking the walk, but we're a long way off 
from the record burning televangelists. It should 
show in our 'zine; we all came from the hardest 
section of the scene. I was a drug dealer at 1 3 who 
studied the Necronomicon and Tibetan Book of the 
Dead; my girl was 'scenery 1 for an all woman 
lesbian band called the PSYCHEDELIC DAISIES; 
one member of the ministry was a professional 
N.Y.C. Dominatrix hooker; one an ex-Jehovah's 
Witness turned druggie; and one is gay and diag- 
nosed H.I.V.+. We've been through the freakiest 
crap that would make even the most hardcore 
punk's balls shrivel up in fear, so to be instantly 
labeled, categorized and judged intolerant sounds 
a lot like the same thing you constantly complain 
about. In fact, most of our hatemail is not at all from 
the hardcore crowd, but from the same fanatic 
fundamentalists that you accuse us of being. I can 
guarantee that we have been kicked out of more 
churches for our looks and dress than any reader 
of MRR. 

If you want to slam us and ridicule us for 
being straightedge with God, go ahead, but do it 
intelligently! Calling us homophobic in # 1 03 sounds 
a little ridiculous considering how many from the 
gay and bi scene make up the T & P outreach. I 
know how famous Jesus Freaks are for terrorizing 
abortion clinics, openly and publicly ridiculing gay 
marches, and the whole 2 LIVE CREW thing ( yes, 
we do live in Broward County) but that" s not us! And 
the whole point of our 'zine and our correspon- 
dence with the scene is that you don't have to 
change to be a Christian! We want people from all 
walks to know that the only thing that Jesus came 
to change was the hate in the heart. I still wear my 
20 holed NaNa's, and I refuse to burn my PISTOLS 
or BISCUITS bootlegs, but now instead of dealing 
death in a dimebag, I want people to know about 
the high you can get off of God's love. Period. 
Nothing is being shoved down anyone's throat, no 
one is assaulted with fear tactics or threats of a slow 
roast in damnation, just an open hand and an offer 
of help.The way MRR makes it seem, you'd think 
we were a church of holy rollers who want more 
punks in our congregation. Do you know how 
ridiculous that sounds? Churches hate us. There's 
only a select few who also remember how tough the 
streets were on their own that give us a nod of 
approval. But on the whole, we're much more 
welcome in the clubs at South Beach than in the 
majority of churches here. 

If you're saying to yourself.'Then why both- 
er?", these people have nothing to do with God's 
love for me. If they come up to me to steal my high, 
then that's not how Jesus taught them to behave. 
Look at how often Jesus slammed the religious 
people upside the head for being like that! That" s 
the same attitude that had Jesus sleeping outside 
under the stars, being stoned and kicked out of the 
temples and synagogues, and eventually mur- 
dered. Attitudes like that today, done in "the name 
of Jesus", still make them murderers. It murders the 
spirits of all those attracted to a message about 
love and peace. That will never be us. So bash us 
if you must, but don't go imposing any of your own 
prejudices on us wrongly. If you want to tell us that 
we're wussies for wanting a reason to live and 
wanting to spread love and peace, that" s cool. ..if s 
honest. But pleeeeze don't group us together with 
those lime green polyester donut chomping, bullet 
proof pompadour, money grubbing , air conditioned 
doghouse, mascara running sham artists. 

We also want to let people catch a glimpse 
of the underground from a Christian/punk perspec- 
tive. Christian punk and hardcore is not only out 
there, but it tears up the scene. Which only makes 
sense.. .if s amazing how tight you can get your 
band when you're not swimming in your own puke. 
I hope you'll check out the included mix with the 
open mind that you're so famous for. 

About that open mindedness: some interest- 

ing letters in #105. If s pretty funny that your justi- 
fication for not running any pro-life ads is the exact 
same argument Christians gave for not wanting 
minors buying 2 LIVE CREW tapes. When Chris- 
tians do it, they're fascist Nazis. When MRR does 
it, then you are the self appointed arbitrators of 
what is "repulsive" and "a particularly abhorrent 
perspective". I personally feel that abortion is the 
slaughter of the innocent, after having some heart- 
wrenching personal experiences with it, in addition 
to counseling dozens of women who've suffered 
brutal damage from the legal procedures. And I 
was pleasantly shocked to learn that Shelter and 
Bad Brains Records are pro-life. The policies of 
MRR make it clear that there is no such thing as a 
pro-life punk, but the truth is that there is! Naturally 
I expect a huge left slant in any publication like 
MRR, but where do you draw your lines? Like the 
letter on Jello's PC opinions says, how does the left 
expect to keep from turning into the same sort of 
ignorant self-righteous boneheads that you're 
attacking? Yes, hypocrites thrive in the more stag- 
nant churches, but it seems that they also thrive in 
the underground scene as well. Perhaps the only 
difference is that the latter dress better. It seems to 
me that as soon as one decides to be open- 
minded, they instantly begin judging everything, 
and after ruling, completely denounce everything 
they perceive as closed-minded. That's a hell of a 
lotl If you counted Democrats, Republicans, Chris- 
tians, Jews, Islamics, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, 
Feminists.etc, you're throwing away gigantic por- 
tions of human belief as unacceptable. It seems to 
me that all these open minded people are pretty 
damn closed-minded! For all those who are open 
minded and are incensed by that, try this. Take all 
your your car, house, garage, storage 
rental, businesses, safety deposit boxes, etc. Label 
them, and throw them out into the streets. You 
won't do it; you know everything will be stolen in a 
matter of minutes. In the same way we make laws 
the majority can agree to, like killing is wrong, we 
protect our thoughts and beliefs from all those who 
would steal and destroy them. That's why I choose 
not to run certain ads in my 'zine. I want to run stuff 
that will help people, not hurt. But I'm not MRR, and 
I do think that your position is hypocritical. 

In closing (sorry to run off at the mouth like 
that) I think you'd be surprised how censored OUR 
'zine is. Included is a copy of the front page Miami 
Herald article about a student who is going to court 
for passing our stuff out on a high school campus, 
even though the Supreme Court has already ruled 
that there is to be no discrimination against Chris- 
tians, or any religion, in the Mergen's case of 1 990. 
We were also kicked off the Broward Community 
College campus, on the same week that they ran 
censorship seminars! (Perhaps it was a 'How To' 
course) All the local gay and punk newspapers are 
circulated widely, but let's keep those Christians 
away from the public. Despite how all accepting 
New Age bookstores are, we're also refused there, 
too, contrary to their 'alrthings are true' philosophy. 
And, I'm not going to mention how many 'Chris- 
tians' have thrown our stuff back in our faces and 
screamed how anti-Christian we are. 

I do w.ant to thank you for running reviews of 
our 'zine at was a complete surprise, and I 
hope that the reviewers aren't getting flack for it 
from your readers. Overall, even though I'm now a 
Jesus Freak, I still get off on MRR, and I never want 
to lose touch on what's going on in the real world. 
I just want to say that there's room enough in life for 
both. Thanks again. 

Love& peace From our Master, Jesus Christ/ 
The Chief/4009 Johnson Street/Hollywood, FL 

P.S. Whafs so 'suspicious' about the angel 
looking like an X-Man? I was trained at The Joe 
Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Arts, Inc. and 
with instructors and lecturers like Mike Chen, Bill 
Sienkiewicz, Rick Veitch, and Kubert himself, if s 
no wonder! 

WRITING!!!(DUH!) Please let your readers know 
that anyone who is in real trouble with alcohol, 
drugs, the law, abuse, rape victims, crisis, preg- 

nancy, the occult, social diseases, prostitution.etc. 
can contact us for help. We network with many 
groups nationwide (not just Bob Larson's) and 
should be able to provide referrals for anyone. 

I just want to add a few thoughts about 
the BAD RELIGION gig as mentioned in 

1 ) The attendance at the Lon- 
don Dome was over the figure quoted (857). 
It wuz very near 1000 people there. It was so 
packed that just standing still, you lost weight 
because of the intense heat. 

2) The Dome has handled a number of big 
gigs without much trouble, ex: FUGAZI, GANG 
FRONT to name a few. 

3) It is almost 100% certain that some one 
did go through the receipts. (A very strong chance). 

4) If everything was so unorganized, then 
how come the merchandise stall was ready set up 
when the doors opened? (The shirts were selling 
for £8.00 a piece.) 

5) Almost every single gig at the Dome has 
been late starting. Example - the flyers for the 
GANG GREEN gig said doors at 7 o'clock but only 
opened at just past 8 o'clock. It is probably that the 
venue was closed when the band arrived there. 
There is a side entrance to the Dome that bands are 
supposed to bash hard on the door, to get in their 
equipment. I guess BAD RELIGION did not know 

6) The demands made by BAD RELIGION 
were generally seen as unreasonable. Virtually no 
other band had made such high demands before. 

7) This year BAD RELIGION are playing the 
London Astoria. This venue has a bad reputation 
for thug-ish bouncers. It also handles a lot of the 
touring metal bands and big indie English bands. It 
also has a rep of high shirt prices too, e.g. DIS- 
CHARGE t-shirts were £8-12 (ish). 

In England punk music is also generally 
regarded as working class music, although like 
America, a lot of middle class and students are 
getting into it. A lot of bad feeling was generated 
over this affair. Many punks are totally disgusted by 
BAD RELIGION'S behavior. It seems that stan- 
dards that are acceptable in the U.S. are still 
regarded as rock-star, fucking-bullshit here. The 
underground has more and more become over- 
ground and acceptable. Is this a good thing? I don't 
rightly know; it's up to us to decide. However, I can 
guarantee a big turn-out for BAD RELIGION'S gig 
as their music lives on, even if their attitude sucks! 

Respect due Mike Aragon (Deprived), Ellen 
Burnside (Tucson, AZ), Trev (H.A.C.L) 
John, Strood/ Kent, England 

i£ Dear MRR, 
nj* OK guys, whafs the deal? Do 

~r I need to have a cock hanging between my 
""^ legs to have a brain in my head? Huh? I 
get so fucking mad. And it never fails, at least three 
times a day I have to say to myself "Tawnessa, 
you're a woman and proud of it!" Now guys, don't 
start grumbling about radical feminists and and 
pass my anger off as P. M.S.. Often I want to be 
male J UST to get respect but I was born female and 
for the moment, plan to stay that way. I'm sick and 
tired of being looked upon as a possible fuck and 
never a buddy. OK, sure I can't piss standing up 
and I can't drink a case and a half of beer and still 
live but does that mean I can't carry on an interest- 
ing conversation on something other than lipstick 
and clothes. Still I'll keep searching for that group 
of guys that are somewhere out there who want to 
be buddies with someone of the female gender 
because I enjoy seeing the world from a male point 
of view, which is often quite different from a fe- 
male's. I'll admit, I do prefer male buddies to 
females because I know from experience that there 
are one hell of a lot of females who suit the names 
chicks, babes, fucktoys, sluts, stupid bitches, 
whores, etc. But there are a small minority of us 
wildly fascinating intelligent females running around 
so guys take a real look at how you view us and see 

if I'm not just a psy- 
cho-feminist from 
hell. Thank you. 
Tawnessa Carter/ 
52 Suncoast Dr. E. 
#303/ Goderich, 
Ont. N7A 4H7 / 

Dear MRR, 

After attending a seminar on 
national health care it seems the good 
of USA lags behind the other industrial- 
ized countries of the world. The sad fact 
of the matter is that the majority of Ameri- 
cans are just too damned uninformed to realize the 
fact that health care can and should be an intrinsic 
right. Rightwingers may argue that the USA has the 
best health care service in the world. Well, in terms 
of technology, yeah, but along these lines come 
extreme waste in order to be competitive. Case in 
point: Altoona, PA. Altoona has 3 MRI Machines in 
the city while Canada has 4 or 10 to service the 
entire country. Maybe if we didn't waste so much on 
unnecessary technology at mega bucks perunit we 
could do something about that embarrassing infant 
mortality rate. 

The Canadians seemed to have a system 
that works. Every person is covered, rich and poor, 
black and white. They spend 10% of their GNP on 
a system that covers all. We spend 1 4% of our GNP 
on a health care system that makes a feeble 
attempt to cover anyone. As the middle class 
deteriorates and employers can no longer shoulder 
Uncle Sam's responsibility, national health care 
will either come to the forefront of the national 
agenda or other systems (pay or play, etc.) will 
bankrupt the country. I would just like to urge you 
punk rock motherfuckers to do something con- 
structive and write your local congressperson on 
the issue of national health care. Oh, by the way, if 
anyone is actually considering voting in the upcom- 
ing presidential race, Jerry Brown (of course) is 
running on the national health care platform. Or, if 
the Democrats are just a little too mainstream, vote 
Socialist with J. Quinn Brisben (see issue 105- 
Matthew Foote's letter for more info), 
Jeff Bludgeon/ PO Box 2461/ Villanova U./ Villano- 
va, PA 19085 


Dear Fellow Earth Dwellers, 

I would like to say how much 
dug Lily Braindrop's and Katy's col- 
umns in issue 105. They both always 
have some pretty insightful things to say 
about sexism. Ifs good to see women talk about 
sex from their experience rather than a priori, which 
is usually just dogmatic ranting. Sex is the big one, 
the root of all our iniquities and, uh... shall we say 
conflicts. I grew up in the 70's and 80's when the 
media had perfected its control stratagem. Millions 
and millions of manipulated images from our break- 
fast cereals to our bedsheets, right? Super heroes 
and candy fixes. A generation who's first sexual 
imprints came from t.v. or perhaps found dirty mags 
in basements and closets; society's lab rats. 

Right now I work at a magazine store that 
sells, along with "regular magazines", pornogra- 
phy. The sex industry may be exploitive, but no 
more than fashion, music, car, sports, Time or Life 
magazines. Sex sells everything. Capitalism and 
consumerism perpetuate the alienation of each 
individual or consumer. Since we are never taught 
the true meaning of UNION in this society, perhaps 
consumerism is a way to attain a sort of unity with 
a conceptual whole or "Other". The marketplace is 
the orgy of gratification . Each purchase is an exten- 
sion of the ego trying to attain sex, trying to attain 
death. There are some lonely fucking people out 
there! In these technologically advanced times 
there is no peace or calm for an individual. Reality 
is too hectic so people search for the "little death", 
a moment of eternity. All addictions (which are 
intrinsic to capitalism + control) seek solace in 
these brief deaths. So it is refreshing to hear Lily 
and Katy talk about self empowerment in the indi- 
vidual. Self empowerment is the only way to battle 

the controlling enti- 
ties in society. 
Change can only 
occur when we stop 
reacting and start 
creating. This has 
been said before 
many times. Make 
sex, love fully, and 
direct your anger 


John Zicari/ 1 1 8 9th Ave # 1 1 4/ Seattle, WA 98 1 04 

^^^^ Dear Tim, Suzanne and Mike, 
^^fl Ju st wan ted to write to see if I 

W^U could get a confession out of you. I'm 
^^^^writing in response to your response to 
Sean from Laguna Beach in #1 05 Feb. '92. In 
this response you are justifying your reasoning for 
not printing pro-life ads. I understand why you don't 
want to print them, and that's fine. However, I think 
if s bullshit to say that refusing to print such ads isn't 
censorship. It is. A censor is commonly defined as 
one who is empowered to judge the fitness of 
manuscripts, communications, advertisements etc. 
for publication. By refusing to acknowledge that 
what you do is censorship you are setting a rather 
dangerous precedent for your readers. What you 
are doing is saying that if s not really censorship to 
refuse to make money from people who hold differ- 
ing viewpoints from yourself. Under such a defini- 
tion then it isn't really censorship when record 
stores boycott Jello Biafra records, or any other 
records for that matter. 

I realize that there are other formats in which 
to express views in MRR. I'm thankful for that, and 
perhaps I'm being too picky about word usage. But, 
when MRR starts to mess with definitions to suit its 
own purposes, it does the same thing as many 
religious publications do. I think that that is the first 
step towards becoming dogmatic, and that thought 
makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. So 
what does that have to do with anything. Well, I just 
think that you should call your ad policy what it is: 
Censorship. Then justify it from there. Peace, 
Chris Carnahan/2844 State St. #8/Santa Barbara, 
CA 93105 

Dear MRR, 

I've felt pretty bad for one of 
your decisions regarding MRR's editorial 
policy. What made me mad was the staffs 
reply to the letter of Sean of Hardline records 
on the February issue. I would like to state that I'm 
pro-choice, and also that I don't like most of the 
Hardline philosophy but I feel that your decision of 
not running their ads because of their pro-life 
politics and because of them being sexist is just 
some stupid censorship. Mostly because in the 
same MRR issue I saw: a half page ad by the 
DWARVES (who are a sexist band), an ad for a 
G.G. Allin 7" (who was convicted for sexual and 
violent assault on a woman and has sexist and 
violent lyrics and tries to sexually assault women at 
his shows, an ANAL CUNT ad (who some may say 
have a sexist name and logo), and a half page ad 
for INTEGRITY (a band that promotes "violence as 
a sport" on their records and in their interviews). 

Not that I care much if the sexist and violent 
attitudes of the bands mentioned above is real, I 
care mostly about MRR being the open forum of the 
Punk/HC community, with all the different attitudes 
this community has. 

I think that racist and fascist material should 
not be published, but I feel that sexism is too 
personal of a subject to be standardized. By the 
way, you have a columnist, Mykel Board, who 
could (or could not) be labeled sexist by a lot of 
different kind or people, so... 

I guess thaf s all; so remember, to have an 
abortion or not to have one for me is still a woman's 
right, but judging something as sexist is an objec- 
tive thing so you can't set standards for it and you 
can't ban it. Thaf s just my opinion anyway. ..Yours 

Inti Carboni/ Via Del Bosehetto 104/00184 Roma/ 

Dear Inti and Chris, 

Ahhh, the ongoing debate over semantics. I 
find it very interesting that you feel it's okay to 
refuse to publish racist and fascist material. Now 
why wouldn't that be censorship as well? 

According to your definition, our ad policy is 
indeed censorship. Call it what you want and there 
is your confession. The problem is, I don't have the 
same definition as you, and we're going to go 
around debating that point forever. 

Whatever our ad policy is, you can be sure 
that we don 'tha ve a standardized definition of what 
"sexism" is and what constitutes that. As you can 
see by the ads that you've pointed out, we've had 
tomake some hard decisions, some of which I don't 
agree with. Working with a group of people that 
have varying opinions on what they can live with, 
compromise seems to be the best I can come up 
with. Whatever label you want to put on our ad 
policy, I have no problem with that. Suzanne 

Dear Inti & Chris, 

It appears that consistency will be hardly 
possible in terms of implementing an ad policy. You 
may term us censurers or censors or whatever, but 
we have tried to strike a compromise position on 
ads. And with all compromises (which are neces- 
sary in any organization or society that contains 
more than a handful of people), they work in mys- 
terious ways. A GG ad may get in, a MENTORS ad 
may not. Depends on who's around that day, what 
kind of mood they're in, and how the ensuing 
discussions go. It's not totally that arbitrary, but it's 
not black-and-white either. Defining iwhat is racist is 
usually pretty clear cut, but sexism is more of a gray 
area. What is sexist and what is sexy? Does this 
artist hate everybody and does that artist just hate 
women? Are these people just being smart-asses 
and are those people serious? And after that kind 
of discussion, there's the give-and-take within the 
staff of trying to balance decisions to keep as many 
people satisfied as possible. Ultimately, we must 
walk a fine line in producing a zine that a large 
group of shitworkers can live with, cuz otherwise 
they walk. How can they put so many hours into 
something (without getting paid) and then feel it 
promotes something that's so antithetical to their 
most basic beliefs? And at what point does this 
internal democratic process become an external 
censoring process to you and other readers? 

If you've got all the answers, lotsa luck. Tim 

Hey Chris and Inti, 

Justifcations aside, I do feel that we practice 
censorship (per your definition, Chris). With that 
said, I think you have to understand the difficulty of 
working as a collective unit in getting this fanzine 
out (especially when it comes to accepting ques- 
tionable ads). 

By accepting something to be printed in our 
zine, I can't help but feel that we lend it our tacit 
support. Now bearing this in mind, how can we run 
ads we feel are fascist, racist, and/or sexist. Mike 

Re: MRR ("Big Brother's Little Brother"...): 

There is and always has been a huge debate 
over what is and isn 't censorship, and if any of you 
have a solid definition, clue me in, okay? This is 
howl view the ad policy: if an ad comes in that (and 
this is in regard only to myself) I do not feel 
comfortable with, I should not have to accept it. To 
me taking money tor something which offends your 
morality, is little more then whoring your soul out to 
rock n' roll. I think we all do enough of that in our day 
to day mainstream lives, so I kind of like to think of 
MRR as the one vehicle I personally can try to leave 
unsullied. We aren't attempting to keep products 
away from consumers, in hopes of protecting them 
or anything, because we'll certainly review a "ques- 
tionable" record or zine (whether or not it gets 
slammed is the reviewers perogative). We just 
won't take cash for it, no more, no less. Truthfully 
I've questioned ads we 've taken: the why GG Allin, 
but not the MENTORS thing for example, and I 
think our policy in regards to sexism needs some 
scrutiny. However, the definition of sexism, sex, 
and just plain sexy can easily cross over each 

other, and this is really a tough one. 

But please under stand this, We are a Fan- 
zine, a magazine put together by fans of in this 
case punk rock. We are not a public trust, with any 
obligation to uphold the "sacred" first amendment. 
We are all champions of free speech, however that 
does not mean we have to lend ourselves to 
supporting the idea being espoused. Cheezy as it 
sounds we do this, as a labor of of love, love of 
music, and love of an underground movement that 
we all, even the most cynical of us still have great 
hopes for. Therefore it is up to us to decide what it 
is WE the day to day shitworkers are comfortable 
with for ourselves. Personally, I can't put my name 
to something which I abhor with every shred of my 
being, and I totally hope my fellow MRR slaves 
have that same conviction to their ideals as well, 

©Dear MRR 
Just as I finished writing my 
angry reaction to the feeble-minded 
January "Chycks Are People Too" col- 
umn, I read that it is being phased out first 
into a "gender politics" column; what the FUCK is 
that?!! and then "eventually integrating into the rest 
of the zine." 

WHY? Why can't women be incorporated 
into the rest of the zine via female bands, female 
writers, etc. and have a column? Whafs so bad 
about a women's section? People (including wom- 
en!?) seem to think that if s "sexisf to have an "all- 
women" section! Wait a minute, I thought this was 
fucking punk, I thought some of you had function- 
ing, somewhat radical brains! But no, yet again, I 
am letdown as people prove to be lacking commit- 
ment to any sort of radical or revolutionary shit. 

I seem to recall the same stuff occurring 
around the time of the famous MRR Women's 
Issue. Many people (including women) were un- 
easy about this, and maintained that it was "sexisf 
to "single out" women in that way! Oh no, god 
fucking forbid any poor man feel EXCLUDED for 
one issue, or in the case of the column, 2 fuckin 
pages! Allow me to quote from Bikini Killzme #2: 

"The assumption that because someone is 
Pro-Girl, they are anti-male is stupid, insulting and 
lame. Why is the emphasis always put on how a 
feminist feels about men and not on how she feels 
about herself and other women? We talk about 
men all the time and the fucking second we start 
talking about ourselves, it gets turned around on 
us, and again, we are talking about men." 

WAKE UP! Look, I'm not going to cite statis- 
tics, but anyone who is at all aware knows that 
women are abused, killed, fucked with, put down, 
shut up and LEFT OUT! 

I find it painfully ironic that Suzanne and Lali 
wrote columns critical of women for not having the 
strength to stand up for themselves, and now they 
totally discourage women from doing just that by 
shifting the focus of the column to "gender politics" 
(i.e., Men! Not women!; interactions between men 
and women) but not "Girl, stand the fuck up now, 
scream FUCK YOU! and I'll be beside you all the 

Are you so concerned about being cool and 
"un-P.C." (or is that "P.C."?, whatever) that you 
can't stand to "unfairly" draw the attention off of 
men for 2 goddamn pages?! 

Fine, if s your mag, do whatyou want. But for 
any who are fucking ANGRY, fuck the MRR girl 
scene — write to me at Riot Grrrl N.E. or contact 
another genuine angry girl zine. 
Allie/ Box 21 1 5/ MHC/ S. Hadley, MA 01075 

Dear Allie (radical and revolutionary) Riot Grrrl, 

I felt I should respond to your letter because 
it exemplifies a general lack of understanding, 
which is partly our fault for not explaining what 
direction this section is heading. 

On December 8th, Maximum had it's first 
staff-wide meeting in three years, and this section 
was discussed by everyone. Of course, one of the 
more frustrating things about working with such a 
large group of people, is that not everyone is going 
to agree... on anything. A few of us, myself includ- 

ed, felt it was important to give this section a chance 
to address issues which maybe didn 't always have 
a place to be dealt with in just a letter or a column. 
Others telt it was separatist and that if we were 
were going to have a women's section, we should 
have a Black section, and a Gay section, and an 
Indian section, etc. Well, I just wanted to see the 
issues get dealt with and possibly generate ideas 
and dialogue. Since "dealing with real life women's 
issues" involves both men and women questioning 
themselves and their attitudes, it would be rather 
ignorant, in my eyes, to try and come up with 
solutions that don't include a man's perspective. 
Why? Well fuck, most of the men I know are fucking 
great people, (some of my best friends are men, 
snicker), and the/re intelligent. Should they be 
excluded from "women's issues"? It's not just up to 
women to be concerned with "sexist" attitudes, it's 
just not realistic. And it's pretty fuckin' preachy to 
point out what it is that men have to change about 
their attitudes and then demand that from them 
when they haven't been included in trying to under- 
stand our interactions. 

Well, enough rhetoric. It seems as though 
some of you need a sense of humor. Do you know 
how many people wrote in with the assumption that 
we were serious about the name "chycks are 
people, too"? If anything, we were making fun of the 
spelling of woman with a 'y" by adding it to some- 
thing as silly as chicks (whoops, too un PC of us ?). 
Everyone always writes in about how we need to 
get a sense of humor, well.get your shit together 
folks, it was an obvious play on words! So, Allie, it's 
not that we're not angry, we just happen to be able 
to use humor as well to get that point across without 
turning people off. 

It's definitely an over assumption on your 
part that we're not feminists (well, I should just 
speak for myself). The way I envisioned keeping 
this section interesting was not by printing a bunch 
of letters complaining about how sexist this male- 
dominated world was, but by focusing in on a 
specific issue and presenting different sides of it, 
for example, last month, you'll find just straight 
information on how to give yourself an abortion. An 
alternative to rip-off doctors. To me, that's a lot 
more useful than another column on how some guy 
grabbed some girl at a show. Both are valid, but 
let's offer some real life alternatives, right, Allie? Is 
that punk enough for you, or do should I leave with 
a story about how revolutionarily PISSED I am? 
Love, Suzanne. 

The Dear Allie Response Part II: 

After Suzanne's reasonable well thought out 
reply, I've decided that I can be a knee jerk 
reactionary asshole.. .So hey Allie, gee I guess that 
according to your high and mighty standards, I'm 
not a feminist because I don't blindly support all 
actions which are taken by women... Huh. Well no 
offense Allie, but I like to give women a little more 
credit then that, and not condescendingly treat 
them as if they are some fragile hothouse flower 
whose every action deserves a pat on the head 
(especially if I disagree with it or think tha t it is totally 
fucked.) Because truth be known, and whether or 
not you like it Allie, women are not the perfectly 
faultless creatures that you would seem to want us 
to portray them as. Yes unequivocably women are 
raped, murdered, abused, denigrated etc. Howev- 
er men are raped, murdered, and abused as well. 
Women don't have the sole claim to being abused. 
Humanity as a whole sucks and we all do really 
shitty things to each other on a regular basis, and 
if women are doing these things then fuck 'em, I'm 
not going to keep my mouth shut about it. Same as 
I will act towards a man who I disagree with, I will 
towards a woman as well. 

As for "gender politics" it was not a "Women 
and Their Sexual Relations With Men" section , it 
was a forum for discussion on men's attitudes 
towards sexism. Again like it or not men make up 
half the planet's population and you will have to 
deal with them, no matter whether it is on a sexual 
level or not. So fucking WAKE UP yourself Allie. It's 
not my job to pamper anybody and if that doesn't 
make me a feminist because I try to treat people 

equally no matter what their gender, race, age, or 
sexual preference is, then fuck feminism. It's obvi- 
ous to me that if this is the girl riot's tactics, then it 
is no better then what we've got going on now. Also 
a quick note about not wishing to sacrifice two of 
our precious pages to us poor GRRRLs: in a 
magazine of this size two pages of space is a vast 
amount, a precious commodity you could say, and 
if we are to devote those two pages to an op- 
pressed minority -i.e. women, then in my mind we 
must sacrifice two more for blacks, gays, Hispan- 
ics, Asians, bisexuals, Indians, you name it. If 
they're oppressed, we better be prepared to give 
them space as well, 'cause to single out one group 
as "special" is just a tad hypocritical to me. 

Love, Lali one truly pissed off PERSON 
P.S. Since I'm so totally irate at this point am 
I exonerated and an acceptable raging, and revo- 
lutionary radical? Yeah, who fucking cares. 


Among the heinous atrocities 
that the bloody reign of George Bush's 
shock troops have committed there is 
one small glimmer of hope left for western 

Not long ago, the fall of the Soviet Union 
opened many doors to the western world for many 
exchanges of culture. However, not all is as well as 
it seems. On recent missions, I myself have taken 
part in, the oppression of the Russian people is still 
apparent. Simple freedoms that we take for grant- 
ed every day are seen as major barriers overcome 
by the citizens of the newly formed Commonwealth 
of Independent States. 

Although I freely admit that upon entering 
the CIS during missions of Provide Hope, my 
thoughts were somewhat self-centered. My only 
interest seemed to be of the "great souvenirs" that 
I would be bringing back. Naturally, I stocked my 
luggage full of the usual G.I. third-world country 
trading paraphernalia, i.e. cigarettes, whiskey, and 
American military souvenirs . 

Upon arriving , we began off-loading the food 
and medical supplies that we were donating. Work- 
ing alongside former Soviet troops was an experi- 
ence that I wasn't quite emotionally prepared for. 
Eventually, the walls that two years of military 
brainwashing had built up slowly began to erode 
away and the old self I used to know began to 
emerge. It seemed odd to me, but yet very optimis- 
tic that we should meet not on a battlefield but on 
terms of friendship and man helping man. 

Later, after the shipment was unloaded, I 
began as previously planned to trade the items that 
I brought. One soldier offered his military issued 
overcoat for two cartons of Marlboros. I told him I 
only had one and he grudgingly agreed. Feeling 
that I had somehow cheated him, I asked if he 
would like some cassette tapes in lieu of cigarettes. 
Hequickly agreed so I pulled out a bag that I always 
travel with .which contained about 30 tapes. I gave 
him my walkman and two cassettes. As quickly as 
the tapes left my hand, I was swarmed by Russian 
troops offering everything from hats to good luck 
charms. I traded every tape that I had in my 
possession. Although I parted grudgingly with many 
of them because they were mostly special orders 
and out-of-print items. 

When I arrived at home and had time to 
relax, I had plenty of time to think about what I had 
just accomplished. I've probably just dealt the 
oppressive governments of the former Soviet Union 
and the United States a small, but effective blow. I 
utilized a government mission for peace to transfer 
a small amount of government resistance and punk 
rock culture to an entirely innocent and naive youth 
(and it was all legal). Thanx, 
Lonnie Thompson/ Frankfurt, Germany 

P.S. The opinions herein do not reflect the 
views of the United States Air Force or the US 
Government . 


This letter is in response to your 
new women's section "Chicks Are Peo- 
ple Too". I am very surprised to see 

MRR practicing 
separatism. I hon- 
estly do not under- 
stand this political- 
ly correct90's "fem- 
inist" way of think- 
ing. It is so hypo- 
critical- women 
complaining about 
not being accepted as equals in the punk scene, 
then demanding special treatment via two "wom- 
en's pages" per issue of MRR. Maybe I'm just not 
PC enough, but I believe that women who feel the 
need for a separate women's section are women 
who will never be accepted as equals to men. Black 
(I mean African American), Asian, old, handi- 
capped (sorry- differently abled), etc punks are as 
misrepresented in the punk scene as women, yet I 
don't read (or hear) about these minorities de- 
manding special treatment. 

My solution? If women and other minorities 
want their voices heard, they should talk! Write 
letters! Join bands! Book shows! The letter section 
of MRR is not for men only. Itis male dominated, but 
I sincerely believe this is because the entire alter- 
native scene is unbalanced, male to female ratio- 
wise. I've written only one other letter to MRR in 
eight years of reading, and that letter was promptly 
published, as were scene reports I've written. 

As for women who aren't being taken seri- 
ously in their local scenes, persevere! There are 
many female stereotypes to overcome. Break the 
mold! Just remember that separatism is not the 
way. I'm not advising anyone to put up with abusive 
behavior, I'm just suggesting that it is not always 
bad to be challenged. It could be a lot worse- and 
hopefully in the near future attitudes will be much 
better. And as for assholes in the scene, well, I don't 
know anyone idealistic enough to believe that the 
punk scene is all about unity. There are some truly 
incredibly people involved, but there is also as 
much name calling and backstabbing as there is in 
any other clique. Assholes aren't indigenous to any 
race or gender or culture. 

I speak from experience. I'm a 23 year old 
human being, female if you want to get technical. 
I've lived in Memphis, Tennessee for six years, and 
I have been involved in the Memphis scene for 
nearly that long. I have booked shows and written 
for fanzines, and I'm now starting a record label 
with my good friend Gina Barker. (For a shameless 
plug, the label is called Sugarditch and our first 
release will be Memphis band the TAINTSKINS, 
hopefully out by May). For over five years I worked 
in the male dominated empire of the comic shop. 
Everything I've done and every bit of respect (and 
disrespect!) I deserve are due to my accomplish- 
ments as a human in a human world. I try not to 
whine, bitch or moan about how unfair life is being 
a female in a male dominated society, because 
whining , bitching and moaning won't accomplish a 
damn thing! I'm too busy having fun to worry about 
spelling woman "wimmin" or "womyn". I don't ex- 
pect special treatment from neither men nor wom- 
en, nor do I expect it from people of different races 
or cultures. People take me seriously (or however 
I want them to perceive me) because I am serious 
about taking care of business. Destroy reality! Or, 
as CRIMPSHRINE says, "Ifsyour mirror, so smash 
it!" Sincerely, 

Andria Lisle/ 1861 Poplar Ave #3/ Memphis, TN 

>0k DearMRR, 

M^m The "Rock For Choice" with L7, Pearl 
■ k B Glam, Lunachicks, and Fugazi, hosted by 
MJkM Kim Gordon and Alex Winters, took place 
on January 24, 1992. L7 was great as usual. 
Jennifer Finch made the comment, "Does anybody 
out there fuckin' care?", and that L7 wouldn't have 
been there if it weren't for Choice. They played 
some new material. I didn't watch Pearl Jam be- 
cause I'm a biased music listener, however, I'm 
glad they played, as they drew people in who might 
not have otherwise come. Lunachicks fuckin' rocked 
the house; they are so tight! Theo, the singer, was 
charming as was Becky Wreck, the drummer, who 

did a song about be- 
ing a woman and not 
having men grab you 
on the street. Watch 
out - they'll blow you 

Alex Winter was a 
total fucking dumb- 
ass who thoughtthat 
calling George Bush 
a "Big wide, open, smelly pussy" was appropriate 
lor the theme of the evening. Kim Gordon appeared 
to mock him, and behind the scenes, cornered him 
into feminist discourse. Then Alex had the nerve to 
return to announce Fugazi and say, "I'm sorry, I 
should have said George Bush is a big, fucking 
dick." But Fugazi came on and blew him away with 
a very intense set of songs. However, all of my 
women friends said they were harassed and 
grabbed throughout the show. Theo and I com- 
mented on how we could see women going up on 
top of the crowd and stagediving, only to get their 
tits grabbed by members of the audience and staff. 
Another female friend encountered a gentleman 
yelling, "Fuck pro-choice, who gives a shit about 
fuckin' pro-choice!" She proceeded to tell theyoung 
man that his eight dollars went to pro-choice and 
that he was a fuckin' loser, All and all, it was a great 
show and a great cause, but what the fuck is it with 
men who go to see women play (Lunachicks, L7) 
and goto pro-choice/feminist/pro-woman/pro-fam- 
ily/pro-education/pro-no dicks tonight/ if s our turn 
shows, and grab the living hell out of tits and ass? 
This is shit! Are they pro-choice so that they can 
fuck her, leave her, and not worry about seeing any 
kid begging for money? Are they going so they can 
get some action, since so many women will attend? 
What the fuck is it? I want to know. I want to know 
so that I can comfort my friends that get sardined 
into erect dicks and have no way to get out. Erect 
penises from behind, or as you try and dance to 
"Suggestion". Is it that some men do not like fe- 
males taking charge in the alternative scene? Is 
being a dick to women really punk or alternative? I 
think not. 

We're talking mainstream male aggression 
towards women. And that's fucked. Fucked for you, 
me, her, and him. 

OTo MRR and its Readers - 
Recently it seems that a good deal 
of the epistle writing punx-sters have been 
very blithely presuming as fact that punks 
'""' and hippies are one and the same. Nothing 
could be further from the truth. Perhaps as time 
advances inexorably and memories fade blurrily 
everything "alternative" over the decades seems to 
blend together in some solipsistic soup. Can one 
categorically claim that the Bohemians, the Pari- 
sian saloneurs, the '20s lost generation, the beat- 
niks, the '50s greasers/bikers, the hippies, the 
flower-children, the mods, the skinheads, the teds, 
the rock-a-billies, the rockers, the heads, the goth- 
ics, the industrons and the punks are all brethren 
and sistren of the same species? Are they sub- 
genus' who can mate and produce viable off- 
spring? I'm not attempting to obfuscate the issue 
with verbal largess but I do wish to point out that 
each group has its own particular character and 
can be distinguished by, if nothing else, the simple 
historical period in which it occurred. As a personal 
footnote I will claim that whenever a particular new 
style remains past the time of its origin and is 
continually incarnated anew it becomes known as 
"classic". Whenever a style goes out of vogue and 
only seldom, if ever resurfaces, it becomes known 
as "period". 

Punks are not hippies. Not even the leather 
detesting, Chuck-T foot-shod, ALF peace punks 
are hippies. They are quite different. The first, and 
easiest to explain, reason is that punks are usually 
the CHILDREN of hippies. 

"Hipp/' is of course a fairly generic term that 
comprises flower-children, Y.I.P.'ies (Youth Inter- 
national Program), dead heads, freaks, heads, 
stoners, crunchy granola chompin' bean sprout 

cud chewin' love bead sportin' Birkenstock(sp?) 
wearin' peaceful people. There was, as there al- 
ways is in any rebellious social grouping, a dis- 
tasteful element characterized by the likes of the 
Manson family, the Hell's Angels, the Weather 
Underground and the Symbianese(sp?) Liberation 
Army factions. The hippies originated in the late 
'60s and (about the time of the Beatles' "Revolver" 
album) were thedominantyouth/social/music/style 
and influence of the 70s. The punks originated as 
a reaction against the hippy hubris of pop, as well 
as all the vacuous "feel-good" disco music. 

In the first case I have met almost no punks 
who were, or espoused anything like, pacifism. 
Furthermore a punk is much more likely to utter 
phrases such as: "What's all this bullshit about 
peace, love and brotherhood, man?! Everyday 
somebody wants a piece of my ass, would love to 
fuck me over and 'brothers' of all types kill each 
other in record numbers in the streets 24 hours a 
day!" I fully realize that punks and new wavers 
borrowed a good deal of the style and vernacular of 
the '60s. It has become popular of late though to 
say "peace and love" at the end of all correspon- 
dence, especially if one truly despises the person 
one is addressing. I suppose this is done to imply 
that even though one abhors another person's 
principles or opinions, one should always express 
an enlightened, holistic and caring demeanor in 
order to fulfill one's "Woodstock" manifesto. While 
a hippy may have placed love at the end of a letter 
in sincerity, it is obvious that most punks do it in 

This very recent trend toward "Love"-ism 
represents a salient cultural extraction from a by- 
gone era with an attendant superimposement on 
the present. When the punk firestorm scorched the 
tissue-paper pablum of 70s disco and its weak, 
commercialized, tenth-generation, recombinant 
echoes of '60s "hippy"-ism, one would have thought 
that all that nebulous miasma had finally died a well 
deserved death. What had galvanized hippies was 
the desire to stop a war, and more specifically to 
prevent their attendance to it. The era of serious, 
principled, articulated political development and 
pronouncements occurred in the watershed period 
of the very EARLY '60s. The era just AFTER the 
feral, beatnik ennui and just BEFORE the giddy, 
hedonistic, au natural, back-to-the-forest, nihilistic, 
kill-everyone-over-thirty, vanguard qua terroristi- 
cas, hippy tide. This period was the highwater mark 
of the civil rights movement, the Kennedy camelot, 
and intensive moral rhetoric. The devolution came 
as the draft for college students ended in 1 968; the 
war effort plateaued and then declined; LBJ and his 
Kennedy-esque "great society" administration 
dropped from public life; drugs and sex took prece- 
dence over rational political debate among the 
youth icons; and Watts, Compton and Detroit race- 
riots shattered the fragile egg shell of brotherly 

Punks are the pop-cultural progeny of hip- 
pies in at least one very important way. Since 
reason, judgment and natural rights became com- 
pletely discredited as the manipulative lies of the 
evil, white, old, male, capitalist pig-dog disguising 
his iron shackles with velvet slip covers; then this 
language was replaced with histrionic utterances 
of how passionate, involved and most importantly, 
how committed, one was. Rational argument de- 
generated into statements of intuitive, emotional 
"groundedness" and soulful discharge. Above all, 
authenticity, became paramount. Punks followed 
in suit by exhibiting their authenticity, not as radi- 
cals or earthen-people, but as survivors. Their hair 
was more than naturally unkempt; it was slashed, 
hacked and chemically altered like everything else 
in the modern world. Instead of a rejection of 
modernity, like the hippy "Woodsy Owl" persona; 
the punks were its most highly developed carica- 
ture, wearing their survivorhood on their ripped and 
torn sleeves. The "authentic" punks turned their 
displaced and sometimes tormented souls inside 
out, possibly in hope that exposure to air would clot 
the blood-flow and heal the wounds (The "fun" 
punks are one of the largest exceptions to this 

I really don't care if a total stranger loves me 
at first glance or not. I would be much happier if I 
could feel reasonably certain they weren't going to 
try to assault me. Punks almost never wear the 
rainment of "Jesus the Macrobiotic Farmer", they 
dress more like an urban combatant complete with 
steel spikes (to keep strangers at bay), boots (to 
protect feet from broken glass and cracked con- 
crete) and durable leather (tough enough to last 
through a melee or the pit). 
"Won't make love to change your mind, ain't no 
hippy chick. " 

"Got no flowers for your gun, ain't no hippy chick." 
"Hey baby, wanna make it? Does 'fuck you' sound 
simple enough?" 


Nowmay I address the Andrew Solano issue 
and the MRR thinking audience on the nature of 
skin. Beginning about five years ago I stopped 
rolling up my faded 501s in order to look a bit less 
like the neo-Nazi boneheads on TV. I always knew 
why I never wore white laces or white braces - 
those were for the Aryan supremacists, which I was 
NOT. I used to wear a large black and white 
SHARP patch on the back of my flight jacket. I 
removed it in favor of a much smaller light gray and 
white shoulder tab, lest some unknowledgable 
person confuse me with a racist, which I am NOT. 
I wear a large mod-ska patch and a P!(-Np) patch 
to better separate me from the homo-bashers and 
the fascists, NEITHER of which will I EVER be. I 
have not shaved my head in three years and I don't 
wear American flags. I wear the shorter "hard-mod" 
version of DMs. Andrew, what more can I do to be 
COMPLETELY Disassociated from you?!?l I too 
am from Denver. So sad that you are from there 
also. I still love that little city even if it is lost at the 
nadir of the cultural abyss between the apexes of 
the two coasts. So obviously you readers may have 
inferred that I am a SHARP-mod and a ska fan. It 
should be completely clear that I am opposed to 
racism, sexism, homophobia and fascism (and/or 
nationalism). Now that you know what I am against, 
please be patient and read further so that I may 
attempt to explain what I am FOR, and why I am "for 

Briefly, youth of European descent today are 
saturated with liberal white guilt and are, in the 
main, afraid of and intimidated by persons of Afri- 
can descent. These two factors combined produce 
disastrous psychological and societal results. His- 
torically whenever "social groupings" (for lack of a 
better term) perceive that their safety and exist- 
ence are threatened they tend to react like cor- 
nered animals. Political demagogues who are sen- 
sitive to these sentiments are frequently able to 
cajole their followings in to gross acts of violence in 
the name of self-defense and love of the "people". 
Meher Kahane and the JDL; the founders of the 
KKK in the defeated and occupied South; the 
National Front and some UK boneheads; Tom 
Metzger and some US boneheads; separatist man- 
haters from among some of the feminists; the Black 
Panthers; Leonard Jefferies; Dr. Bobby Easter and 
the Afro-Centrists from among the AfrAm radicals; 
and, of course, Hitler and the post-WWI Germans 
are all examples of how the image of victimization 
(whether real or not) can be translated into a 
license for violence. I assert that if EurAms (Euro- 
pean-Americans or "white" people) were less intim- 
idated by and fearful of AfrAms (African-Americans 
or "black" people), at an individual level, then the 
incidence of racist attacks and racist sub-cultures 
would drop dramatically. Dispossessed, urban, 
politically manipulated EurAm youth will do in a 
gang what they are quite afraid of doing individually 
- that is to be confrontational and belligerent to- 
wards AfrAms. Whether racist or not the majority of 
EurAms will back down quickly in any conflict, even 
just a verbal one, with AfrAms. To be truly non- 
racist means a person will act and express them- 
selves similarly towards all people, regardless of 
ethnicity or gender. If you hate someone for being 
a jerk, don't decide it's OK for them to be a jerk 
based on the pigmentation of their skin. If you are 
EurAm and you are afraid of AfrAms then you will 
always be suspicious of them. You will act in a 

guarded, defensive manner towards them no mat- 
ter how much you try to hide it. When EurAms no 
longer feel threatened by the mere presence of 
AfrAms and no longer are afraid of losing any and 
all one-on-one physical confrontations, then they 
may be capable of being much more moderate, fair 
and equitable towards AfrAms and will not need to 
join gang/hate-groups to allay their fears. Remem- 
ber, sacrificing your pride and self-esteem is a LOT 
worse than a bloody nose. If you don't respect 
yourself then you will never be able to respect 
anyone else. Obviously discretion can be the better 
part of valor. Choose your battles wisely. Know 
your capabilities and your limitations, both morally 
and physically. Most of all, if you knowyou are right, 
don't back down because of someone else's color, 
sex or sexual preference. Be proud of yourself, 
have the courage to defend yourself and your 
ethical principles, and treat others with justice and 
respect unless or until they prove they deserve 
otherwise. Thank you for your attention. 
Norrin R. Sckaoff, Founder, President and only 
member of Pl(-Np): that stands for "PRIDE!, NOT 

Anyone who cares to, write: NRS, P!(-Np)/ 
199 N. El Camino Real, Ste. F/ Box 3333-169/ 
Encinitas, CA 92024. 


Dear Tim and MRR, 

I'm writing you because it's 
1 time again to pointing some rip off 
record labels, mailorder and dishonest 
people out: Revelation Records (America), Full 
Circle (England) and Rich Th'Outsider 'zine (Hol- 

Revelation Records owes us 150 7" EP's 
which we traded with our stuff oneyear ago. If s not 
the first time that Revelation Records is mentioned 
in MRR. People, even from the States, should 
order from Revelation Europe. Marc and Angelique 
are nice and honest people. They know how to run 
a mailorder service in opposite to Jordan Revela- 
tion. People should not judge to quick that Revela- 
tion sucks in generally; Revelation Europe is great, 
Revelation America suc/cs!!! 

Andy from Full Circle owes us money for 
sixteen months now, £72. 1 wrote several times to 
him, he never wrote me back. I thought Rich from 
Th'Outsider 'zine would be a honest person, but all 
I know now is that he is a dick like Full Circle and 
Revelation America. Rich owes us money for nine 
months, 64 Guilders in total. 

I'm really fed up and totally upset about the 
above mentioned people. I think they ruin our 
scene, people loosing faith in ordering records from 
labels/ mailorders!!! Is that all they want to gain?! 
Crucial Response and of course other honest 
mailorder/ distribution labels certainly don't want 
connected with this bad image. If s time that we 
speak out against a minority of people who are 
destroying continuously our hardcore/ punk (Hi 
Kent) community. I'm so f uckin' fed up and whatev- 
er it will take, I II fight those dishonest people!!! 
Fight them!!! Here's a small list of people who are 
doing proper mailorder service: Revelation Eu- 
rope, By- Product, Blacklist, Mike Bullshit, Roger 
Cadman, Missing Link, Overkill, X- Mist, Victory, 
Spiral Objective, Horizons, No Name, 
Dischord... Write me if you need a complete list of 
honest mailorders or the addresses of the above 
mentioned individuals/mailorders. 
Keep the edge and true hardcore alive!!! 
Peter and Crucial Response/ Kaiserfeld 98/ 4200 
Oberhausen 1/ Germany 

Dear MRR, 

This is Eric/TOO MUCH 
PRESSURE. Just thought I'd send a 
' letter to bitch a little bit. Everyone who 
hates Straight Edge can stop reading 
right here. 
From looking at past issues of M RR I noticed 
that there used to be a decent amount of S.E. 
people around and even a couple of bands. What 
happened to them all? Now when there is a show, 
there are only a handful of people that are there. 
Why is that? I guess that most of these "true til 

death" people from the old school were just posing 
or going through a phase. Thaf s weak. I will admit 
that there are many closedminded individuals in 
the scene but, there are also people like myself who 
have varied musical tastes and can hang with 
many types of people. STRAIGHT EDGE is just the 
way I choose to live. It wasn't a fad or something 
trendy to get into. If any of the old school Gilman 
S.E. crew wish to write and explain their side, I will 
listen. What about the UNIT PRIDE, BREAK- 
AWAY crew? Where are they now? 

In closing I would like to know if there are any 
S.E. people, male or female, who would like to form 
a band. I play bass and a little guitar. Please get in 
touch. Also any people in Nor Cal who are into the 
scene and want to contribute to my zine. I need 
pictures, interviews etc. Let me know you're out 
there, thanxxx 

Eric Fortner/Too Much Pressure Zine/ 1638 E. St. 
#302/ Hayward, CA 94541. 

Dear MRR and Readers, 
Iflfc: ' Sometimes I really wonder what punk is 
1^% supposed to be about. As Larry said, GG 
■i*Allin goes and beats up a woman and 
he's hailed as a "true" punk for a crime 
thaf s all too common in normal society already 
(punk isn't much good as an alternative if that's 
what we're supposed to do, too). I hear and read 
aboutother self-proclaimed "real" punks who spend 
their time slagging and bitching about how peace 
punks and hippies and so forth are a bunch of 
losers, etc., etc., calling them posers or wimps or 
what not. I really don't understand where the con- 
cept of being an individual comes in then. 

I mean, if being punk is being an individual, 
then wouldn't you have to respect others for doing 
their own thing as well? When and where did punk 
become as strict and rigidly defined as it seems to 
be for some, a stereotype to be conformed to in 
order to be considered a "real" punk? Is image 
really the basis for being a punk these days? To be 
a punk is to be non-conformist, if I have this right, 
but when you conform to the generic punk uniform 
of thoughts and ideas and clothes — isn't this direct- 
ly against the whole ideal of being punk? I agree 
with Beth Johnston in her letter in #105 when she 
questioned the punk scene, with its "uniform" way 
of thinking and the whole deal with punishing 
others who "don't pay lip-service to the same 

To me, punk has always been a struggle 
against that which I feel oppresses me, and some 
of these definitions for punk seem to do just that. I 
certainly don't fit Jeff Bale's description of a real 
punk from that #105 colunm — I guess I'm one of 
those "wimpy" punks for trying to make a differ- 
ence, an obviously "pseudo-punk desire." What is 
this? All this labeling has got me worried, too — for 
a movement that claims to be against stereotypes, 
we sure do it a lot. Stereotypes have always been 
the weapon of those who are too uncomfortable 
with the ideas of another group of people and need 
a convenient way to shove them away and dismiss 
the lot of them, an easy way to pass judgement 
without ever having to get near them, let alone get 
to know them as people or begin to try to under- 
stand their ideas or beliefs. It's hard for me to 
understand then where we, as punks, who have 
been labeled and dismissed in the same way, get 
off on doing it ourselves. 

At my high school, punk is an image. If you 
can get up on the Hill — the alternative people's 
hang-out — then you're a "reaf'punk. It's a status 
thing. Hangout up there, and the whole school can 
say "Wow, you must be for real". They can get very 
elitist — they resent anyone they haven't been con- 
nected with, or anyone they don't think of as one of 
their own. Wow some girl turned her bomber jacket 
inside-out and was called the "punkest punk rock- 
er" girl at school. Because the way she wore her 
clothes? C'mon. Docs in ten different colors and 
bomber and leather jackets — they don't say any- 
thing about what you believe in or who you are. 

Besides the fact that they must have spent 
about a hundred for the Docs and another hundred 
for the jacket — I never thought that such emphasis 

was supposed to 
be placed on how 
you look in the punk 
scene — I don't 
know that they're 
very radical think- 
ers at all. Beth 
Johnston also 
pointed this out — 
"No one wants to turn all that anger and aggress- 
sion into valid critical thinking and ideas." It seems 
to me that all this directionless and maybe mindless 
rebellion is worth about as much as apathy or 
ignorance and accomplishes about as much. If I 
talk to a friend of mine on the Hill about capitalism, 
or show him a flyer I made on Fucking Corporate 
America, I know he'll say something like "right on" 
or "that rips" or "cool", but he woudn't have the 
faintest idea what the hell I'm talking about, and 
neither would any of the people he'd show it to — 
they'd agree because it was talking about fuckin' 
something over but they wouldn't know exactly 
what it is. In fact, some of the more leftist thinkers 
at school are not the punks or alternatives, but the 
so-called "nerds", like the Korean, Harvard-bound 
physics major over here here, and the quiet kid in 
the corner over there, and even the news editor on 
the school newspaper. The Eagle Scouts at my 
school are more radical thinkers than the punks, for 
God's sake! Socialized medicine, welfare, helping 
the homeless, anti-capitalism, Greenpeace — all of 
these ideas and beliefs I've found NOT with the 
punks, but with the "rejects" or "normals" of the 
school. When these people talk about changing the 
system and fighting the establishment, they actual- 
ly KNOW what they're talking about! And for me , as 
a punk, I enjoy the company and conversation of 
these folks more than some of the alternatives I 
know. I certainly wouldn't call them ignorant or 
sheep — I'd first call the alternatives that than these 
people. To make the point, it seems the punks here 
are fighting blindly , if at all, and are more concerned 
with fitting their own sub-society's standards than 
being individuals with thinking minds. 

When punks start mimicking society with 
their apathy and ignorance or placing emphasis on 
how well you dress (punk) or by fighting each other 
(as they will do — they'd kick your ass for your Docs 
if they felt like it) or discriminating against a certain 
group or denying someone's right to be an individ- 
ual (by placing punk standards on them) — well, it 
seems to me that punk as a counterculture, a 
counter movement against the system, is useless. 
Punk, I thought, was a rebellion against a sick 
society, not a parody of it in extreme with its 
violence and decadence and prejudice and hate. 

Punk, for me, is play — playing with new 
ideas and concepts and turning them on their 
heads, twisting established thoughts and institu- 
tions to get a different perspective, poking fun at the 
seriousness of standards and limits, their absolute- 
ness and rigidity. Defying ALL boundaries — includ- 
ing the ones punk sets for itself. And above all 
else — realizing that if I lay claim to being an individ- 
ual, then I have to allow others that right as well. I 
can say that punks at school are for the most part 
ignorant, because I've seen it and other people 
have as well. I still have friends on the Hill (although 
I refuse to set foot up there myself) — I am not 
criticizing them as people but for their way of 
thinking and assuming, I guess, superiority and the 
distinction of being "differenf when all that sets 
them apart really is the way they look. It would be 
stupid of me not to notice and say something about 
it, because 1 ) it's basically true and 2) if s part of a 
bigger hypocrisy that needs to be recognized if 
we're going to do something about it. 

Just a quick note: my sincerest thanks to 
Beth Johnston and Larry for being so inspiration- 
al—their insight explains things I've felt in my head 
but was never able to put into words until they put 
the syllables there for me, and then my mind starts 
racing , chasing after all the points they bring up and 
expanding the spectrum of my views a little broad- 

Well, I hope I made sense. This letter's a bit 
long-winded, but I had a lot to say. Lef s just all 

remember we're hu- 
man, okay, and 
we're not perfect. 
We all become hyp- 
ocrites in little 
ways — I don't think 
absoluteness exists 
in any idealogy and I 
know that I some- 
times start to con- 
demn or generalize in ignorance — I don't think 
ANYONE can avoid that. But we can all try to 
achieve the truth and reach understanding and 
compassion, and educate others who are willing to 
listen. I guess it comes down to who is and who 
isn't willing to hear and it's much too hard to draw 
the line. Would George Bush ever listen? I doubt 
it. So what do we do with people like him? What do 
we do with rich corporate leeches? What do we do 
with self-righteous fundamentalists? There's just 
so much. Well, now that I've thoroughly buried 
myself in this whole morass of confusion and in the 
process having depressed myself completely, I'll 
be off... Love, 
Mime Nguyen 

Due to an oppressive home environment, 
send letters to: Brian Graham/ 8845 La Cartera/ 
San Diego, CA 92129. 

L MRR and fellow readers, 

Much of the following is just 
| brain puke. It's stuff that has been 
swimming around in my little brain for 
a while. Hopefully it will make some 
kind of sense. 

First off I would like to acknowledge the new 
columnist who wrote in issue #1 06 ( I lost that issue 
and I don't remember her name, but she knows 
who she is). Real good article. 

Mr. Bale: You are a bozo. Guns and Roses 
is not even as important as one underground 
hardcore band. Sure Guns 'n' Roses incites rebel- 
lious attitudes in hundreds of thousands of people 
worldwide, but what message of rebellion do they 
send? They show that being "rebellious" means 
getting drunk, getting layed, saying luck" occa- 
sionally and making money for a bunch of corpo- 
rate assholes. As you say, Mr. Bale, "The essence 
of punk attitude is a constant desire to give the big 
middle finger to authority figures". The only peo- 
ple, however, that Guns 'n' Roses are givng their 
middle finger to are the people buying their music. 
After all, Guns 'n' Roses isn't exactly pissing off the 
fucked up "authorities" of the record industry by 
saying, "Here's another million dollars we made 

Random comments about the letters sec- 
tion: 1 . Are there any goodpromotersin Europe, or 
anywhere else for that matter? Why not write 
about them too. 2. Thank you the now infamous 
Andrew Solano. The bigoted load of shit that 
oozed from your head onto these pages is the 
most entertaining thing I've seen since Bush's 
State of the Union address. 3. To Ron Bally of the 
WALDOS: who gives a shit whether the guitarist 
was playing for the Heartbreakers, or whether he 
was playing for Conway Twitty . The point is wheth- 
er or not the Waldos' record was any good or not. 
Just because the shit sitting on a stage may belong 
toG.G. Allin, itdoesn't mean it will taste any better. 
4. Bad Religion may not be living up to the high 
moral standards of many punks and they should 
be confronted with it. Keep in mind, though, that 
they are still much more DIY-minded then say a 
Nirvana or Guns 'n' Roses who are off getting 
mouthfuls of that corporate jiz. 

On a different note, I'd like to thank MRR for 
starting up cassette reviews again. Why was it that 
you stopped? Was it because of the volume of 
tapes you had to deal with or was it because every 
person with a garage, a radio shack condenser 
microphone, and a few instruments to bang on 
were sending in total shit? 

Lastly, I'd like to mention something not 
often seen in the letters section of this mag. That 
is that punk exists and it is good that it does. I see 

a lot about "That isn't punk, only this is. etc.," but 
that isn't so bad. At least we have something to 
argue about. We're being conscientious about the 
world and people around us and then we act in our 
own individual way. That, to me anyway, is "Punk 
as fuck". It doesn't matter if you're SE, PC, long- 
haired, bald, pierced, gay.male or female. Thanks 
to all of you who are keeping punk alive. Sasha 
Davis PO Box 785 Flagstaff, AZ 86002 

Dear Maximum Rock'N'Roll, 

I am writing you in order to tell 
you about a REALLY FUCKED-UP 
incident that happened in Albany, 
NY, involving a 5 band benefit show, a 
racist neo-nazi bonehead in jail, and 
Broadcast New York, a statewide "news"-maga- 
zine show. Sounds good already, huh? 

This Hard Copy, Geraldo, Entertainment 
Tonight style tabloid TV show wanted to do an 
"Expose" on the neo-nazi movement. After locat- 
ing one of Albany's three neo-nazi skinheads (in 
a city of 150,000 people) in jail (not hard to find 
somebody in a cell), they proceeded to interview 
him for quite some time, then they came to our 
benefit show, a benefit for the latest and best 
compilation of Albany bands (on Rake Records), 
interviewed people about what they thought of 
Shank (lots of condemnation), and taped two 
bands performing; SUBSTANCE and my band 
INTENT. They also interviewed a Rabbi, whose 
daughter I went to high school with , about a temple 
desecration that was thought to have been com- 
mitted by the neo-nazi skin (Christopher Sheffield 
a.k.a. Shank) but was never actually proven in 
court. (I am not defending him or his actions, but 
demonstrating that the TV show in question was 
not exactly pursuing the truth. Yellow journalism in 
action.) These pieces of tape were put together in 
such a way as to make it look as if all of us Albany 
All-Ages HC kids supported Shank, or at least 
tolerated him and his actions. SUBSTANCE came 
out looking like klansmen. Fortunately, our guitar 
player, after seeing one of the hyped-up ads forthe 
show, called up Broadcast New York and threat- 
ened to sue them if they showed footage of our 
band playing. They didn't dare. 

So, what was the aftermath of this whole 
situation? I personally got smacked by some kid in 
the street shortly after the piece was broadcast. I 
had gone on camera stating that "Racist skin- 
heads don't have anything to do with us or what 
we're doing (which they don't), but in TV emotion 
and image rule, not content or language. Other 
kids in the scene got spit on, hit, orverbally abused 
byyuppiesand stateworkers. Aftertalking to quite 
a few people about this, we all decided that we 
couldn t just let it lie. I printed up lots of fliers and 
press releases, and we staged a pretty good 
demonstration outside of the WNYT TV-13 stu- 
dios, the local station that carried the crappy show. 
75 people came, and the event was earned by two 
TV stations, three newspapers, and two weekly 
magazines. These papers showed our side of the 
argument, and sympathized with us much more 
than with the TV show. In fact, the weekly Metro- 
land carried a coverarticle in which I was person- 
ally quoted more times (through my press release 
and in person) than Broadcast NY was. We basi- 
cally won, took down BNY's credibility, kicked their 
asses, and struck a blow against racism and the 
neo-nazi "movement" (as if they have a cause to 
move for). The Albany/ Capital District scene came 
out smelling like roses, my band came out looking 
like saints and I came out looking like just the 
wrong person to fuck with. Just in case you're 
wondering, I know that very few skinheads (in New 
York State, at least) are racist or white power. 
However, the ones that are, pretty much fuck it up 
for other skins, because white power boneheads 
present a ready image for the media to consume. 
That is why this whole episode occurred. The 
moral of the story? Don't go mugging in front of TV 
cameras. We were deceived by the producer and 
her camera crew by her charm and seemingly 
good nature. Then she stabbed us right in the back 

We thought that this would be a good opportunity 
to show racists that we don't want anything to do 
with them. We were wrong. 

Other Albany news: Albany's downtown 
Planned Parenthood has become the siteof clash- 
es between Anti-Abortion and ProChoice activists. 
On March 8, the Anti-Abortion group's bimonthly 
Saturday morning demonstration at Planned Par- 
enthood was interrupted and crashed by 1 50 pro- 
choicers. Not bad work. However, I understand 
that Planned Parenthood does not want to be- 
come the center of these protests and counter 
protests, because protests by either side interrupt 
the normal business of the clinic, which provides 
reproductive health care to many people (includ- 
ing friends of mine). I believe that a different tactic 
should be used: covert action. The Planned Par- 
enthoods should be kept open at all costs, but 
staging counter demonstrations does not help 
them as much as one would like to believe. I 
include myself in this critique, as one fine morning 
I crashed the Anti-abortion demonstration with a 
cartonofeggs. I thought that it was the thing to do, 
and it made me a lot happier than anything else I 
could have done that day, but it was very counter 
productive. Had I not egged the Anti-Abortionists, 
one of them would have been arrested that day, a 
person that videotapes all of the people going in or 
out of the clinic. One thing that I think should start 
happening, is for people to hold benefit shows for 
their local reproductive health clinics. They could 
probably use the money for legal defense more 
than anything else. Or, all of you strong-arms out 
there, volunteer to be clinic escorts. What Opera- 
tion Rescue goof is going to give a 6'7" 220 lb bald 
headed kid or a muscley jetblack-frightwig-haired 
young woman any problems? Looking a little less 
than mainstream can usually terrify your enemy 
into submission; think of how warriors dress and 
paint themselves before they go into battle. 
ford Rd./ Albany, NY 12203 

P.S. Yes, I am Jason ex Lifes' Blood's 
younger brother. So stop asking, eh? 

v * bic 


I hate to be writing to you folx 
over such over such pettyness, but I 
cant take no more shit. I have a really 
big problem with your ad policy. I'm sick 
of writing to would be punk-o vinyl dealers and 
getting ripped off. People that place ads in your fat, 
buy it up, this sounds pretty hip zine. IFs been 
happening for years now. Especially overseas 

Like I sent $1 7 U$ dollars in response to the 
Pink Turds/ Sedition split LP and Sedition EP ad in 
MRR 100 pt. 1 (I believe). I wanted both. Sedition 
sounded interesting from the very fucking reviews 
you people gave. Months have gone by, I've 
written the same people on occasion to see what 
the fuck, and even an apology letter from the 
Sedition folk in a later issue of MRR and I wrote 
them again (note their zip code was different by 
one digit as opposed to theiroriginal ad). Nothing. 
$12 for an LP & $5 for an EP is harsh too. 

Aside from this particular incident, the ma- 
jority of ads placed have served to be honest and 
uncorrupt. Thats also considering I write to a 
shitload of people and am constantly mail-order- 
ing new music. I was just thinking, maybe theres 
a way you could weed out the flakes (yeah right). 
Or maybe people like myself can network globally 
so if someone rips me off in my comrades part of 
town, there con be someone to go thump on the 
flakes and I could return the favor. Ajoke okay. But 
seriously, after getting snaked over and over, one 
gets a little pissed. Cause I'm not about to stop 
mailordering. It's cheap. If s fun. And theres usual- 
ly better music offered than most stores thaf d be 

I won't take up any more space. I just want 
the shit and Scotlands pretty far to travel to bug 
someone who's ripping me off. Thanks. Love 
Dale Johnson/ 166 Dewey Ave./ Newbury Park, 
CA 91320 






iLiPs-0R^ E A E T 

|twork?t E ^^? ksl eepe!Iw^ 


The Price of Maturity 



Postage Paid in the U.S. 

E lsewhere ad d $4 





$$3.o o p? t> 

Mrs. Carta Pozzi, from 
"I do not have tht wordt 
oaacnov n. i cannot 
i find the words. I did not 
iHtvt In theee things. 
But The Fortune Key gave me a brifttant 
nutNna wno no m ikkot money. 
I won th» Lotto twtc* and th« Lottery 
one*. I am so happy!" 

if you pay by check or money order 
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- &*? 

- Part One- 

(obligatory Ass-Kissing and Thank-You's) 

Sally had been hassling me all summer 
about taking a vacation together. I had been 
a little apprehensive because I'd never really 
gone away on a romantic-type holiday be- 
Fore, andlwasn'tsure if Iwas mature enough 
to handle the responsibility of entertaining 
someone for any long period of time without 
a break. We ruled out going to Europe, be- 
cause I was supposed to go for a month in 
November with The Blisters. The next logi- 
cal choice would be California, but frankly 
we'd both been there recently so that ruled 
that possibility out, besides which it didn't 
seem like much fun to hear Tim's incessant 
whining about how great the food is in New 
Jersey as compared to Frisco's for an extend- 
ed period of time. Eventually we decided 
Seattle might be an interesting place to go, 
after all, it was voted America's most livable 
city two years running. I talked to an ac- 
quaintanceof mine from Seattle, (a lotof you 
out there might know her, Barbara, the head 
of promotions at C/Z records) who upon 
learning of our visit insisted that we stay 
with her (She even promised that Daniel 
House would take us out to dinner, and gave 
V S ff^f C ° l0red copies of Ter iyaki Asthma 

Barbara picked us up at the airport; 
took us out forThai food twice (and paid for 
it); bought our tickets for the Bumpershoot 
festival; and gave us the keys to her car and 
her apartment. On our last night in Seattle 
she even made us a home cooked meal. Let 
me just say that prior to our visit, I had only 
met Barbara once in N.Y. (where she bought 
me a slice of pizza at C.B.G.B.s). So before I 
start railing into somebody or something 
this month, I'd just like to tell the whole 
world how terrific Barbara at C/Z records in 
Seattle is, and how she gets my vote for the 
Maximum Rock and Roll punk rock award 
bestowed upon individuals who best exem- 
plify the spirit of community and giving in 
the underground music scene. I'd also like to 
mention thatHarris Thurmand, the guitarist 
for Hammerbox, was supposed to take me 
out and buy me drinks, but probably thinks 
he s very clever for weasehng out. I'd also 
like to mention how Daniel House managed 
to get out of paying for our meal by having 
his son do Gibby Haynes impressions. Thank 
you Barbara, Daniel, Harris, Adam, every- 
one else at C/Z, and all the other friendly 
people we met there. Seattle's a beautiful 
city, and you're all very lucky that you live 
there, but it's no Jersey. (P.S.-I didrVt go to 
the Pop Underground festival in Olympia 
because I'm Un-Cool.) 
-Part Two- 
fin which the Young man as an Artist bears 
his Soul) 

I'm turning 26 in March. While this still 
makes me at least 15 years younger than the 
average Maximum Rock and Roll Colum- 

nothing more than wishful thinking to be- 
lieve that when 1 write my column that I'm 
addressing an audience of my peers, in real 
ity I have a sneaking suspicion that'most ot 
you are either just out of high school or in 
your early twenties. I don't want to star 
condemning anyone for being too young it's 
Just that my priorities area lot different now 
;than back when I was 1 8 and messing around 
in my first P-rock band. I have triedto avoid 
writing a column ona monthly basisbecausc 
I wish to avoid turning myself into some sorl 
of ivory tower punk rock icon (and ultimate- 
ly a moving target and butt of many people's 
jokes and criticisms.) The one thing 1 dc 
know is that my opinions and experiences 
are no more valid than any of yours, besides 
which, I'm far from being as witty and intel- 
ligent as, say, Mykel Board. 

this magazine serve as a social barometer for 
the world wide scene as a whole (taking the 
pulsebeatof theirgeneration, bringing ideas 

L)ut ri nt £,t he ?P en for dialogue....that kinda 
stuff.) What 1 ve noticed over the years is a 
lot of people using this magazine to turn 
themselves into bloated figureheads, and 
^'/TWandising experts and blow-hards. 
Which is fine, shit, god knows I'm as guilty 
as hyping myself as anyone else. My only 
problem is 1 don't have as much time and 

wimwm Sm 

can t wake up one morning and decide h< 
wants to have a beer and be a dick to every 
one he meets. If he did, everyone in th< 
world would know about it within a week. 
Instead, Saint Ian must stay in character oi 
the rest of us would get upset.) Having tc 
ive up to your own press kits worries me 
I m a dick a lot of my waking hours, I'ni 
endlessly putting my foot in my mouth anc 
then regretting it most of the time. But mosi 
importantly, Ihave no secrets to makeyoui 
travels through suburban high-school hell 

UTiTffJf /At-niFnn w^i^.^. 1.1 _ t\ t 

\J • ■- — -- --- --..■—..»-». . . VHUIIUI IM1UH J 

!dge, musical or otherwise, to share anc 

delight with you. I'm just some schmucl 

from New Jersey who likes music, and is tot 

stupid to give up the life-style and get ; 

"real" life. That said, it's nice to be back 


(Post-Confessional rantings) 

"If you can't annoy somebody, there's littk 

point in writing." 

-Kingsley Amis 

Using living and breathing people as 
the launching point for a higher cause is 
indeed a mighty and dangerous thing. In mv 
last column I lambasted a local alternative 
record store for not being nice to me person 
ally. Having given the matter some though 
oyer the last couple of months, I've realized 
that it's kind of petty and jerky to wish ill- 
will to what is essentially a "Mom & Pop" 
record store just trying to stay afloat. There 
am t no law that says you have to be nice to 
your customers. If anything, the under- 
ground has a long history of shitting on its 
minions. Besides which, I'd rather see you 
kids buying records from a grumpy old man 
than a fat corporate ogre. Furthermore, a lot 

in for them. Fact of the matter is I'm practi- 
cally a resident of that silly (mythological,) 

town. Over the years there has been a bit of 
a rivalry between the "Hoboken" music 
scene, and that of my native Central Jersey. 
That little snot-nosed suburban punk inside 
of me has always resented what I essentially 
thought were stuck-up, rich, cosmopolitan 
snot rags. Most people in Hoboken move 
there from other places around the country 
(its fame is pretty much world-wide) while 
those of us in the central part of the state are 
here either for school or beca use our families 
live here. So, pretty much it's the city mouse 
versus the country mouse syndrome (the 
same relationship exists between the way 
that New Yorkers think they're cooler than 
us in Jersey, even though I'm closer to Man- 
hattan than someone who lives in Brooklyn) 
My friend Pete from Sticks And Stones intro- 
duces himself to people in New York as 
"Being from New Jersey and not giving a 
shit." mst to bad vibe them. 

I'm starting to realize that what I once 
thought was the 'Hoboken" attitude is real- 
ly the "East-Coast" attitude. Not only are 
you assaulted with political conservatism, 
that ever-present lingering yuppie greed' 
and the legions of bright eyed business ma- 
jors from the Mid-West poised to conquer 
the world, but even your everyman working 
guy out there would just as soon run you 
over as to let you make him one second late 
for whatever important place he's rushing 
off to. Living here means being constantly 
assaulted by your fellow man. That said, I'm 
beginning to realize that I suffer from the 
same unhealthy East-coast elitism that I ac- 
cuse others in the state of. If you don't read 
the first part of my column (and I haven't 
bored you to tears yet), you should know 
that I recently went on a trip to Seattle. I 
hadn't been in that lovely town more than 24 
hours before I started referring to it as Sea- 
At-DULL. The truly ironic thing is that Seat- 
tle is almost everything that us jaded East- 
coasters claim to long for. It's pretty, clean, 
small, friendly, with a good art and music 
scene. Yet, I was BORED (I guess it's like the 
old saying Heaven is dull, all the best bands 
playinHelL.orsomethinglike that). "What's 
the point, Sam?" you're all probably fever- 
ishly wondering. 
-Part Four- 
(The Point) 

I figured out that the reason so many 
bands are exploding out of Seattle is due to 
the fact that despite the town's small size and 
geographic isolation, they have a fuck-all 
sense of community. Over the years I have 
validated my hateful personal attacks on 
other people as one man's attempt to foster 
dialogue and ultimately change his own en- 
vironment. I have always believed that the 
most important aspect of our little under- 
ground world (i.e. punk-rock, Max RnR, 
Hard-core, freethinkers, etc.) is the sense of 
community which is created. Even though 
you may personally hate some of the bands 
playing at your local punk rock dive, most of 
you will still show up to make the "Scene". 
Thishappensmorefrequently in small towns 
where a gig is an event, and a break from 
monotony. In the bigger cities where there 
are more choices, you find it's harder to get 
the locals out (which in turn makes it harder 
to develop your own scene). To me this 
explains why Seattle has in a sense con- 
quered the world musically, while most peo- 
ple can't name one current band from New 
York (Agnostic Front doesn't count either— 

you guys know what I mean). 

Because of a certain band from Seattle, 
more and more people are going to start to 
check out underground bands and gigs. Al- 
most every show I go to at Maxwells (in 
Hoboken) either sells outbeforehand or right 
after starting. I've found that the crowds 
which have been turning out have been more 
concerned with grabbing their own little 
piece of pop mythology (example: I saw 
Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Swervedriver 
before you, nyahh, nyahh, nyahh) than in- 
teracting with their fellow club crawlers. So 
while the bands may be singing about isola- 
tion, the clubs themselves start to take on a 
dehumanizing aura as well. That's fine, I 

people are bally' 
hooing the death of the independent music 
scene, Dut if I'm starting to feel isolated and 
alone then I'm sure a lot of other people out 
there are feeling the same way, too. So we 
have the diagnosis, and now for the cure. 
-Part Five- 
(The Cure) 

Even if you hate every band from Seat- 
tle, at least we can aspire to have the same 
kind of community, which, to an outsider 
like me, seems to be alive there. There's 
plenty of bands, fanzines, clubs, people which 
I hate in New Jersey (and I'm sure the feeling 
is mutual) but, whenever possible, I try and 
pump some money and enthusiasm into my 
own little realm. Whether it's teaming up an 
out of town band with some locals, putting 
out records, buying a zine, whatever. Try 
and intersect with your fellow alternative 
denizens. As the lines between "Us" and 
"Them" get more blurred, the alternative is 
only further isolation and eventual destruc- 
tion. I don't want to spend the rest of my life 
waiting for something better, I want it now. 
Viva la Nineties. 
-Post Script- 
As of this writing The Splatter Effect, 
our Tri-state area's free alternative (kinda) 
music magazine, has folded. Head splatter 
;uy Spiros Ballos is going through major 
inancial and personal problems, so save 
yourself some money and don't send him 
anything for review anymore (although if 
you're so inclined, he is accepting condo- 

Don't bother sending CarolineRecords 
any free samples. They are only dealing with 
labels on "exclusive" basis and chances are if 
you're smaller than Sub-Pop, they don't want 
to know you anyway. This news shouldn't 
come as much of a surprise to anybody who 
has tried working with them in the past 
couple of years, but what really might shock 
you is the fact that Caroline is owned by 
Virgin records (Paula Abdul). Furthermore, 
I believe Sony (Michael Jackson) has bought 
Relativity. Underground. What Under- 


Justin N. is now booking bands for Pat 
Duncan's radio-show on W.F.M.U.. His home 
# is (201) 467-0037. 

Maxwell's is the best club in the whole 
wide world if you manage to get a gig from 
Todd, the bookish looking booking guy 
(Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. only (201) 
653-1703). Chances are I'll be in the crowd. 

Court Tavern is a cool 21 + club. Call E- 
Gunn at (908) 545-0517 for a gig. 

City Gardens, our big Hard-core love 


.... i , v ■■■'..•,, ,„■ ■„:■,!., - ' ■ ■■- - . ■'- ■■:>■■ 

palace, has been booked by Grand-pa Ran- 
dy for eternity. Give that big crazy galoot a 
call at (609) 298-4421, and make sure to ask 
him what it used to be like in the old days. 
Dave Salat is great guy. I used to drive 
l1 cab for both his father and his brother so 
you know he can't be half bad. He is putting 
on shows at both Middlesex County College 

and The River Front bar in South (Home of 
Bon Jovi) River. His # is (908) 246-7696. 

There's a lot of other places here too, 
but since time is scarce and people are forev- 
er changing their phone numbers, I'm sure 
any one of these people can fill you in on the 
current state of affairs here. 
Don't call me, I like my privacy . ..Ha, Ha, Ha 
-Till next time... 

The upcoming project, Book your Owi 
Fucking Life, is very inspiring. It has the po 

tennai to reauy neip support tne ui i move 
ment. I'd like to add my own two cents tc 
this. Often, speaking to people, I get tht 
impression that they re really in the fog con 

The last few articles I wrote were abou 
putting out your own records and distribut 
ing them. The Do-It-Yourself process can bt 
very empowering, both for bands, who car 
put out their own records if they want to, anc 
for individuals who are interested in startim 
a label. It's fun. And yet, there's so mucr 
more that can be done as well. Below l'n 
listing some things that you can do if yoi 
wan t to. They're not the only th ings, of course 
but they're relatively easy and rewardini 
ways to participate in what we lovingly cal 
"The Scene" . There's no magic required here 
and most of them don't require that mud 
money to start. What is required is commit 
ment, consistancy and initiative. 
Do A Fanzine. Either start a new oneor worl 
with one that's already around. Bring then 
to shows, sell them at stores and through th 
mail, carry some if you visit other areas. I 
you can draw, send copies of your art ti 
some zines and get some feedback. There' 
plenty of them out there you can contibut 
to. Ditto for opinion columns. Write dowi 
your opinions, send them to zines, prin 

uicriii ill yvui v/vvti /.m^-/ uiunv «.« iijvi uats 

hand them out at shows. Don't say you "can' 
write", becauseanyonecan write, itjust take! 
time to develop your capabilities. Start writ 
ing, keep writing, and it will get easier ovei 

Distribute Records. Talk to bands, get cop 
ies of their records, and sell them at shows o: 
through the mail or to other distributors 
There are lots and lots of individuals ou 
there who do this. Most bands should give 
you stuff on consignment, which will mak< 
your life a little easier, as you'll pay then 
once the records sell. Offer to take 10 copie: 
and take it from there. You'll be helpinj 
bands out, getting penpals, and meeting peo 


pie at shows, while at the same time showing 
that mere can be an alternative to traditional 
record stores, many of whom are not respon- 
sive to the scene and very expensive. (Not all 
stores! Sorry, Malcolm J 
Help Put On Shows. Find places to have 
shows, organize a potential sound system, 
gather some money from people if you need 
a deposit for the show or have other expens- 
es, get in touch with bands and see who is 
willing to play when, or who is on tour 
when, and do it. Don't complain that it's not 
there and wait for your scene to miraculous- 
ly drop out of the sky. Offer to work the 
door/security, or clean-up before or after 
the show, or make flyers and post them 
around and hand them out. You'll find also 
that once you start booking, you'll get in 
contact with more and more bands and also 
more and more promoters. When bands call 
you (believe me, your number will get around 
pretty quick once people hear you re putting 
on shows!), you can help them book a num- 
ber of shows in your area. Don't limit your- 
self. Why not do a show once a week if you 
have the space. Finding bands might be a 
problem at first, depending on where you 
live, but keep it up. Nothing of any value is 
ever going to come to you overnight. Be 
persistant, don't fuck people over, treat each 
show as an event which requires a certain 
amount of work. Think. Try. Do. Period. 
Offer to put up touring bands if they're in 
your area and are not complete assholes. 
Take pictures. Zines love pictures, bands 
lovepictures, your friends love pictures. Easy 
to take. Send them out and see your name all 
over theplace. 

Start a Radio Show. Why not? No experi- 
ence? Obviously no one starts with experi- 
ence. Approach your college station, if you're 
in school, drop by your local hardcore radio 
show if you have one. Communicate. 

Using your imagination, you can think 
of other worthwhile things as well. The only 
thing stopping you from doing these things 
is yourself Lose the word "can't" from your 
vocabulary. Stop talking about it and fuck- 
ing do it. 

I had stopped writing for MRR be- 
cause I couldn't get inspired, I couldn't find 
topics that grabbed me. Self-determinism is 
a very exciting topic. Standing up and doing 
things, not just singing empty slogans and 
pointing and waiting for the worldto come 
your way. Everything you do has ramifica- 
tions and you can make a change. The only 
question now is if you care enough to. 

/Zs, node m- noa lumtouT 



This month I don't have time to re- 
spond fully to the What Happened to Jeff 
Bale Committee, which I had originally 
planned to do. I may get around to it in the 
future, but frankly it seems to me that this 
query puts the cart before the horse. The 
really importantquestion is "whathappened 

to the punk scene in the course of the last 
years?" Allow me to explain. When I first 
consciously associated myself with thepunk 
rock scene around 1977-/8 — although emo- 
tionally I feel like I've been a punk since 
about the age of ten — punks were people 
who recognized how fucked up the world 
was, wanted to give it a good swift kick in 
ass (figuratively speaking), and went out of 
their way to be outrageous and shock peo- 
ple. The idea was not only to express One's 
rebelliousness and alienation, but also to 
transgress and thereby extend the bound- 
aries of permissible speech and acceptable 
behavior. Nowadays it seems to me mat the 
vast majority of so-called punks are a bunch 
of little old ladies who worry obsessively 
about everything, get offended at the drop 
of a hat, and then try to impose their own 
rigid moral codes on others. Perhaps my 
impressions are distorted by living in the 
San Francisco Bay Area, the PC capital of the 
world, but hereabouts all too many punks 
are whiney, stodgy, intolerant, humorless, 
oversensitive little wusses. Obviously, there 
are plenty of exceptions even in this area, 
but the ones that attract most of the attention 
and seem to dominate what passes for intel- 
lectual discourse in various fanzines are the 
privileged, guilt-ridden twits who appar- 
ently lack the ability to distinguish between 
1) substantive cases of racist, sexist, and 
homophobic discrimination, and 2) the ex- 
pression of divergent viewpoints that of- 
fend their teensy weensy feelings. The dif- 
ference between the over-the-edgepunks of 
yore and the uptight neo-punks oftoday is 
enormous, andean perhaps best be illustrat- 
ed by two examples. 

Back in the early days of the San Fran- 
cisco punk scene, a punkette named Ivey 
f>ut out an annual calendar called Jokes for 
erks. Liberally sprinkled throughout the 
dates of that calendar were offensive, off- 
color jokes lampooning every ethnic group 
and sexual orientation, practically without 
exception. There were Irish jokes, Polish 
jokes, black jokes, Mexican jokes, WASP 
jokes, Jewish jokes, Germanjokes,gayjokes, 
women jokes, men jokes, iron lung jokes, 
nun jokes, punk rocker jokes, etc. All of 
them were offensive and insensitive, as such 
jokes are meant to be, and almost all of them 
were hilariously funny. Most of the punks I 
knew back then avidly read that calendar, 
and later we would laugh together about 
some of the funnier jokes. One can easily 
predict the response of today's PC punks if 
such a calendar were toappearnow. It would 
almost certainly be burned or torn up at 
some ridiculous demonstration, denounced 
by various writers in MRR and other 
punkzines for being "SRH", and accused of 
speech", or some other such bullshit. But the 
fact that the early punksaround here laughed 
at offensive jokes doesn't mean that they 
wereabunch of reactionaries. After all, those 
were the days of Search and Destroy and, 
later, Creep, both of which managed to com- 
bine intelligent and radical sociopolitical 
views with outrageousness and a sense of 
humor. And therein lies the key. The origi- 
nal Bay Area punks were not only more 
politically sophisticated (in general) than 
their contemporary counterparts, but they 
also genuinely liked to have fun, liked to be 
outrageous, and had greatsenses of humor 
and irony. These eminently endearing qual- 
ities have all too often been replaced during 
the intervening years by general uptight- 

»ness and political sectarianism, im 
sive moral puritanism of many straighte'dge 
bands is simply the mostblatantexampleof 
^ process that has come to afflict the entire 

I .punk scene. If that is really what punk has 
lin on. 
Another clear example of how lame 
Ithe local punk scene has gotten was the fact 
Ithat only about 40 people turned out for 
|both recent Bay Area gigs by JEFF DAHL, 
one at the I Beam in SanFrancisco and one at 
Gilman Street, and half of them were old 
punk veterans rather than younger punks. 
I i|For those who don't know, JEFF DAHL has 
I l^been one of the perennial mainstays of snot- 
ty garage punk since he put out his first 
.indie single way back in 1978, has played 
lllwith some of the finest representatives of 
Ithat best of all musical subgenres (including 
"■members of the DEAD BOYS and the AN- 
GRY SAMOANS, etc.), and has helped in- 
»numerableyoungergroupsin the same vein 
by producing their records, bringing them 
on tour, and otherwise promoting them. 
Now Jeff is a really nice guy who wul prob- 

Iably be embarrassed that I'm bringing these I 
issues to the foreandpraisinghim so highly, 
but his importance in the miniscule punk 
rock universe is almost up there on a par 
with that of Ian MacKaye, Tesco Vee, Biafra, 

I and other more famous figures. One could 
therefore only imagine the initial disappoint- 
ment I felt at the small turnout for his recent 
gigs. All of this rapidly gave way to rock 
n'roll magic, however, since as a diehard 
iirock n'roll fan (or, in my phrase, a "rock 
'■n'roll burnout") he invariably punks out no 
matter how many people are there to wit- 
ness the spectacle and, also true to form, he , 
l|ined up some of the best California garage ' 
">unk outfits to play with him, including the 
JLECTRIC FERRETS from southern Cal, 
the GARGOYLES (although the latter des- 
perately need to recruit a second guitarist to 
restore the background crunch now that 
Lisa has quit). Jeff's band included some 
Dther famous punk rock vets as well, includ- 
ing Rikk Agnew from the ADOLESCENTS, 
the old bassist from POWERTR1P, and Billy 
from the SAMOANS on drums. In short, it 
was a little slice of punk rock heaven, and 
■those who were there got a taste of what 
■punk gigs used to be like, obnoxious and a 
little wild but not violent, especially at Gil- 
man when Rikk fell off the stage and then 
weirded out. But once again, it makes one 
wonder what the fuck has happened to the 
punk scene when such a great show goes 
virtually unattended, whereas week after 

I week lousy gigs by wimpy emo-punk and 
trendy rock bands pack local clubs. And 
what does it say about Gilman, the sup- 
posed center of the punk rock universe, 
when so few punks attend such a classic 
punkgig there? I'll let you decide. 

In other words, don't waste time wor- 
rying about what happened to me, because 
I m more or less the same obnoxious person 
I always was. What you should be doing is 
looking in the mirror and asking yourselves 
how you may have contributed to making 
the punk scene so tame and boring by trying 
Ito enforce ideological conformity and blunt 
litsability to shockand offend people. (When- 
ever I reflect upon the role that I may have 
inadvertently played in that process, I feel 
Hike smacking myself upside the head.) Af- 
ter the rest of you engage in a little soul 
searching and can answer that question to 

my satisfaction, then just maybe I'll feel 
compelled to further explain and/or justify 
my own changes of attitudes. Until then — if 
you don't mind — I'll be concentrating on 
the present and looking ahead. If you do 
mind, that's too damn bad. As the TUBES 
once jokingly put it, "I was a punk before 
you were a punk". More importantly, atti- 
tude-wise I'll still be a punk long after most 
of you self-righteous political punks have 
passed through youryouthful "radical punk 
rock phase" and moved on to become Yup- 
pies or born-again Christians. You can bank 
on that, motherfuckers, because no matter 
how disgusted I get with the lameness of 
what passes for the punk scene today, my 
fundamental emotional makeup won t 
change. I'll be hating the world, rebelling 
against dogmas and authority figures, and 
listening to loud rock n'roll until the day I 
die. The vast majority of you will not, even 
though right now you may think you will. 
That s another safe bet. 

"Real Punks Only" Section 
I'd like to begin here by raving about 
SNAIR's Stay Home LP, which is quite sim- 
ply the best straight up punk album I've 
heard in years. The only long-player that 
even comes close to it in the recent p-rock 
sweepstakes is JEFF DAHL's Ultra Under 
LP, which I already recommended to you 
some months ago. This SNAIR record has 
everything one could possibly ask for from 
a punk record — consistently great songs, a 
raw guitar sound, real fine lead vocals, and 
catchy choruses — and on a couple of tracks 
they almost manage to evoke the late, great 
REAL KIDS. It's hard to pick the most out- 
standing cut, because all of them are pretty 
damn irresistible, but I'm especially bowled 
overby"InternationalIntegrity".Really kill- 
er stuff which deserves to have far better 
distribution. And speaking of great punk, 
check out the la test EP by the WRETCHED 
ONES, America's Most Wanted. Classic 
punk rock with hooks galore, way cool gui- 
tar riffage, short melodic leads, and rough, 
belligerent vocals. As with the SNAIR stuff, 
I find myself humming these WRETCHED 
ONES' songs (especially the title track and 
"Life for a Life") at all hours of the day and 
night. Someone should definitely put out an 
a lbum by these guys, since they have enough 
good songs to fill one up. Also on Headache 
Records is a EP by THOSE UNKNOWN, a 
rarity in this day and age — a genuine 
"skunk" (skin plus Dunk) band. In this case 
we find STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-influenced 
vocals conjoined with Oi-ish song struc- 
tures, and the results are terrific. All the 
songs are irresistibly catchy, but my faves 
are 'Cries of A Nation", which has a great 
chorus and guitar part, and the bona fide 
teen anthem, "Go Where the Kids Go", 
whose chorus deserves to be quoted in full: 
Ya gotta go, go where the kids go 
Cause your old, older every day 
Ya gotta go, go where the kids go 
and hope youth won't slip away 
Words of wisdom, tha t's for sure. Then we've 
got two bands whose names begin with 
PERKOOLS. The former have several 7" 
releases, all of which are worth getting. The 
one with "Saddle Tramp" is really great. 
That song is a heavy crunch rocker with a 
nice primitive lead, and is accompanied by 
a short, chunky thrasher and a slower, even 
heavier Flipside with a NIRVANA-style riff 
that would be great for stumbling around 
and banging one's head to near bar closing 


time. Yeah! I bought the SUPERKOOLS on 
the strength of Rick from Slasher's recom- 
mendation and the thanks the band offered 
to Carmin Hillebrew, and from the opening 
guitar riff on "Something Tomorrow ' I was 
hooked. This band's got super snotty 60s 
punk vocals, and their raw songs are filled 
with classic 60s punk melodies and raunchy 
guitar parts. According to Mike Lavella, 
that fount of obscure lingo, a superkool is a 
joint dipped in angel dust. You know, the 
kind of fun drug that makes a seemingly 
normal person run around the streets with 
no clothes on and try to cut someone else's 
head off with a butter knife before plunging 
it in their own eye. That's pretty much it for 



:^mhmm^m)mmm^mmm ' ^^ v&t i 

^MWfM'iiiWMHtffliHIi S Ns*^™bk&^P 

say that it it weren t tor great 
Sympathy for the Record Industry and Head- 
ache, punk rock would be well and truly 
dead here in America. 

I also received a mini-LP called Stum- 
ble from a group called LOST, who thought 
I might like it. And, as a matter of fact, fao II 
like the first side, which has real powerful 
guitars, a rockin' beat, tasteful licks, and 
emotive but not wimpy vocals that bring 
HUSKER DU to mind. The other side is 
slower and more acoustic, and hence has 
less immediate impact, though it may grow 
on me. Which reminds me, if there are any 
bands out there that feel they are too obnox- 
ious, politically incorrect, or rockin' to ap- 
peal to MRR's regular reviewers, or simply 
that their own style of music is closer to my 
own crude, vulgar tastes, don't hesitate to || 
send an extra copy to MRR c/o me. Since I 
don't have enough money to get everything 
these days, it's quite likely that I'm missing 
some great releases that are right up my 
alley. If I like it, rest assured that Pll let 
everyone who reads my column know about 
it (for what that's worth). Later, dudes and 



Glencoe — We found the lost valley in 
an afternoon of wonderful hill-walking 
amidst a series of my cheesy jokes about how 
lost could the valley be if it is so easy to find. 

Of course I had expert guides, a Scot- 
tish couple who are trying to scale every hill 
or "munro" in the Scottish highlands, which 
will take them more than a lifetime. A natu- 
ralist named Munro catalogued each of these 
exquisite mounds and earned the honor of 
having the whole lot named after him. 

You have to use your imagination, 
mind you," another Scottish pal named Andy 
said, looking down over a craggy vista, in 
which one immense crack in the earth seemed 
to go all the way down to hell. "Try to picture 
a bunch of chaps with big red beards waving 
broad swords." 

Indeed, the lost valley of such great 
repute was apparently the scene of an in- 

credible slaughter during the war for Scot- 
tish independence, linking it cosmicallywith 
such American locations as the wonderful 
Slaughter Creek between Austin and San 
Antonio. Like the revenoors trying to burn 
out the hillbillies, the Brits had to practically 
fight down to the last man, clambering 
through this impossible hill country in order 
to quash the rebels. Nowadays the broad 
sword has been replaced by the hill-walk- 
er's essential gear: rubber boot covers, head- 
lamps... the latter is a real necessity because 
once the sun goes down you'd never get out 
of here. 

I am told a tragic tale about a badly 
prepared dada who ventured into the hills 
with two daughters, got lost and stuck, left 
one behind while they went for help — both 
the children wound up freezing to death. It 
fills my heart with incredible misery and 
longing for the little girls I've left at home foi 
yet another concert tour, this one a two-week 
stint through both Britain and Scotland. 

The Sunday off spent in Glencoe was 
Icertainly the highlight and when 1 got back 
down to London, Reading, Oxford, York, 1 
spoke of the mystic time I had experienced in 
the highlands, gettingpretty much the same 
reaction everytime: "1 ve heard it's beautiful 
up there. ..never been there myself." I heard 
this from Britsof all ages, including an elder- 
ly woman on a train who was on her way to 
Florida for the fifth time. 

So another country is whacked into 
submission and then ignored. Britain "owns" 
Scotland like it "owned" India and it would 
The interesting to find out what percentage of 
the British population has even set foot in 
this colony to the north. I overheard two 
secretaries talking on the London tube about 
their pal Marie who was marrying a Scot and 
moving "up there." 

"1 suppose she'll have something to 
do," one said dryly. "Perhaps knit scarves." 

"Or clean fish," bitchie two added. 

Obviously, no love was lost flowing in 
the other direction, although I could not find 
a single Scot who had never been south. 
However most of them said the same thing 
when I admitted my tour also included Brit- 
ain. "Oh, you poor thing." 

Mr. Prime Minister Majors had just 
returned from the pre-Christmas Maastricht 
summit, where a deal had been wrangled to 
allow Britain to "opt out" of the upcoming 
"European union" if certain any part of the 
package wasn't to their liking. Meanwhile, 
in Scotland people seem interested in opting 
out of Britain altogether. This movement has 
always existed and seems to be building, 
encouraged by what has happened to the 
former Soviet Union and what is happening 
in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. 

In one Parliament session I watched on 
TV the section devoted to Scottish questions 
came immediately after a major address by 

-y. Now usually mostoftheParlia 
Iks out of the Scottish question ses 

Ision out of lack of interest, but in this cast 
they were all in their seats for Majors and 
couldn't get the hell out of there in time to 
i void a scathing attack from a Scottish speak- 
er: "1 see for once everyone is here for Scot- 
tish question—now why don't you all shul 
up and pay attention. Maybe you'll learn 

Only a few minutes later I was chatting 
with a clerk in a record store. "Been in Scot- 
land? I hear its nice., never been there my- 


Well of course you know how people 
are intimidated by drives of more than three 

The European unity program got lots 
of coverage before and after Maastricht. It 
seems lam not the only person trying to sort 
this little fandango out. I recall the leap of 
faith a few years ago, looking at it mostly as 
"Wow! No more customs inspectors! How 
are they going to stop the hash from flowing 
out of Amsterdam? 

Customs inspectors are actually carry- 
ing on strikes in many of the countries a t this 
writing. Something like 70,000 of these suit- 
case-sniffing weasels will be out of work in 
France alone. See if I care. 

The cops in Germany want expanded 
powers to search suspicious people on the 
streets, especially in border towns such as 
Krefeld. This isheinous, obviously, although 
the way tilings are going in the U.S.A., it 
could be one less thing to be homesick about 
for lucky American tourists. ..yes, the Ger- 
man cops could actually start reminding 
you of that state trooper that pulled you over 
last, week and spent an hour rummaging 
through your cassette tapes. 

Vibes of a much more frightening na- 
ture than drug paranoia are coming out of 
the union now. Although in some ways the 
idea is supposed to help promote promising 
social programs from certain countries across 
thewholeof Europe by making them unified 
strategies — i.e. putting them into law — the 
flexibility some countries have shown deal- 
ing with immigrants from poorer countries 
could be eliminated completely by turning 
the European union into a fortress and lock- 
ing the door. 

Therefore shreeves such as John Ma- 
jors are torn between opting out, thus avoid- 
ing frightening prospects such as a stan- 
dardized minimum wage and work stan- 
dards — which I heard would totally destroy 
the British economy — and opting in, thus 
getting in on the great profits to be made by 
keeping all the old eastern bloc countries as 
well as the new ones in a second string 

It's a beautiful follow-up by the combo 
that brought you the cold war. With the riff 
of "communism" well worn out, the new 
mix demands that new countries wanting in 
on the union must first bring inflation down 
to certain levels set by the greater union. Of 
course, how any place such as Latvia, let 
alone Romania, can get their economy to- 
gether from outside the new European union 
is a mind-boggier. 

Result: an instant new cold war, a per- 
manent eastern bloc based this time not on 
ideology but on the dictates of cold, hard 
cash: the Euro-dollar. Just when you thought 
you could finally cash in all those dinars and 
zlotniks along comes neighbor and then one 
day you are endowed with the power to go 
over and inform them their bank account is 
worth nothing. 

Meanwhile Switzerland will go it alone. 
It must keep its Swiss francs, and it certainly 
will not tolerate any international standards 
interfering with its banking procedures. 

All this crapola about money was cer- 
tainly in keeping with the Christmas season 
that was exploding all around me through- 
out the merry U.K. And exploding is the 
right word. As soon as I got away from scarf- 
knitting, fish-catching, hillwalking country 
and back to the heart of things it turned out 

the good old Irish Republican Army had 
some old and new strategies to try out on 
London's Christmas shoppers. 

Bombs in train stations. Bombs in su- 
permarkets. Bombs in museums. Firebombs, ill 
Smokebombs. The newly developed Bomb- 
bomb. One Sunday night in Soho, I had just 
breezed in from a weekend gig in Reading 
and was surprised to find a bunch of shops 
open, illegally. In an import place, I lapsed 
into the typical American habit of handing 
the clerk your bag the minute you step into 
the place so you can't shoplift. 

"I can't take that," he said, cringing at 
my bag. Oh yes, of course. There's more to 
worry about here than shoplifting. 

Of course we could certainly use our I' 
own IRA leaving little smoking things in 
awkward places except in our case the V 
might stand for Indian. 

With superpowers crumbling all 
around, the European seems to want us to 
look at our own home and spot the differenc- 
es. Years ago I remember watching German 
tourists in El Paso. They were gawking at 
what passes for the border. Of course we all 
know where the border used to be, or rather, 
that there used to be no border. 

What is really thepoint of all this terri 
torial grabbing, all this expansion of "one 
nations under God", whether they call them 
UK, USA, USSR or URASS, if it is simply too 
difficult for all the people within them to 
even take apeek at other parts of their own 
"nation?" Geographers like to look at their 
own science as perhaps the ultimate purvey- 
or of truth, in that if you study it closely 
enough you'll be able to predict the future. 

Geography such as the USA and the 
USSR is simply too expanded, too vast, too 
complex to maintain order forever. Thank 
God! We may have something to look for- 
ward to! As for the UK, let's just see how 
much longer they call it that. 

I detest Perry Farrell, but he said some- 
thing about the Lolapalooza Tour that was 
extremely accurate. He was quoted as he 
attempted to call all the attending young 
people to action, saying now is the time to 
fightagainstall the wrongs being committed 
by our own government in the US. But, he 
concluded, it won't happen because Ameri- 
ca's youth are too caught up in the trend to 
care about the reality. It's just today's fash- 
ion to them. 

Except for the people associated with 
the underground scene, I can agree whole- 
heartedly. From the pictures I saw of the 
crowds attending the tour, most were col- 
lege kids playing dress-up or ma instrea mers 
looking trendy in their tie-dyes with mo- 
hawks and peace-signs with combat boots. 
They didn't even realize that all the fashion 
statements they were wearing represented 
conflicting ideals. Too many people have 
picked up on the appearance ofalternative/ 

Ilpunk, without pondering the ideals and atti- 
Itudes these clothes represent. 
Punk/alternative surfacing as a fash 
|ion has undermined the integrity of the move- 
ment, and trivialized its legitimacy. Too many 
Iipeople see it as a costume to piss their par- 
lents off, and shock people, instead of as a 
■valid way of looking at the world. And the 
Ira w energy and intensity of it seems to act as 
|i lightning rod for freaks and weirdos whc 
lire attracted only by the anger as a vehicle 
for their pent-up aggression and hatred. 

Big media magazines, who ignored 
Ipunk in the late 70's and early 80's, are now 
■trying to drag the underground out into the 
lopen and re-create punk as a current trend. 
Spin put Nirvana on its cover and included 
shallow articlesabout them and other bands 
like Helmet. Spin also chased after Fugazi, 
who refused an interview with them be- 
cause of what the magazine supports in its 
■ldvertising: the military, big cigarette and 

Ioeer companies. Spin still wrote a simplistic 
on the cover of that issue. 
Every time these big media magazines 
mention underground music, they pay lip- 
service to Ian MacKaye and Dischord, seem- 
ingly hoping to cultivate enough interest on 
his part to finally grant them an interview. 1 
admire and applaud MacKaye for uphold- 
|ling his beliefs. Big media attention isn't nec- 
essary for a band to make an impact and get 
its messages across. 

Just the fact that big media can create 
■trends points to the fact that regular white- 
Ibread Americans blindly believe they can 
Ibuy an image by wearing it. And when new 

on. It's cool to be trendy. They take on 

and discard appearances as fashions come 

||ind go because they are shallow enough tc 

"be able to trade identities each time a new 

i>ne strikes their fancy. People who used tc 

hang around the scene in the early 80's went 

mi iu ucluiiic nippies clliu meidl-uedUS, a? 

..those trends got popular. And they'll go or 
||to the next ones that come along. It's just 

trendy fashion to many people, and that's 
■■what irritates me the most. 
' I used to live in London and remember 
iivvhen punk was "discovered" by the media, 
"md how it was trivialized intoa virtual freak 

^howoff dyed mohawks and liberty spikes. 
..Even now, some kids dress up and hang 
11 1 round the tourist traps and charge people a 

^/w.n^l */-. i-^l^« *-K.^;« «.^i. tu~. r : — Lti - 

..legitimate punk scene in England, but like in 

....^ „ ~,.,v,.igs in both countries — wher, 
it's not subject to scrutiny and imitation by 
the mainstream. 

I've written to both big media music 
magazines and told them that since they 
ignored punk in the 70's and 80's, they shouk 
leave it alone now. They should stick tc 
things they know: Mariah Carey, Nelson 
Wilson Phillips, New Kids, Paula Abdul. 

rk„„ . 'i r.„:ui.. J :l ' 1 . -.1 .. 

MK^ ?<l W.WU' l I J- f imff l iMg i 1) i' . f MnMMWM 

ging at it now, only because it's applicable h 
these tough socialand economic times. Nat- 
urally, letters like mine will never make thi 
pages of their Letters to the Editor. 

And just like MTV discovered then 
dumped the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the 
media will find other music to hype-up. The 
sooner the better. It infuriates me to see the 
same people who used to make fun of me, 
trying to dress up and be alternative or punk 

too. I'm in it for the long-haul, and it may be 
juvenile on my part, out I resent all the 
mainstream sheep buying into a lifestyle I 
don't think they could possibly understand. 
People spending big money to buy the right 
clothes to look poor is the biggest example I 
can think of here. Or people like these dumb 
Marines I see who wear all the gear associat- 
ed with skinheads. They think thatautomat- 
ically makes them skins too, because they're 
dressing the part. They don't have a clue 
what skinheads stand for, or that there are 
different types of skins, they just admire the 
image. Because of people like this, the scene 
changes and splinters every time punk gets 

I got into this years ago, not only be- 
cause I liked the music, butbecause I agree 
with the attitude. Counter-cultures are valid 
because people are different. Expecting ev- 
eryone to look, act and feel the same way 
restricts people, because not everyone can or 
wants to be the same as everyone else. And 
if people are uncomfortable in a surround- 
ing, they usually find others with similar 
interests and ideas. But when normal, aver- 
age, white-bread people get into alternative 
scenes, they water it down by applying their 
mainstream attitude to it. People like this 
already fit well into the normal pattern of 
life; why the hell do they think they've got to 
infiltrate someone else's? It becomes a game 
to them, ora phase they go through, and they 
treat it as such. It's expected that young 
people go through a wild or angry phase, 
and unfortunately punk is how some choose 
to act it out. Everyone associated with punk 
is written off as just being angry kids going 
through a phase, instead of people who 
sought out an alternative to everything nor- 
mal and accepted. 

I can't remember, but I think I got a 
note from MRR Central to the effect that the 
columns were getting too long and we should 
try to rein in our egos or at least our expres- 
sions thereof so as to leave some room for all 
the other important stuff like ads and scene 
reports and record reviews. 

Or maybe I'm confusing this with some 
other magazine I write for. I'm not sure, 
because I ve been in this weird inter-dimen- 
sional zone ever since I flew over Iceland and 
Greenland a couple weeks ago. You'll prob- 
ably think I've gone completely round the 
bend, but I've developed this all-consuming 
obsession with those two places, which, it 
you've looked at a map of the world lately, 
you might know are near each other in the 
upper reaches of the Atlantic Ocean and as 
close as most people would ever want to get 
to the North Pole. 

In fact, most people don't even want to 
get that close to the North Pole, which prob- 
ably explains why Iceland only has 250,000 
people and Greenland has 50,000, barely 
enough to fill up one mega-shopping mall in 
a typical American suburb, despite the fact 
of Greenland being the biggest island in the 
world and so heavy with all the ice that's 

piled up on top of it that it put this huge dent 
in the surface of the earth underneath it. I'm | 
not making this up, I swear. In fact, I think I 
may be well on my way to becoming the 
punk scene's leading Iceland & Greenland 
expert who doesn't live in Iceland or Green- 
land. While I was in England, I would sit up 
late at night reading guide books and look- 
ing at pictures of those places, and then I 
would fall asleep and dream that I was in 
Uummannarsuaq or Nanortalik having rad 
adventures with Eskimos and dog sleds and 
speaking Greenlandic like a native while 
getting chased across the ice floes by imperi- 
alistic vikings driving herds of rabid saber- 
toothed tigers. 

Or something like that... But listen, 
before I forget, let me take advantage of my 
position here at MRR (if Tim can do it for his 
record collecting, I don't see why I can't) and 
solicit any and all Icelandic or Greenlandic 
punks to invite me to come visit their amaz- 
ing countries. I'm serious! Summer of '93, at 
the latest, I'll be there. Akureyi, Reykjavik, 
Djiipivagur, I'll be making the scene. .. Dude, 
I want to go so far north that I'm only mar- 
ginally on this planet. Which is where a lot of 
people suggest I already dwell anyway. 
Which brings me to... 

I should hasten to clarify that this is not 
a continuation of last month's April Fool 
joke, that this really is me, though I suppose 
there's no way I can prove it, and I probably 
do sound even more out of character in this 
column than I did in last issue's parody. 
Sorry, I'm back in California now, and after 
three months of not hearing anyone (except 
myself) saying "dude" and "rad" and "to- 
tal", the culture shock was too much for me, 
forcing me to slip into the nonsense-spewing 
ersatz profundity that typifies most East Bay 
type discourse. You want to know about 
politics? Philosophy? Culture? Our place in 
the universe? Write to Bumblescrump. Me, 
I've finally realized that people will only like 
me if I act stupid, and even then it's only a 50- 
50 chance at best. 

Does this mean I'm turning my back on 
the burgeoning Smart Punx movement? Not 
completely, but I think it's best left in the 
hands of a new generation. For someone like 
me, who was never of more than marginally 
above-normal intelligence, it'sa bitof a strain 
to keep up this constant flow of intellectual- 
ity. The most successful punx are obviously 
those who are best at covering up any native 
intelligence their chromosomes or early ed- 
uca tion may ha ve cursed them with . Sardon- 
ic? Bitter? Moi? Not even; in fact I've practi- 
cally turned into a vegetarian since you last 
heard from me. And you wanna know why? 

See, there's this guy in England who's 
probably the tallest, skinniest, palest, and 
longest-haired punk in all of Essex, which is 
the place everyone else in England makes 
fun of. Sort of like Concord here on the West 
Coast, or New Jersey on the East. Anyway, 
his name is Graham, and even if he thinks 
I'm making fun of him too (not that I would 
hesitate to if I thought I could use him to coax 
a cheap laugh or smile out of MRR's legend- 
arily insensa te readers), he actually exerted a 
greater influence on me than legions of punk 
preachers and moralists who've been telling 
me for years that I was a cretinous, murder- 
ous fascist for occasionally eating dishes that 
contained bits (or even large chunks and 
gobs) of dead animals. 

He never commented on my eating 
habits at all, but one day when I asked him 

how he happened tobecomea vegetarian, he 
said, "Because 1 didn't want to hurt the little 
animals," and as he said it, he looked like 
such a wide-eved bunny rabbit himself that 
I fully understood, and really regretted the 
time in Paris in 19X0 when 1 ate a whole halt 
ofa rabbit even if itdidtasteawfullygoodall 
smeared with mustard and washed down 
with red wine that was probably tested on 
animals, knowing those diabolical French- 

In fact, it was only a couple weeks later 
that someone offered me, funnily enough, a 
hunk of roast rabbit, and I, conscience-strick- 
en, turned it down and said, "No thanks, I'll 
just have the lettuce and carrots." And lest 
someone get the wrong impression, Graham 
doesn't really look that much like a bunny 
rabbit, even a tall one, though come to think 
of it, what other animal does he resemble? 
None, of course, he's vegetarian! I know, 
he's like a 6'4" tall white asparagus shoot! 
You don't think he'll take that as a compli- 
ment either? You're probably right. 

But that's not my point (as if anything 
was). No, like I said before, and will proba- 
bly nave to keep saying, I'm SERIOUS!!! 1 
think if people want to convert others to 
vegetarianism, or socialism, or anarchism, 
or just being rad to hang out with, the way 

IGrahamdoesitishell more effectivethan the 
grim ranting and preaching you might read 
in many punkzines like this one or Profane 
Existence or... Lookout? Yeah, I know I've 
been guilty of a fair bit of preaching myself, 
it's kind of like I can't help myself, since not 
only do I know everything, but I'm also the 
one who knows best what everyone else 
should do... You're really getting confused 
by now, aren't you? You totally think Jeff 
Bale is writing this month's column, too, 
don't you? And it could be true. Perhaps Jeff 
jBale and Lawrence Livermore are really the 
Isame person. And Mykel Board and Ben 
IWeasel, too. In fact, perhaps they're not even 

I -. nnpenn 1-mtiiiLt i i-f-\mr"M i¥ar nrnOMm (",in;1- 

versial prose from four different angl 
any given issue at the stroke of a key. 

Yeah, that must be it. In this postmod 
ern age we should be beyond individual egc 
anyway. And individual reality is equally 
reactionary. We should be randomly cruis- 
ing in and out of each other's consciousness 
No, stop, consciousness is reactionary too, 
because it involves walls and barriers, like 
when you say, "Dude, I'm not even con- 
scious yet andyou're laying trips like this on 
me?" Really, I swear I'm not on drugs! Forty- 
pi us years of real ity (i e., a collectively a greed - 
upon illusion) does take its toll. I also decid- 
ed to stop washing my hair, because Graham 
hadn't washed hisinfhreeyearsandit looked 
total rad (which made me think, you don't 
ever see animals, who have hell of more hair 
than most humans, buying shampoo or go^ 
ing to the beauty parlor), but it didn't work 
so well for me because it just made me look 
like more ofa street person than I already do 
(which is partly understandable, if you ever 

I saw my room, because it is only one or two 
steps up from a cardboard box in a doorway, 
though I have to admit it's warmer and has 
electricity andbunchesof punk rock records). 
But I do look like enough of a street 
person that when [ go into one of the cafes 
Where all the East Bay punx hang out when 
they're taking a break from destroying soci- 
ety, the guy at the counter tries to encourage 
■ lime to get my coffee to go, like as if I'd feel 


more at home sitting on the pavement and 
plus after I'd finished drinking it, I could use 
the cup to collect spare change. They proba- 
bly think I'm bad for business, too, because 
who wants to sit in a cafe frequented by 
raving psychotics who look like me?Though 
you have to admit, not being welcome even 
in that handful of hellholes where East Bay 
punx are tolerated is a bit hard to take. Even 
in my new, post-ego state. 

So, I'm finished with college now, ex- 
cept for some minor paper work like hand- 
ing in a 100-page thesis which I plan to 
plagiarize from a selection of all the political 
articles that have appeared in MRR over the 
past year. Actually, I was just going to hand 
in a xerox of the Noam Chomsky book that 
Marty Sprouse published last year, but some- 
body told me that my professor might have 
heard of Mr. Chomsky, even though I didn't 
know that most Cal-Berkeley professors lis- 
tened to Bad Religion (kind of insider MRR 
punk rock joke there; I apologize to the two 
or three serious individuals who read this 
column in search of incisive socio-political 
commentary, which all somehow got stored 
on another computer disk). Which means 
my next dilemma is: what do I do now? 

So I've decided to put my fate in the 
hands of MRR readers, by taking a poll, the 
results of which I religiously swear to follow, 
no matter how stupid. So, here's the ques- 
tion: where should I pursue the upcoming 
days of my lives (sic)7 Choices: A) East Bay, 
California; B) Emerald Triangle, California; 
C) England; D) Iceland or Greenland; E) 
Hell, or reasonable approximation thereof. 
All responses to MRR, c/o the Livermore 
File. (Yes, for those trepidatious soulsamong 
you who take me more seriously than neces- 
sary, it is permissible to address me as Mr. 
Livermore, or even "Livermore, you assh- 
ole" despite my maudlin soul-searchings to 
the contrary last spring.) 

And with that, I think I'll rise up from 
my existentially becalmed state of being tem- 
pered by constant intimations of inconse- 
quential substance and deliver this latest 
opus (that means "big important work") to 
Maxi-HQ in the sinister and nefarious West 
Bay, wherel might also eat (vegetarian) burr- 
itos. Tune in next month, when my personal- 
ity (or lack thereof) may or may not have 
been restored to something akin to your 
expectations. It's these cathode rays, you 
know; they're piercing my soul like the after- 
burn of a dying supernova. And that ozone 
layer, let me tell you... Maybe next time... 
Meanwhile, there's this DJ on the radio who's 
driving me nuts because he sounds exactly 
like me, which wouldn't bother me that much 
except that I'm a DJ at the same station, and 
I keep wondering if I'm really here at all, or 
if I'm actually on the radio playing bad alter- 
native rock and saying really dumb things. 
Well, no doubt about the second part, any- 
way... _, 


The Punkest Lick 

What can I say? When I think of punk 
rock I think about this lick. It's simple when 
you get it down and 100% guaranteed 


be^n <£mon ^ESrSSS ffiSS^S to ^hESSEST" (n °' S?*- *? JK ^ ^ ^ Check ss? xsssatf 
influenced Iby what ^pl^^^^'6^^^Si^^^&^ ade *"*» "^ Wron 8 with ■*"* 
oneor T S%tKinlit^ 

Now for the tunes! I'm presenting these examples using power chords for simolicitv's sake 
Ke t Jf S rnbX rS ' ,USt P Y loWGSt note of each chord to P fay along simplicity s sake. 

ftl? ^ -CKO^OM^Mf 

_ ««+k P«er"e'»-ne»»J(»- Aut> 
u /Jr*™* 5iw*uTavicoihuV 


_ lut>e fbuea cho«h> 
op, ©ue fil«t 

*eTUe»~> -rue cdr*. 


s-5lo« p-*^- w 7 = AC c~r ^1^ = ™^, I*/. MBA 

1 • M8A?Oft( 


For my first example here's the Intro to the Pistols' "God Save the Queen". 

f lly A I ., ,' f^ A T i AUA — T T 

Now for a fairly simple complete song; "Commando" by the Ramones. 


H " » " » " TT 

- A g 

"f n T1 T-l 



e: r* 


I : iW 

■ » 


/ *■/*/»/> 


S hii u ji Mttl V* 1 V» 1 7" tv^n «, u -U/^( 


3 ftxtej* 


T < I' H 11 w \\ 11 


*/« 1 Vnf Vr.^ QJ\> 

/ * ' ■.**/» 


Here's one of my all time f aves, Sham 69's first single, "Borstal Breakout." This one kills! Two new concepts in this one, the accent 
and the mute. Accent just means hit the indicated chord a bit harder to make it stand out more. Mute means bring it down in volume by 
letting the fleshy part of your picking hand (behind and below your little finger and almost to your wrist) rest lightly on the strings near 
the budge of the guitar (where the strings go into the guitar's body). This gives you a slightly muffled, "chunky" sort of sound. Move your 
hand up towards the bridge for less mute; move yourhand down towards the strings for a more muted sound. Accenting and muting are 
important to master because they can make a fairly simple progression sound much more dynamic. Anyways, like I was saying, here 'tis: 


aft sib ftft € fe? 


illl iiii 
t > * * /* t r / * / r 

in ni 

1 * "I 

-in -r i 


/ / * 

£ i ,i AV"^ i Ti" 

■^ -7-t t^Ttt7^ - 7-7-7T "7-77 111 / / * i * ' Y t * t * * * f * y \j£ltfZ 

t v t •* f p- / * t y * >■ / n f / • « * f * 



.ft 19, B JkT\ g. 

/ / V • > / v 


i^ - i^v.r, ?^ 

/ * / Y I Y, 

/ / / 

/ * I * I Y 4 

RCpeAT 4MT«.<?iN/€R.S^ % <-rtf?eoS,i»JTft.o 

t.mmI i i r i 

en 7 1 11 7 "7 i t " ' »i * 

t t ■*■ t Y t y- 

/ ( Y ( * t ■* 




M ?vfr fog E 

■S-7-S tit 


j fr?3 


/ / *:* t f t * *:* < * 

A q«* 
ill 7 67 7 7 U7 7 7 

t * i Y /«•/■> / * / * / / ** 


£€P€AT CWO^JJiJT*^, v/eg-Se^ttCX^-OS 

Subversion Potential: 

Say you know someone (parent? roommate, obnoxious acquaintance) who really loves a particular song that you really hate ("We 
are the World" for instance). You can ruin the tune forever for them by learning how to play it normal style and then modify it by applying 
the "punkest lick" technique. Crank up your guitar, heavy on the distortion and just slide into every single chord . Don't forget to sing loudly 
and out of tune. Repeat over and over and over. This should send them running for the nearest exit! If you did your job right (badly enough) 
they'll never be able to enjoy that special song again, forever haunted by your "punkest lick" version. 

One final example for you lead guitarists out there. This Dickies solo is a "punkest lick" extravaganza! Two more new concepts: the 
triplet and the pull-off. A triplet simply means playing three notes per beat rather than the usual one or two. It might help if you think about 
Jackie Gleason in "The Honeymooners" saying "Homina homina homina homina". In a pull-off you pick only once to get two or more notes; 
You pick the first note and sound the second by pulling your finger off the string, not in a straight up motion but more of a sidewayspulling 
the string-motion. It's real hard to explain without being there to show you. ..Get a guitar-smart friend to help you if ya don't get it. 
Like I was saying, "You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)" 



e f 


l tt ? H ? 



> .♦ » / * 


F Ctt>Q 


l» id II ' 


• ? « <tff <ffr !";" \ » w » !!^ 

C F* 
n n n n 





n >* 


T >i n (3-* / 


riri t4-»t- i>1 JMtt<-iiH»^i^-i^ i«riii-trt w it- trig" in if "»»*!' * *1 '* »^ 



ifW&fff | fei?tjWy , 6» fa* 

/ * /V /*/*/*/* /*,<./* /#/*/* 

well, mat s it tor this time. 1 hopeyou all were able to follow most of this. Send requests and suggestions (but please don't expect a 
reply, I'm too busy, seriously!) to: Bill Collins c/o Contra Costa Alternative School/ 10 Irwin Way/ Onnda, CA 94563. 

Like the line between genius and mad- 
ness, the line between heaven and hell is a 
thin one. One slip can plunge you into the 
abyss. Despite the heaven part, I wish this 
could've been the April Fools column, ra ther 
than the last one. It's not. 

If I were writing a novel, I'd start from 
the beginning. First I'd explain the heaven: 
a perfect month. First week: a smart, fun 
punkrock sexpal. Then Mardi Gras in New 

I'd tell you about how much I looked 
forward to her visit. How much I bragged 
about her, showed off her letters, jerkedoff 
to her photo before she arrived. I'd intro- 

s to get out of the cold 
we got drunk listening to bums talk about 
how "homos are just like roaches." 

I'd talk about making home porn vid- 
eos with her fingers up my ass and her 
mouth around my dick. 

"Why'd you pick me?" sheonce asked.. 

I "Everybody wonts to fuck Mykel Board." J 
laughed and hugged her for that one. I only 
wished it were true. 
I'd tell you how we covered each other 
with hickies. Our bodies looked like the 
advanced cases in the AlDS-ward. 1 might put 
in the story of our unsuccessful hunt for 
crack. She wanted the true NY Experience, 
she said. My friends said we should forget 
about crack and buy heroin. 

If I were writing a novel, I'd tell you 
how sorry I feel when she has to leave. After 
her week's stay, we go to the train station. 

An older Negro si ts behind bulletproof 
glass at the Amtrack counter. He tells us her 
reservation was for Friday. This is Saturday 
Still, he promises, he'll get her on the train. 
She thanks him. She has to meet a friend in 
Wisconsin, she says. It's all arranged. 

Before the train comes, she tells me I 
should leave her alone. She hates goodbyes, 
she says. 1 leave. 

Later, she calls me. They wouldn't let 
heron the train. Her ticket wasonly stand-by, 
she says. The Negro at the counter didn't tell 
her, she says. I'm happy when she tells me 
thenexttrain isn'tforanother week. I believe 
her. Even though you can almost always 
reschedule for the next day, I still believe her. 

We return the next week and find that 
time too "Amtrack fucked up." They booked 
her for the wrong day. I believe her. I get 
mad just like she does. She would leave in a 
couple of days and that is ok. She doesn't 
audit isn't. Things get bad. 

I should've known, they tell me. I 
should've suspected something when she 

went to the bathroom every ten minutes. I 
should've known something was up when 
shewalkedwith her head down — and never 

I didn't know. My bathroom is small, 
but amicable. A giant mirror hangs on the 
inside of the door. You watch yourself shit, 
or make faces. There's plenty to read and 
plenty of pom. I spend a lot of time in there, 
why shouldn't she? 

Sure, she's quiet, but I like that. If she's 
got nothing to say, she says nothing. How 
many people do that? That's a plus. Not a 

What did I know? 

Maybe I should've known when she 
said she's not afraid to walk by herself in the 

"Ihaveagun." shesaid. She'dsaythat 
to me many more times. 

The second time "Amtrak fucked her 
over" and she couldn't leave, she told me, "I 
had to deal with that asshole behind the 
window. If it happens again, I'll blow his 
head off." 

Itdid,butshedidn't. The fifth time she 
couldn't leave, I finally whiffed the rotting 
truth. Amtrak "fucked up" three times and 
twice her friend got sick and couldn't meet 
her. Maybe this is where I should start the 

She makes her final reservation. I call 
to check. 

She's reserved — on the train — forsure, 
they tell me. After my call, she decides not to 
go by tra in, but take a bus instead, a day later. 
I get angry. 

Around this time, she starts to stum- 

ble. I work at the computer. She comes out of 
the bathroom. Her shoes thump heavily, 

I looked around the comer and see her 
slide. She tries to brace herself. Her hand 
slips down, tearing a poster off the wall. 

She stumbles into the room, tripping 
over a broom handle. 

"What the fuck?" I yell. 

She laughs. 

She trips over a suitcase. She sprawls 
to the floor. 

"What the fuck's the matter with you!" 
I yell. "Are you so fucking drunk you can't 

"Whatsa matter little Mikey?" shesays. 
"Are you so upset because of your poor little 

She picks up the suitcase and carries it 
into the apartment hallway. She lies down 
on the floor, caressing it, rocking back and 
forth as if she were comforting a small child. 

It's impossible to work. I go to bed 
hoping she'll just lie in the hall and sleep off 
the booze. 

At sleep's brink, she stumbles again. 
She falls against the television. She knocks 
over the phone; slams against a lamp. It 
blinks once and goes out. Tclimb down from 
the loft. I grab her by the coat lapels. (Why 
is she always wearing a coat indoors? It 
never occurs to me to ask.) 

I throw her onto the couch. 

"Stop it! Just lie there and stay still." I 
yell. "Can't you let me sleep? Why are you 
torturing me?" 

"Wow, what a big tough man." she 
says. "Just because I slip in the dark, you 
have to be violent. What a big tough man!" 

"I just want to sleep." I beg, "Please, 
just let me sleep. Can't you just sober up?" 

"You know what, Mykel?" she says. 
"I'm not drunk. I'm a drug addict. That's 
right. This isn't alcohol. It's drugs. Not 
heroin, but something just like heroin. An 
opiate. How about that, Mykel?" 

I don't answer. 

"Hey Mykel," she says, "can I come up 
there and sleep with your 

"No!" I yell and pull a pillow over my 
head. Somehow I sleep. 

The next day I'm sitting in a chair in 
front of the computer. She's still lying on the 
couch. She's angry. I hate her for tripping 
over a suitcase, she says. I don't argue. 

"Oh you hate me?" she says. Things 
are more important than people? You can 
throw me down because Thurt a thing." 

She stands up and begins kicking. My 
slide projector, books, magazines on the floor. 
She reaches me. 

"You want violence?" she says. "I'll 
show you violence." 

She grabs my shoulders and pushes 
me backwards. The chair tilts and slides out 
from under me. I'm on my back on the floor. 
We struggle. She's on top of me. Holding 
me. Turning me over. I push her off. 

"Get out," I say. not yelling. "Leave. 
You have to go now. 

Control slips. My legs shake. I can't 
think. My stomach curls around liquid shit 
and squeezes. I hurt. Every nerve switches 
on, burning like a 50 watt bulb with 100 watts 
going through it. 

Iwalktowardherbagin the hall, across 
from the bathroom. She follows, talking. 

"You don't know pain." She says. 
"You're throwing me out. It hurts. You feel 

I don't answer. 

"I'm running out of drugs. I'm gonna 
;et sick." she sdys, "How can you do U 
me? Don't you feel anything? You can't 
know how much it hurts." 

I hold on to the bathroom doorknob 
ind smash my forehead against the door. 

"You want pain?" I ask. 

I smash my head again, hearing the] 
wood give way, slowly splintering 

'You wantpain?" I ask again. "Here's 
pain..." 1 hit my head again "Here's pain. 
You happy? Want more 7 " 

Agamandagain I slam my head against 
the door The outer plywood splits Then the 
inner latticework gives way. The crunching 
wood begins to squish. 

She grabs the door handle. She forces 
her way past me. She slams the door from 
inside The mirror on the other side, loos- 
ened by my pounding, gives way. It crashes 
to the floor. 

I run out. Down the stains. She's 
behind me. I jump. Aflightatatime. Outthe 
door. She doesn't follow. 1 don't stop. 

Down Sixth Avenue, across Prince 
Street, up Thompson to the park. Running. 
Running. A thin warm line oo/es from my 
forehead past my eyes. 

I imagine her in the bathroom. She 
takes the broken mirror shards and runs 
them against her arms, her cheeks, her legs. 
She'll snow me. My pain is nothing com- 
pared toilers. She'll prove it. 

I return. I'm wrong. Theglassiscleaned 
up. She lies on the couch, under the covers. 

"I cried," she says. "I never cried for 
anyone before. Not for years. You made me 

Hook at her. 1 want to go to her. Touch 
her, hold her. I see myself doing this. It 
makes me sick. I'm silent. 1 go up to my bed 
in the loft. 

"Can I sleep next to you?" she asks. 

1 grunt. 

She climbs the ladder into the loft. 1 
turn my back to her and face the wall. 

The next day at 2PM she's still lying in 
bed. She asks if I have a steak knife. 1 don't 

"I just like to look at the ridges." She 

"Buy somepotatochips."! tell her. She 

eets up. 

'What are you doing?" 1 ask. 

'I'm going to the bathroom." Shesays, 

"Not if you re going to hurt yourself." 
1 tell her. 

"1 won't hurt myself, I promise." She 

I wait outside the door as she goes in. I 
don't ask her why she wears her coat to the 
bathroom. I'm used to her in a coat. Junkies 
are cold. 

1 listen for the sound of piss. (Junkies 
don't shit.) 1 don't hear anything. 1 wait. 

The doorknob turns. She walks out, a 
bit unsteady. I look at her t-shirt, a fresh 
blood stain just to the right of where her 
navel would be. 

"She's been shooting up." 1 think. 

"You've got blood on your shirt." I tell 
her and point. 

"Where?" she asks. 

I push her back into the bathroom and 
pull her jacket off to look for tracks. There 
are none on her right arm. Bloody strips of 
skin hang from her left arm. Fresh wounds 
bleed from her elbow to her wrist. A bloody 

Bic razor is in the waste basket. 

"You fucker!" I yell, searching for 
bandages, gauze, disinfectant, anything. "I 
hateyou more than I've hated anyone in my 

(Continued next month.) 

— > This guy comes to my door with free 
passes. He says he's a fan of mine. He wants 
me to see his band . Right in the middle of my 
problems with HER, I don't need another 
fan. Anyway, he's playing at this lousy 
pay-to-play club that only kids from Long 
Island ancf Japanese tourists go to. 

I promise I'll go if I can. I go. By the 
time I get there, theband is finished. There 
was no audience. The guy hands meapairof 
demo tapes. His band is NUT JOB. 

He explains that one tape is "the soft 
tape." They use it get shows in "normal" 
places. The other tape is "the hard tape," 
more like they really sound. I smile, snake 
hands all around and go back home. 

I look at the tapes. They both have one 
word song titles. On soft tape, the songs are 
Down, Color, and Love. On the hard tape: 
Burn, Blood, Scream, Dirt and Lies. I play a bit 
of the soft tape. Not bad. Head-boppin' 
hardcorish, nothing to wri te to Timmy about, 

Then I play the hard tape. WOW!! 
They're amazing!! It's reason enough to start 
reviewing tapes again. If MRR won't, I will. 
This stuffblisters. The singer growls as fast 
as HR sings. Fast, hard, and the guy plays 
what I think is a kazoo. But no! I see 'em in 
person and he's playing his nose! You can 
send for your own copy of THE HARD TAPE . 
Write to NUT JOB, PO Box 71, Carle Place 
NY 11514. Send $5. You won't be sorry! 
— > Unintentional irony of the month: A girl 
who was in my first band, ART, tells me, J 
hate the Japanese. They're all racists. 
— > Clever rip-off of the month: I got an ad 
for porno movies. "Any Five Movies $29.95. " 
It said. It offered Siamese twins, hermaphro- 
dites, and other weird joys. Three months 
later comes a single videotape. On it, are 
pieces of various porn movies with the sex 
scenes cut out. The tape barely plays a half 
hour. Oh yeah, the name of the tape is ANY 

— > You might want to write for info about 
The New Product (PO Box 1098, Dept. Z, 
Brockton MA 02403). All they've got is info- 
no product. Weird. 

— > The letters about strange and dangerous 
places where you've masturbated keep slip- 
ping in my box. (And anotherpositive incest 
tale — two step brothers!) A fun one comes 
from Dave, who gave his best friend a blow- 
job in the livingroom. His mom, aunt and 
grandmother were at a tea party in the next 
room. Graeme sent a good one about doing 
it behind a police station. Another came 
from Dale who wrote about ma king the snake 
spit in a classroom during detention. 
There've been plenty more and they keep 
coming. But still no girls!!!! Girls must do it 
in weird places at weird times, but I haven't 
heard from one. So I'm asking the question 
again, butthistimeONLYFORGIRLS. Write 
and tell me the strangest place you've stroked 
the nub. Please be graphic. As usual, you 
can get to me at PO BOX 137, PRINCE 
— > Here's a tip I was going to send to Aaron 
Cometbus for his scams. Tread about it on a 
computer BBS. First, you copy {xerox or 
scan) the UPC code from the back of a Coke 

can . Then you paste it over the codes on cans 
that are NOT returnable. Those automatic 
refund machines think they're Coke and give 
you money! Happy nickels (dimes in Mich- 
igan!). Speaking of Aaron. I've had a run- 
ning debate with my pal, Lenny. Who has 
inspired more people? She says Aaron. I say 
GG Allin. What do you think? 
— >Speaking of GG, he's back in jail. If I can 
get the address I'll put it here. Otherwise 
write to his brother Merle, 298 Mulberry St, 
New York NY 10012. 

— > Igot another fine fanzine. It's called 
of the address. (Try writing to A.F.F. c/o 
THE SQUATTERS, 76 Keogh Rd. London 
E15 4NS, if that doesn't work try 108 
Brougham Rd., Hackney E8) Lenny says 
some folks make zines from the needto ex- 

?ress more than the need to communicate, 
hey don't put their addresses on their zines 
because they don't WANT feedback. They 
just want to say what they have to say and 
fuck it, like graffiti. I can understand the 
need. Still, I'm not a fan of anonymous. It's 
too easy to avoid responsibility. 
— > Special curses to NO FX. Who expects a 
trick from such nice guys? I thought it was a 
friendly gift— you know — that "Ribbed" 
album. It was a plot. That song, "The Moron 
Brothers" is so good, so catchy, that it sticks 
in my head like the theme from Jeopardy! 
I'm walking down the street and notice peo- 
ple staring at me — even more man usual. 
Why? I've been smiling to myself, shaking 
my head back and forth singing, "We are the 
Moron brothers...." They're too good for 
their own good; those NO FXers! 
— > Speaking about being too good. I was 
one of the few lucky folks to see Anal Cunt at 
ABC NO RIO. Until then Huasipungo was the 
best live band I'd seen since Japan. (Especial- 
ly the show with the fish!) But these guys... 
Pm in awe. No bass. Switch from Napalm 
Death to The Beastie Boys and back again. The 
singer spends half the time in the air— and 
he's no lightweight! Didia ever notice that 
bands with fat people in tnem jiggle toward 
ONDS. Theorieson thiswouldbewelcomed. 
— > Well, my respect for Ian MacKaye just 
suffered a ten point leap upwards. I see him 
at the KICKING GIANT (missed 'em), NA- 
TION OF ULYSSES (pretty good), BIKINI 
KILL (stupendous! with a prostate poppin' 
bass player!) show. Ian successfully embar- 
rasses me. He found an old column where I 
praise the DC scene for being "straight and 
non-violent." He says he caught a little 
tune-changing there. He's right. 

Ever on the defensive, I tell him about 
a recent TV show. SCREW's Al Goldstein 
interviews pornstar Tom Byron. Al asks 
Tom what kind of music he likes. 

"I like to get fucked up and go to Nirva- 
na and Fugazi shows," says Tom. 

Ian's face lights up. "Really?" He says, 
"Iloveitwhen things like thathappen! That's 

I thought he'd be pissed and whine 
about being misunderstood. Instead he 
laughs. Mr. Ian, here's your extra ten points 
for being cool. Sorry Ben. 
— > Weird mail dept: KA.N sent me this multi 
part-pagequasi poem "She's Hiding A Wart." 
I won't describe it, except to say it was fun to 
get and fun to look through. BUT, it was 

lladdressed to MRK. Those fuckers opened it 
and rah it through their fingers before I did!! 
And Doug, sent me a great masturbation 
letter about doing it in the ■principal's office 
at school. But he sent it to California. By the 
time I got it, all the pages were so stuck 
together I could hardly read the thing' Re- 
member, if you want to send me something 
personal, use the I'O Box. Address mail for 
publication — and all letter bombs — to me 
c/o MRK. 
— > After all these years I got to see Texas's 

ILETHALlNjECTlONaUx warehouse in New 
Orleans. In a worse-than-NY situation, the 
poster said the show starts at 1 1 . At 3AM the takes the stage. Still, it's a lot of fun-» 

llnne boys and good drinkers. 

,— > A tit-erecting New Orleans discovery 
was Nipple* oflssis; although the nipples be- 
long to some one else every show. They're 
a heavy beat pschedelipunk band who used 
horns without being goofy about it. Usual- 
ly, they play witha stripper. (Hmmm, there's 
an ambiguous sentence. ) Remember you 
read about 'em here first! 

J— > Also in Louisiana, 1 stumbled into stum- 

Jbling members of CHRYSTIE'S PADDED 
TOILET SEAT. About five hours from so- 
ber, they told me they planned to be the 

■worst punk band ever! Now that's a tall 

■order. Let's see if they can pull it off. 
— > Before I leave the land of Fat Tuesdays, 

I I wanna thank Taj from COLOSTOMY BAGS 
for hangin' out and bein' a pal. If you're 
lucky, you can get that band's "Mick Jagger" 
tape by sending a couple of bucks to him at 
'-.053 Wingate Dr., New Orleans LA 70122. 
— > Finally, BobbyStealehasgonesolo. Still 

guitar to backing tapes. He's a one man 
'band, sort of like the introspective MY DAD 
IS DEAD, from Cleveland. In that band, 
Mark Stevens plays all the instruments. 1 
tried convincing Bobby to change the name 
i)f his band to MY DAD IS UN DEAD, but he 
wouldn't go for it. 

Well, herel am aga in, resurrected from 
|the dead after having been "retired" by Sam 
in last month's bogus April Fool's issue. 

If you bought any of my "message to 
ithe stockholders ' CEO approach on page 2, 
then maybe you'll be interested in the real 

Ithen maybe you'll be interested in the real 
'financial report. This annual expose is meant 
to let you check out just how rich we're 
aetting here, feeding off the fat of the scene, 
Iso you'll know what you're talking about 
when you go off on how MRR is controlling 

First up is the good news, as I have the 
income figures for 1991. Advertisingbrought 
in $65,164.13. That's a lot of cold cash, but 
that pales in comparison to the $107,658.39 
[that magazine and record sales garnered. To 
get a final total on income, you must also 
tm's 'get poor quick' scheme), $2,576.1X1 for 
MRR Radio syndication , $11,735.20 for 

magazine subscriptions, $1,003.08 for bank 
interest (roll over Karl Marx), and a begin- 
ning 1991 balance of $271.30. The drum roll 
starts, and the final sum, ladies and gentle- 
men, is $201,182.35. Yes, dear stockhold- 
ers, that's a new high for MRR, topping last 
year's $186,815.75! 

After you've all gotten so excited, I 
afraid I must throw a bit of cold water on 
your dreams of split dividends, and present 
you with the bad news. 

We spent a whopping $141.94 on ad- 
vertising in 1991 . Since MRR Mag doesn't do 
ads, this must've been a Pressure Drop ex- 

Penditure. We might as well get the other 
ressure Drop costs out of the way now, too. 
Martin's sales tax came to $12.00 even. Yikes! 
And then there's all the rest of his publishing 
and production expenses, a mere $35,700.23! 
Also, buried in the MRR mailing and post- 
age expenses ($1 8,996.45) are more Pressure 
Drop costs. Now, before you stockholders 
go apeshit and start demanding his resigna- 
tion, I must tell you that Mr. Sprouse assures 
me that we will, someday, recoup all this 
money, that book distributors are even worse 
than record distributors in how long it takes 
them to pay. But, and this is an important, 
folks, unlike some record distributors, (heir 
book counterparts will eventually cough it 
up. OK, let's give Martin another year to 
demonstratehis business acumen, OK? Right! 
Other 1991 expenses: Bad debts 
amounted to $1,648.50 and their accompa- 
nying bank charges totalled 193.20. Well, so 
much for that bank interest windfall! Auto 
insurance, repairs, gas, and the final retire- 
ment and replacement of our shitty '71 wag- 
on came to $5,823.76. 

Fire and theft insurance for the office 
was $858.28. Other office related costs were: 
$5,972.61 for equipment (repairs and non- 
computer stuff) and another $8,219.98 for 
production and computer-related purchas- 

Other repairs ran $56.49, mag supplies 
came to $2,437.55,phone was $6,514.84, rent 
was $19,350.00,pnnting was $52,087.37, and 
other general expenses combined at 

Radio syndication cost us $5,798.53, 
the record label spent $17,252.70, and law- 
yers and accountants lifted $2,495.00. And 
speaking of lifting, the governmenttook$775. 
Damn, Ithink big corporations like ours are 
paying just too damn much in taxes, don't 

OK, so the total amount spent in 1991 
was $198,907.26, and if your math is decent 
and you weren't educated in the California 
school system, you can see that we had a 
total 1991 profit of....$2,275.09. I can only 
speak for myself as Chairman of the Board of 
this mega-outfit, but I am mighty proud to 
see us doing so well. If we keep on track like 
this, and keep voting in Republicans to low- 
er the tax rates for the rich, we'll be rolling in 
dough in no time! 

Beforelgo, I'd like to thank Jerry Booth 
for keeping our books this year, for getting 
me these totals yet again, and for finding the 
missing $7,000 deposit he lost last summer, 
as well as discovering (after the fact) that we 
actually had $2,000 more I thought we had at 
the close of last year's books. It's always 
exciting with Jerry, thoughlmustadmit that 
at least all bank errors have ultimately been 
in our favor. 

Epitaph 6201 sunset boulevard, « 1 1 1 , Hollywood, calif. 90028 usa 

k* ■ §# I 



MELVINS "Eggnog"noo,casss6CDsio> DUH "Blowhard'VpocassSTCDs?) 

Affjui song masterpiece of bombastic hiJarity.mckidingone loooooong underwatei sludge marcli Four insecure males (including otieSteel Pole mental defective) gang up and pretend they h 

nnd three short kamikaze blasts Without a doubt the most flipped out release yet from [he always sex appeal A magnificently stupkishriekingchopsaw punk rock mess featuring chaotic wx 

eagei to please Melvms and grimy Fuzzbomb musicianship 

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THE LEAVING TRAINS don't care il you listen to 

"PF" (Politically focked-up). LUMP is the iilth 
SST release from the TRAINS where a new. 

personal affronts at Bob Hope, 


Such an honest portrayal could hove 

i iiir. lIiiJi I 'liiiuf 1 1 

his platform is to change the national anthem and 
return land to Native Americans that was 

James will inform the thousands of folks he'll 








The new and much awaited album, FLOW, 
forwards the confusion that emerges every 
time one hears the music of PELL NULL. Here 
is a record that could be released ten years 
from now or 30 years ago and you still 
couldn't slot it into any category. PELL 
MELL's twin guitars and rhythm section 
concoct angulor lines and hooks while keys 
and samples confound and complement the 
mix simultaneously. SST 278 (LP/CA/CO) 




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NMNooi ^MAMA" 1982's debut album by 
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Almost 50 minutes of great music - from way 
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7" Co*MP FEATuRisVCr 

I Awkward_JThought gp^ 

Yuppicide Huasipungo 

No Win Situation 

T- . Naupost 
0> P.O. Box 245 

Buchanan, MY 105] J 


The complex in Florence is expected to be com- ^^ *V-SN IN 1 1 C 


pieced in 1993 and to incarcerate 2,350 prisoners. It will 
consist of four different security units: a 250-bed minimum 
security facility, a 750-bed medium security prison, a 550-bed 
high security penitentiary similar to Leavenworth, and a 550- 
bed "administrative maximum" security prison far worse than 
the notorious federal prison in Marion, Illinois, 

The administrative maximum security prison in Florence 
is the first federal prison to be constructed as a control unit 
prison. The design enables one guard to control the move- 
ments of numerous prisoners in several cell blocks by way of 
electronic doors, cameras, and audio equipment. 

• The ■administrative maximum" prison scheduled to be built will contain 550 prisoner* In • 
permanent lockdown situation. "Lockdown" mean* that prisoners lie locked in their cell* for 22 5 houn 

• day. and alt standard educational and recreational activities are virtually nonexistent. There will be 


■_■ J — — '— — -— — - — —. -v..... u « _ v fiiwHi, ilumjIlCIll. I IKTC Will IM 

™° *?*V*i vocat ' on * 1 «in»ni it all. Prisoners are forced to sleep, eat and defecate In their cell* They 
are alao forbidden to socialite with each other or tD participate in group religious services. Those who 
misbehave (an arbitrary determination made by the guard on duty") in their cells may be tied spread 
eagle and naked, on their concrete slab beds. Shackle*, chains and lea irons will be used any time a 
prisoner is moved out of his cell. Although every cell will rave a window, no windows will look out into 
an area beyond the security fence- At other prisons, • typical lockdown may but several day* to a week 
However, at Florence the lockdown will •— - 

be permanent, and the entire prison will be transformed into a 
ihysical t _ J 

Despite the Bureau of Prisons claim that the purpose of the lockdown Is to contain prisoners 
iad previously tried to kill either a staff member lor] a fellow Inmate, ox those who had tried to 
" It, In fact, function* to control dissidents. Many are sent to Marion because they have written 

"Control Unit* The objective is absolute physical and psychological control over the prisonerv 

* Despite the Bureau of Prisons claim that the purpose of the lockdown la to contain prisoners 

•who had previously tried to kill either a staff member |or] a fellow inmate, ox those who had tried to 




CO w 

« > 

W 55 

« w 



3 son a 

isy v$, $/i rontriciN 

Jfl $ OR M.O. OMLY 
SWART. Fl. 34997, US, 

too many law suits, participated In work stoppages, or pursued their religious and political beliefr 
Curtendy, there are mote political prisoner* incarcerated at Marion than at any other penal 
institution, despite the fact that it Is one of the smallest prisons. There are also a number of 
Manelitos, prisoners from Cuba, who have been detained for yean though they have never even been 
charged, much leas tried for any crime. A 1985 Congressional study showed that 80% of those 
Incarcerated at Marion did not have the level 6 security rating that is supposedly the threshold 
criterion for being aent there In fact, some prisoners are sent to Marion for no reason at all. For 
Instance, the U.S. District Court ordered a cap on the prison population, and as a result, many 
prisoner* from the District of Columbia have been moved to Marion to relieve crvercrowding that they 
constitute 17% of Marion's population Virtually ail of these prisoners are Black. 

,"*«* «v, norer J" **" ** ** "to™*? Pj nnacle °f ■ «**<« criminal justice system. More than 
1,000.000 people are incarcerated by the U.S.. over 4,400.000 are under the control of the criminal 
justice svstem.and about 10.000,000 are arrested yearly. Black people in the U.S. are impri»oned at a 
rate of about 900 per 100,000, which is about 7.5 times as often as white peopletn the VS. and about 
twice a* often as Black people in South Africa. About one our of every fout Slack men will go to prison 
In his lifetime (this does not include jail, parole, probation or arrest), and about one out of every two 
Black men will be arrested. Although there are many fewer women in prison, the imprisonment racial 
differential between Black and white women is even greater than between Black and white men. 

• Just five miles from the proposed prison site, in Lincoln Park, there is the notorious Cotter 

Corporation, a uranium nulling company owned and run by Commonwealth Edison of Chicago, Illinois. 
The presence and risks of uranium in the water, soil and air is of immediate concern Cotter stored the 
remnants of the nulling process in ailing ponds. Studies of these pond* show thai the tailings seeped 
into the underground water source The second source of concern is air contamination. Eaperrj on 
radiation diseases sate that the radioactive dust is the most threatening and dangerous source of 
contamination. Due to the water contamination alone the Lincoln Park area has been on the 
Environmenol Protection Agency's National Priorities List since 1984 and ha* been designated t 
Superfund site for contamination clean up. 

For more Information about the planned Florence prison please contact : 

Conunittee to End the Marlon Lockdown, P.O. Box 578172, Chicago. Illinois 60657. (312) 235-0070. 









sor HEAVJ 



ye 'W'/w year tomorrow ' ^~ S 

CD $11.00 USA/$15.00 Foreign jf^f 
Ca»»ette $7.00 USA/S10.00 Foreign &&&& 

the unsavory martyr was 

ta£en down from the cedars.. 

arisen in Modes to cast out 

souls untried. 

* J 6f'\ ***--W£- 


F/or t/w disgusting breed of filth, 

for the maggots that tie in wait.. 

ittj this is the end. 

i Also Avallable:i 

l *»: 


UNDERTOW - New 5 song cassette j 
RINGWORM - 5 song cassette 

BOWEL - 5 song cassette 
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9SOO hjurnbe^ 

bis-trib. sy SFA ■> Semaphore 





"The Cooking Stove Beast" 

Their fourth bffllantly abrasive, 19th-century+K>funhouse-mk- 
ror album mixes flddes, banjos, screeching vocals and washes 
of tortured guitar feedback. Comes In handmade, all-differ ent 
packaging, wrapped In old discarded clothes! IP $7.26 


A rare, totally crazed 1 7-song compilation featuring 60's bands 
from south of the border. Some do originals, others cover such 
classics as "Satisfaction", "Suzy Q","Hey Joe" & more, h- 
dudes liner notes. A great gas!!! LP $8.00 


Features Boyd Rice, Kathy Acker, Z"ev, Robert Anton Wilson, 
Mustlmgauze, The Antl Group. Pornosect, and several others. 
Excellent, highly recommended. UK import CD $1 2.00 


BREAKING FREE - The Adventures of 

Tlntin, the well-known English comic character, has been hi- 
jacked and put to better use. A plausible story and well-done 
comics helps make this a subversively wonderful book. 174 
pages, $646 

Edward D. Wood Jr. 

by Rudolph Grey 

Ed Wood Is the transvestlte B-movie auteur who wrote and 
directed "Glen or Gtenda" and "Plan 9 From Outer Space", 
among many other classic films. The amaang saga behind this 
bizarre genius and his unique circle, which Included Bela Lugosi . 
Vamptra. Criswell, and other figures from the subterranean 
world of B movie making In the 1 950's. Hundreds of rare photos. 
231 poges, $11.70 

CAD - A Handbook for Heels 

Edited by Charles Schneider 

Sick cats, hip chicks, exotic sounds, etchings, G-men, B-glrls. 
stag parties, stogies. Spanish fly. German beer, 3 a.m. ... Cad 
time-trips to 1957. creating a total environment of tease and 
prurient mystery, astumlng evocation of devilish bachelorhood. 
Cad belongs on every male's nlghfstand right next to the little 
black book. A totally bltchln' cover photo by Russ Meyer. 134 
pages. $13.60 

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HOMEVTDFO jg^-%". 
SAMPLER! --{gjF* 
contains the 
experimental 1 ,»*'/£! 
razor-carving, N 
sight-and-sound H 
& kung-f u rip-off ^ 
POKA DOT NINJA. ||l# ;: 

<«W* : 


M 4-> 

vm > 


WOE RECORDS - P.O. BOX 308 - 68100 MM (IDUy) 

to. +38/50/640368 • Fax +39/60/688234 

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thumbpnntfor authgr^ ||: . ? ^f£pj y j* £ 

ticity. RESPON&''M&° £*$/'* 
SEND $12* to:': W% ; 




>■ ■; '• is* 

'■'■.;■ t, 

_ — _ P.O. Box 105 Brandon FL 33509-0105 

TASTY BUSH fuck work- 7"ep 
ESKIMO NATION immun...2ev • 7"ep 
8 BARK the big wheel «7"ep 
I.M.F. brother flywheel's revenge • 7"ep 
DEAD STEELMILL it's all over- 7 "ep 
8 BARK twelve ^"ep 
FRIENDS OF BETTY blind faith II • LP/CS 
SPONGETUNNEL morons & monsters • LP/CS 
I.D.UNDER lords of nothing • 12"ep 
SPONGE bom under a bad sponge • LP 

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Now that 
Joey "Shithead" 
Keighley is firmly 
ensconced as 
King of Canada 
(with Wimpy Roy 
as Prime Minister 
and the Wright 
Brothers in 

charge of the Cul- 
ture Ministry) it's 
time to document 
the unsung — and 
often badly 

sung — groups 
and records of the 
Canadian, punk 
revolution. As an 
archivist for this 
crucial period in 
Canadian punk 
music, it is my duty, on behalf of the House of Anarchy (formerly 
the House of- Commons), to proclaim the heroes of the recently 
won struggle. 

From the real cradle of Canadian punk music— Vancouver — 
we have PRIVATE SCHOOL, featuring one-time DOA guitarist 
Dave Gregg before he joined soon-to-be-King Keighley et al. They 
released a four-song 7 in 1 979 entitled Lost in Space. It came in 
a 8-1/2" by 11" printed envelope. All four 
songs are loud punk and feature aggressive 
guitar riffing by Mr. Gregg. Highlights include 
the subtle Fuck You" (not the version by the 
Subhumans or the Avengers), and the witty 
"Money, Guns and Power": "Manufactured 
music on the radio/Manufactured people 
make the system go. " One of the four songs 
features a saxophone. 

Also from Vancouver in 1979, the K- 
TELS, released one posthumous 7" that was 
apparently buried in the first 500 copies of 
the YOUNG CANADIANS' first 12" Hawaii. 
The threat of legal proceedings from the K- 
Tel company forced the group to abridge its 
name to the -TELS, as it appears on the 7", 
and soon afterthey became the Young Cana- 
dians. Side A features "Automan," a face- 
tious tune detailing future pop superstar Art 
Bergmann's dilemma with the status quo: "I 
want a job working for someone else ... I 
wanna wear the same clothes as everybody else/l don't want 
second-hand/You can see what I am, I will be your Automan. " The 
b-side features two tunes, "Don't Tell Me," a punky-Rolling- 
Stones number and "Where Are You," a straight-ahead loud 
punker, reminiscent of early Bad Brains. Even though this is a 
great record it displays moments of wimpiness that would later 
undermine the Young Canadians' sound. The K-TELS have one 
trackon the 1 979 Vancouver Complication cornp., the confusingly 
named but fast and raunchy, "I Hate Music." Only the pop- 
sounding vocals detract from an otherwise unpolished effort. 

The 1 980 Vancouver Independence comp features two 
tracks by the wonderfully talentless NO EXIT. This group put out 
an album recorded by cassette in 1980 which was a remarkable 
DIY affair — even the record labels were labelled with magic 
marker. The cover was hand painted and assembled. It's a 
hilarious piss-take on the Clash, the Damned and the group 
themselves. One side of the cover is a reproduction of the Clash's 
first album cover, with Strummer and Co.'s faces replaced with 
the band members'. The other side of thejacket features a similar 
treatment of the Damned's first album. The music could best be 
described as a cross between Stiff Little Fingers and the Shaggs. 
One side is a live recording with an almost unrecognizable version 
of "Gotta Getaway," plus live versions of almost all the songs that 
appear on the other, studio side. The hilarious but admirable liner 
notes capture what is probably the essence of the almost extinct 
punk rock ethos: "We are not trying to sell records or make 
money. Music should be what the musicians want, not the 

fucking public. We just want to prove anyone can make a record. 
Record it on a cassette tape recorder, fuck your filthy 50-track 
studio. " It's not difficult to understand why there were reportedly 
only 200 copies of this album released — assembling the covers 
alone must have been a massive undertaking. 

East of Vancouver, iii the lovely province of Alberta, we,f md 
the HOT NASTIES from Calgary. They released one 7" in 1 980 on 
their own Social Blemish label entitled Invasion of the Tribbles. 
The title track refers to. the seemingly innocuous creatures 
featured in one episode of the original Star Trek TV series. This is 
hormonally driven punk rock and is fabulous. It' mixes exjremely 
loud Ramones-style guitar, aggressive bass-playing, periodic 
shouts of "Eins, zwei, drei, vier," with a minimalistic chorus of 
"Oh yeah, oh yeah." Blended into this wonderful "musical" stew 
we hear the Tribbles invading and being attacked by unknown 
forces. At one point the vocalist states breathily ' \ love you 
Johnny ... I want to make sweet passionate love to you 
Johnny," an homage to Johnny Ramone perhaps? There is also 
an explosion and a few mantras tossed in at the end for good 
measure. An unknown Canadian classic. The two other songs on 
the record, "I Am a Confused Teenager" (the raison d'etre for 
much degenerate punk rock) and the sappy "The Secret of 
Immortality" are both well written and amusing, but they lack the 
epic 'status of the "Invasion." 

Edmonton's ROCK AND ROLL BITCHES released a. four- 
song 7" in 1 980 entitled the Wild West Ep. Although limited to 500 
numbered copies, the band's former manager told me recently 
that at least several hundred of those never sold. He unfortunately 
couldn't remember what happened to 
them. While less punk and more rock 
than the above records, this one has its 
moments. At times the group sounds like 
the Undertones minus Feargal, at others 
there's a definite New York Dolls/Ra- 
mones influence. Songs include the pro- 
verbial "Someone Could Lose an Eye" 
and the cool, gruff "Wild West. " All songs 
are mid-tempo. 

Members of legendary Canadian punk 
band PERSONALITY CRISIS came from 
both Calgary, Alberta and Winnipeg, Man- 
itoba. Before he joined PERSONALITY 
CRISIS, Richard Duguay played bass in 
LOWLIFE, an aptly named Winnipeg out- 
fit (this group is mistakenly listed in the 
International Discography of the New 
Wave as being from the U.S.). Their one 
7" from 1 979, Leaders, features a taste- 
less sleeve with photos of Charles Man- 
son, Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones. The three songs on thjs 
record are in a late-seventies Brit-punk mode. "Act Naturally" is 
my favorite, a story about being thrown out of the house at 1 4. The 
singer sounds like a milder Steven Leckie (singer for the Vile- 
tones), though too much of a whiner for my taste. The music 
chugs along at mid-to-fast tempo. While this one's not a classic, 
it's all we have 
from the early 
scene in Win- 

I'll be pub- 
lishing a complete 
illustrated discog- 
raphy of over 1 00 
pages of Canadian 
punkand hardcore 
records later this 
year, so watch for 
an ad in these pag- 
es (first 500 cop- 
ies on colored pa- 

Frank Manley/ 
PO Box 4264/ 
West mount, 
Quebec, H3Z 
3B6/ Canada 

(■■■ububub um r J mmumi mamvjm^im^imim mm - 

' jft. -. . . „..,..,..,, 

~*r -v " ■ Bri'.iJB 



'■■, <v. • . . 



"V. r- 



■■■i - 










It . «l£ 

: < iua 



1 1 

IB «• 

f v. ; - 1 


■ Ml ■■ 



■ ■■ ■■ 

■ii t 


■■■ n 






■ ■ . !. . . mm 



It • " v w** 



Ml HI 


r " -n* ■ 


1 4MM 

' im ■■ 



4flS flfl 



k,l" r 1 

Hfl ■■ 



J\\ 1 



' r J i! 


, M ■■ 


«SE !! 


This month's question was asked in Toronto, Ontario^ 



I do not feel I should have to breath in somebody elses 
smoke. Considering I don't smoke myself or considering 
it also smells bad and makes my clothes really stink 

L'hPiS LuJio, Age Bl 
It doesn't bother me because I smoke anyway. 

Paul Morris, fl ge 86 

I hate second-hand smoke so much I brought a dust mask 
w,h the words "Thank you for not smoking "over top of 
it, thats how much I hate it. P 

Iza, Age almost 18 
I don't like it imposed on me. 

Amanda, Hge 17 

I'm a smoker myself, but I don't think it's right that 

people smoke in public places simply because it is irritat- 


Peter, Rge 31 

I really don't like second-hand smoke. 

Yeah, I smoke once in a while, but its really 

bad for my health and everybody elses. 


Second-hand smoke pisses me off because smoking is 

T, /f nd mUrder is a hi S h P rice t0 P a y ^r having it 
shoved down peoples throats. 8 

JoShua Thornton, Age 20 Something 
It s cheaper than buying it at the store new. 

Li5a, Rge 21 

If people wanna smoke in public places 

they should create their own public space 

and smoke in that because they won't 

infect everybody else that doesn't want it. 

Matt Heck man, R ge 17 

I think that if I wanted to die, I'd smoke it myself. 

Jeff, Rge Unknown Pke in u»reb*tPng 
I think that all smokers should burn in fucking hell. 

Tim, Rge 2 5 

The human body has 4 sphincters, 2 around the eyelids, 
1 around the mouth, and 1 at the opening of your rectum. 
Second-hand smoke usually produces a loosening affect 
on the 4 sphincters of my body causing me to delicate 
wildly during straight-edge bands. 

-ChriS Logan, Rge 18 
All smokers should be judged by a jury of non- 
smokers if they smoke in public or closed in places. 

Dan ROjaS, Rge 38 

I think its very rude and its really inconsiderate. I'm 
trying to quit right now, in fact, and its really hard 
because I've been smoking for 5 years before that and I'm 
trying to quit out of consideration for others and consid- 
eration of my own health. 

Ted Wong, Rge 19 

I think second-hand smoking is rude and 

inconsiderate and it shouldn't be done. 

Nile, Rge 20 

I smoke but I try to be courteous about it, Ok, but I really 
don't care cuz I hate (mumble mumble mumble) any- 

SpenCeP Mak, Rge 22 

Personally, I don't like second-hand smoke. I 

think all smokers should go into one room and 

just smoke their heads off until they start to feel 

what we feel, which is second-hand smoke on our 

clothes, in our hair, and in our lungs. Thank-Q. 

Out Now 


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1 ■ 



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INC. 001 


INC. 01 6 




INC. 01 8 

-TOO L0NQ.2 I.P. 





CHICAGO, IL 60607-1911 

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J 1^0^^^^^^^^ MUSIC || 


ss { Nirvana, 

ring. "Kf* Hut a pisaa 

Fitch doeant really ^u Wb 

£«, ringuig ~™^ yb e a lawyer or * 
ord-company guy," w a ^^t 

° mu sic P^ h ^Cmore money or 
aomewhere, "P"""^ pitch and hu> 

» ore ""5 ^ds taow «hat to make 
ntty-jeaned friends to jfy _ ^U- 

ot ™ch* jo.ce »our^ 4 this," he says, 
shocked. 'We *^^ „«, Fitch plays 
" We don't want A « ^ undemp e 

drum, in a ^.^l^tmonthPawwas 
punkhandcal edPaw^ locgl a^ne 

P«t of a healthy ^J^asKiU Whitey 
Jhat included such notam« ^ 

a^d Sin City Hfr^lithome.Paw 
^ybcbutthelocals^a^ ^ly 

^^ver made a record 

played outside ^^LinFebruary.but 
Wanted to try Los Angeleam dthe 

little punk *»»»££ ad, Tin America. 
m0B t hotly sought^' " have started 
^rd^ompany «ecutrves ha^ when 

flymg to ^^TatTheavy-metalbar 

°f ^ UA W lunch with ito 

aaysFitcn. " • Kanaaa m 
» f SrSaXe^«tting 
npI T wTestaurant in Aua- 


7 crulfy punk bands are doing 
table is ready, sirs. 


In these con- 
fusing times 
where ibeate 
can oftei 


«i «- 


i --. 


and every- 
one is so 

ed that 

they can't 

at all.!^ 
thing is 
still en- 


HA.CHM.lM 1 

clear to 



has absolutely FUCKING nothmgin 
common with corporate label$ 9 with their 
$pirit-$u£l£meopportuni$m, or with their 



...or with the 
bands that 
$ign with 
•••So a big 


'""ehcirenit A^ ^ ruJar °» the AAe 
« «1 these Iu n ch«r?T ,edc ^mekrulA- 

and good 
riddance to 
the likes of 

B »tthol e 


A Punk Tote Board 

""• out ofdeZ^T" 168 " Mort »»« 
• n. nasma n«ger. 

$$ A * han VVhl~. SlI . - 
b Md,couiSu, UbPo P 
A *RDeon. n,kee PU»e 
peop,e outo/CBGB 

"w money pit Qwrtw" "'"KKBSw 

Deet "r-i; 


Poet "CUvp n.~- " — 

^ Md singa_«^i^.whopU y /_,,, 8 

°f8g]ng you I'm h~S He "aid. Tin 
*•» » million SfipKW" ■, ■ I'U g,v* 
«™ President ofAriU Cll i eD «™,59 « 
^ ow = these day, £*" ^"fe, best 
H°«f>n into a S Sh r^ W^tSv 
"*> liable eCtoTm^ 3 ^MM* 


™ uW realiymaIe» m a r^ 8u «*edi] 1 

** ^ pat^ihtrT™ *£ 

2?» « «» At a Feb i?^** » «]- 
'"«* People y ou y ^ ul *«unawithS? 

™*e people you'd „Z* Mu,u "»'thaI 
sauna with "«a«r " 1 ver *ant to he ;„ 

fhan Whigs' w^» ^b. 12, a e ^ I 
fr 00 " label, n- - *"* received 90 ., 

^thatap^^^not bad to^f 
re ? rd "ith it, hands d '* e °° ver ot *** las? f 
»*Wj , an arty n7„ ^Ti^"" 1*2? 1 

2" «W after wo J^" Prince, "iv. / 
^to^ndTbUetrf^^ we »ere / 

Feedi n«ireiizie«„fS?- agE Hamilton 1 
^tothemdu^^.^arenotX j 
? De <* for punk ^.t" newi s that thlfr' 

^'yoythe,"*^ 4 ***- ^CSf 

""''"'try. Sudde^S againSt *?«££? 1 
A&fi man at JW * ".Marc Geiger »n 

**• hands thaTwereT^ ^ 
P ,e years „„T^ ere w «rth is onn .T*^ f 

^mmates^^Wry, the puni j 

«''veIylow- m a^ n ^ a »'feremain re r 
to he promoted toViS*^"'^ don't neerf I 

. P ^ . deca de of aM«. "^ "taping , 
"^Aftcan-Ameri^ ""^womerf ' 
dn«_ y "*■ F °r a J7 « Li. • ™ ^ys, an- 
m "«try run largeiy bv p """""sicin- 
^Hpunkoffit^ni^/fPoan whi£ ' 

^r ,ts ahow at (Sgr r^'^'t- 
A *-taj' Whigs askM ! * 8t fta ay night 

At punk clubs acrS P l UlPat<:,M nce: 

sharks continue tori "| e M "on. the 

^ «»ell of Wood.™, ?S e ' *»•» by 
°' w ^<»nnecteTiI^f the phon o <»S 
^^Andsometim^ 8 ™' "aMgerTor 


to allthe'TaNs", 
who, like the 
can't see where 

this is all 





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-^/=» II 

Thanks to Suzanne, and probably the 
rest of you bitching, the scene report section 
is going to get much more interesting soon. I 
will be trying to write about as many non- 
band things as seem interesting at the begin- 
ning of each report. If you live in the Chicago 
urea, send me a short blurb on some cool 
hangout or place, arid include city arid ad- 
dress, etc.. so other people can check it out. 
I'll gladly include it in the next scene report. 

I'll start oil' this hangouts thing with 

I'll start oil' this hangouts thing with 
some spots in my 'hood. I live in the Wicker 
Park area of Chicago, much too near Club 
Dreamerz. There's a Salvation Army 2nd hand 
store at about 1500 N. Milwaukee/ Chicago, 
that is one of my favorite thrift stores, proba- 
bly because it s only two blocks from my 
home. But it could be that it has one of the 
best selections of 8- track players of any store 
that I've found so far. Cheap furniture for 
good prices. It also has a huge selection of 
hardback books for only 50« each, bigger 
than most places. The huge Village Thrift 
Store on the 2 100 block of IV. Milwaukee has 
way more books, but most arc paperbacks 
that look like they were saved (not) from a 

Entertainment -wise, the best deal in 
town if you like to bowl and drink is the 

Fireside Bowl on 2648 W. Fullerton, Chicago. 
This place seems to have been forgotten by 
time, and the bar is the only thing that keeps 

Uus place seems to have been forgotten by 
time, and the bar is the only thing that keeps 
them going. That means that everything is 
cheap as hell. A game is SI .00. shoes are 75c . 
and a pitcher of beer is only $3.00. I think 
they have leagues on the weekends, but dur- 
ing the week the place is vacant, and is open 
till 2 a.m. All the gear is very old. and usually 
about 1/3 of the 16 lanes are out of order. 
Last year there was regular "Monday Night 
Disco Bowling." This was just an informal 
gathering of people, punks, artists, musi- 
cians and wierdos from around Wicker Park 

and other areas who got together to bowl. The 

place has no jukebox or music system, so 
Russ Forster would supply the 8-track player 
and hot hot hot disco 8-tracks, and the beer 

would How, the balls would roll, bad dancing 
would happen. I took GREENDAY there when 

they were in town, but they got freaked out 
ana only bowled one game. A good time to be 
sure. Maybe it will get startedagain soon. 

Some 'cheap eats' and other hang out 
reports arc forthcoming next time. 

What's New? A very new band with ex- 
WEASEL Dave Naked and others has just 
formed in suburban Wheaton. called SMUG. 
They'll be doing some shows soon, they just 

new is a killer band from long time scene-guy 
Martin of Wliat The Fuck stuff. LOS CRUDOS 
are an all Spanish-speaking II. C. band from 
the neai' south side, and have played some 
raging shows as of late. One of their goals is 

the neai' south side, and have played some 
raging shows as of late. One of their goals is 
to raise general awareness of the condition of 

Hispanic culture inourcity. and to encourage 
pride in it. Hopefully some stereotypes will be 
challenged, and that more people in this 

who got together to bowl. The WEASEL, etc. Touring out of towners will 

ikebox or music system, so benefit from it. as it looks like JAWBOX. 

uld supply the 8 track player SI IUDDER TO TI IINK. ALL and ot hers will bt 

disco 8-tracks, and the beer playing there soon. Mall's shows are $6. and 

sails would roll, bad dancing other than a few occasional discrepancies, 

took GREENDAY there when he's paid everyone fairly every time. Support 

I'll, but they got freaked out him. 

one game. A good time to be Another good setup is The Septembei 

/ill get started again soon. House, an independent show collective that 

ap eats' and other hang out was doing some cool afternoon shows in an 

icoming next time. apartment until the plaster fell off the ceilinp 

iv? A very new band with ex- of the apartment below and the landlord 

Job. and ex -SCREECHING nixed the idea. Ed and co. moved on to doing 

Naked and others has just September House shows at the Too Far Wesl 

ban Wheaton. called SMUG. Cafe on 2059 W. Chicago Ave. . Chicago. It's a 

some shows soon, they just small joint, and has home made food, ice 

ment demo that is cool. Also cream and sandwiches. The owner used to get 

nd from long time scene-guy all of ;io business until the first show, and it 

Tie Fuck stuff. LOS CRUDOS was his best day ever. I Ic's now really primed 

sh-speaking I I.C. band from on the shows and is being really helpful to Ed. 

side, and have played some Come to think of it, it'son it's way tobecoming 

of late. One of their goals is a cool hangout, too. This past Jan 18th, was 

iwarencssof the condition of the first show, and it was a raving success. 

inourcity, and toencourage The place was packed, and SUCKERPUNCH. 

ully some stereotypes will be GROTIT VILLA (formerly HUM DRUM). ESKI- 

[ that more people in this MO NATION. 8 BARK (sorry, but that's how 1 

o confront the fact that there knew what happened . . .) and LAUGI IING MAN 

e language in this country! played all afternoon & night. Good food too. 

)and. the SMOKING POPES Ed is hoping more people from the burbs 

"'EP on Radius Records and start coming out. Other shows include lots ol 

ying around. They are veiy locals. includingP.E.N.. LOSCRUDOS. RUST- 

3-punk-meIodic vein, as are BUCKETT. DEAD STEELMILL. TRENCH- 


ased a 4-track demo tape. SLAUGHTER, and the BOLLWEEVILLS. Also 

J to put out their own 7"EP held there was a Windchill Factor benefit with 

jearing up to really hit the GAUGE and others. September House wants 

t out for both these bands in to book any band, touring or local, and can 

oiler a good small show, fin glad to see that 

)ec.20th, a great benefit was people m Chicago are starting to take things 

raise food supplies for food into their own hands and get stuff started. 
Iters. Held in a hall on the Believe it or not, people are still booking 

, Hardcore Against Hunger the occasional show at the Wrigleyside. Re- 

• by Rich Zupkus. who did a cently. Elise Doody put on a 16-1 ONS (Cham- 

jrk organizing this thing. In paign). ESKIMO NATION and SMOKING 

;ot away fromhimabit. with POPES show to about 30 people. I can't 

ng-banger/skinhead rough understand why more people don't support 

l. but over all the event was shows there; the room is a good size, the P.A. 

ing were IMPULSE MAN- is great, the location is easy to find, the door 

FE SENTENCE. LOS CRU- is never over $5. and there are no bouncers or 

iARK. FUCK THE BUREAU- lame "club" attitude. Marc Ruvolo put on a 

LSTRUCTURE.THECRUST- Nation Of Ulysses & Bikini Kill show there a 

Cool. while back, and it was just as empty. Perhaps 

lion in the last report that a better advertising network has to be set up 

gors in Elmhurst were deft- in the underground scene... 
February? Well, it looks like I mentioned last time that Ben Weasel 

lace'o'fun will be opening its had a new label. No Budget Records that had 

with plenty of shows again. re-released the old S.W Punklwuse 7"E.P. 

scene will have to confront the fact that there 
is more than one language in this country! 
Another newer band, the SMOKING POPES 
have put out a 7"EP on Radius Records and 
have started playing around. They are veiy 
much in the pop-punk-mclodic vein, as are 

another new group, the BOLLWEEVILS. 
who've just released a 4-track demo tape. 
They are looking to put out their own 7"EP 

soon, and are gearing up to really hit the 
scene hard. Look out for both these bands in 
the future. 

This past Dec.20th, a great benefit was 
put on to help raise food supplies for food 
distribution shelters. Held in a hall on the 
south west side. Hardcore Against Hunger 
was put together by Rich Zupkus. who did a 
hell of a lot of work organizing this thing. In 
the end, things got away fromliim a bit. with 
some stupid gang-banger/skinhead rough 
housing going on. but over all the event was 
a success. Playing were IMPULSE MAN- 
ERS and others. Cool. 

Did I mention in the last report that 
shows at McGregors in Elmhurst were defi- 
nitely starting in February? Well, it looks like 
Matt Nelson's palace'o'fun will be opening its 
doors in March, with plenty of shows again. 

Alan Jones of TASTY BUSH 
outside Fireside Bowl 

■ ' ,mmm f**» 

pic: Brian 

Ben has gotten bogged down with otherl 
projects, and it looks like No Budget might notl 
be around much longer. The VrNDICTIVES 1 
7"E.P. was released on N.B.. but it is pretty 
much a band-released tiling with No Budget 
doingdistribution.The VINDICTIVES have had 
a member change, booting drummer Eric 
Elsewhere for ex-GEAR Pat Buckley, who has 
not received a goofy Weasel-esque moniker 
yet that I know of. SCREECHING WEASEL 
has done well on a part one of a two part tour, 
and are off on the second half to the south & 
east U.S. Their Lookout L.P. is selling like free 
beer, and they'll be recording again for an L. P. 
this spring. 

Anybody who comes to Chicago, or any 
band driving by on tour who wants to hear 
some of the greatest radio ever should check 
out WZRD, 88.3 FM. It broadcasts in mono 
out of Northeastern U. , and has the most non- 
format format I have ever heard. Their "collec- 
tion" is huge and eclectic; it is not uncommon 
to hear Bing Crosby, some Aussie aborigine 
healing chants. Operation Ivy. Borris Karlol 
reading some "Just So" stories, a self- hypno- 
sis record, then Black Flag followed by Elvis, 
etc. Along with some good alternative syndi- 
cated news programs, they are the only sta- 
tion in Chicago to carry MRR radio too. Every 
Thursday night they have bands play live on 
the air, local and touring. Dial 'em up if you're 

passing through. Glen Herman. ex -IMPULSE 
IvLANSLAUGI ITER drummer, has been D.J.- 
ing on WZRD this past semester, and this 
spring he has taken over Joe Garza's old 
Thursday night livc-bands-on-the-air/inter- 
view show. Although lie's booked uj) into late 
spring already, call him if you'd like to be 
interviewed or play on the air. 

EVEN SCORE has new members yet 
again, recently losing ex-BILLINGSGA fE 
member Eric. Victory Records will have sever- 
al releases out in March, including the D.C. 
band WORLDS COLLIDE T'E.P.. the new L.P. 
Irani ICEBURN. and a 7" E.P. by Buffalo NY's 

Underdog Records is getting ready to 
split I heir bimonthly 2 page newsletter into 1) 
. i one page newsletter, and 2) a bigger, regu- 
larly issued 'zine. railed, originally enough, 
Underdog 'Zine. It's taken the form of a com- 
pilation zine each issue, with many smaller 
"mini-zincs" making up t he whole. The lbniiat 
is wide open, and contributions arc welcome. 
It will be quarterly, with the first issue out 
April 1st. Also. IJ-Dog is still interested in 
distributing other independent bands and 
labels in their catalog, so call them. U-Dog 
will soon release an ESKIMO NATK )N /SHAG - 
GY (from NY) split 7"EP, and arc beginning 
work on Achtung Chicago Zwett, a "sequaf 
comp to the 1989 Achtung Chicago! 14-band 
comp diat Ben Weasel put together. U-Dog 
has re-pressed 8 BARK's 2nd 7" EP. The Big 
Wheel, with new color scheme covers (big 
deal, collector scum!). 

8 BARK's Quebec and Ontario Canada 
lour last January went great, and we're plan- 
ning to go west to CA on tour late this sum- 
mer, hopefully with ESKIMO NATION, so if 
vou want us to play your town, call or write. 
8 BARK is releasing an LP/CD out by .July 
Icaturing new singer (since Sept. '9 1) Victoria 
Dakarian. ESKIMO NATION'sV" EP is near to 
re-press, and they are also getting ready for 
an LP/CD by this summer, and have booked 
tons of Midwest shows this spring. Another 
Underdog band. I.M.F. . who broke up last fall, 
is back together with a new guitarist and a 
new name. THE HIDDEN. After a brief so- 
journ with some other projects, they all felt it 
was time to keep a good thing going. DEAD 
STEELMILL has lost singer Corny and has 
been playing with guest vocalist from time to 
lime. TASTY BUSH acknowledges that the 
economy is in a "free-fall" and they admit that 
it is "vulnerable. "They are "listening." howev- 
er, and know that they have "big problems", 
but they say that "we are going to take care of 
them." Check out their 7" EP Fuck Work on 
Underdog/Bob Records. 

Matt Conners shows at Union Hall in 
DeKalb have been going well for some time 
now. He's kept up the pace of about two 
shows a month all fall, and is going to keep 
going through the spring. Matt's band SI- 
LENCE has been playing out, and there are 
rumors of a possibly one time WEEDEATER 
reunion show in DeKalb in the next few 

Despite some very screwed up mix-ups. 
GAUGE'S 7"EP is finally coming out on Down- 
ers Grove's Shakefork Records. The rumors 
nbout the GAUGE records have been full of 
praise, and although I haven't heard it. I'm 
sure it's hot stuff. GAUGE are the cool new 
Ihing to come out of the Downers Grove- 
Wheaton-Schaumburg suburban scene (yeah 
Gub, 1 know you live downtown!) anu are 
definitely headed for some good recognition in 
the future. Scott, who runs Shakefork. has 
stopped booking shows at Sir Donald's in D.- 
G., due to the $3.50/head cut the owners 
lake out of the door, but he's looking for a 
better place in the area. His Shakefork zine 
kind of stalled right now. but Shakefork is 
looking towards a possible 2nd 7" release by 
SIX SLUG VACATION, whose self-released 
ilebut 7" is almost out of print. 

Johanns Face Records has been selling 
lots of the new SLUDGEWORTH L.P./C.D. 
What's This? .SLUDGEWORTI I just keep get- 
ling more & more popular locally, and are 

definitely a big draw in town. Just released is 
the ROTWEILER TUBE 7". with some S- 
members. DOUBT has just recorded material 
for an LP. All the M;uc Ruvolo projects have 
been playing out a lot. 

Some people have asked me why I don't 
mention PEG BOY or NAKED RAYGUN in 
these reports. Well, with videos on M'lV for 
both of lliise "underground" groups. I think 
they're getting enough press as it is... 

hi zineland. there has resurfaced (or 
maybe it's always been there) an anarco-type 
zinc thing called Wind Chill Factor. They ve 
put out about 4 issues or so. and they're 
always showing up at gigs with lots of free 
stull - slickers, zincs, etc. Usually I have a 
pretty hard time getting into most anarchist 
organized things (is that a contradiction?), as 
they usually involve a handful of desperate 15 
years olds following around some weird crusty 
ex-hippie who'd read something once in col- 
lege. Their literature tends to be dogmatic and 
sensationalist, and boring. Wind Chill Factor 
stays away from these taboos, and is a pretty 
hip set up. The zine is pretty entertaining, 
with lots of tips and info that are actually 
useful. They're nice people, too. Check out 
their stuff, cause it's worth it. 

Also. Vera of Rain magazine is gearing 
up to put out another long awaited issue. 
She's having a fund raising party in the end of 
February, and will hopefully be printing soon 

784-6708... Wind ChillFactor/ P( ) Box 8 19(5 1 / 
Chicago. IL 60681. Any other numbers that 
you'd like but aren't listed here, just write mi 
and I'll see what I can dig up. 

February, and will hopefully be printing soon 
thereafter. This mag is music music music 
and one of my favorites. More on Rain in the 

That's It. Once again, time to begyou all 
MORE INFO for this report (and more PHO- 
TOS!) If you're steamed because projects that 
I'm involved in get good coverage in this 
report, it's because I haven't received any 
submissions from you ! So send me stuff or 
call. If you are happy - great. 1 know that Rich 
Zupkus was going to send some scene report 
inlo on his area in to me recently, as did Ken 
from the BOLLWEEVILS (and photo - thanx). 
Matt Conners from SILENCE sent some pho- 
tos too - thanx Matt. I've also heard that 
someone from Downers Grove is working on 
something - good, let's get off our butts. 
Chicago. Let's try and coordinate these re- 
ports so they're as complete as possible. It can 
only be informative and complete if you fellow 

Chicagoans pitch in. I don't care what your 
niche is in the "scene" or who you love/hate, 
just do it. Write /Call; Doug Ward/ 8 BARK. 
PO Box 47G847/ Chicago IL. 60647-6847 

Some other numbers/addresses: 
Underdog Records/TASTY BUSH/ESKIMO 
Box 14182/ Chicago. IL 60614/ (312) 772- 
4545... THE HIDDEN/ 7450 N. Greenview. 
#54/ Chicago. IL 60626. (312)/ 764-1757... 
Johann's Face Records/Marc Ruvolo/NO 
479 164/ Chicago. IL60647/ (3 12) 226-0957... 
THE VINDICTIVES/ PO Box 62/ Prospect 
Heights. IL 60070/ (312) 248-0867... Shake- 
PO Box 9711/ Downers Grove. IL 605 1 5 (708) 
852-7795... Victory Records/EVEN SCORE/ 
PO Box 197/ Clarendon Hills, IL 60514/ 
(312) 404-62 14... Matt Nelson/Out of Control 
Prod/ 2434 N. Albany 2nd Fl/ Chicago IL. 
60647/ (312) 342-7859... Matt Conners/SI- 
LENCE/ 1 109 S. 2nd St/ DeKalb, IL601 15/ 
(815) 758-4240... Drunk Rock Prod/P.E.N./ 
John (708) 983-9009 Aurora. IL... September 
House Prod/ Ed/ 2309 W. North Ave/ Chica- 
go. IL 60622/ (312) 342-031... WZRD/ 5500 
N. St. Louis/ Chicago IL 60625/ (312) 794- 
2861/ live on-the-air call Glen (312) 478- 
3855... WKDI. Jcnn Buelow/ 801 N. 1st St/ 
DeKalb. IL 60115/ (815) 753-1278... Josh 
Caterer/SMOKING POPES/ 29 Echo Hill/ 
Lakeln The Hills. IL60102/ (708)658-0617... 
Radius Records/ PO Box 723/ Lincolnshire. 
IL60069... KenFitzner/BOLLWEEVILS/ 2649 
W. Biyn Mawr/ Chicago. IL 60659/ (312) 

Well, I figured that it was about time 
that I got around to sending in another scene 
report from Boise, so here it is. It's late 
January as I write this, and a lot has hap- 

Fened in the year or so since the last report, 
m going to try to make this interesting lor all 
of you, so pay attention! 

I'm going to start of with what's 
happening with the local bands, and go from 
there. I haven't included any addresses for 
bands this time around. If you want to con- 
tact any of them, contact me and I'll point you 
in the right direction. Boise is an Interesting 
place. The local scene consists of bands that 
play everything from punky stuff to original 
college rock type shit, often playing together 
at the same snow. There has also been a 
bunchof seven-inches and cassettes released 
recently, which I'll mention in a second. 

Bands with tapes out include GRAV- 
ELTRUCK, who play Firehose-like jazzcore; 
RITUAL FILTH, Boise's answer to early Con- 
trolled Bleeding; HARDLUCK SHOVEL, a band 
that really rocks when they want to; BRICK- 
LAYER, a Godflesh inspired duo; and my 
band HAGGIS, a sloppy punk rock group that 
is out to alienate the world. 

As far as the vinyl situation goes, 
there are a couple of labels in Boise that nave 
release some stuff. Bent Records has put out 
three 7"s by local bands. HARDLUCK SHOV- 
EL (mentioned earlier) , HUMORGOD (an ear- 
ty-period Husker Du sound), and PSYCHIK 
NOT (who are kinda like the Doughboys or 
someone). The other label in town is SCREAM- 
IN' FEZ. They've released a 7" of college rock 
(whose members are cooler than the music 
they play . in my opinion) and a new 7" by THE 
DIRT FISHERMEN, who are a lot "punkier" 
than they used to be because they kicked out 
their lead guitarist and wrote a bunch of new 

Other good bands playing around 
include CAUSTIC RESIN, who have received a 
lot of great press in the Northwest for their 
psychedelic grunge-infested sound and in- 
tense stage show; GOD, INC., a bunch of 
youngsters (in Jr. High and High School) who 
are punky as hell - let's hope they stick with 
FALO COUNTRY. A couple of bands in the 
forming stages are EL DOPAMINE, who have 
a pretty good pop punk sound with horribly 
sappy lyrics, ancl MOSS, which feature ex- 

That about does it as far as local 
aands go. Now on to the clubs. There are 
jasicalfy three places to play in Boise. These 
ire The Crazy Horse, Te Ruby Slipper, and 
3ogies. I would caution all bands not to play 
it Bogies, because the owner is predominant- 
y concerned with making money, rather than 
lelping the local music community (or any- 
jne but himself, for that matter). The Crazy 
rlorse is an all-ages hall that has shows every 
Friday and Saturday night. The place holds a 

ssne reports 



v em6 

All Ages 

V "'P 
2j£ . r f 

e **l5 

couple of hundred people comfortably (and 
more If needed), and Is the place that most 
bands play. If you want to try to book a gig 
there, call Allen Ireland at (208)343-6432. 
The Ruby Slipper is an over-21 club that 
features alternative music. It is run by mem- 
and also provides a place for a number of 
bands to practice during the week. Bands 
interested in playing can call me at (208)336- 
1 137 or write to Zentrum Productions (ad- 
dress below) . The Ruby Slipper may also do all 
ages shows in the future, so give me a call and 
we'll see what we can work out. Bands can 
almost always find someone's house to crash 
at for the night, so if you need a place to stay, 
ask around I'm sure you'll find one. 

Zentrum Productions is anew'com- 
pany" that has been formed to promote local 
music in Boise. Besides running the Ruby 
Slipper, Zentrum is working on putting to- 
gether a local fanzine that will be given out 
ree at record stores and gigs, holding benefits 
for various important causes, as well as orga- 
nizing a three day music festival in Boise this 
August, featuring underground bands from 
everywhere. Anyone interested in either play- 
ing at or attending this festival should write to 
Zentrum Productions at 4890 Lakeview PI/ 
Boise, ID 83703. 

The happening record stores that 
would probably carry your shit if you call 


them are The Record 
change at (208)344- 
Aardvark's at (208) 
Both carry new and 
nd CD's, and often 
that collectable shit 


E x 

8010. and 
used records, tapes 
you can score some 
at reasonable prices? 

I'm still doing the radio show, "Mu- 
tant Pop" on Wednesday nights on KBSU. 
Bands wanting airplay should send stuff to 
Mutant Pop, c/o KBSU; 1910 University Dr.; 
Boise, ID 83725. I'm also still working on an 
underground video show on the localpublic 
access channel. Write or call me if your band 
has a video and wants airplay (see address at 

There are a couple of other interest- 
ing places to checkout if you're in Boise. Once 
the weather gets warm, you can usually find 
the punky people hanging out by the band- 
shell in Julia Davis Park, playing Frisbee, 
listening to tunes, etc. This park is right by 
the Boise River, which runs through the 
middle of town. Believe it or not. the water is 
clean enough to swim in, and is a great way to 
cool off after a day of hanging out in the sun. 

Boise also has some decent thrift 
stores, but most of them are far enough away 
from the downtown area that you've got to 
have a vehicle to get to them. The best places 
in town for cheap clothes are The Idaho Youth 
Ranch Thrift Store. Savers, and Deseret In- 

dustries. The Salvation Army also has a 
couple of stores, but their stuff usually lack- 
ing. For those of you with fuller pocketbooks, 
check out Retrospect (next to the downtown 
Record Exchange), where you can buy leath- 
ers, Doc Marten's, and other punk regalia. 

Well, thafs more than plenty for 
this time. I'll try to get a scene report done 
every couple of months from now on. so. they 
won t be so goddamn long (yeah, I know I said 
that last time). If you want any information 
about anything in Boise, feel free to write or 
call me. My number is (208)336- 1 1 37, or you 
can write to Mark Hanford/317 E. Bannock 
#l/Boise, ID/ 83712. 

Hi there, finally some news, again aboul 
Ihe Italian scene! This is my second scene 
report; I hope you enjoyed the first one and 
you'll enjoy this too! 

Sad news: the squat L'Isola Nel Can- 
liere in Bologna is closed alter 3 years ot 
intense activities, due to the intervention ol 
Ihe authorities. All the American bands who 
were touring Europe and especially Italy played 
there, so we hope to see another cool squat 
where it will be possible to play music. In 
Milano the well-know Centre Sociale Leon 
eavallo has open his doors, the first gig then- 
was No Means No. 

PEGGIO recorded a new LP and is out 
on Wide Records, but now they have nothing 
to do with hardcore. I mean on the musical 
side, they play fusion, a cross between rap 
ind funk, maybe like Living Colour. Anrdea 
I'isani/ Via Don Cancstri 10/ 15100 Alesan- 
dria. Wide Records/ Casella Postale 309/ 
56100 Pisa. Also on Wide there is the LP of a 
band called TRANSMISIA they play a cross ol 
bands like Clock DVA. Bauhaus. Test Depl 
Ihe title of the LP is Micing Machine. 

Blu Bus/Circus will put out a new 7" ol 
IMPACT, a new seven inch of K1NA. a split 
seven inch EVERSOR/ACCIDIA. and the new 
mini-LP of IFIX TCEN TCEN. speaking ol 
them I made an error in my first scene report 
because they arc still together and now it 
seems that they play a kind ol Red Hot Chili 
Peppers music. 

Now some news about Break Even Point, 
which will put out two 12 "s. The first one is 
Encounter (now Deep Water), the U.S. SE 
band, and the second of Face Puller from 
Seattle (but I'm not sure!) who play 70's a la 
Sub Pop and a 7" of Slap Of Reality. For more 
information write to Break Even Point/ via 
Vallebona 28/ 00165 Roma. 

Goddam Church is a label run by the 
singer of STIGE which has put out the People 
From The Pit compilation LP which included 
songs of Corrupted Morals. Corruption. Raped 
Teenagers, a double compilation LP limited to 
500 copies with 32 Italian bands (metal, he. 
thrash etc) called Attitudine Mentale Positiva 
and the LP of STIGE called Unite Nell Abbraccio. 
Goddam Church/ STIGE c/o Carlo Cannel- 
la/ VIA 267 a 33/ 63030 Monticelli (AP) II 
seems that he'll put out a new AttltucUnt 
Mentale Positiva compilation LP. 

Scream Of Anger put out a compilation 
LP with 7 Minutes Of Nausea. Agafhocles. 
.uid with the last issue of Scream OJAngei 
zine. Paolo put out a split 7" with GROWING 
Ol Anger c/o Paolo Petralia/ Viale Beethoven 
63/ 00144 Roma. 

Speaking of GROWING CONCERN . they 
plan to have an LP maybe on Break Even 


■«8H6 reports 

toH\** c 


intends with straight 

drummer and the guitarist of GROWING 
CONCERN play in another band called 
EQUALITY, who are a mix of BURN. INSIDE 
OUT. with personal lyrics and absolutely not 
in the vein of most of the NY's lyrics. GROW- 
lli/ Via C. Ferrata 23/ 00165 Roma. ONI 
STEP AHEAD have their 7" out on Bodonski. 
write to them at this address: Roberto Marro- 
ni/ Viale Spartaco 108/ 00174 Roma. Also. 
1 hey changed their name to OPEN SEASON. 

RANDAGI from Naples put out their 
second LP of hardcore /metal on Helter Skel- 
ter/ Piazza Delle Province 8/ 00185 Roma. 
TVOR put out t he LP of RAW POWER and the 
CD version which will be distributed in the US 
,ind maybe for this year they plan to go to the 
New Music Seminar in NY. TVOR/ Casella 
Postale 804/ 22100 Como. 

Electric Eye is a label which has put out 
around 40 records, and produce bands who 
play punk rock/sixties, they can be com- 
pared to Dionysus/Bomp/Estrus. so write to 
1 hem for receiving their interesting catalog. 
Casella Postale 144/ 27100 Pavia. 

Dischi Rock is a label from Modena 
which has put out the LP of PAOLINO PA- 
1'ERINO BAND, a band that combines a mix- 
t ure of punk ala 77 with ska and other various 
influences. Also. Dischi Rock is a record shop 
where it's possible to find tons of import 

cYmjftHJ Bl£ 

,uE bands especially). 
chi Rock/ Via Del Voltone 11/ 41100 
Modena. Mister X will put out a benefit com- 
pilation LP for the Indians and maybe the 
second LP of UPSIDE. MistcrXc/o Decanale/ 
Cassella Postale 144/ 10064 Pinerolo (Tori- 

Nautilus from Torino is a label which 
- Nrttf a h^nd 
which plays industrial music ana me up of 
PANICO in co-production with Blu Bus. Mis- 
ter X and the band itself, but the principal 
activity of the label is putting out books on 
social-politic-moral-econoniic topics showing 
that hardcore is more than music. Nautilus/ 
Casella Postale 1311/ 10100 Torino. 

There is a new label called Chansons 
D'Amour which'll put out in co-production 
with Circus a 7" of IMPACT from their first 
years when there was Jeff the actual drum- 
mer of NEGAZIONE. Chansons D'Amour c/o 
Luea Giannini Via Del Monte 30/ 47040 
Mulazzano Di Rimini (Rimini). It seems not to 
be enough, so there is an upcoming label 
called Altered Records which will be run by 

Gabriele with maybe the help of the fantastic 
bass player of PERMANENT SCAR. Fulvio. 
Also. Gabrielle runs a very good fanzine called 

Abnormal: for more information write to Gab- 
riele De Mori/ Via 4 Novembre 32/ 13032 
Asigliano. Vcrcelli. He also has a real interest- 
ing catalog of records to sell. 

R1TMO TR1BALE is a band from Milano 

which has put out one mini LP and one LP 
their style can be discribed as a cross of HC- 
rock and Busker Du with great melodies and 
addition of power and. for contacting tin 
band write to Vittorio Piaggi/ Res, Quercc 
Apt. 542 MI 2/ Scgrate 20090 (Milano). Alsc 
write to him for receiving the fantastic photo- 
zinc LineaDuitta for $5. maybe one of the best 
fanzines ever in this world! For receiving the 
record: Vox Pop Records/ Via Savona 20/ 
20144 Milano. THE MONKS are abandwhicl 
has put out a LP on Flying Records they pla> 
a kind of music who can be described as 70's 
ala SubPop. For more information, write to 
THE MONKS/ Fausto Cosatto/ Via Irene 
Spilimbergo 4 1 / 33 100 Udine. LE BAMBINK 
is a band from the same region as THE 
MONKS they play a cross of Jingo De Lunch/ 
Bad Brains ancf Bad Religion but with an 
incredible musicianship they have a mini-LP 
outso write to: LEBAMBINE/ViaSanGiuliano 
5/ 33 1 70 Pordenone or Devon Rexcord/ Viale 
Venezia218/ Udine. 

DEATHRAGE is a metal band from Mi- 
lano which has put out two LPs on Discomag- 
ic. an important independent label from Mil- 
ano who is the official distributor of big Euro- 
pean labels, especially metal, their first LP is 
called Sel/Limited/Sel/'-Coitdirtoriedand their 
new one is called Down In The Depth Oj 
Sickness. Write to Alessandro Vlcini/ Fermo- 
posta/ 20092 Cinisello B. (Milano). 

RABID DUCK is a band which comes 

lioin the "cast coast" liny had an LP 3 years 
■ igo on a label called LM which specialized in 
metal stuff, but unfortunately this label fin- 
ished its activities so now the band is search- 
ing for a new label. Ifyou are interest you can 
write to them, their kind of music can be 
described as a melodic-hardcore ala Dag Nas- 
ty with incredible musicianship, very tight. 
RABID DUCK/ Andrea Visanio/ Via B'rugnoli 
8/ 40132 Bologna. 

CONTROPOTERE from Naples have 
i heir second LP out on a German label they 
sound like a cross of metal. loud with exper- 
imental influences. LUPUS IN FABULA is a 
band with three ex -MAXIMUM FEEDBACK 
people. They have an LP out now. so ifyou 
want to contact them write to the Growing 
Concern's address. 

Also from Roma comes SUPERFETA 
)NE which has a three song 7" called Scare- 
crow out on the Belgian label Reiger Records. 
SUPERFETAZIONE/ Andrea Naglierc/ Via 
Uellani 45/ 00153/ Roma. 

Draema Records is a label from Torino 
which has put out a mini LP of BRAIN DAM- 
AGE (this record is produced by a member of 
Killing .Joke, a compilation LP with metal 
bauds from Torino, an LP of BROKEN GLASS 
a thrash band and a LP of JESTER BEAST a 
hand where the guitar player of NEGAZIONE 
used to be. TRIMAD a band who combines UK 
punk ala 77 and reggae have a 7" out called 
Vend Di Gucrra on a label called Flowers Of 
Grain Records c/o Schiavo Roberto/ Via San 
ippolito 8/ 50051 Casteliiorcntino (Fircnzc). 
also from the same address you can get the 7" 
of STATO DI POLIZ1A one of the most famous 
GDIIC's band. In Torino there's a new label 
ealled F.O.A.D run by the brother of the ex 
singer of NO WAY. His first production is a 7" 
live from 1982 of BLUE VOMIT which was the 
"pre" 1FIX TCEN TCEN. you maybe known 
l his crazy junk band from Torino who have a 
LP on IVOR with lot of cover of famous pop/ 
funk bands-singers, this 7" is distributed by 
IVOR. For more informations write to FOAD 
i/o Marco Garripoli/ Via Doppi 18/ 10095 
Grugliasco (Torino). The cx-singerol NOWAY 
(now defunct) will found a band with other 
people involved in the straight-edge/positive 
scene of Torino, they'll have a Shelter influ- 
ence (the name of this band is CHRISTIAN 
MENTION), write to Marco (FOAD. who is the 
brother of the singer, for more information). 
THINKTWICE are in the studio to record 
an LP for Crucial Response; they played a gig 
with UP FRONT (the only Italian date for this 
NYHC band) and EQUALITY (first gig). Freddy 
Tricarico/ Viale Giorgione 46/ 36100 Vicen- 

And now a story I'll call "bass history": 
The bassist of POINT OF VIEW had left the 
band to joined a metal band, so they have a 
new one and they'll record soon 4 songs for a 
7" on Inaudito Dischi. POINT OF VIEW: An- 
Irca Valentini/ Via Don Giovine 56/ 15100 
Alessandria. Same story for the original bass- 
ist of CREEPSHOW who left his band too, 
CREEPSHOW has found a new one. who 
before was in a band called CHANGE, ayoung 
posicore band from Padova. CREEPSHOW/ 
uiulio Repetto/ Via Falloppio 38/ 35100 Pa- 
dova. Also write to him for receiving the 
lantastic compilation Between The Clouds 
put out by Green Records and SOA with 
SCAR it costs S6 by air and it's worth the 
price! For me. the best bands for the level 
sound on this compilation are PERMANENT 
ING CONCERN. For the technical capacity 
i he best bands are GROWING CONCERN 
DUCK. MAZE, too, changed their bass player 
and they added a second guitar, so now they 
are a four piece band and they'll have a new 
record out in mid '92 and they also have a split 
/" with their blood brothers. PERMANENT 
SCAR. MAZE: Claudio Gilardetti/ Via Lario 
12/ 20054 


3 1 ZVTM M UliTi' ffl^JTXrJfflKV fl 

a compilation out with ONE STEP AHEAD. and (he second called ALL 


TWICE. CREEPS1 IOW. I IIDE ( >UT which was va). 

recorded live at L'Isola Nel Canliere. for more Nemesis, you owe us S 

information write to the Green Record's ad- we wait! Coming for mid l J 

dress. To all the persons who read this scene SLOWDOWN. BY ALL ME/ 

report and who are involved in posi/SE bands VIEW and other surprises! W 

especially in US, there's a person from Roma lion and wholesales prices aj 

who runs a label but I don't know the name of receive our mailorder cataloi 

the label (sorry). Tills person wants to put out Inaudito Dischi/ Av Parani 

a compilation with Italian and US bands who Paris/ France. Also we are se 

1 Roma. BY ALL 

ic iwo lamasnc guys 
at this concert there 
vitzerland and ONE 


this was the first ^ 
can say wit bout problem t hcy'll become one of 
the best European posi-core band so watch 
out for their upcoming 7" and all the other 
stuff they'll do! BY ALL MEANS/ Stefano 
Bertelli/ Via Toglialti 31/ 46029 Suzzara 
(Mantova). HIDE OUT lost their two guitar 
players but they arc searching a new one 
because they'll go to a studio to record a 
second 7" I'orTVOR and they are veiy angiy 
against Inaudito (so am I!). So send love 
letters to these beautiful people: Marco Dcpl- 
ano/ Via Virgillio 2/ 22100 Como or for 
information about their label to Francesco 
Normile/ Via Nolfi 19/ 22 100 Como. For con- 
tacting SLOWDOWN, write to Antonio Gnani/ 
Via Del Forno 4/ 43044 Collecchio (Parma) 
And now let's talk about band which 
must be known: RASTA PEACE CORPORA- 
TIONS have been together four years and are 
gowerlul. They mix the styles of Bad Brains, 
pcrmbirds . and reggae with an incredible 
musicianship. Their lyrics deal with political 
topics. Soon they'll have a self-produced LP so 
write to: Mauro Bussani/ Via S.V. De Paoli 4/ 
34074 Monfalconc (Gorizia). From the same 
town come the friends of RPC called Mahima 
and they have a Bad Brains influenced sound 
but with more metal touch and an add of 
Victims Family /Angry Red Planet sound, their 
lyrics are political, speaking of religion, war. 
vivisection and the like. You can also contact 
them at this address: Alcssandro Torri/ Via 
Boccaccio 8/B/ 34074 Monfalcone (Gorizia). 
KRAKATOA is a new young and promising 
hand which comes from the center of Italy. 
They play an interesting cross of HC-Funk- 
Rap like a cross of Minutemen/Firehose/ 
Fidelity Jones. KRAKATOA/ Fabio Amico/ 
Via Nitti 37/41012 Carpi (Modena) with a 
great attitude; cool lyrics too! Another band is 
MAGNIF1CA SCARLATTI from Torino which 
consists of ex-members of INDIGESTI and 
NEGAZIONE. They play a cross of Red Hot 
Chili Peppers and hard-funk with an incred- 
ible musicianship. Write to Sandro Bramar- 
di/ Piazza Bengasi 26/ 10024 Moncalcri (Tori- 
no). WHY ARE THEY is a band from Milano 
with a female singer they are on the benefit 
compilation of the Leoncavalo collective (who 
covers every kind of music but all with the 
same spirit about self-management!). They 
play a cross of classic hardcore with Jingo De 
Lunch style (another one!). For more informa- 
tion write to Piero Majocchi/ Via Franchi 
Maggi 21/27100 Pavia. He'll give you their 
address 'cos I haven't it yet. I VIGLfACCHI is 
a band which play hardcore with surf/sixties 
influences. They have a demo out, and for 
more information write to Vittorio Campanel- 
la/ Via San Gaetanino 26/ 48100 Ravenna. 
From Modena come two new promising 
bands: the first play hardcore in a "positive 
way." Their name is NNCC and they'll have a 
demo out soon: NNCC/ Matteo Verri/ Via 
Nomantolana 726/1/ 4 1 100 Modena. The 
others are BIMBI A MODO who play hardcore 
too but I don't know their style. BIMBI A 
MODO/ Cristiano Toscan/ Via Rep. 
Dell'Ossola 18/ 41100 Modena. There are 

Nemesis, you owe us S20 in records, so 
we wait! Coming for mid 92 are the 7" oi 
VIEW and other surprises! Write for informa- 
tion and wholesales prices and ifyou want to 
receive our mailorder catalog, send one IRC. 
Inaudito Dischi/ Av Parameter 7 
Paris/ France. Also we are searchin, 
utors. so ifyou are interest helping 
distribution of our productions, write! Finalh 
I would like to add something: people involved 
in the Italian hardcore scene, move your as> 
and write scene reports from your country 
It's more your job than mine and you surelj 
know a lot of things that I simply ignore' 

Fellow punkers ... right on from Fred 
Cleaner in East Lansing, Michigan, where the 
brisk Midwestern air has bred rockers with 
backs as strong as their ethics. The ELHC 
scene is hiding a variety of heavy noisemakers 
achieving better living through sound In base- 
ments, living rooms and more recently in a 
strange little tavern on the outskirts of town 
calledRuskin's Reef. Thanks to regular shows 
at this new venue, local talent is on display 
without the fear of police intervention. Lets 
hope it lasts. 

The ELHC is probably no different than 
any other scene. There are more bands than 
shows, more skateboarders than music fans 
and more alcohol than is healthy for anyone. 
Not that we 're of decadent stock ... indeed, 
visiting dignitaries URGE OVERKILL, who 
recently blew holes in the roof of Michigan 
State University's Erickson Kiva this Janu- 
ary, seemed shocked by the quiet, passionate 
strength of the ELHC scenesters who swarmed 
about them seeking truth. "This is far out," 
said one Urge member (the one with the 
sunglasses) "but why does the city smell this 
way?" Perhaps the sensation he describes 
comes from the industrial chemicals used at 
the cooperatively-owned mining operations 
that most scene folk toil at. Maybe he smelled 
garlic (a large number of ELHC scenesters are 
also gourmet cooks, a longtime Lansing p- 
rock tradition dating all the way back to DOC 
DARTs infamous Sunday brunches, where 
he would whip up anything from pressed 
duckand cannelloni to a hearty venison roast 
and invite all the area punks over to feast). 
Regardless, the bands in the Lansing area 
carry on in the face of obscurity. 

JUST SAY NO are admittedly the king- 
pins of Lansing rock and roll, and their un- 
questioned leader is Steve Miller (the pen 
behind such 70s megahits as "Fly Like An 
Eagle" and "Jungle Love"), whose iron grip on 
Lansing's crime underground has pushed 
him to a high position of influence in Michi- 
gan's state government and the underground 
scene. No bands play or even rehearse with- 
out tithing to the Go Ahead Records organiza- 
tion, but JSN provides a certain "protection" 
that most indie rock scenes don t enjoy, as 
well as handling bets on various sports events. 
JSN has more records out than anybody 
needs to, and the whole story can be gotten 



Record s. 
P.O. Box 
MI 48840. 

ly under the 
scrutinies of 
the local 
mugs are EL 
the darlings 
of E.L.'s rad- 
ical political 
ground (the 
police de- 
has had a 
tap on the 
boys' phone 
ever since 
they blew up 
the R.O.T.C. 
office on 
here), play- 
ing free con- 
certs for the 
kids at 

MSU's "peo- 
ple's park" 
and keeping 
alive thru 
the sales of 
various nat- 
ural psyche- 
delics ... all 
four live to- 
gether Must 
like the Mon- 
kees) in a 
house that 
serves as re- 
cording stu- 
dio, practice 
space and 
pad. Inde- 
wealthy and 
for their ex- 
generosity. EL SMASHO are not only the 
richest band in town, but they also have an 
on-going challenge to any area band — rock 
harder and they'll give you two hundred bucks. 
So far there are no takers. Their debut 7" is 
some boss revoltin' for only $3.00 from Bone- 
head Rex. 4746 Northgate. Ann Arbor MI. 
48103, and a second is due by February. 

QUEERDADDYS have recently come 
out of dormancy, thanks to head bandito 
Bryan Bong's early release for good behavior. 
They've kicked their hot-wirin' joy-ridin' fuzz- 
bustin' rock and roll Nova into fourth gear 
once again, and it doesn't look like they're 
going to get caught this time. They suck, but 
they carry knives. A swell cassette is available 
for peanuts (two or three bucks oughta do it), 
plus one song will be appearing on a Flush 
Records 7" comp soon. "Boredom Thing" is 
the coolest pop since Hubba Bubba, so wait 
for it. Contact them through Hunch fanzine 
(address comes later.) 

Tough men GONE DOG gig a lot but the 
brawling band can't finish a performance 
without Knocking someone's teeth in. Maybe 
they're trying to assert their masculinity, too 
many steroids, who knows. They always end 
a night shirtless and battered but victorious. 
When they're not picking lights with audience 
members, the Doggers have been known to 
play through Marshall Stacks and have long 
hair. Chicks dig 'em. and every stud in town 
knows that Gone Dog gigs are practically 
foreplay for most red-blooded lady scenest- 
ers. Rumor has it that a 7" is on the way ... 

Regardless, their rare live appearances are 
inspiring, a dense storm of understated ten- 
sion in every three minute pop dose. Respect- 
them at least ... Their Bonehead Rex 7" is 
Ride the Pine and it's genius (see address 


New additions to the ELHC family in- 
clude ex-patriate Italian hardcore demons 
bers of the local Amnesty International Chap- 
ter, kick out politically savvy jams (plus they 
have an ex-member of the Meatmen!). I don t 
know much about these bands, just the usual 
rumors and prejudiced assumptions, so make 
up your own minds. 

Local zines are scarce, Hunch is Honest 
John Olson's soapbox, and each issue is 
better and more insightful than the last. It's 
free. too. so write to him at 2 12 Highland. Apt. 
1 22. East Lansing, MI 48823 and he'll set you 
up. Dashiki Clout recently relocated to Grand 
Rapids or something, but Dave's a swell guy. 
so watch out for his thing. And if anyone 
needs information about any Lansing doings 
I'd be happy to write to you and fill you full oi 
lies. Write me first at P.O. Box 6065. East 
Lansing. MI, 48823. 


i_ L .' | ' |—4 — • *fw , 

Spearheading EL's unique "Slowcore 
movement is famous punker Norm Bates' 
new project. NEVER MIND, BABY. Slow, but 
not just slow. NMB ooze out of the speakers 
like week old cough syrup. Girls like them cuz 
they don't get hurt in the pit. Norm is finally 
back on stage after a mysterious "accident 
kept him hospitalized for several years (whis- 
pers of Go Ahead Records involvement have 
never been properly investigated) but this 
band, which fncfudes an ex-professional golf- 
er and a licenced chiropractor, will surely 
endure as long as Norm himself. 

APOLLO 9 swing mean like that inbreed 
cracker banjo savant from "Deliverance." In- 
deed, lead man Soren Law is no stranger to 
emotional and mental instability. Growing up 
in the backwards farming community of Has- 
lett formed him into a strong young man with 
crazy eyes and a determined jaw that begs to 
be swung at. but don't, because he's killed 
more than one man. The band includes ex- 
conspirators of the CRUCIFUCKS and the 
LIME GIANTS, veteran scenemakers who hang 
together under the intensity of their brood- 
ingly disturbed front man. The result of work- 
ing with such a short fused Jumping Jack ... 
a raucous, dizzying countrified jangle of ieed- 
back and fiddle, fit for clog or square. Talk of 
a 7". but who doesn't talk ... 

DOWN, up from the ashes of SNAKE 
RTVER. is a quiet, sneaky trio who are never 
spotted at the gas station hangouts or punk 
rock beer parties. Not much is known about 
these boys, or what they're laying low from. 


OK, this is the 2nd time around with 
the same report. It figures that I send out a 
report right before the new issue w/ all the 
new rules hits the stores. 

Live, from the Lehigh Valley, it s Emma 
Tropiano. Allentown City Council thorn. She 
want s Hispanics to keep their culture conimed 
to their homes. She opposes the learning ol 
Spanish at city's expense so newly-arrived 
I lispanics can get what they need. She got a 
guy fired because he had no driver s license; 
a guy who helped some touchy situations 
witli police and community members. Tin 
funniest tiling that this woman did was to ask 
the cops how many guys took off in the Fall to 
go deer hunting. Speaking of deer, a deer 
hunt in Tyler State Park was protested in its 
first days, then was ignored as the week wore 
on. Those that have heard of live pigeon 
shoots will know that protests have been 
lively and one guy who coordinated the shoot 
got a $500 line forliaving some lackey rednecks 
spray deer piss on protesters. Enough already. 
Do you want me to write a book on this shit? 
When all you big and famous bands 
come to the Lehigh Valley on tour, you need 
some place to eat. Right? SoEatAlready is a 
veggie restaurant on 4th St in Bethlehem, 
just down the street from the very good Play 
It Again Record Store. SoEatAlready has 
reasonable prices and a mellow decor. 
Carnivores will want to try the Blue Anchor on 
4th st. in Bethlehem, next to the Funhousc 
and Godfrey Daniels. Old style diner fare. 
Veggie goods can be purchased at the 
Bethlehem Co-op which is between the Five 
Points and Route 412. By the way, I'm not 
from Bethlehem. Band members can get 
tattoos by Steve and Ajax. Good ones like 
Tribal. Biomechanical and Mythical. They 
sterilize, and they have good music. Roy from 
Nausea got two. and he came out one satisfied 
customer. Call them at (215) 820-5273. 

Bandshaveequipment. and equipment 
breaks. J&S Music, at 412 Chestnut St/ 
Emmaus. does good repairs at a fair price. 
Mid they even keep an amazingly good supply 
of guitars and amps under $100. If you are a 
band I like, I just might loan you my bass and 
guitar amps. Of course, ifyouareadick witl 

I A 


.M.^ I. 

>— . 





?»»e reports 

~f . " 

Ihe stuff I will unplug it and haul it away. Tom? John? Pafidon? Anvone 
Neat parties arc coming up. but they have yet take to get a repfy? Tell, 22 
io occur, so there is nothing to talk about. 

Feb 1st I saw a Straightedge show al 
Scarlett's in Bethlehem. It was the show thai 
needed an enema. The only good band thai 
played was CONCERNED, a young band thai 
,„. w }}} c .? lhers awav wi,h l ust 3 songs of solid 
HC. BLINDSIDE. Reveal. Resurrection, and 
Mouthpiece, and ShadowSeason were barcode 
scanner HC. Mother Child did danceable 
stuff, but were whincy. The worst thing about 

the Show Was that a cti- J irtl-.(_l,™.. ! 7... I.U 

..wciua.. mi iMuus suckcg, uut tnc sice liei] 
was just an attention getter. I'll say this- it did 
stop the loolish display. Everybody was 
inoshing. even karate- lucking. Whee! It was 
sad;to see so many new LV laces at Scarlett's 
lust because they won't come out again until 
ihe next SE farce. Please, don't isolate 

POIIYWirV ft* nk8: RA^ID POSEY. 
.MrkrJ^HV, (German record deal). 
£^&S9&&££r i S,D KOVER. Moshable. 

wS!Si W? SIDE ' Melu^/grurSe: 

JESSICA. Melodic-ore: WESTON. Herkv- 
lerkyrhythincore: SHANE IS NOT MY DAD 
i) .i i . c,ubs: Scarlett's 40 W. Broad St/ 
» n c Wfta/ Nick (215) 867-3095 (215) 

.913413 or Chris (215) 398-3498 (call him 
lirst. Now! 

n h DA^f/.f;?^ 7 145 S - Chestnut St/ 
^o? A J 8 ,°. 14 i 2 f taniP")- Hard Copy is 50c 
^. 324E ;iL h St/ Bethlehem. PA 18015. 
Chumpire (#5 out Mid-Feb) is 2 stamps to RD 
I box 530/ Coopersburg. PA 18036 

Band I addresses: Jessica-see the F.O.E. 
^ddrcss. Sideover /Option: 51 8 Campbell St/ 
Scranton. PA 18505. Turnbull AG's and other 
tends mentioned can be contacted thru 
?a t 72« > !^- Weston/ '475 Spruce Ln/ Nazareth 
i A „o£ 64, Shane Is Not My Dad c/o Mark/ 
Broadhead Rd/ Bethlehem. PA 18017. 
That's it, and I would have written 
more about bands but I am so annoyed al 
having to pick my brain for other information 
I hat only bitter remarks would have come 
out. Buy my zine. Greg from Chumpire 

P.S. Hey Ten Feet Tall! When are you 
going to answer my letters? Christ. I want the 
L.V. to sec what I've seen! Get in touch! Daw 

o » , ™1 ' r a™ a fairly new resident to the 
Seattle Wa. area (5 mos.). having moving from 
South Carolina. I have met a lot of other 
people new to this area. So me and a friend 
2 m ' ne Cassandra (a long time resident of 
beattle) decided to do a scene report. Not just 
tor the benefit of bands, but also for people 
visiting or wanting to move here. This is are 
lirst scene report so if we leave anyone out 
please don't feel personally insulted. Just 
contact us. This scene report is ment as an 
overview of things we felt would be helpful to 
readers of MRR coming to the area. Plus info 
on the Seattle music scene. 

. Restaurants: Healing Earth - 53rd & 
University Way; vegan and low prices. Sun- 
light Cafe - 6403 Roosevelt Way NE; vegetar- 
i 3 ",^" mod erate prices. Morning Town - 
41 10 Roosevelt Way NE; vegetarian and mod- 
erate prices. Globe Cafe - 1531 14th St- 
mostly vegan and moderate prices. Cyclops - 
2416 Western Ave; late night (3am on week- 
en , |) vegetarian and fair prices. Graiury Bar 

- 4 15 Broadway E also 86 Pine St. ; vegetarian 
large juice bar (will make juices out of just 

^°o U ol n , vthin e ) hi g h P rices - Taquirio Express 

- 4226 University Way NE; Mexican food, 
large servings for low prices (not sure if beans 
are vegetarian or not). 

I h< : re « are man y other restaurants in 
town that offer a vegetarian menu, as well as 
lots of ethnic restaurants. We have just in- 
cluded our personal favorites. But ifyou want 
to cook at home or just pick up a couple of 
treats, the PCC (Puget Sound Consumers Co- 
op) is a good alternative to the major grocery 
chains, for vegan, bulk foods, vegetarian and 
organically raised meats, (many locations). 

Book Stores: Left Bank Books - Pike 

Place Market (lsfAve) anarchist book store, 
arge diverse selection. Revolution Books - 
University Way & 53rd; communist book 
store, mostly communist related material. 
Bulldog News - University Way & 43rd; very 
diverse selection including political, arts and 
literature, gay and lesbian periodicals and 
newspapers from around the world. 

There are a lot of comic book stores and 
mainstream bookstores. Just look around. 

Record Stores: Sound Effects - second 
best selection in town (opinions). Fallout - 
best selection in town also t-shirts. fanzines, 
books and skateboards. Cellophane Square - 
chain store but U-district branch has a pretty 
good selection. Second Time Around - O.K. 
selection, large import section also is a pawn 
shop. r 

Thrift Stores: Value Village - lots of 
locales, good prices with daily sales. The New 
Store - strange oddities Junk store with o.k. 
prices. Retro Viva - Yo MTV dance party and 
high prices. The Wise Penny - not the best 
selection but okie dokie prices(kevin) 

Music Stores: (we included this mainly 
tor bands with equipment problems). Trading 
Musician - used stuff- will barter and make 
repairs. Al's Guitoruflle - mainly collectible 
stuff. Seattle Music - 1210 1st Ave; used and 
new stuff, sticks, strings, repairs etc. Ameri- 
can Music - 4400 Fremont Ave N; electrical 
drum and guitar repairs, equipment rental, 
mostly new merchandise. 

All Age Venues, Bars & Dance Clubs: 
Party Hall - 21st & E Madison; all-ages 
mainly hardcore shows, DIY, low door prices 
(usually $5 for 5 bands) definitely not your big 
time operation, small (about 300 cap.), no 
stage and usually no advertising except flyers 
and word of mouth. For booking call Cassan- 
dra at (206) 526-5147. O.K. Hotel - all-ages 
„ ^ariety of shows, high door prices (usu- 
ally $8 for 3 or 4 bands) . art displaces, restau- 
rant (also high priced) and listings in the 
n%, , 4n , Hy £?' !° r booking call Rdbin (206) 
^23-1721. Off Ramp - 21+. moderate door 
prices mostly college music and metal bands. 
Rock Candy- 21+, high door prices, mostly 
sub-pop and alternative bands. Vogue - 2 1+ 
pleasant atmosphere, industrial dance mu- 
sic. Colour Box- 21+. meat market, industrial 
dance music. Underground - all-ages, indus- 
trial dance music. Re-Bar - 21+. reggae, top 
40 and industrial. Comet - 21+. rock & roll 
beer joint. Frontier Room- restaurant by day 
popular beer joint by night. ' 

The Rocket and Hype are free zines that 
have ads and listings and other goings on. 

On to the scene stuff. The Seattle bar 
scene is booming as usual with it's grunge- 
rnetal-retro 60s crap that seems tolje lust 
about all people see when they see Seattle. 
Which is fine for people into that stuff, but I 
am not and there is more to Seattle than that. 
So if anyone is upset that I didn't fill pages or 
even lines with raves about Sub-pop and the 
like, well too bad. As everybody probably 
already knows the CHRIST ON A CRUTCH LP 
came out a few months ago on C/Z records 
and it s a pretty great album. They have also 
been playing alot of all-ages shows and they 
are really great live, plus they are wonderful 
B?°^, I A4°^? rk ^th so catch them ifyou can. 
RUINATION and the DC BEGGARS Just got 
back from a tour of California and Oregon 
which I heard went really well. POSITIVE 
GREED my home town heroes have a split 
coming out sometime in March with All You 
Can Eat from SF, and I believe they will be 
™,w n £ this summer. It seems like UNDER- 
lOW have been playing every weekend for 
about 3 or 4 months, and seem to be making 
quite a name for themselves. They also just 
returned from playing a few shows in Callfor- 
ma ' Th , e £ have a split with Resolution out on 
Overkill Records, which I think you can still 
pick up ASPRIN FEAST broke up and seem to 
have split in a couple different bands CHICK- 
EN and LACERATION who seem to be really 
W *!l , »tf/ Due to Popular demand GALLE- 
ONS LAP have a tape coming out even though 
they re broken up. 10:07 our friends from 



Bellevue have a record coming out pretty 
soon, I don't know the details but look for it- 
- they're great. 7 YEAR BITCH have their first 
7" out onRathouse records. I heard that they 
are signing a 3 record contract with C/Z. They 
have been playing a lot of shows including a 
few with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 1 think 
they are going for the big band thing ($13 t- 
shirts) and even if that's not what their going 
for that seems to be where they are headedT 
But I really like them live. SICK fit WRONG are 
a fairly new band I think they have only 
played a few shows, but their really interest- 
ing and will add a flare to any show. PEEVED, 
my favorite new Seattle band, are pretty young 
but they're really good. They have lots of 
stickers and stuff and I hope soon to see a 
demo or something from them. We have start- 
ed a col-lective and have been putting on 
benefit shows, to raise money for a communi- 
ty center. The center will hopefully be used for 
a lot of different things art, library, shows, a 
place for alot of different groups in Seattle to 
nave their meetings, and just a place to 
create. Any complaints, questions, people we 
forgot or anyone that has anything to contrib- 
ute to the next scene report call Cassandra or 
Kevin at (206) 526-5 147. Also people from the 
rest of Washington state please contact us to 
inform us of what's going on in your area, so 
we can include it next time. 


disease into the Cily Council of New Orleans. 
They've passed an ordinance that says that 
the Organizations (or Mardi Gras Kfewes - 
that's pronounced Maddy Graw ) have to let 
people join there club even though they don't 
really lit in. There jusl messin' with discrim- 
inatory law-stuff down here. At least the jail 
term for all offenders was dropped, oooooh. 
So, two (2) parades won't ride this year.. ..Boo 
lloo. Oh, and one more thing, gambling has 
been legalized... and now there's Lotto. Match 
six (6) numbers and win eight (8) million 

dollars. Oh well, now the music thang 

I'll give you a synopsis on what hap- 
pened to the only bands who were mentioned 
in the last scene report, scene report....?. 
NOT! S.I.K., I never heard of. REVAL. no- 
body's heard of. SUBTONICS broke up. OXEN 
TI IRUST see below. BURN VERSION is some- 
how still together. FIDDLEIIEAD are a real 
young band. 1 haven't seen them but I'm 

f;ucssing they're I he new suburban high school 
>and. I heard they get a pretty decent crowd. 
SOILENTGREENI guess are still together but 
I haven't heard of them playing around lately. 
PSYCHO-A-GO-GO hasn't played in a while, 
and the DETR1MENTZ don't eally play too 
much, but they're all still together. GIMP isn't 
really a band. It's a creation of Mike's head. 

Street. Kagan's is on this street In the French 
Quarter- they've got a really decent CD Juke 
Box. it's mostly a 2:00 a.m. -til-night-spot. 
But anyway, while it was really lame, the 
Abatraet Bookstore and Cafe were letting 
bands play, and there were also Mary Ws, 



1 ley ya'll. 

Mary X here - takin' a break from the M. 
Seh. - thing to fill in the rest of the world on 
the N.O. scene deal. I'll start off with a little 
political news first. David Duke. I'm ashamed 
lo say. actually made it from a member of the 
legislature, to a run-off election for Govcr- 

being held for lots of out-of-town bands. I 
guess I'll take a moment here to mention all 
the brave souls that crept through our swamps 
during this time. Thanks to: Lack of Social 
Decency. Green Day. PhlegCampTrusty. Na- 
tion Of Ulysses. Christ on a Crutch. All You 
Can Eat, and Lost. 

Lost played twice, the second time was 
the first showat the RC Bridge Lounge (RCBL). 
That's this really cool club that can hold 
about five-hundred (500) people, now. has 
great drink specials, a decent stage, and it's 
got it's own N.O. style. They serve pitchers of 

nor. Now. he'scurrently pullinga Presidential 
campaign, that is, I'm nappy to say. being 
erushedf slowly, but surely. I think that David 

the kind you see at pizza places, made up out 
of cardboard. So— there s been some new 
bands surfacing now. since there's a place for 
them to play, to hang-out, etc. 

New bands, new bands let's see. DEV- 

IL'S ADVOCATE are a new band. The firsl 
time I saw Ihem I didn't like them, but the 
second lime was heller. Someone in II 

does a fanzine called Psychotic licaciion. I 
haven't seen a copy so I can't say anything. 
lay. the drummer. (I think), save me Ins 
address so here it is: POB 29865/ NO. LA 
701 89. BUCKO are new to this scene. They've 
put out a seven (7) -song cassette called Hound 
And Mown They're a slow-love song-lype 
band, klnda wimpy, kinda normal, sorla All 

band, klnda wimpy, kinda normal, sorla All 
ish. Here's the address: 41 lf> I'rylania/ NO. 
LA 701 15. BIM BOM are more new-comers. 
hut this time from Indiana. They're a four- 
piece, kinda garadgy. kinda industrial, they've 
Hot decent speed, but not thrash-like. I Ihoiigln 

they were really good when 1 saw Ihem. Their 
address is: 8141/2 Frenchmen St/. NO. LA 
7()1 15. LUVNUBB is another new band. This 
is Kurt's band, and they rock. They played 
their first show with the Dwarves al the R.( !. 
in January. They sound like a cross between 
the Velvet Underground and Mudhoney. The 
address is: Kurt/ 4302 Dumaine St/ No. LA 
701 19. That's all the really new bands I can 
think of. 

There's also been lots of old bands 
reforming and changing styles. FLOATER is 
what sorta came from FUOUS. These guys 
can play, and keep going, and going, and 
idling, like Duracell. The music's like a sorta- 
rt eat ive-psycho-logico-delic- industrial-tribal 
creation. Jay. front-man. usually dons some 
type of costume for the festivity, whether it be 
more, or less, or less. All the oilier guys dress- 
up to. Jusl watching them on slage is most 
definitely an experience. Jay's got this really 
seedy looking store/warehouse place. It real 
ly set the mood for the G.G.Allin show he pul 
on there. He'll even help you do shows at the 
RCBL. His address is: 2126 Braynard/ NO. 
I.A7D1 15. 

TI IE NIPPLES BAND are also along this 
type of visually-stimulating trend. Always 
changin' costumes, havin' a slide show be- 
hind Ihem. makin' copies. Members from 
SURFIN' JESUS are doing this Nipple Thing. 
They humbly began as NIPPLES OF THE 
JEDI. who only until recently were known as 
WI IITE. They'll play as NIPPLES OF (whatev- 
er) . Their music is very "inlluenced". oops - 1 
mean matured)- another Duracell band. 
They've been gigging pretty steadily since last 
summer. All correspondents eo to: Senn/ 
4600 Charlene Dr./ NO. LA 70127. OXEN 
TI IRUST are members of CAP'N MEATI IEAD. 
They've changed their name and changed 
their style. Instead offast-punky-joking-type. 
we hear a slower Cult-style (ahem, mature. 

we near a slower Cult-style (anem. mature, 
again) intluenee. All of the members of the 
V1R1L NIHILS are back together as (THE) 
GRASSY KNOLL, it's Keith. John. Mike. 
George, and Eric. I think two of them are 
playing horns, they've got that kinda King 

SURFIN' JESUS are doing this Nipple Thing. 
They humbly began as NIPPLES OF THE 
.JEDI. who only until recently were known as 

Crimson style. They're so mellow that Chari- 
tie's (a suburban-lush-type hang-out) let's 
them play there. Don't write them, just think 
good thoughts. EYE HATE GOD. They finally 
got a cool record deal with decent distribut- 
ion. I haven't heard it yet. but then again 
neither has at least one of the guys in the 
band. Last time they played, it seemed like 
the Melvins' influence had been dropped and 
a G.G. Allin influence had been picked up. 
Maybe Mike will become a legend, like G.G;V 
The address is: Mike Williams/ 4836 Zenith 
St #305/ Metarie. LA 70001. 

There's still lots more bands around, 
and I'm sorry to say I don't know that much 
about them except that they're there and 
should also be recognized. VAS DEFERENS. 

should also be recognized, vas uiir CKt,i\s. 
OF THE GODDESS. If anyone knows any- 
thing about these or any other bands, please 
feel free to write to MRR. They'll print it. [Yeah, 
right— Ed) 

For bands coming through, as far as 
other places to play, (of course. NOT as cool as 
R.C.'s) are Tipitina's - talk to Sonny: 504-89 1 - 
8477. I'll mention Muddy Waters, but I can'l 

■SBBiw reports 

recommend it. They don't promote very well, 
uid the owners are complete Assholes to 
work with, but here's the number: 504-866 
7174. For legitimate all-ages shows, call Sta- 
ry: 504-865-6275. she'll book it at the Ab- 
stract. WTUL might could help for Monday 
nights, they're permanently booked at Tip's 
m Monday's. Ask for David at: 504-865- 
5887. John (E3IM BOM) will help bands out it 
lie can: 504-943-7428. Jay (FLOATER), usu- 
illy linds places for things to happen, call him 
it: 504-523-3022. Deborah and Pamela do 
■itull every nowand then, they could help with 
places to stay - their number is: 504-283 
461 1. Colin and Doug arc pretty sporadic. 
Iiut they're: 504-738-9416. and 504-737- 
(J453. in that order. I can still be reached at: 
504-288-9551. And finally.... Underground 
Sounds remains the record store of choice, 
still surviving, and bringing us the moat 
underground of sounds. If you're in town 
check them out: U.S./ 735 Octavia/ NO, LA 
701 15/ 504-897-9030/ FAX 504-897-9097. 
So. I think about does it. If you've got a 
problem with any of this, thenfuckoff No. I'm 
just kidding- well, for the most part I am. 
Later - Mary X. 

Well, you've asked for "different" scene 
reports, so here's one of that kind. This is 
meant to be an Australian report, even that I 
originally come from far away Germany. Boy, 
it's really damn fuckin'cold back home now 
here in Germany, so I've got some time to 
think about the hot & sweaty days in down 
under. The time when the ventilator was my 
best friend. So I'm now going to tell you about 
the experiences I've had down there in Aus- 

First of all I would like to recommend to 
try out Malaysian Airlines for the flight down 
there. Ok. you Americans might have a prob- 
lem with this airline, as Malaysian Airline 
only starts off in Los Angeles, but here in 
Europe they are starting off in almost every 

country. I recommend them as they are one of 
the cheapest airlines, plus they've got some 
real good vegetarian/vegan food available. 
You can choose between eastern, western 
and Indian vegetarian food, which you can 
order while checking in. Besides that Malay- 
sia is a real great place for a stop over. If you're 
a European chicken who wants to stay safe in 
a European-looking airplane then you check 
out your average expensive Qantas or British 
Airways flights/Try out something new, that's 
all I say. It s worth the experience. 

Transportations in Sydney (well, that's 
the city where I stayed most of the time) is 
pretty good and not much of a hassle. There 
are always airport busses going downtown 
and that trip costs you $5. There are smaller 
private busses who are doing the same tour 
for $4, so it's your choice The public transpor- 
tations is way cheaper. I stayed pretty far out 
of town in one of the suburbs, where it took 
me almost an hour to get downtown. A return 

ticket is $4.80; and busses are mostly $1.20 
to $2.20. There are tons of bus routes, so you 
can go everywhere you want pretty easily. I 
never had any problems going anywhere: but 
you shouldnt forget that Sydney is a real 
damn large city, and the distances will still 
take you a lot time to get you to the place you 
wanna go to. 

Places to go see in Sydney. Well, that 
depends on what you're interested in. Shows 
are happening mostly in pubs or so-called 
hotels, so you can imagine there's no place for 
any straight edge shows, he-he! Shows in 
pubs are mostly pretty hot (temperature wise) 
and often packed. The beer price is pretty 
high, but that doesn't stop the Australians 
from boozing a lot. Besides that, most of the 
pubs stop serving beer after 1 1 p.m.. just like 
in the UK. To find out what's going on where 
and when you should pick up the free Drum 
Media magazine, which you can get in almost 
every record store. The best record stores who 
are carrying alternative and independent 
records are still the shops of Waterfront and 
Phantom records. Both are located close to 
the inner city of Sydney, not far away from the 
Central Station. An average Aussie LP costs 
about 20 dollars, which is pretty high com- 
pared with records from other countries. Im- 
port records are even more expensive there, 
but that shouldn't interest you Americans too 
much. Waterfront sells, a lot of 2nd hand and 
rare records as well, which vary in the price 
from $5 to $30 or $40. The records are so 
expensive in Australia cuz there's only one 
pressing plant left, which is run by EMI.Vinyl 
has only a few percents left of the whole music 
market, as the big companies try to sell only 
CD releases. But this problem sounds famil- 
iar everywhere in the world . Hmm, only the T- 
Shirts are too expensive in Australia, as $30 
is really a shitload of money. Really the worst 
thing I've seen in ages were those simple 
Earache T-Shirts go for about $40. Ok. im- 
porting stuff costs money, but this is almost 

Ok. what else should you see? Sydney 
has some real great sights, so you shouldn t 
miss out some of the touristic stuff. Take a 
ride up the Sydney Tower (that's $6) a get a 
view from above the city to decide where you 
want to go to. Take a train and get off at 
Circular Quay, where you get a fantastic sight 
of the Sydney Opera and the Bridge, which 
are the most well known sights of Sydney. 
Opposite to the Opera are the renovated old 

Ail-LI • 

Docks , 
where it all began. 
It's easy to reach every- 
thing by foot, so you are going to 
see loads ofcool places. A cool place is the 
Botanical Garden located close behind the 
Sydney Opera, where you can see bats flying 
around almost in the middle of the city. 
Another place you shouldn't miss is the Syd- 
ney Aquarium ($10), where they have an 
Oceanariumr. In two pools in the middle of the 
harbor you can walk in a tunnel below the 
pools and it's really thrilling to see sharks and 
rays swim over you. The Aquarium is located 
in Darling Harbour, not far away from the 
other wellattended sights in Sydney. Beach- 
es? Foryou Callfornians this might be not too 
interesting, but there are lots ofcheesy look- 
ing whitebreads like us Europeans, so I guess 
some might be interested. Sydney's got some 
of the best beaches in the world, easily com- 
parable to'the Copa Cobana in Rio de Janairo. 
Manly Beach is quite good, even though it 
takes you some time to get there by bus The 
easiest way to get there is to take a ferry 
starting off at Circular Quay, but it's way 
expensive to pay $6 every day for the ferry. 
One of the best beaches is still Bondi Beach, 
where it's easy to get there by bus. Early in the 
morning and late in the evening you've got the 
best waves there, just in case that you re into 
surfing. If you haven't got a surfboard then 
it's cheap to rent a board for the whole day 
from one of the always stoned people who are 
working in small surf shops. There are some 
more good beaches located at Bottany Bay, 
but you ve got a better chance to get your ass 
bitten off there by sharks. The media still 
reports on shark attacks, but it's still easier to 
die in an airplane crash than get bitten by a 

Music events. Well, there was the Nirva- 
na tour in January /February, but I still can't 
hear it any longer. I turned on the radio, the 
TV, Nirvana was everywhere. Even full color 
reports in TV guides. Anyway, the real big 
event was the Big Day Out, which took place 
in open air on 25th of January. It started off 
on 12 o'clock and all the best Australian 
bands played there, like RAT CAT, MASSAP- 
and various others played there. Oversea 
guests were the Violent Femmes, Nirvana and 
Henry Rollins. Rollins did a spoken word tour 
in Australia, but he made a special appear- 
ance at the Big Day Out where he blayed 
together with the HARD ONS. Henry Rollins' 
spoken word performance was really great. 
It s amazing to see how such a shy guy gets up 
on stage and turns into a real thought provok- 
ing entertainer. He talked a lot about his old 

friend John, who 
got recently shot. IVe got the im- 
pression that Henry became more "human", 
whatever that means. A band you should 
definitely check out is YOTHU Y1NDI, the first 
aboriginal band who made it into the Austra- 
lian Top 10 charts. They're doing traditional 
tribal music, as well as some rock & dance- 
floor songs. YOTHU Y1NDI are from the north 
of Australia, called the Arnhem Land, which 
belongs to the Aboriginals. The lyrics of their 
songs are on the social side of things and very 
much protesting against the invasion of the 
white man. They got honored almost every- 
where in the worldand they're going to record 
their third album soon in the US. 

Some more stuff about Sydney. Hmm, 
to tell you the truth most of the suburbs in 
Sydney are really working class. Tattoing 
seems to be accepted just like wearing ear- 
rings in Europe. Never saw so many tattooed 
people before. Workers get paid weekly, most- 
ly on Thursdays, which you notice by the 
longer opening time of all the super markets 
and shops.Most of the money gets wasted on 
the weekend in the pubs, so often you see no 
activities in the supermarkets on Tuesday 
and Wednesday. I've got the impression of 
Australia that it looks like as if several million 
people from the UK got brought to one of the 
Spanish tourist isles. I came to Australia to 
see something different than big city civiliza- 
tion and I was sick of it in Germany, so I 
decided to go meet some more friends in 
Brisbane. Sydney is fine, really, but it's not 
Australia. Brisbane is a big city, too, but you 
can see lots of great nature sights as well. 
Brisbane is pretty much isolated through its 
geographical location, but they're got a damn 
good small scene. The people there are really 
into the music and they are very supportive. 
Never in my life have I talked to so many 
people before like in Brisbane. A real great 
pub to go to is the Treasury Hotel, even tho it 
got a pretty bad reputation in Brisbane. Radio 
stations say the Treasury Hotel is place where 
you can see hardcore and thrash bands, 
where you can get drunk and where you can 
get beaten up. The people there might look 
strange", but by no means I felt bad a single 
moment. Especially Heather, who does scene 
reports for MRR regularly, made my stay in 
Brisbane one of thebest vacations 1 ever had. 
I was almost broke when I was in Sydney, but 
she paid half of the flight from Sydney to 
Brisbane. And I'm glad that I took the chance 
and made it over to her. First of all I have to 
thank her that she made me meet loads of 
nice and caring people and that she made me 
see BLOW HARD live, being one of Australia's 
finest bands! BLOW HARD are the reincarna- 
tion of the legendary Big Boys, with a com- 
plete hom-blow section and some ska influ- 
ences thrown in. They were actually the first 
band ever who made me dance to their songs 
from the first to the last song. It's sad that 

they ^^ 

haven t gotten 
the attention which they 
deserve so far. By the way the vo- 
calist of BLOW HARD does the Splurt Record 
label. Rollo just did the first Brisbane punk 
compilation LP, which is entitled Freak Cir- 
cus. There's less punk on this comp LP, as I 
noticed a more Sub Pop-ish touch. All the 
best Brisbane bands are featured there, so 
you should check it out. Splurt Records/ PO 
Box 464/ Stones Corner 4120 Qld/ Austra- 
lia. The comp LP costs $15, plus postage. 

Well, so far about the Brisbane music 
scene. As I told you earlier Australia has some 
real great nature sights to offer, and now IVe 
got to thank Heather and her boyfriend Cal 
again for taking me out to the nature. When 
you ridejust anhour by car up north then you 
can walk miles on the beach without meeting 
any other people. Besides that I was really 
thankful for taking me out to the rainforest. It 
was one of the coolest things on earth to go for 
a swim in a rockpool below a rainfall, watch- 
ing other dangerfreaks jumping off the cliff 
into the pool. Located close to Brisbane are 
the Glasshouse mountains, which are several 
hundred meters high. It's a real hassle to get 
up on these mountains, as the mosquitos are 
expectingyou to be their dinner, but after 1 to 
2 hours you can climb up to the top. I 
recommend' climbing up the N'Gun Gun 
mountain, as you've get a real great view from 
up there. Of course you can see a million more 
places in Australia, so it's just up to you to 
explore this country. Just do it. 

Well, that's it basically about Australia. 
Sure I could write down much more about the 
experiences I made throughout the past weeks, 
but that's not too interesting for you folks. I 
guess. So now I'm sitting here back in Germa- 
ny with a temperature of below zero degrees 
Celcius and it's raining. Just makes me wish 
to go back as soon as possible. OK, the hot 
winds from the inside of Australia with over 
35 degrees Celcius (over 100 Fahrenheit) 
during the nights are a pain in the ass, but 
■ now I have to get used to wearing long sleeved 
shirts and trousers again ...brrr! Fuck! 

I would like to thank Robert from Syd- 
ney and Heather & Cal from Brisbane for 
letting me stay at their houses and giving me 
such a great time. Thanks for feeding me and 
filling me up with this great Fourex Beer! 
Besides that, thanks to Georgina Rodd for the 
videos (Yeah!); thanks to Chris of Waterfront 
Records for giving me all those colored-limit- 
ed-rare-or-whatsoever records; and a hello to 
Terry, Russ and Rollo in Brisbane! If anyone 
wants to chat about Australia or travelling in 
general than she/he is welcome to write. 
G'day. folks! Helge Schreiber/ Dudeler- 
str.!7B/ 4200 Oberhausen 1 1/ Germany. 





:also available: k^BODT^^ 



i: The Daves 9 Song Demo 
with words 3 dollars 
Send Check/Money Order 
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C'Fear Love" LP/CD 

©@ Dffl D DO© 

© ® ® ca 

BAD TRIP 'Tear&Loathintr'lJVCD 

o ra 

NECRACEDM "Now I See Clearly" LP 

S.P.A. 'So What?" CS 




U.S.A. EP $3, LP $7, CS $7, CD $10 

CANADA EP $4, LP $9, CS $7 CD $1 1 

EUROPEEP$5 I LP$12 I CS$9 I CD$ 1 2 

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NEW YORK, NY 10012 

FAX : (212) 388-9778 


Better late than never, right? We Jeff: We weffl hanging out in FiltKs van and" and before'vou ask the next question, I have to 
did this interview a long ass time ago. chasing thesre kids from South Dakota in a car say JdwBre'jiker and Very Small Records. It's. 
At any rate, Fifteen are a great melod- shootingfoottle rockets at them and they yVere very important that I say Fifteen will be on Very 
'ic pop; punk band somewhere be? ^shooting bottle rockets at us. unfortunately Small Records some/day. . •■ 

<tween Stiff Little Fingers and thfe / there was this woman in a car belWftjs who , .lWRR: Does Very Small Records know 
Steve Miller Band gfjfhat makes aiiy ; was getting hit a whole bunch. When she got" that? > ; 

sense). With a 7" and ait LP under ■ to herhousesheisalled the police and this cop [Jack: Kind of... 

their belt, they're carving a nitch for ; (comes" out and staps*us and tells us i ' Jeff: And there's gonna be a Filth/ 

themselves in thel&caJjscerie. Admi- 'Jhow they're gonna I.D. our ' ^^jk Fifteen split LP one day, when we 

tadly, some of this interview is a little bp'dieS Jt&'r dental ._^*"*"'"« 

dated. But it's still a good read*. Inter- record's and 

view by Lance and rjarin. Remember, told -~^ 

never get off the boat.,. ^*** 

MRR: OK, who's who so we ^-^"*_ ' 

can/tecide it lateV, and M ^^"^" 

What d,9- .ytiUi ^^^-'^-^tt 

play and\ -' 

Jeff- I'm 

J^ff and 

I'm 20, and 

I play guitar '■*" 

and sing. .,.«'•■'''' ; 

Mark: My | \ 

name is ( Mark \ \ 

and I £ play \ \ 

drums and I'm \ ,»4l'' 

20 - \-\\i 

Jack', v My name \ 

is Jack;' and I try I \ 

to play'bass. \ '■ 

MRR: v (To V 

Mark) You were \ ... ■ ,. 

in another band, »»*tVt\\\\ 

right East Bay f.*^M\H* 

Mudfi, ;' '•*>*'»** 



olice and this cop [Jack: Kind of... 

nd tells us t ' Jeff: And there's gonna be a Filth/ 

>ur iijrtl Fifteen split LP one day, when we 

have money. 

> MRR: Back to this, do you 

' ..; worry that people are going 

»„£' ^'■•" to lump you. with Crimp- 

\****-# •« shrine, like you're the new 

■. Crimpshrine.or whatever. 

..,■ , v , . . Jeff: I kind of look at it like I was 

-.: ■> '<J>-*"" *" \ \' n one Dar) d and now Ijn in 

- \ \ \another band, and my hands 

» »\ ■ are the same hands and my 

throat is the same throat. So 

£ ■ ... ^ \ -I guess people are going to 

• » do what they're gonna do, 

\ and I should just -, let them 

\ ;'••:'. ! and not be pothered by it. 

j .., MRR: Well, also. with 

^ ? ? "^ .v»U\\\\ . ■ Mark on drums now, 

^^S^" .st^UWAl*^'' y° ur s * v| e seems a 

.♦*»^^\\\\U*" little more Aaron-esque. 

.iiixll" ■ jk'v**" Jeff: Nah. Aaron played hell of crazy. 

■''*" Like he played good, bjut it was all technically 

" ,x us to wrong somehow, (laughter) I don't know. This 

leave South Da- is the first time other than East Bay Mud, 

rt «ttt\\\\\P V 


\\\": \ii'* ^ota ar| d t°°k all our fire where I've been in a band where the drummer 

tU' - works, except for some of them situation wasn't really weird musically or at 

which I kind of hid. They didn't take the least difficult for one reason or another. It's 

beer either. They just cared about the bottle like, he practiced with us fourtimes and we've 

rockets. played four shows. 

Mark: Yeah, and that's how we knew MRR: Wow, getting out of a whole MRR: Do you think because of that 

each other. state. j Fifteen's sound is more accessible? 

Jack: And he knew all our songs. Jack: Well, just one. It's kind of disappointing.'' 'Cause like you were saying,, at least 

MRR: Is that true? MRR: Hadn't you planned Jhe tour playing wise it's a lot more proficient. 

Mark: No... ^ before the record came out? Jeff: We fry and make it more accessible, so 

! MRR: But it was a pretty easy transi- Jack: It was released the day .we. left. I guess it's a good thing. 

tion for you? MRR: Was it hard to book it without 'MRR: I'm not saying it's a bad thing. 

■ Mark: Yjes, we knew each other arid I kind of , having vinyl ouj? S Do you think it's an element for Fif- 

.knew their songs from their tour. '', ' > Jeff: No, we didn',t even have a demo out. .-teen and do you think you can go 

!M RR: So when you were on tokir did Jackt.We didn't even have to say Jeff Ott 'farther than you did with other bands 

ydu learn any weird habits about each orice. Well, maybe a couple times. Mostly all with it? 

jotjier? Like does, anyone talk, in their you have to say is that you're*a Lookout band. / Mark It's gotten me farther somewhat be- 

[steep... Or what about tour stories?. Jeff: Yeah, Jake - (Filth) and I were talking ^ cause people come to see'us. I felt like I was 

iJc ck: We$idn't get arrested this summer. about this the othej-day: you live in Berkeley, <*p the bad side when I was in East Bay Mud. 

:J€ ff: Weatbrook, QT. That's where it all end- churches feed you feveryday, punk rockers let MRR: How is East Bay Mud the bad 

iecf.That'lwherehiscrankshaftbroke.Andwe you : stay*at their houses, and Lawrence puts side? 

hajj to give the car to a guy named Woody. But . out your records. Is kind of... utopian-isfu Mark: I don't know.. It just seems like riobody 

Wpodywas nice -He'let us camp inbis parking ' Except fha('it,sucks;.orcourse i > \ likedus.ltdidn'tclickwiththegrouphere. We 

* MRR: Are you sticking with Lookout? ...had to ta1<e it elsewhere. Like tq.Sacto or 

tour?: C \ ■* 

Jack: Yeah. * , ' 

Jeff: Well, actually^ went on to New Harrtp- 
shire to play in my cousin's cover band. And. 
went water v skiing and stuff. They live on 
Golden PondNQn the actual pond where they 
' filmed the movie. <v.,., j ■ / 
Ja?k: They kerjt us, and got new clothes 
and bathed andyode a mbuntain,bike. \ 
MRR: What Fifteen did on their sum- 
mer vacation.! And what happened in 
South^akota?/ „ .*••*' 
All: We. : >got kigKe^Sut! 

.iJack: Yes, Lawrence fe^pretty.good tp. us. 

■f We're sticking with Lookout 'And Mordam 
Records'is. good toys, too... . 
MRR: .Have you been having a prob- 
lem with people comparing Fifteen to 
Crimpshrine? Like is it a stigma for 
you guys? " : 

Jack: Crimpsjirine is my favorite band, how 
could I beoffended by that? BOfl (Think people 
are wVong in comparing us. j : - ; 

MRR: You don't think you sound like 

. Crimpshrine?/ .../"' 

Ja/jR: Nis, Crimpshnhe was a goo8 band. Oh. 

Jeff: I say this one thing. Nobody liked 
East Bay Mud because every single fuckin:' 
person' was jealous of John Repeto. That's 
what it is. That's what it is with the musicians. 
He was playing something that Was beyond 
people who don't play music. That's why 
nobody liked East Bay Mud. I'm fuckin' abso- , 
l.utely positive of it. 

MRR: Because of his guitar playin'? 
Jeff: Yeah, because he's just one of those 
^genius type people you happen to meet every 
now and then. Basically, I figure, .{hat a lot of 
people missed out on something really good. 


Because of me hooking up 
with that, I don't have to just 
play barre chords and have 
that be the entirety of my 
knowledge of guitar playing. 
MRR: How did you wind 
up in East Bay Mud and 
how long were you in 

Jeff: This is how I wound up in 
East Bay Mud. John Repeto 
and this guy Scotty that used 
to play bass for East Bay Mud 
showed up at me and Jack's 
house when we lived out in 
Benecia at a place called the 
Crack House. So they came 
over and we drank a bunch of 
beers and started playing gui- 
tars and I just played guitars 
with them since them. I don't 
know how long I played with 

Mark: Long enough to tour 
with us. 
Jeff: Yeah, John John was 

MRR: How smoke on the way back. So I got up on the bus 

did you all and sat down. This guy comes on the 

get home. loudspeaker, "There's a new law that says you 

Mark: Me and can't smoke on buses anywhere in the United 

Mike the 'old States. " So I was sitting in the back of the bus 

drummer took with some dead heads. We ended up knock- 

Greyhound. ing a hole in the wall of the bus and smoking 

Jack to out of it. Here's a trick. When you get off the 

Amtrack. I bus, you walk out to the back left hand side of 

caught a ride the bus where the bathroom is. There's a little 

with my cous- window thing with a lock on the outside. 

ins from Con- You've got to unlock it every time you get off 

necticut up to the bus. Sometimes the driver will go back and 

New Hamp- lock it. So you've got to do this every time. 

shire. Then I That way you can open it from the inside and 

took Grey- let the smoke get out. Other wise it's total 

hound. Grey- fuckin' fines and all sorts of shit. 

hound is won- Mark: It seemed like at every stop, five people 

derful by the wentrunningoffthebustosmokecigarrettes. 

way. Things MRR: I always end up sitting next to 

stop working one creepy guy that falls asleep on me 

and they don't or something. 

fix them. The Jeff: People always tell me stories. Despite all 

other great the discomforts, I had a really fun time. There 

thing I didn't were these dead heads that were transporting 

realize before I a bunch of mushrooms across the country. 


playing drums forus and I was 
playing second guitar for East 
Bay Mud. 

MRR: So Fifteen has 
toured twice? 
Jeff: Yes. 

MRR: How extensive 
were these tours? 
Jeff: On the tour before last, 
there were less shows than I 
have fingers. On the last one 
we played 20 or 25 shows. A 
lot of shows close together. 
Jack booked the first half. 
Here up the coast, across the 
top of the country, the East 
Coast. He did a really good 
job. Not too many days with- 
out shows and all that. We 
would have gotten a bunch of 
shows if the car hadn't bust- 

Mark: We were gone for 
about 30 days and we played 
about 25 shows. 

got on the They had all this Vivaren. They were getting 

bus. I was in loaded and I was taking all this Vivaren. 

New Hamp- There's all these women with their kids. They 

shire and the would go to sleep and we would take care of 

Greyhound their kids. Once again it reaffirms my faith in 

station in the idea that sometimes minor and major 

Po rt s m i t h , inconveniences are laid down upon people as 

New Hamp- a means of making them coagulate. Like 

shire was in a earthquakes and hurricanes. People get 

smoke shop, forced into a situation where they can't 

They don't go,"Fuckldon'twanttobewiththisguy. He's 

have taxes in the wrong color. The wrong this. The wrong 

New Hamp- that." I think as long as people keep fucking 

shire. Cartons up, shit like this is going to happen. Might even 

of cigarrettes be why we have conflict and shit like that. 

were like eight Because people don't come together at all. 

bucks. My un- MRR: I don't know that it will solve 

cle had given peoples problems just forcing them 

me $100 to together. 

eat and smoke Jeff: I don't think that it will solve problems. 
with along the But every day we wake up and go do some- 
way. So I thing. Most days we ignore what we learned in 
bought a cou- that day. Sometimes drastic things will hap- 
ple cartons of pen. Sometimes it will be so severe that even 
cigarrettes to if we don't want to face up to it, we wind up 

doing things that's not normally like us... 
Jack: Did you say anything about the Bay 
bridge yet? ■ 

Jeff: Oh yeah, conspiracy theory! 
Jack: Jeff was trying to tell me the other night 
that for every good that's done, there's bad 
that's done. I can't explain what he was trying 
to explain, but I thought it was a bunch of shit. 
We did come to the conclusion that the only 
time good things happen, is when bad things 
happen. Like when the bridge came down, 
everybody started coming together because 
they finally realized they needed each other. 
So what do we really need to happen for 
people to leam the big lessons? And then 
remember them because a year later... 
MRR: Yeah, it was like a big party in 
the city when the earthquake hap- 
pened. Everybody came out and got 
together. Then next day, everything 
was back to normal. It was almost 
depressing how life just goes on. 
Jack: So the ground that we neglect over and 
over everyday, that we walk on, that we pull 
trees out of, that we pave, shakes and kills a 
bunch of people and then we take notice. Like 

Jeff: Well, up 'til right now, Jack and I mostly 
write the words. 

MRR: Does one person get an idea 
and just others play off it or... 

Jeff: Well, basically we don 't have lives so we 
just sit around and play music. 
Mark: Except me. 
Jeff: That's right. I'm sorry. 
Mark: Yeah I have to deal with life. Car pay- 
ments. All these luxuries that some people 
don'thave. But I've worked for it. It sucks. But 
I just got promoted (.kudos all around). I'm an 
apprentice in the diesel world. I don't know. I 
just have to think about a lot of things. 
Jack: Are you happy now? 
Mark: Fuck yeah, I'm happy now. 
Jack: Then that's all that matters really. 
MRR: How many songs are in the key 
of E? I was listening to the Maximum 
comp. A random sampling of fourteen 
bands and all but two songs are in the 
key of E. 

Jeff: It's good to have that on record so if you 
don't havea tuner, you can tune to the record. 
You can use a phone sometimes. But not all 
have to same dial tone. Most phones you pick 


Jeff: There are people who are prejudiced 
towards other people for there own whatever 
reasons. You qpuld almost say that everyone 
is a little prejudiced about somebody or some- 
thing. So there are people that are blatantly 
prejudiced against non-whites. Lately there's 
been a big reaction. Which would be fine 
because I'm all for that. But everything I see 
about it is just about having an enemy. So 
there's a problem because there are racist, 
sexist, homophobic people. I see a lot of 
people taking up the idea that if you create an 
enemy out of that group of people, you can fix 
the problem by removing the enemy. But I 
think that as long as people need enemies 
there are going to be problems. So long as 
people can justify things that I can't find any 
reason to justify, there's going to be prob- 
lems. Whether it be divine or mortal, whatev- 
er, people possess free will. People possess 
the ability to make choices. This is a precious 
thing. It seems insane to me that one person 
can decide that another persons thinking is 
wrong and decide that they're going to go out 
and create it in anything other than a totally 
loving way. In order for any of this stuff to get 

that one day ayear we call Earth Day. ..It's fine 
I guess, but tojust have one day to take notice 
of things that should have started a long time 
ago. . . And still we're pulling up trees out of the 
ground to build houses. 
(Lance starts rambling about food apprecia- 
tion and burritos) 

Jeff: That's another thing that occured to me. 
You can be sitting around your house. Watch- 
ing TV with the family. Then the electricity will 
go off. All of a sudden the whole family is 
sitting around playing monopoly by candle- 
light. Everybody is together and not just star- 
ing at the television. 

MRR: Earthquakes, in a way, take 
away everything artificial. Artificial 
lighting. Television. 
Jack: It's a distraction. If you can't turn on the 
television, you can't distract yourself. 
Jeff: Taking all that shit away. It sort of hum- 
bles people. People are scared shitless. We 
used to be food for some things. 
MRRi To change the subject drasti- 
cally, who writes the songs and how 
do they come together? 

up in the bay area, and it's Bflat. 
MRR: Really?!? 
Jeff: Yeah, the dial tone. AT&T here. 
MRR: Now that's conspiracy. Have 
you seen a UFO? 

Jeff: Me and Jack did. Outside the Crack 
House. Remember that? 
Jack: It was unidentifiable, that's for sure. 
Jeff: It was just hanging in the sky, hell of high 
up. Hell of high up. We were just watching it 
trying to figure out if it was just coffee and lack 
of sleep or what. But it was really there and 
high up. We were just walking around about to 
get some cigarrettes or something. Then all of 
a sudden it just shoots across the sky hell of 
fast. Way too fast to be an airplane. It couldn't 
have been an airplane because it was hover- 
ing. Okay, they do have those military planes 
that can hover. Like theones they sent overto 
Kuwait. But one of those went over us when 
we were driving across Utah. It was just as 
fast. But it was so loud. It was deafening. 
MRR: What the hell are UFO's doing in 
Benecia? What else should we talk 

better, it's not going to be achieved by hating 
people and making enemies out of people 
because then all you have is enemies. Every 
person that I've ever known that once loaned 
themselves to the ideologies of racism, sex- 
ism, and all that. The only people I've seen 
come around from that do so simply from 
being around other people who don't isolate 
them and who didn't look down upon them. 
Jack: The best way to get people on your side 
is to create a fear and a hatred towards 
somebody else. Then all of a sudden you have 
a bunch of numbers on you side. You can say 
anti-racist and it's appealing toa lot of people. 
But most of what I see is that they're just as 
prejudiced as the nazis are. The same hatred. 
The same fear. In America we created this 
huge fear that the communists were taking 
over. It's all ridiculous. Everybodies totally 
patriotic. As far as anti-racist groups, we 
agree on anti-racism. But beyond that. They 
want to argue that if I'm not involved I'm a 
coward and I let people walk all over me. But 
I'm just respecting other people's rights. 


As we all 
know, a 
ing num- 
ber of mu- 

s i c i an s " who got their start in 

the 1960's (Jagger, Plant, are still active 
in the world of music today. The problem with 
this, of course, is that most really shouldn 't be. 

A refreshing tonic for the increasingly 
widespread malady of flatulent dinosaur rock- 
ers is Fred Cole. Fred is the driving force 
behind Dead Moon, a Portland, (actually 
Clackamas) Oregon-based trio, that is his 
most recent of a dozen or so bands that date 
back to the mid-60 's. Unlike most of his gen- 
erational peers, Fred is not simply rehashing 
his past and becoming an insincere parody of 
what he once was, rather he and his band- 
mates are creating music that is as vibrant, 
seething, and relevant as anything out there 

Impressive as the band is on record, 
there is no doubt that the live stage is theirtrue 
forte. Whereas some groups are built around 
a "main dude " or two complimented by a 
couple of ostensibly faceless backing musi- 
cians, live Dead Moon is a potent brew of 
three very distinct and charismatic perform- 
ers, each one possessing the ability to be the 
centerpiece at any given time. Youthful drum- 
mer Andrew Loomis (just barely into his thir- 
ties!) draws the audience in with his manic 
eyes and intense waves of his long arms, while 
bassist Toody (Fred's friend and wife since 
1967) fascinates with her elegant and thin 
arms, and the most frightening pearly white 
setofcamiverous teeth I have everseen in my 
life. And, of course, there is Fred and his 
trademark "Bon-Scott-meets-DaveThomas " 
vocals, who adds the awe-inspiring presence 
of a man who has played his instrument for 
three decades without losing the jolt of enthu- 
siasm he felt when he first picked it up. Be 

there twenty or two hundred 
people in the crowd, Dead 
Moon delivers an inspiring set 
of psychedelic garage rock 
and roll that is the very defini- 
tion of passion. For all the 
fucked-up baby-boomers, 
twenty-somethings, and 
teens of the world, Igiveyou 
Dead Moon... Interview by 

MRRi I want to ask 

you a little about 

your background...! 

mean, obviously all 

three of you have 

been at it for a long 


Toody: Not as long as 
Fred, but long enough 

MRR: Fred's first 
record came 
out, I believe, in 
1 964, the year I 
was born, ac- 
tually. What 
was the name 
of that band? 
Fred: Uh well 
let's see... 
T: '64 was Poverty Shack 
that's Poverty Shack or the Lords; 
Probably the Lords thing. 
MRR: And where did you meet up with 
these other two? You and Toody are 
married, right, or at least that's what 
I read in the gossip columns... 
F: Yeah, since 18. 
MRRi 18 years? 

F: Since we were 1 8. Our twenty-fifth wedding 
anniversary is coming up in June. 
MRRi So the two of you have been 
playing together that whole time? 
F: No, she didn't start playing until the Rats in 

MRR: And where did you pick up 
F: Off the street. 

T: Behind the bar at Satryicon (a Portland 

F: No, we've known Andrew for a long time, 
since he was really just a kid--about seven- 
teen-and we always wanted to end up work- 
ing him into a band at some point, but it just 
didn't work out until Dead Moon. It ended up 
being the right combo. 
MRR: And Dead Moon has been to- 
gether now for 3 or 4 years now?? 
T: Yep, since Sept. 18, 1987. 
MRR: And it's always been the three 
of you? 
All: Yup! 

MRR: And always will be? If Toody 
ran off with the guy from Poison Idea 
(Everyone laughs drowning out the 
tape) the band wouldn't just find a 

T: No, just these three. No one else would 
have us! 

MRR: I've always heard that in Ger- 
many y'll are really big, that you play 

packed houses... 

T: Yeah, we did this last tour. We played for 
bigger crowds and in bigger venues than we 
did the first time. 
MRRi How big? 

T: The outdoorfestivals were the biggest; they 
say somewhere between 10and 15,000atthe 
Rotterdam festival. Most of the bigger indoor 
clubs, you're looking at maybe 800 or so 
MRRi Wow, that big? At the OK Hotel 
(in Seattle) a few months ago, you 
drew closer to 20 or 30. 
T: (.Smiles) Yeah, that's right. 
MRRi Fred, you write most of the 
F: Yeah. 

MRRi There seems to be a sort of 
theme running through a lot of the 
songs; I don't know if bitterness is the 
right word... 

F.Yeah well, after this many years of not 
getting anywhere, a lot of it is frustration, a lot 
of it is bitterness. 
T: Cynical more than bitter. 
F: Cynical, I mean, you get tired of looking at 
the same scene, you see the same things 
happening over and over... 
MRRi Do you mean with yourself, or 
with society in general? 
F: For both me personally and for the scene 
itself, it keeps rotating around. One thing 
becomes popular, the press and everyone 
jumps on it for a year until it's dead, then stuff 
gets too overexposed. There's a lot of good 
stuff out there that might last a little longer If it 
didn't just get crammed down people's 
throats continually. 

MRR: Why do it after thirty years, why 
keep playing the small clubs? 
F: Oh, because I love it. I can't not do it. 
MRRi Is this true with all three of you? 
Is it worth doing whether you play 
before 25 people in Seattle or 800 in 

T: Well, it's always better to play in front of 
800, but If you've got 30 people that are 
thrilled with what you're doing, it's really just 
as much of a rush. We're basically live per- 
formers. As you can see, recording is not our 
forte! (All laugh). We all love playing live, and 
I think always sound best live. 
MRRi It really shows. When you 
played here in April, it was the first 
time you'd been up here in a couple of 

T: Yeah, we stayed too close to home. ..Got 

MRR: Well, the show wasn't very well 

Andrew: I never saw a poster. 
MRR: Right, and there ended up being 
only that 25 or 30 people in the crowd. 
So, I was kind of expecting a letdown, 
since there really should have been 
much more of a crowd. But I was real 
blown away by how great the show 
was, even with next to no one there. 
T: I think a lot of it is that we all came from early 
punk bands, and that kind of thing was so 
normal, you got used to getting out there and 
performing your ass off for whoever was out 
there that paid to come through the door. And 

it has been the most excellent training. When 
you do get that huge crowd out there, you just 
feed up to that much higher a level off the 
crowd. Anyhow, a lot of times we just play for 
each other. 

MRRi I'll tell you. ..with a lot of bands 
that just works in theory, being a* that 
attitude's part of the punk rock credo, 
but it don't actually happen that way 
a lot of the time. When it comes down 
to it, a lot are resentful that they're not 
getting the big car or expensive 

T: Right, but that's no reason to disappoint the 
people that dig what you're doing enough to 
show up. 

MRRi Right on! 

F: Seriously, if someone pays 5 bucks or 
whatever to see us play, there's no difference 
in the type of show they should see whether 
there's 800 people there or just them. Believe 
it ornot, when Toody and I were in the Rats, we 
played a Halloween night show in Portland for 
a friend of ours who had a little coffee house, 
(the 9th St. Exit); one guy showed up, and we 
played two sets for him and kicked butt. 
T: I still remember playing here in Seattle with 
Black Rag before 5 people! 
F: Yeah, when Black Rag came through town 
for the first time, they played for maybe 8 
people and just kicked butt-both bands. But 
you get to the point where you feel there's 
just no difference. If you 're going to pay five . 
bucks for a movie, why should it make any 
difference whether the theater is packed 
or empty. It's the same thing with music; 
you've got to perform up to par and peo- 
ple have got to get their money's worth. 
MRRi In some ways, you seem to 
have made a conscious decision 
to stay small. I mean probably if 
you wanted to sell a few more 
records, they wouldn't be re- 
corded in mono, and they 
wouldn't be put out on your 
own label ITombstonel 
necessarily.. .Is there sort of a 
conscious decision to stay un 
derg round? 

F: I like the underground, cuz I think 
you live longer in the scene. 
MRRi If you're any indica- 
tion, that would seem to be 

F: No, honestly. You get major 
and you get changed by all the 
pressures of the major label, be- 
cause they put so much money 
into you. You're under a lot of 
pressure from that. You're un- 
der pressure to continually put 
out a better record than you 
did the time before. With me, 
I just want to see this band 
put out the best product that 
it can for what we've got to 
work with, and slowly 
draw... I mean time isn't real- 
ly a problem to me anymore. I 
used to be bummed out at the fact that 

was getting older, now I just look at it like, 
yeah, I'll just keep doing it as long as I can walk. 

T: And a lot of it is that in this particular way, 
you maintain total control over what you're 
doing, which is the biggest thing for Fred... 
F: There's as many people out there that hate 
our records as like them, at least I hope. If it 
goes fifty-fifty, I'm happy. But If people think 
it's a really ratty kind of recording... 
MRRi Well, it is! 

F: And there's people that love that, then 
there's the people that hate it because it's not 
a pure clean kind of thing. 
MRRi When you take this DIY/as 
much integrity as possible approach, 
is there something more than music in 
mind there — some kind of a political 
or social statement attached? 
F: Well, rock and roll started out to be such a 
dirty form of music, and some of that's gotten 
lost. If it's dirty in the tracks, it just protects 
that feeling much more. It's like listening to old 
blues records recorded in mono, like old Howl- 
ing Wolf records, that grittiness and that 
dirtiness adds to the song and makes it more 
real. And that's basically where we're at, we 
really are a garage band. We record that way 
and play that way live. We don't use effects. 
MRRi Is there a political side to that. 
The song that comes to mind is 
"Johnny's Got a Gun." 
(from Defi- 

ance). It seems maybe a little tongue 
in cheek, but in many ways is a pretty 
powerful political statement 

F: That song is basically just saying no matter 
how small anybody is, you better watch out for 
him; you can't keep shoving the rest of the 
world around. I kind of got a lot of these ideas 
from countries like Ireland -or any small coun- 
try-where you have a major force that's con- 
trolling them all the time, and it goes down to 
one on one with people; the bully that wants to 
beat the kid up in the schoolyard everyday. 
People only take so much before they start 
fighting back. 

MRRi Why did Toody sing that one? 
T: (.laughs heartily) He put on the vocals first, 
and didn't really like... 

F: I just really liked the way it sounded with her 
singing it. 

T: Sometimes he'll do that, he'll say " Come on 
in here and put the vocals on," and I won't 
even know the words, but I'll try it and some- 
times it comes out 

MRRi So probably you'll just continue 
on as Dead Moon for a while? 
T: Yes! 

F: Til all my hair falls out. 
MRRi And If Columbia records calls 
you up tomorrow and wants you, 
could you see working with them? 
F: Oh, that wouldn't happen. We've already 
been approached by those guys, actu- 
ally, and we said "No." 
We aren't 



Buzzoven interview by Jon from 'Moo Moo 
Noo Noo' 'zine. 

MRR: Firstly, who's in Buzzoven. 
B: Buzzoven is Scott on drums, Kirk on guitar 
and vocals and Igor on bass. We all live in a 
dumpster behind K-Mart. We're from the deep- 
est depths of the sewer except for Igor He's a 
mountain man from the deep woods of Ten- 

MRR: How did you come up with the name 

K. I had constantly tried to come up with a good 
name. We didn't want anything with deep 
meaning, but something that sounded good 
and just kind of described us It kind of de- 
scribes our sound and our feelings. 
MRR: What happened to Sewer Puppet (Kirk's 
previous band)? 

K: Well, it was just kind of fucked up all the time. 
The bass player still never had any equipment 
after a year of being together. The drummer 
had another band that he suddenly became 
more involved with. Therefore I was the only 
one who still was into it and was doing every- 
thing, so we just kind of said 
fuck it, or I did anyway Hans 
(Sewer Puppet bass player) 
still has no band and no 
equipment. Fred lives in 
Boone with his band Boil. 

They're really good More 

experimental psychedelic 


MRR: Buzzoven's bass 

player is from Tennessee. 

How did you meet him? 

K: Yes, he is from Tennes- 
see and we met at a party 

after Schlong and Nuisance 

played his town. I was on 

tour with them at the time. 

MRR: I guess I would de- 
scribe Buzzoven's sound as 

a cross between Neurosis 

and the Melvins. Were they 

an influence on you? How 

would you describe 

Buzzoven's sound? 

K: I wouldn't really compare 

us to either of them because 

I do listen to both of those 

bands and I don't really think 

that we sound like either. I 

think it's noticeable at times 

that they are an influence, 

but we don't sound like 

them. We all really dig Black 

Sabbath. We all listen to dif- 
ferent stuff. Igor listens to 

Madonna and Rick James, 

and K.C and the Sunshine Band. I believe those 

are the only three records he has. Describing 
our sound, well, I think we have a little variety. 
Some slow, some fast, some in between We 
prefer the slow stuff to anything, but I think 
most crowds prefer the faster stuff. We're just 

grungy and heavy, at least that's what I think. 
MRR: Do you read MRR? How do you feel about 
MRR's new policy of not reviewing tapes any- 
more, especially since at the present you only 
have a demo tape out? 

K: Well, I do personally read MRR, but Scott and 
Igor don't pay much attention to it. I think that 
them not reviewing tapes sucks, but I do under- 

stand why they quit doing it because some 
bands were sending in shit recordings done on 
a jam box, or with a microphone etc. Plus there 
are just so many bands with tapes. I think it 
would be cool though if they could find some- 
one who could filter through all of them and 

they would still review the decent ones. 
MRR: Tell us about Buzzoven's new record 
deal with Allied Recordings. Allied is a big 
environmental type label (with bands like Nau- 
sea and Antischism). Do you think Buzzoven 
will fit in? 

K. He (John Yates) is i 

7" for us in February, maybe something else 
later on. I'm not real concerned 
with fitting in with any of those 
other bands. We're not politi- 
cal, but I do write about my 
own personal politics We 
have our own concerns with 
environmental issues, but we 
don't push our ideas on any- 
one else. 

MRR: What do you think of 
the North Carolina music 
scene? Do you like any local 

K: I think it needs some work. 
I wish we could get more 
bands here. It seems like I have 
to drive 3-4 hours to see most 
of my favorite bands. Locally 
speaking, I like Tonka and 
Funky Moses. Antiseen is cool 
too. They're finally getting 
some recognition after 7 years. 
MRR: What's your connection 
with the world famous Mile- 
stone Club? 

K. I used to work there when it 
was owned by Tony of The 
Inn. I helped Tony a little with 
booking. I still book some 
bands through Penny. 
MRR: What's the future for 

K: We've got a 7" coming out 
on Allied as we said, and then 
we plan to tour in the U.S. in 
April/May. Then hopefully put out an LP, maybe 
on Allied. 

MRR: Any final comments? 
K: Give us free beer! Think for yourself and 
don't take things too seriously. 
Contact Buzzoven: 
P.O. Box 5366, Charlotte. N.C. 28225-5366 


/ hadn 't gone out to see bands for a 
while until the UNSANE came to town. I 
enjoyed their singles, thought the album 
was awesome, and was curious to see 
how their unholy barrage of noise would 
connect in a live setting. In a word, it was 
devastating, with distortion levels border- 
ing on pain, a furious dischordant pummel. 
Check out the moderately complete dis- 
cography at the end for your lis tening plea - 
sure. Interview done by Walter Glaser dur- 
ing Christmas time, 199 1, at the Torbnado. 
Read on. 

MRR: What are your names and 
C: Chris Spencer. I play guitar. 
CH: My name is Charlie Onduras and I'm 
the percussionist of the group. 
P: My name is Pete Shore and I'm a 

CH: I also have the teen appeal... 
C: (.bewildered) Where does that come 


MRR: The hair. He's got the hair. 

CH: That's easily as important as playing 

C: On this tour, I think Charlie has come 
across as one of the more repulsive mem- 
bers of the band. 

P: That's because of the teen appeal. 
CH: I make every effort to be repulsive. 
MRR: What is the UNSANE's deal 

C: We were three guys in school who hung 
out and made crazy noise. We didn't even 
play shows for a long time. 
CH : We just sorta did it for the hell of it and 

P: Someone wanted to make a record of 

C: We had no plans to put out a record orplay 
shows or anything . We got a show by chance 
one time in New York and the guys from the 

started freaking out. We played the Pyr- 
amid Club with them, we played with PUS- 
SY GALORE, and it just kept going from 

CH: Gerard Cosby saw one of our early 
shows on the recommendation from Tom 

P: At this point, he's given us so much 
respect he can only put us down now. Now 
that we're officially signed to his label, he 
can only speak poorly of us. 
MRR: A lot of the stuff around your 
band deals with quasi-violent im- 
agery, like the gory record cov- 

P: We're not trying to put across a violent 
image. Chris and I were always into horror 

C: Me and Pete used to do prosthetic 
effects for certain films, like rubber gore 
effects, blood, etc. 
P: We would get ideas for neat things and 



say, 'Whatthefuck?'.Myidea for the singles 
like the Sub-Pop one or the Glitterhouse one 
was to make a weird image that had no 
reason or purpose so people would say 

What the fuck is this about?' But it's nothing 
but a weird image. 

C: Like the Sub-Pop single, we had a house 
that was empty and abandoned out on Long 
Island so we coated the walls in blood 
MRU: So you actually took the pho- 
to... who's the person? 
C: This guy Jim, a friend of ours The 
Glitterhouse one is Pete, sitting in a chair 
MRR: But also your song titles like 

Urge to kill", "Exterminator", 
they're all... 

P: "Exterminator" is about roaches. 
C: It's about lying in bed and having someone 
spray poison all over you. 
MRR: When you see these gory cov- 
ers and read the song titles, people 
probably think you're mass murder- 

C: "Urge to kill" is more about abuses- it's 
not about an urge to kill people. That was the 
first song we ever wrote. 

MRR: So what kinds of things do you 
sing about? 

C: Shit that happens to me. 

P: Gun rights, patriotism, being treated like 

shit, scum on your block... 

CH: Drinking fine imported beers. 

C: We have yet to write a song about 


nJ^ s , Chariie s son 9. "Action Man". 
' CH: That s not about drinking fine imported 


P: That's what happens when you drink too 
many fine imported beers or maybe too many 
fine domestic beers. 

MRR: You guys are definitely in- 
tense live. 

CH: We try. We give it all. 

MRR: What's that inspired by? 

C: It's what we like to do. 

P: We like to rock. Walter, when you go to 

a rock show, what's the best one you like? 

The one when they're kicking out the heavy 

jams When I rock, I'm just playing straight 

and having fun. 

CH: Putting energy into it. 

P: As much energy as you can possibly exert. 

I m spinning after each show. 

C: I get vertigo 3/4 of the way through the 


P: After the show when someone comes up 
and talks to me, my heads qoinq "WONGi 
WONG!" a 

C: We're really loud. I think volume is crucial 
to a three piece band. You need volume for 
a thick sound. 

MRR: Are there any bands you align 
yourselves with or any bands who 
are doing similar things? 
C: Not similar things. Therearealotofbands 
that we deal with who are friends like RAIL- 
GERY. SURGERY is pretty "classic rock" 
but they re good guys. Out of all the bands' 
in New York, I don't think there's anything 
musically similar except in terms of volume 
and intensity. For style of music, I think that 
e yery band is different. Like RAILROAD 
JERK is into the whole country thing, COPS- 
HOOTCOP is into the whole "destroy rock" 
ENCE is into the whole blues thing. 
P: There's no figurehead band that's leading 
the way and that's good. 
MRR: What are your plans for the 

C: We're going to try to finish this tour, go to 
Europe, do the States again particularly the 
south, and start working on our second 

MRR: Are you guys popular in New 

C: Yeah, we do better there than anywhere 
else. We're more established there. 
CH: It'll be interesting to see what effect 
having an album out has on our popularity 
MRR: Are you satisfied with the 


C: Yeah, I like the record. There are a 
couple tracks I would've liked to re-record 
or change for other songs, but there's 
nothing you can do about that, because 
it's like a representation of a certain time 
and fortunately, that happens to be now. 
We have live stuff in between songs... 
P: So there's no blank space. 
MRR: The album seems a little 
less noisy than your other stuff. 
C: Really? 

MRR: That's what I thought. 
CH: ...than the live show, that makes 

MRR: No, less noisy than the 

C: Most of the singles came from the 
same session, which was an early ses- 

P: The singles were recorded really quick- 
ly and cheaply. 

C: On the first two singles, the Glitter- 
house one and the Treehouse one. they 
were both from the same session and 
sound identical, with a lot of low-end dis- 
tortion. I like the way it sounds, but even 
at the time, I would've liked a little more 
clarity. The Sub-Pop single was done with 
Steve Albini and the rhythm tracks are really 
loud and the lead parts were not brought up 
in the mix, so it's all just rhythm. 
MRR: So are you on Matador for 

P: Well, if Geffen comes along, we might 


C- I could never see us signing to a major 

MRR: You told me before that you 

had received letters... 

C: Yeah, from MCA. 

CH: Well, it was a form letter from a rep 

wanting free stuff. 

MRR: I just thought it was odd, it's 

not like you guys are going to be the 

next WINGER. 

C: Or even like HELMET. They've been 

approached by all these majors. They are on 

a major label now. 

MRR: Wow. 

C: Well, some people want to make money 

and some people want to do what they like to 


CH: I think they're going to do one in the 

C: They can be, but I think if you're getting 
pressure from your record company to put 
out a certain type of sound, you are going to 
be bumming seriously. I think I'd give it up if 
someone was trying to tell me what to play it 
all. r ' 

P: Nowwith this new NIRVANAcraze, I think 
bands are getting pretty free reign on what 
they can do, because NIRVANA recorded 
that record before they were even signed. 
C: Then they just shopped it around. 
MRR: It's totally amazing how popu- 
lar they are now. It's weird. Do you 
like them? 

ALL: Yeah, they're good guys 
MRR: It's actually a good record 
that's totally popular. It's surprising. 
They get played on MTV sandwiched 
In between PAULA ABDUL and MA- 


C: That can only help bands like us. That can 
only turn sorta mainstream people on to more 
independent stuff. NIRVANA is really trying 
to push bands who are their contemporaries, 
not necessarily Sub-Pop bands, but like 
URGE OVERKILL, they toured with them. 
MRR: Same with SONIC YOUTH. 
They played out here with the 
BALL. NIRVANA got so popular so 
fast. It's amazing. What if that hap- 
pens to you? 

P: I would have a really hard time with some- 
one trying to put make-up on me. 
CH: As long as they make an air freshener 
with me on it, I'll do whatever they ask. 
MRR: Kinda like Alf? 
CH: It'll say, "Action Rock N' Roll " across it. 
MRR: What would you do if you were 
in NIRVANA'S shoes? 
P: I'd be going to the bank and depositing my 
check. I'd be loving it. 
CH: I'd travel around the world. 
P: I mean, as soon as I'm done with this tour, 
I have to go back to driving my taxi. If 
someone said, "Go rock out and don't worry 
about it (money). " Fuckin' A... 
MRR: What do like most and least 
about San Francisco? 
C: We've had shows where we've played to 
fifteen people and four would come up to 
hang out after the show. Last night (at the 

Chameleon in San Francisco), it was packed 
and everyone just left and acted like we had 
some sort of attitude. 

CH: No one was hanging out after the show, 
no parties... 

MRR: Maybe it was the San Fran- 
cisco banter... 

CH: Oh... Frisco! It's a great place! Do you 
think I put people off? 

MRR: Maybe. I thought It was hilar- 

C: I thought it was pretty fucking funny. 
MRR: Some people don't have such 
a keen sense of humor as I. 
C: How can people not see the humor in 
Charlie saying , " If you can follow the GRATE- 
FUL DEAD, why can't you follow us to Oak- 
land?" to a roomful of alternative rock peo- 
ple? None of those people probably followed 
the DEAD in their life. 
CH: Oh, you'd be surprised. 
MRR: That's true. 
P: What do you hate about San Francisco? 
MRR: The deadheads, laidback- 
ness, people constantly hitting you 
up for money. After a while, it's just 
ridiculous. If you walked from here 
to the end of Haight Street, you'll get 
hit up for money at least twenty 

CH: Some guy asked me for five dollars! 
MRR: I've had deadheads come up 
and ask me for 
money so they 
can buy new gui- 
tar strings. The 
first thing I 
thought of was... 
CH: Stop playing 

MRR: I'd like to 
strangle him with 
guitar strings. 
CH: Give him a dollar 
to give it up. 
MRR: Stuff like 
that make me 
want to say, 
"Shut up. Get 
out of here. Stop 
just standing 
around." Home- 
less people don't 
bother me at all. 
If you're home- 
less, that's a to- 
tally fucked-up 
situation. But 
deadeads are 
just rich kids 
with trust funds 
standing around 
on the street. 
P: That's like the 
punk rockers that 
hang out in Thomp- 
kins Square Park. In 
the winter time, 
there's bums there, 
but in the summer 
time, all the punk 
rockers come out 
and bum change. 
MRR: They're 

finished cuddling by the fire with 

C: I like San Francisco; it's a good break from 
New York. I don't know if I could play in this 
band and live here, because New York is 
pretty high strung and I kinda need that. 
MRR: Do you want to talk about New 
York? I've never been there. 
CH: The greatest city in the world. 
C: There's a lot to do, but it has its ups and 
downs. It's a definite love/hate thing. 
There's a lot of drugs, crime, and bummin' 
people, a lot of bad shit. At the same time, 
there's a lot of good stuff to do. Bandwise, 
you get a lot of local exposure. Now, the 
scene there seems bigger than it ever was, 
We were all playing the Pyramid Club simul- 

CH: Every week they would have shows with 
new bands and out of town bands like MUD- 
HONEY, TAD. COWS. etc. Now there's 
nothing like that. Every week you could go 
out and see a good show. It was like five 
bucks; now to see the same show at CB- 
GB's, it's ten bucks. 

MRR: So do you think living in New 
York affects your sound at all? 
CH: Definitely. Your environment is always 
the catalyst of what you're doing. 
C: If we didn't live there... 
CH: The jams would be totally different. 
C: Yeah, I wouldn't be pounded by all this 
constant fucking bullshit. 
P: It gives you a bad attitude. 
C: It's not necessarily the people there. It's 
just like a police state. There you're really 
controlled by a lot of things you'd rather not 

MRR: It makes you angry. 
C: There you go. 

CH: Angry? I enjoy it a great deal. 
C: Some guy came up to me last night and 
said, "Man, what's wrong? Were you 
bummed out with the show?" just because I 
threw my guitar down. 
MRR: I guess he didn't understand... 
UNSANE, POB 1828, NY, 


"This Town/Urge to Kill " 7" (Treehouse) 
"Concrete Bed/El Mundo " 7" (Glitter- 

Vandal X/Streetsweeper" 7" (Sub- 


Jungle Music " EP (PCP) 
"Unsane" self-titled LP/CS/CD 

Songs on Compilations 

"Four Sticks " on the Endangered Spe- 
cies EP Box (Glitterhouse) 
"This Town" on the Crunchhouse LP/ 
CD (Glitterhouse) 

"Burn " on the Scumbait U I EP (Tree- 

"Boost" on the NY Ear & Eye Control 
LP/CS/CD (Matador) 
"Broke" on the Dope. Guns, and Fucking 
in the Streets Vol. 7 EP 


over the phone by Jeff Spaz on Hal- 
loween night, 11:30 PM, 10/31/91. 
Present were Peter and Chris of HI- 

MRR: Names, ages, and instruments: 
Peter-vocals, 18; Chris -bass, backing vo- 
cals, 18; Javier-drums, 18; Javier -guitar. 18. 

>■■...«■ v^, 1 

the band. 

Chris: First of all, we 
started talking 
about it around .. 
the end of '89 ., 
We never 
got to it. bul , 
around De- 
cember of '89,' 
me and Pete 
found each other 
on the street and 
started saying, 
Hey, do you 
want to make a 
band?" So I 
thought of it 
and said, 
"Let's go right 
with it." So 

around Janu-^^^" ary, we found 
Ralph, who was 16 by then. So we started 
jamming for a while. Then we found a guitarist, 
Marcos, and wejust got together one Sunday 
morning, we put together like 3 songs, and 
one day, we saw that the chemistry was real 
cool at the beginning. Well, that's really the 
beginning of HDN. 

MRR: How did you come up with the 
C: Over here, in Puerto Rico, the scene, the 
rock scene, the thrash scene, whatever, hard- 
core, punk.'s not that big in Puerto Rico. 
It's not a big thing here. So, in the beginning, 
we were looking for places to practice and all 
that crap, and ourparents too, you know, they 
don't get along with our music and our style of 
life, and all that So, we were like getting 
-kicked out of places and they didn't let us 
practice nowhere. So, one day, Pete came up 
withlike, "We Ye sons of nobody." InSpanish, 
its HIJOS DE NADIE. It was cool because the 
first name was "Drunken Roaches". But we 
didn't like that name. So, let's stay with HIJOS 
DE NADIE It's a great name. 
MRR: What do you think of the Puerto 
Rican hardcore scene? 
Peter. Okay, let's put it this way-- it's not big, 
but it's good because everybody is united- 
Punks, skins, thrashers, and that's good. 
MRR: That's the way it should be 
because in certain places, it's differ- 
ent. I know you guys were previously 
kicked out of HDN, can you explain 
P: I don't know exactly why I was kicked out. ' 

But they said I was like outrageous. Too '< 

rowdy. I 

CI could explain that more. In the beginning < 
of the band, the band was supposed to be real • 
hard hardcore, a pure hardcore band. And < 
down the ages, down the history of HIJOS DE i 
NADIE, the band has evolved into what is now 

evolved into a ska skinhead band. The reason 
why Pete got kicked out of the band-it was 
because he was more into the punk side of the 
hardcore and basically Marcos was staying 
with the whole show. So it wasn't good for 
Marcos to stay with Pete. So Pete got kicked 
out, then I followed. 

you out? 

C: Well, 

basically supposedly the 

excuse was 

real reason was that, you know, like Pete, too 
hardcore, too real punk. We were like revolu- 
tionaries and, you know, Marcos is a down- 
core skinhead. He believes in the skinhead 


more peaceful down there than over 

P; Over here in Puerto Rico, it's strictly more 
like politics. It's not a way of life like in the 
States. Strictly politics. Over here, they mix 
the skinhead music and the skinhead move- 
ment with the independent groups, the anti- 
American groups, they associate *^ 
more like that. Well, it's not really 
anti-American. It's just like skin- 
heads from New York-theyjust 
love New York. The skinheads 
here in Puerto Rico-they just 
love Puerto Rico. 
MRR: Are they sepa- 

C; In a way, yes. In a 

MRR: What are your 
songs about? 

P: It's just like society critics. Ev- 
erything that's wrong I make a song 

MRR: How do you feel about anarchy? 
C: Well, my vision of anarchy.. the begin- 
ning, we were like, "Oh, anarchy!" and all this 
crap down the ages. Since we've evolution- 
ized and grown up, we've seen that sucks. 
That 'sjust a world with no government ain't no 

....„ -. „.,, al uis song basically means. If you 
want something to progress, anarchy ain't the 
solution. Just talkit over, fixyourproblems, fix 
the government, because the people are the 
ones with the power, not the government. 
MRR: Pete, you once told me that 
people in Puerto Rico live in a democ- 
P: Yeah Okay, let me put it to you this 

punks said "An- 
archy", right? 
' What I think about 
is-if you're an an- 
' archist, and it's an 
anarchist govern- 
ment, and you'd like 
to kill whoever you 
want, nobody tells you 
about it, and I think 
that's wrong. 
C: Basically yes and no. 
The government in Puer- 
. to Rico is associated, 
'it it's liberated 

democracy. But still, over 
here, the government takes 
advantage of the people .You 
know, right now, we're having a 
I messed up crime scene, and a real 
jptive government. The government 
doesn't give a shit about the people. Just 
taking money for themselves and selling like 
recently, they sold a Puerto Rican telephone 
company to Spain. They're giving a lot of 
Puerto Rican-made enterprises to foreign 
~'~\ instead of staying with it so people 

nor of the state of Connecticut has 
been raising taxes and people have 
bee n getting laid off. They've been 
*ak^Ak ing taxes out of my pay- 
™^ check, which is a real 
pain in the ass. 
k C: They always do. They 
. always 

in the be- 
and when 
they get 
into pow- 
er like 
they al- 
' ways 

shTabouT^^the^^peo 9 ^ 3 

They just want a seat in the house. 

MRR: And the money. 

C: And the money. They don't care about the 


MRR: I guess that's what they mean 

Ulhan tliau <-aw "Tk« _3_L .... 

and the poor get poorer." 


P: Orlike they say, "The rich get richer and the 
poor die. " 

C: I'm working right now. I finished high 
school I plan on joining the Marines. But my 
hobbies are right now, are, part of my life now 
is the rock scene, hardcore scene, and the 
band. Right now, I'm working, studying, and 
playing with the band. 

MRR: Chris, I hope they don't send 
you off to war. 
P: (Laughs) 

C: Send me off to war? I hope not. 
MRR: I wouldn't want to see you get 
fucked up in a war. If not a body bag, 
but imagine when they come back 

C All fucked up. 

(Discussion about a friend of one of my co- 
workers who was sent to the Gulf and came 
home with nightmares and regrets. Also about 
Chris' uncle who was there as an MP and 
came back with some frightening stories) 
C: The reason why I'm joining the Marines is a 
family tradition. 

P: I'm starting to work on fabrics of T-shirts 
and prints. My real hobby is work, music. 
MRR: I heard that the Puerto Rican a 
scene is united, and the real trou- ^ 
ble comes from the outside 
from the rappers. Have you -^ 
had problems with 
them? ^ 

P: Yeah! 
many i 
them. But 
they've been ' 
cooling down 

C: Basically, over 
here in Puerto Rico, it 
doesn't matter if it's 
rap, hardcore, punk, or 
skjcw Even though we're 
united, the thing that unites 
us is that we consider our- 
selves Puerto Rican. At least 
here, there's not that murh 
racism. In some pi; 
like, "Hey you niggi 
"You black", or "You spic" 
orall that crap. Overhere, at 
least, there's 3 races-ary- 

just consider ourselves Pu- 
erto Rican. That's one of the 
things that unites us. But one of the ^" 
problems in Puerto Rico, in every scene-rap, 
hardcore, thrash, rock-everything is just 
style. Style of clothes. You won't look cool if 
you're not dressed a certain way. That's the 
problem here. A recent problem I had with the 
skinheads in Puerto Rico since I'm in the 
military style of life, I always have a crewcut or 
I get crazy and shave my head. But that 
doesn't mean I'm a skinhead. They see me 
playing punk or playing thrash or I like listening 
to thrash music. So they start criticizing or 
they start calling me 'Poser", or they start 
bullshitting me and start problems. 
P: This is the skinheads -They say, for exam- 
ple, if you don't have Doc Martens, or if you 

don't shave your head, then you're not a 

MRR: I know I'm not. 
P: (Laughs) I think that's really the point be- 
cause if you feel like being a skinhead with 
hair-you know, I don't think it's that bad. 
C: It doesn't matter what you wear, what you 
are. It's just you. 

P: I used to have a skinhead, and now I have 
Blue hair. It's a blue jade style of color right 

MRR: I know that you have new mem- 
bers and you're going to do the same 
songs from the upcoming 7". Also, 
you're going to write new songs. Will 
they be different than the single? 
C: All songs.. 

P: The day he told me that HIJOS DE NADIE 
was going to get back together again, we were 
talking about the styles of music . We're think- 
ing about the styles of music. We're thinking 
about , like, keeping the same aggressive- 
^fl^^ness in hardcore. But, you 
know, not just staying - 

in hardcore. 

. We 

ning of the year. 

C: In English, it means, "Always the same". 
And it's true. It's always the same thing. You 
know, in Puerto Rico, even though they're 
considered great, if you come down here and 
check it out, people will be saying, "Man, it's 
always the same shit. They're boring already. " 
Right now, we're going to explore new 
grounds right there. To see how people react. 
I think it's going to be cool because they could 
dance to everything and not get bored. 
P: Music for everyone, every style. 
MRR: How do you guys feel about 
straight edge? 

P: I like the movement, but right here in Puerto 
Rico, I don't think anybody's a straight edge, 

a real straight edge because 

MRR: Too much Medalla beer? 
P: Yeah, they can't follow the rules of straight 
edge. It's just not drinking and not smoking, 
not just that, it involves plenty of otherthings, 
and I don't think anybody here in Puerto Rico 
can be considered. 

MRR: I don't like it when it gets wa- 
. tered down by making it a bandwag- 
on. But, do you have any future 
. plans? 

C: I was thinking myself, and I 

haven't told Peter 

yet, and it 

t may be 

want to 
explore little 
down more punk, and 
a little down more cross- 
over style of music. 
MRR: It's a good idea. 
P: Grindcore. 

C: Grindcore, you know, we're just gonna 
please everybody in the scene so nobody will 
feel left out. 

P: That's the problem of most of the bands. If 
they're a grindcore band, they just play grind- 
core. If they're a skinhead band, theyjust play 
Oi! and Ska music. For example, SHAM PAIN, 
They've been considered. their new EP. 
MRR: "Siempre lo mismo"? 
P: "Siempre lo mismo" means "Always the 
MRR: I'm putting that out at the begin- 

pnse. I 
was think- 
ing, if we get 
big in Puerto 
Rico, we'll ere 
ate a new im- 
pact with our 
new lineup. I 
was just think- 
ing of going 
down to the 
P: If we could go 
down there for a week at 
least 2 "^ or3 times, that would be just 
nice, and just to get a good word over there in 
the States. A good rap. It's just satisfying for 
us. Or some recognition in some fanzine. 
MRR: Any last words? 
P: Everybody keep on fighting for what you 
believe. Be yourself. 

C: It happened to me. Don't let anybody get 
you down. To every new instrument player--if 
you're starting out, keep on practicing. And 
look at me- I'm no bass expert, but, you know, 
I get by. Tell all those newcomers to keep on 
practicing and fight for your beliefs. 

"El puto si stoma" will be out in mid- 
'92 on Computer Crime Records. HI- 
JOS DE NADIE/ Calle H Figueroa CI/ 
Villa San Anton/ Carolina, PR 00987 

An Interview with Yumikimm of 
[CR Record* and Fuck Geez by Do- 
in Mori. 

RRi The first question I have, as 
>inq that you war* raised and have 
in this rural area of Kyoto all 
ur life, is how and when did you 
Jrst get exposed to punk rock? 
Y: I listened to the Sex Pistols when I was in 
middle school, maybe 78. 1 was shocked by 
punk rock, the Sex Pistdsf|nd Clash, so I 
changed my live.* Also, since*" I was bom here 
I don t want to live in a big cfy because there 
e many people living there and it's too hard 
ijive there. It'sokayformetoliveinthissmall 
:ity If I was bom in a big city it wouldn't be a 
"oblem but I was bom here. 
IRRi How long ago did you start 

leases have you 

^been released. 

5CR Records? 
In' 1983. 
RRi How ma 
put out since tl 

Yljntil now, 49 it 

MRRi With all the vinyl pressing 
plants in Japan going out of business 
how arfyou putting out vinyl, do you 
press them in foreign countries? 
Y: No,' just inside Japan. But I have to try 
P re S#Hf vinyl elsewhere after Japanese 
pressing factories dose. Maybe it will be 
American pressing plant or British. 
MRRi Haven't they already stopped 
making 7" vinyl in Japan? 
X;. Maybe next spring or next summer. I will still 
Pyp moke tr, em but young Japanese people 
have no record players, just CD players it's a 
very big problem. If I just made vinyl not 
everyone can listen to it. I think the electric 
companies don't make record players any- 
more because they want to sell more CD 
players. 1 

MRRi Did MCR first originate as a 
vehicle to release Fuck Geez re- 
cords? Or was MCR around before 
the band? 

Y: After I finished high school mv friends and 
I we started MCR together but my friends 
changed their lives to pop music. So I'm 
running MCR on my own. 
MRR^ So what year did Fuck Gees 

Y: '83. 

MRRi So around the same time. 

Y: No, a little later. My friends made the name 

MRRi Does running the label by your- 
••J* ■• wel1 ■• k«ving a job make it 
difficult for the band to tour? 
Y: Yes, also I have a family. I think almost all 
Japanese punks have jobs, some people just 
part time others iust standard jobs. I think it's 
Japanese style, I think Japanese people like to 

MRRi Do you think the Fuck Geez's 
style of music has changed from 1 983 
to 1992? 

Y: Our sound has changed to rather more 
hardcore. We've changed many members, so 
If some member likes metal Fuck Geez 
sounds metallic. It's no problem because I'm 
writing lyrics by myself. 
MRRi Lately a lot of your releases 
have been split records with a band 
from Japan on one side and a foriegn 
band like Misery or Doctor and the 
Crippens on the other. Is there a spe- 
cial reason for this, are you trying to 
encourage foreign bands to discover 
Japanese bands and vice versa? 


MRRi I heard you were going to help 
Concrete Sox come over to tour Ja- 
pan, is that true? 

Y: Yeah, I'm trying but I have no power in 
regards to booking clubs, so I'm asking the 
band Nightmare to help. So if they say okay 
they'll help me Solcan'tsayyesnow.butl'm 


MRRi How many of each record do 

you press? 

Y: Some records 1000, some records 2000 
Themaximumis2000copies. The Nightmare/ 
Concrete Sox split EP and Sic/FVK split are 
both 2000 copies. 

MRRi How do you distribute them, are 
most of them sold in Japan? 
Y: Some copies I distribute in Japan and some 
copies MCR USA and MCR UK help distrib- 
ute in other countries. I also distribute other 
countries records 

MRRi When did MCR USA and UK 
become started? 

Y: Maybe a year or a year and a half ago. 
MRRi Will each of those labels press 
a thousand or 2000 of the records as 
well? Or do you just sand them cop- 
ies? » | * 
Y: Yes, I send my records to them. Sc%|al is 

MRRi How did you start making MCR 
videos. Do you take all the video 
footage yourself? 

Y: Most of the videos I've recorded by myself. 
I bought my camera in 1988 and started re- 
cording. Sometimes my friends help me. 
MRRi How many videos have you 
Y: Now, seven. 

MRRi The Doctor and the Crippens 
you video taped whan you visited 

Y: Yes, "Hard & Loud: Volume 3" with Dr & 
the Crippens, Extreme Noise Terror, Filthkick 
and Forcefed. Maybe I will distribute a video 
with Heresy, Amebix, Ripcord and Concrete 
Sox in Japan for MCR UK. It will be edited by 
the bands and I think that it will just be distrib- 
uted in Japan. 

MRRi What does Fuck Geez mean? 
Y: Nothing. Many people ask me about what 
Fuck Geez means, but it's just sounds. I don't 
know what it means. 
(laugh ted 

MRRi Some MCR releases are now on 
CD as well as vinyl, how many releas- 
es have been on CD? 
Y: Maybe just three items. 
MRRi What's you're favorite MCR 

record, the record you're most proud 
of releasing? 

Y: The S.D.S./Misery split is maximum good 
stuff from MCR: Also Fuck Geez stuff to& 
because I'm playing in Fuck Geez, of course' 

MRRi Any other exciting things you'll 
be releasing in the future? 
Y: Next month I'll be releasing a compilation 
album. Some songs are very funny and some 
songs are very hard, but it's difficult for other 
countries people to understand because the 
bands are singing in Japanese 
MRRi Is MCR self sufficient, or do you 
have to support it with your own job? 
Does each record pay for the next 

Y: Yes, but sometimes I must borrow money 
from the bank because now I'm releasing one 
or two items a month and I can't make the 
money back within the month. Maybe some 
record shop sends me the money 3 months 
later. JT wkW Jk,- 

MRRi I think that's iti do you want to 
talk about anything else? 
Y. I have to say to other countries people if 
you want to get In contact withJapanese 
punks and hardcore people please leam Jap- 
aneselanguage. If you can do it maybeyou can 
meet many, many Japanese people. Most 
Japanese people study English for six years, 
but still cannot speak it. Also so many people 
write to me for record trading, that if you do, 
please give me easy English. Or write in Jap- 
anese If you can, then I can answer you very 
quickly. Tmtrying to write and speak in English 
for other countries peoples, so please try to 
do the same, but in Japanese. 



Spitboy is Adrienne - vocals, 

Karin • guitar/vocals, Paula - bass/ 

vocals, Todd • drums/vocals. 

Photo credits: Paul Insurrection, Rick Segal, 
Murray Bowles, Danielle Damasius. 
Interview by Tim and Suzanne. 
MRRi Let's start it out going right to 
the heart of matters. Are you all a one- 
issue band? 
All: No. 

MRRi Explain. 

Adrienne: I guess by one issue you mean 
women-oriented issues because that's what 
we hear a lot. 

MRRi Dealing with sexism. 
Adrienne: Yeah. I think if you look at our lyrics 
there are a lot of songs that lean towards that 
issue, but we do have other songs outside of 
that and we do talk about things outside of 
that. It's not just every single song hitting you 
over the head with women's issues. We have 
songs about feeling isolated, dysfunctional 
families... things like that. 
Paula: Communication. Like "Violent 
Tongue. " 9 

Adrienne: Yeah. It's not just a one-issue band 
I think that a lot of times people might want to 
take it that-way because we are four women 
singing about women's issues so they're just 
going to pigeon-hole it. I don't think any of us 
look at it that way. 

Karin: It might be easy for some people out- 
side to categorize four women who are taking 
kind of a strong stance on a perspective that 
we feel just to say, okay, well, they sing about 
this because look at this song and oh yeah, 
this song is kind of similarto this song because 
of this perspective or what have you. 
Adrienne: "Self-righteous feminist vegan 

Karin: We got called that once. It's kind of hard 
to defy 'cause it's what we feel most person- 
ally, what we feel and see and undergo every 
day, no matter whether it's playing music or 
walking down the street - this impressed atti- 
tude all the time, and it stinks. 
Todd: And it's not like when we started playing 
together we said, "Okay, let's write a song 
about rape, let's write a song about sexism in 
the scene, and let's write a song about phys- 
ically abusive relationships. " There are just 
issues that have come up that we've dealt with 
personally, whether it's happened to us or to 
our friends. We've dealt with it and we're very 
passionate about it and decided to write about 
it. It's not like we sat around and decided that 
we needed to have songs about these partic- 
ular issues. It just so happens that we're really 
affected by them. How could we not help but 
write about it? How could we help to not see 
it, talk about it? '% 

MRR: Do you all write lyrics? 
All: Yeah. 

Adrienne: It's weird because most of the lyrics 
that I write usually are the ones that aren't 
about those kinds of issues. Todd's written 
"Violent Tongue," which isn't, but I have an- 

other outlet for that, so I use SPITBOY as 
something to express my feelings about 
things that I am really moved by. 
Paula: Mine have been focused on a lot of 
different women's issues. I remember when 
we were first talking about getting the band 
together, I had some things in my head that I 
really wanted to write down . The first song that 
- 1 wrote was definitely about women'slssues. 
It was "The Threat." And then Adrienne and I 
moved on to "Moral Casualty," which deals 
more with gender roles^d expectations and 
where we get that from. The whole political 
analysis that comes down from that. 
Todd: I remember when people would de- 
scribe us and someone said to me, "Yeah, I 
was telling so and so about your band and I 
was saying yeah, you've got songs about 
rape' and it was like, we didn't even have a 
song about rape, not until two months ago. 
People assume that because we're all women 
and since we do take a strong stand on sexism 
that we automatically have a song about rape!-' 
Now we do, but people make those assump- 

MRRi The hard stance that you take 
on women's issues seems like it's 
directed more at men, so what re- 
sponsibility do you think that women 
have in keeping up those barriers? 
Are your songs directed to make 
women think about what they do to 
keep a cycle going? 
Karin: I really trjink so. The song that I com- 
pletely wrote lyric-wise is "Sexism Im- 
pressed." I try to describe how just too many 
people sit complacently and take this shit. 
They don 't try to rise above it or try to look for 
an outlet against the oppression that we feel. 
I really hope that women and men can get 
something out of it. I'm not trying to define a 
particular audience. 

Adrienne: I think that it just comes down to it 
just being people. Any person, male orfemale, 
hopefully reading our lyrics will get a different 
perspective on somethingwhetherit is rape or 
whether it is a song like "Moral Casualty." It's 
not just like, oh, all you men had betterjeam a 
lesson because that's a bullshit attitude to 
take. It's like people, myself included, need to 
keep learning. That's what I hope happens. 
Paula: We try to focus on the plural. We or us. 
We're all involved with these issues and try 
not to direct it at being the fault of men. There 
are different things that we all do that play into 
the cycle. I know that I have learned so much 
about myself and the different things that I say 
and words like " bitch. " I find that totally offen- 
sive now. I used to use that word all the time. 
MRRi Do you live up to what you talk 
about in your own relationships and 
in your own dealings with friends and 
with male friends? Do you find your- 
self doing the things that you sing 
about that you want to change, or 
have you already dealt with that and 
are you now trying to educate other 

people about it now that you*v« 
ized it? 

Adrienne: A lot of times it's things that. ; 
grow towards. Something like "Interdepen- 
dency" is really personal to me, and It's an 
idea that I want to reach. Just because I'm 
singirig about It doesn't mean that I've 
reached it yet. It's just a goal. But I'm not ever 
saying that I'm perfect. Just because we're 
singing about it doesn't mean that we're say- 
ing, "Well, we do this one hundred percent 
and we're not sexist and we're not idiots." 
We're human. 

MRRi A lot of the lyrics that do deal 
with women's issues come from a 
perspective of being like kind of an- 
gry or frustrated or feeling isolated. 
Those again are human feelings, but 
there is an element of saying, 'This is 
how sexism makes us feel," and are 
you saying that you want people to 
think about that or do you want men to 
think about that? 
Paula: We want everyone to think ; 
Todd: We think about it. I think about it 
time and I completely try to change things that 
I do and words that I use and the way I talk and 
the way I treat people. I really feel that it is very 
important to try yourhardest to live up to what 
you're singing about. 

Paula: The things that we're singing about are 
things that - as a band or individually - 1 need to 
follow through on what I'm singing or whatj'm 
saying or what I'm presenting because'if I 
don't then people will question everything else 
that we're doing or what we're saying as 
people; I do feef that we're human and that 
we're not perfect, but I think that the things 
that we do sing about and that we write about 
mean a lot to us and that hopefully we are' 
striving in that direction. I don't reel like we can 
say. "Oh, we're here 'cause we've done 
now get your shit together." 
Karin: I really try to impress upon womc 
conditioned elements that so many of i 
under - by talking to someone who has 
traditional views - I try to show ther 
there's a way not to fall into that same : 
replication of the past where women do th 
certain things and men do these thir 
overcome those gender-role attributes 
Todd: Yeah, and I think we work really ha 
try to educate or whatever,., for men an 
women. We're not just pointing fingers at 
men. But we're saying to all genders... both 
genders! ^ 

Karin: All seven, (laughter) 
Todd: ... that these are the stereotypes. This 
is what you 're expected to live up toand.that's 
bullshit. Its total bullshit for men and it's 
bullshit for women, too. I think another really 
important thing that'we try to do. like Karin 
wrote in "Sexism Impressed, " is to let people 
know that you can confront it. You can say 
something. You have a voice. You don't I 
to, whether you'-re a man or you're a won 
sit back and take it; 

MRRi There were a couple of things 
that I was wondering in terms of the 
way these topics are approached in 
your lyrics in that 1 ) there's decidedly 
no humor involved in this and a criti- 
cism can be made and has been made 
about a lot of political bands in the 
past that it clubs people over the head 
in a way that it's not going to have the 
desired effect, and that it might actu- 
ally make people turn away. The other 
aspect is that there seems to be a 
quality in a lot of the songs that "we're 
victims, we're victims, we're victims, 
we're victims." Is that something that 
you would agree to or not agree to, or 
that now you have to get it out of your 
system, or is it a stage or is that total 

Karin: I think that first of all, the thing about the 
humor is that there isn't very much funny stuff 
that we're talking about and we don't take any 
of this as a joke. We don't take sexism as a 
joke, and we don't take any of that attitude as 
a joke. We find it really offensive when people 
try to make jokes about this kind of stuff. It's 
just too serious. 

.MRRi In other words, if you're doing 
It just to express yourself then any 
way that you're doing it is fine. If 
you're doing it to have an impact and 
get other people to think or whatever, 
do you think that this is the way to go? 
Adrienne: I. don't think it's conscious that we 
go, "Let's write very serious songs about very 
serious issues. " The things that make us feel 

very passionate orvery upset or very angry or 
very hurt is what we're going to write about. 
So far I haven 't been able to write a song about 
really happy things, I just can't do it. Maybe 
some day I will when I feel very passionate 
about the good things that happen to me, but 
the need to express the painful side and my 
angry side is more prevalent right now. 
Paula: That's a really good point, though, is 
how much we'refed in oursociety about being 
a victim and not being a survivor and how to 
change that around. "The Threat" starts from 
the stance of a victim but ends on a note of 
"now with all of those who care we're going to 
hopefully change this thing.' And I think that's 
really important not to get stuck in the role of 
a victim. The message has got to be empow- 

Todd: I do think that the ends of the songs 
bring you back up. Now that we have this 
knowledge and we've talked about it and 
bonded together, we're going to do try to do 
something about it. 

Paula:. My whole energy in the band or wanting 
to be in the band or needing to be in the band 
is to express myself. I really want to talk to 
other people about the way I feel and I wonder 
what other people are thinking about these 
issues and I want to get some communication 
going. This is another outlet to start changing 
things and bring them to the surface. 
Adrienne: I remember when I wrote "isolation 
Bums, " which is about feeling really distant 
the song because I wanted so badly for some- 
one to come up to me and go, "Wow, you've 

I r 

felt that alone? I have too. " And to realize that 
I am not that alone. I remember that Paula, 
right after I wrote it, would say that she'd walk 
around and she was feeling bad and she'd sing 
part of the lyrics and hear them in her head. I 
remember just thinking, wow, that's really 
cool because I. wrote this song from a very 
painful perspective of just feeling really alone 
and I needed to express it but I also needed to 
hearbackfrom somebody saying, "Yeah, I've 
felt that down. " 

MRRi It's interesting because you 
were talking about how that song was 
more about not having friends or feel- 
ing isolated from not having friends, 
and the way I took it was that you felt 
that way because of sexist attitudes. 
Adrienne: That's really weird! 
Paula: Do you think a lot of people look at it 
that way? 

MRRi I don't know. 
Paula: Maybe just because we're all females 
in a band. It's an assumption. It would be 
interesting to know that if somebody didn't 
know that we were women and we had Adri- 
enne's voice turned down to a really heavy 
bass sound and had never seen pictures of us 
and had never known what we looked like and 
didn't know anything about the band, If they 
would then think that it was about women or 
about sexism. 

MRRi Talk about the name of the 
band, there's a really interesting sto- 
ry behind it that you told me. Could 
you retell it? 

Paula: Well, the legend originally comes from 
an Eskimo tale out of a book called Copper 
Woman. It's about a woman who is on an 
island and she is feeling very alone and very 
isolated and she starts to cry and feels that 
she is going to be alone forever. She's crying 
and crying and all this snot and mucus and 
tears are coming out of her. She looks down 
in her hands and is disgusted by what she 
sees and it makes her more upset. 
Todd: She tries to cover it up. 
Paula: So she's really disgusted by what is in 
her hands and her gods speak down to her 
and tell her to believe in what she has and 
that it 's part of her body and that what comes 
out of her body is natural. 
Karin: And beautiful. 
Paula: In return from this new belief... 
Adrienne: A boy is formed out of the stuff in 
herhands and that's why he's called Spitboy. 
And it's her companion. 
Paula: It's interesting because it has differ- 
ent meanings in the band. I know for me that 
when I first heard the story I really liked it and 
I focused on the point of her feeling good 
about her body and feeling good about what 
comes out of her and not being ashamed of 
it. Because it says in the story that she does 
feel ashamed and sort of demoralized, and I 
think that in this culture that is very much 
pushed on us. The whole objectification of 
women. And put this up in your vagina to 
make you smell better. All kinds of things 
Wear deodorant, shave your underarms 
shave youHegs. All those kind of things that 
change your body and cover it up. I think that 
it s really neat then to get this whole different 


The Threat 

Now my anger and fear 

has new meaning. 

As my power grows stronger 

with those who care. 

It's finally time to stop 

all the violence 

time for us to take 

back the night. 

perspective from this different culture that 
says your body is great. In this culture they 
actually celebrate a woman's period. It's sa- 
cred. It's just really interesting. 
Todd: Let's have a celebration for me then, 
cause my period just started. 
Paula: I feel that I sort of fight against it too in 
myself and that I feel finenow about the things 
that my body does, 
but before I had got- 
ten to the" point, like 
in high school, of 
feeling totally 

ashamed about my 
period and not talk- 
ing to people about 
it. Or the way you 
smell. I think that for 
me it's really empow- 
ering. It's sort of this 
goal where I'm kind 
of reaching inside 
myself to feel good 
about myself and I think it's more of a building 
of self-esteem. 

Adrienne: Paula starts running around show- 
ing her natural parts to everybody. 
Todd: I really like using the name and talking 
about it because people always ask us what it 
means. It shows other people and us that 
other cultures value those things and this 
culture does not. Our culture makes women 
feel ashamed or feel grossed out or think that 
their vaginas smell gross or that it's really 
disgusting that we bleed once a month. And 
that's terrible because these are natural pro- 
cesses that our body goes through to clean 
itself. It's natural and totally... what's the 

Karin: It's life affirming. 
Todd: It's a totally necessary function that 
helps us to live. 
Adrienne: I remem- 
ber that when I first 
heard the legend the 
perspective that I 
took is about how it 's 
Eve from Adam's rib 
and this legend is a 
total reversal from 
that. The boy is cre- 
ated from the wom- 
an's bodily fluids. I 
think that that's real- 
ly cool too. 
Karin: ... placing 
more emphasis on a 
different gender, be- 
cause so much of 
what we're fed here 
is very patriarchal 
and very man based 
so it's kind of an in- 
teresting perspec- 

MRRi It's obvi- 
ous that you all 
enforce each 

other. Reinforce each other. 

Karin: Only during interviews, (laughter) 
Adrienne: We fight terribly outside of this! 
Todd: That's not true! 

Isolation Burn* 

Distancing-moving further 


the burn of isolation 

begins my mind's decay. 

Disconnected-lost grip on 


the burn of isolation 

destroys my sanity. 

Drugs don't provide a way 

to deal with the pain. 

Arms holding me at night 

couldn't begin to contain. 

This burned out shell 

that I have become 
as my isolation and I 
slowly turn into one. 


Paula: We had a meeting before hand that 
we'd agree on these particular things. 
Adrienne: Just hold it all back until later. Paula, 
you agree with me on this and I'll agree with 

Todd: I'll give you a pack of gum and some 
cigarettes if you just say this one thing. 
MRRi Obviously it's been an experi- 
ence that's been 
very productive 
within the band. 
Have you felt that 
good of an impact 
as you have 
amongs.t your- 
selves with the 
rest of the world? 
Karin : I really think so. 
For one, I think the 
whole band idea has 
never been extreme- 
ly deliberate in every- 
thing that we've 
done. We never set down any rules about 
what we were going to do or what we were 
going to accomplish. I'm amazed that we've 
recorded twice because I never had any ex- 
pectations about any of this. Maybe that is in 
itself really empowering. Not just these peo- 
ple that I'm working with, but what we have 
accomplished in the time we have accom- 
plished it. I'm still just kind of blown away by it. 
I don't think that I know how-to play guitar and 
yet I can hear some stuff that I've done and 
know that I must know something. That's 
amazing to me. I don't understand it all. We 
went on this mini-tour last summer and the 
feedback that we got was really, really posi- 
tive. There were some really tense situations 
that we encountered that were often sexist 
based, but maybe even that was empowering. 
Adrienne: Yeah , because it kind of pulled us all 

Paula: It challenged us 
how we deal 

on how we deal with 
stuff because it is reali- 
ty. We are going to have 
people yelling stuff like 
the guy who yelled, 
"Spread your legs or 
play. If you're real wom- 
en that's what you'll 
do. " It really challenges 
us. For me, just kind of 
sitting back and going, 
okay, how do I deal with 
this in a positive way 
without alienating peo- 
ple and without pointing 
fingers or segregating 
people? And how do we 
empower ourselves 
from it? 

MRRi How did you 
deal with that? 
Adrienne: Todd threw 
her drumsticks. 
Todd: I totally lost it. 

was totally screaming at the guy. I jumped over 
my floor torn and threw my drumsticks and I 
was shaking and almost crying. I was so upset. 
I was asking who said that, I can't believe you 

From the time of birth, 

we are all manufactured 

like products 

by society 

for society. 

The human species must 

realize the capability 

to seize control 

of individuality 

and resist the 

expectations and stereotypes 

that are forced upon us 

in everyday life. 






said that. I had Neil and Phil and Kevin from 
PAXSTON QUIGGLY and everyone in the 
band chasing me saying, "Todd, Todd, these 
guys are really dangerous. Don't even talk to 
them, come over here, they're really drunk, t 
You don't want to get in his face. " You want to ' 
talk about it and confront the situation but you 
don't want to get in their face and get into a 
potentially dangerous situation. ' • 

Adrienne: These guys were like the killing 
type. Oneguy was on "America's Most Want- 

Karin: And we had to deal with them face-to- 
face about really personal and then public 
things. We stopped playing because there 
was all this violence going on. And obviously 
it was like our civic duty to stop and to not be 
the soundtrack to their violence. And when we 
did stop and we got that comment It was so... 
I don't know. It was so inhumane or some- 
thing J Just felt so empty inside about what I 
was doing and then I said, wait a minute, 
maybe because I'm doing all of this it's threat- 
ening to this person or maybe I am making a 
difference because this person is reacting so 
violently to what we're doing. Not maybe 
violently because he didn't hit us but violently 
in a verbal way. 

Paula: To me, I was really frustrated when I 
first heard the comment. We had played may- 
be two songs before we were told that we had 
to stop. This guy didn't even hear what we had 
to say. Adrienne goes around and passes out 
lyric sheets before we play and this guy has 
seen one or gotten one or maybe somebody 
that he was with did and he didn't even care 
what we were doing. His thing being there was 
that this music was going and ft was a little bit 
fast and so it was for him to run around and 
have a good time, and we were destroying his 
good time by not playing intoit. Then after that, 
he had come up and talked to me and said that 
he really wanted to talk to our drummer. I said. 
"You know what, I don't think that she really 
wants to talk to you right now because she's 
pretty upset with what you said.' And he just 
made some comment like, "Well, you're up on 
a stage, you've got to expect that. You guys 
are women and you have to expect to get 
hassled.' I don't think that we have to expect 
that. And then he said that If you don't Ike 
what you see outside that you should stay in 
your house and hide behind the curtains and I 
turned around and said, 'You know what? 
That's exactly why I'm out here because I 
don't want to stay in the house anymore and 
I don't want to see this crap going on. I want to 
change It!" 

Adrienne: I remember talking to him and he 
was saying If you'd kept playing maybe you 
could have changed my mind or done some- 
thing. Right after he'd said that he started 
saying, 'You need to go suck some pussy.' 
Right after telling me that I could have changed 
his mind and that he was open minded and that 
he could have learned - boom! - his fucked up 
attitude again. 

Todd: He wasn't there tohear lyrics, he wasn't 
there to hear anybody's lyrics. He was just 
there to drink and listen to hard, fast music so 
he could dance around to it. 
Adrienne: We also had an incident in Petaluma 
where someone yelled, "Nice butt" to me in 
between songs and it was cool because 

... .[wasn't coo) that he said it, what was 
cool was that we stopped and we didn't Just 
go, hey. that sucks, don't say that kind of 
thing, but all of us had something to say. I felt 
really supported by everybody in the band 
because he'd yelled it at me, but everybody 
said something. After we were done playing I 
took him aside, which is the way I prefer to deal 
with things, and Just talked to him on a person- 
al level. I told him that it hurt that he would say 
something like that to me and that it put me on 
the spot and made me uncomfortable. 
Todd: I made the point when we stopped 
playing that we are up there to play music and 
to express ourselves. We're not up there so 
. you can relate to us in a sexual way. If you find 
one of us attractive, fine, but it's like... to 
violate that and to humiliate us is something 
totally different. 

Paula: You know what was really empowering 
about those two experiences in Petaluma and 
in Albuquerque is that the majority of those 
people were coming up to us and talking to us. 
At the Petaluma show when the guy said, 
"Nice butt 'and Adrienne said, "I can't believe 
you would say that to me. I am not up here • 
, prancing around so you can enjoy the way I 
I look. I'm up here to say what I have to say." • 
The crowd really clapped and they were really l 
> supportive of it. 
Todd: In Albuquerque, after that horrid experi- 
ence we had a really empowering, really won- 
derful experience. Jessie, the man who put on 
1 the show... 

Karin: Did us. Just kidding. 
Paula: Karin! 

j Karin: I just thought that would be really funny 
in there. After that we had a really empowering 
experience. There's this guy Jessie... I'm to- 
tally kidding. 

Adrienne: I'm not editing any of this at all. 
Todd: Jessie took us all into his bedroom... 
Karin: PAXSTON QUIGGLY came along... 
Todd: And PAXSTON QUIGGLY. who we're 

jnarrjed to, and Jessie sat in his bedroom and 

K • he was giving us our money. 
Adrienne: For our services... 
Todd: You guys, this Is awful! So. he was 
giving us our money for playing the show for 
playing our musical instruments... 
Karin: Our sex show. 

Todd: He sat us all down and he said that 
before he divided the money that he wanted us 
to know that he'd been putting shows on for 
years and that this kind of shit happened all the 
time, that these people always come to shows 
and ruin things for everybody, start violent 

Bts, start fights, start pushing people around 
a said that no one had ever confronted it and 
he started crying. It was so amazing, ft was his 
last show that he was putting on before he 
moved to New York and he Just wanted to 
thank us because he felt that finally he had 
made some kind of difference. Finally he felt 
like he d reached people. That we'd reached 
so mahy people. Maybe not those guys but so 
many other people and it meant so much to 

Adrienne: And he said that it was one of the 
best shows he'd ever put on. Wis were like 
that was a ruined evening, it totally sucked 
and he was just like. no. that was one of the 
best shows. 

Todd: He said ft wasn't a bad night. It made us 
all look at it in a different way. 
Jl MRRi Do you feel that loca|ly you ar. 
„j preaching to the converted? 

Karin: No. oh my gosh no. Before I want to 
■ address that. I just want to say that the situa- 
ft tton in Petaluma with the butt thing - i think that 
K hopefully an example was set. Too often that 
j* s areal complimentary sort of thing. Nice butt 
g I think that so many people, whether it's men 
*. orwomen.don'tknowsomeoneandtheysee 
2 some physical attribute that they just want to 

Hi .^"R* 81 th,s P 01 " 1 eve <yone started laugh- 
•* Ing). But we stopped it right there and just 
K really tried to show that this isn't a compli- 
| ment. That we were being objectified Adrl- 
i enne was being completely objectified. She 
n wasjustabutt. 

Adrienne: It made me not want to turn around! 
I m just on this stage going, somebody qive 
me a long Jacket! Please! 
Paula: I don't think we're peaching to the 
converted even when somebody doesn't say 
something. But when It Is blatant, and put at us 
while we re on stage and we have to deal with 
tt in a split second, It's just really mind blowing 
Yeah, this is why we're out here and it reallv 
happens. * 

Adrienne: Sometimes we'll play a punk show 
especially a Gilman show, and it might feel* 
more like preaching to the converted because 
everyone there has read lots of different lyr- 
ics But we played a show at a college co-op 
and I was realfy intimidated facing that kind of 
attitude. We made lots of lyrics sheets and 
handed them out and I'd walk up to people that 
I didn t know and ask if they'd like a lyric sheet 
and people were Just like. No. " ft was weird 
It s just a piece of paper, you can take it home 
or give it to somebody else. But I do feel that 
we try to reach out to other people 
Karin: IVe always had a problem with that 
whole concept of "preaching to the converted ' 
because I feel that It would be easy to think 
that the converted are the people who are 
going to your shows all the time. That those 
people are punks and so they are trying to live 
a life that is a little bit different from what the 
rrgnstream Is and hopefully very different to 





whatever degree they want. But, within that 
scene there is so much disparity and so many 
different ideas coming from each individual. I 
don't think that anyone can be like one sort of 
specimen with all the same thoughts and 
everyone has reached the same perspective 
on sexism or on racism or on war crimes or 
whatever the topic is, and I think that because 
of that I don't think you could ever preach to 
the converted. I know that certain bands prob- 
ably are associated with that. I feel that there's 
just so much that you can learn and can 
communicate and continue to learn and com- 
municate. The bands, too. We learn from the 
reactions of the audience and it can never be 
the same. The lyrics might not change but 
hopefully the emotions are maybe going to be 
different every time we sing something. If we 
;an just relay that to the next person in line, 
\which is the audience, I just don't see it as 
preaching to the converted. 
Adrienne: That whole idea of preaching to the 
converted means that there's this group of 
people that are converted and they're all set 

«4#« t! 

Ring else to learn, /roniobody is like that. 
Everybody has stuff to learn for the rest of 
their lives. They can keep learning and keep 
growing, hopefully in the direction that they 
want to go. 

MRRi I guess that I'm wondering, 
those people that are the moat ex- 
treme, like that person in Albuquer- 
que, will react. Being a punk band 
don't you want to get people to react? 
It might be easy to get redneck* to 
react but how about the average per- 
son who isn't that extreme but has a 
lot of sexist attitudes or whatever and 
isn't going to yell at you. 
Karin: Those are obviously the trickier ones to 

MRRt Those are the majority. 
Paula: That's why we do things like pass out 
lyric sheets. 

Adrienne: That's always really important. I 
, always try to make the point of saying that we 
[have lyric sheets up front and if you didn't ge_| 

and how do I say this and try to reach this 
person, because I think that it is really hard 
unless there's some kind of action that shows 
that they're sexist, 

MRRi Most people have really inter- 
nalized ways of relating to each other 
that are pretty sexist. How are you 
going to challenge that? 
Adrienne: A lot of times I feel that we can 
present these ideas and we can say how we 
feel about things, but ultimately it's up to that 
person. I can't come up to somebody and go, 
well, this is howl feel about what you're doing 
and you better change it That person has got 
to take responsibility for their actions and if 
they feel for their whole life that their actions 
and their ideas are fine and dandy and great. 
then they've lived their life they way they want 
to. I can't say that that's wrong. It might be 
wrong for me and it might not be where I'm 
coming from and I might not want to have 
those attitudes, but I can't change that if that 
person is happy with what they're doing. 
Todd: We're not going to reach every single 
person at a show and not everyone is going to 
come to see us and want to hear what we have 
to say. It's not like that. But we're expressing 
ourselves because we want to get this stuff 
out We want to play music. 
\drienne: We need to. 

MRRi Have you~"al( listened to ether 
i bands that are all females? Every- 
thing from BABES IN TOYLAND to 
L7. Do you feel any affinity with those 
bands in general even if they aren't 
idealogical per se or political per se. 
For instance, L7, do you think there's 
anything that they're doing that is 
liberating or are they a step back- 

Adrienne: I don't know if I feel comfortable 
talking about specific bands and saying that 
they do this right or they do this wrong be- 
cause they're doing what they want to do. I ! 
personally don't feel comfortable sitting there 
going, well, we don't like this about this band 
and I don't like this about that band because 
it's what they want to do. 
Karin: I'm familiar with what some women 
bands are doing and I think that some of them 
arereally rockin' out and that's really totally I 


many role models for women in the punk 
scene or maybe in any music scene. It's very 
male dominated, and there's not as much 
incentive. When things go awry with the audi- 
ence, people are like, "You've got to expect 
that. You're women and you're putting your- 
self up there and you're going to be on the . 
spot,' and it's like, fuck that. I just want to try 
to break that down and say look, we don't 
have to expect anything just because we're 
. women trying to express ourselves in a certain 
way. I just think that's stupid. 
Adrienne: I think it's totally cool that they're 
out doing things and I think that that in itself is 
a really cool thing. Seeing anybody in a band, 
or putting out a magazine, or doing something 
and motivating themselves and hopefully oth- 
er people. 

Karin: In general a lot otbands aren't taking a 
strong stance on any sexual issues. People 
are really wishy washy and they always try to 
push something off on somebody else so that 
they aren't on the spot. Maybe the importance 
in what we're doing is that we are taking a 
stance and we're standing behind that stance 
as a band and we're trying to as individuals. 
For me. I think that that is really important now. 
It's definitely not just a stage. I've reached a 
point in my life where I don't want to just sit i 

back and watch things happen and not feel like ] 
I'm part of trying to make a change. 
Adrienne: It doesn't have to do with the gen- 
der involved of the people who are doing It. 
MRRi But there's a dynamic that is j 
placed within an all-female band that J 
is obviously going to be different f rom| 
an all-male band. 
Adrienne: I can understand that but if I have a 
problem with something that a particular band 
Is doing then if It's a strong enough feeling, I'll 
come up to them and say that I don't like it. I'll 
want to take it to the level of talking to them in 
particular and I don't feel that this is the place 
where I want to air if I have a problem with 
somebody. If a band is doing something that 1 1 

' like I come up to them and I say, wow, your I 
lyrics really gripped me or your music move ' 

jne and I appreciated that so much. 

' one, then please come up ancf^et one. We 
have a P.O. Box on it so please write to us. 
What you're saying and the kind of person 
you're talking about might not even look at it, 
might th row the lyric sheet away. Then it 's li ke , 
how do we reach them? Because we don't 
know who has those attitudes. 
Paula: I think it comes down to personal 
interactions. As a band we can't actually pin- 
point that person unless they say something 
to us or communicate with us. Then we have 
to say things individually. I know for myself 
anyway when I'm out there and I see things 
happen I go up and confront them. I ask 
myself, how do I go aboulthisina positive way 





if j 

\ JiW 

**,■ ( 


MRRi But aren't there any band* that 
you blatantly have a problem with that 
you talk about? I don't know, there 
are obviously really, really sexist 
bands and you're not going to be 
confrontational about that? 
Adrienne: But the thing is we are confronta- 
tional with them. 
MRRi Yeah, but you aren't going to go 

meet a lot of these bands. You aren't 
going to get a chance to go tell L7 
what you think of them or their music. 
Are you going to get a chance to talk 
to SCREWDRIVER about their music? 
I don't know", I'll drop the question but 
it kind of surprises me. Let's talk 
about the music a bit. How would you 
say you're different? 
Todd: Some of the bands that I've heard that 
have women in them or that are all women are 
kind of rock oriented. More rock'n'roll. Or 
lighter or slower. Like early GO GO's or 
whatever. It's either really raunchy rock or just 
kind, of jangly, bubbly KAMALA AND THE 
KARNIVORES stuff. And I can say that be- 
cause I was in that band. 
MRRi When I think of current all- 
female bands- there seems to be a 
certain similarity in sound. Kind of 
slow-to-medium pace, very garagey 
kind of sound. 

Karin : Is that what we are to you? Do you think 
that we sound like someone like BABES IN 

MRRi No, actually I did think in some 
ways you sounded like L7. 
Todd: Really? Wow. 

MRRi On a certain kind of level. 
Somebody else said FUGAZI. Is there 
such a thing as women punk music? 
Just music? 

Adrienne: I've never thought about that. May- 
be there is and it's hard to think and it's really 
hard to pinpoint. 

MRRi Do women dance to a different 
drummer? Is that the expression? 
Karin: That would be like hearing things in a 
different way and then trying to apply... I don't 
even know how we make music. It's really 
weird. I don't know what there is that we do 
that makes it all comes together. 
Adrienne: Have we been socialized as women 
in a different way to like play and listen and 
hear music or something? 
Karin: But then you said FUGAZI and that's an 
example where there's no female in their 

MRRi Do you think you're music is 
entirely yours? 

Paula: I think it is. We just sort of work on the 
music together more than work on a style or 
shoot for a style. 

Todd: I think it's completely hard to not sound 
like anybody else. There are seven notes in 
the music family. We're all playing these really 
heavy chords and this punk rock type stuff and 
I think that it's really difficult to be completely 
original. I just think that's impossible. But I do 
think that we do have some sort of unique 
sound. Or I hope that we do. 
Karin: I think one thing is also that we all have 
very different tastes in what we like and what 
we listen to, and that hopefully shows in what 
we bring togetheras a band. I think maybe we 
add our own styles. 

Paula: I kind of wanted to get back to the band 
issues. I was thinking about it a little bit, and I'm 
not sure exactly where the question was di- 
rected, but I'm just sort of thinking about the 
whole issue of other bands and what they're 
doing. I'm not sure publicly how to go about 

doing that, but I'm thinking that in general in my 
head if a band has done something that as a 
band we do confront them. But I think that 
bands like L7 or BABES IN TOYLAND - how 
do we associate with them? 
MRRi Yeah, I was wondering if you 
had a common affinity with them on 
some level. 

Paula: Orcriticisms of them?l think that mostly 
the criticism that I would have of them would 
come down to my own style. The only other 
band I can thinkof is TRIBE 8, and I don't know 
if everybody else in the band wants to make 
this public in the interview, but I want to talk 
about it. I feel for one that what other bands 
are doing, even if they're not writing about the 
kind of things that we write about and aren't 
focused on certain issues that we might be 
focused on, maybe they're doing the things 
that they want to do as a band oras people and 
they might have totally different ideas and 
goals than what we have as people. Or as a 
band. And so I don't try to tell them that they 
should be writing about this: "You're women 
so this is what you should be focused on. 
You're men so this is what you should focus 
on." I don't feel like I do that for any of those 
bands. I feel that - and this has been argued 
among different theories and different ideas 
and why this happens - but to me, I feel that L7 
is very much a rock'n'roll type attitude kind of 
band and I feel that when they play they're very 
much concerned about the money and their 
performance and this attitude of 'Oh, get me 
this and roadie, get me this" and snapping the 
fingers. Just little things like that. That kind of 
really turned me off. I had previously liked their 
music. And then when we played with them 
and had to deal with that whole issue of 
money. It went from "Smell the Magic* to smell 
the money. It kind of got me down. I had 
expectations 'cause I'd listened to their music 
and they were in the punk scene and I thought 
they would be a certain way. But they're on 
their own road. And a very different road aafar 
as what we're on. 

MRRi They could be described as a 
female cock rock band. If that is an 
appropriate description, is that some- 
thing that is valid? From a political 
point of view, or at least a shared 
poltical point of view, is that some- 
thing that is a step forward or a step 

Adrienne: But it's their steps, it's what they 
have to do. 

MRRi It sounds like a bunch of hippy 

Adrienne: I know, but I really feel like you're 
just trying to push us into saying something 
bad about them or about their band. 
MRRi It's a totally political question, 
Adrienne. It's a totally fucking politi- 
cal question. 

Adrienne: I'm just feeling really pushed. 
MRRi Then don't answer it. 
Paula: I think that I, myself, personally - it's 
just a really hard question. Call me on it if I say 
something 'cause I'm just going to go ahead 
and say this stuff anyway. The whole gender 
thing comes to mind and I think, okay, because 
they're women am I expecting them to do 

something different than what men are doing 
oris that just sort of my own thing in my head? 
Because they are playing rock'n'roll style and 
they are very much up there doing what men 
do but they're women doing it. And maybe it's 
only because I've seen just so many male role 
models doing this type of music and style of an 
attitude and I haven't seen too many women 
doing it. I want to do what I want to do and I 
don't feel that I have to follow any type of male 
role model. Just as much as I don't have to 
follow any kind of female role model. There 
aren't as many women out there doing stuff 
and I totally respect those who are getting up 
there and doing something. When TRIBE 8 
gets on stage, and we've had this talk 
amongst ourselves - it's just really hard be- 
cause I don't want to just concentrate on 
female bands either - when TRIBE 8 plays, 
they get on stage and they're very open about 
their sexuality, which is great that they can get 
up there and do that. I don't feel as comfort- 
able doing that myself. I totally respect them 
fordoing that, but at the same time I don't think 
that it's fair and that it's very respectful for the 
singer to shove her crotch into somebody's 
face or shove her tit into somebody's face, 
and I don't appreciate that when a man does 
that on stage like THE DWARVES. I get totally 
disgusted and totally offended when THE 
DWARVES get up there and the singercomes 
out with his penis hanging out and then jumps 
on someone and starts dry humping them. It 
happened to a friend of mine at a show. And 
that is totally offensive and I don't think that it's 
right for either a man ora woman to do that. It 's 
fine to express your sexuality if you don't 
impress it upon somebody else. 
Karin: It's really, really difficult not to have a 
double standard because as women we've 
felt the oppression that we've been under for 
so long and have been forced fed all these 
images and the way that we're supposed to 
be. You want to retaliate against that and it's 
real easy to fall into what the men are doing. 
Yeah, they're going to be macho and they're 
going to be this "cock rock" as you mentioned , 
and it's hard not to do that because that's the 
easy way out. All the rules have been laid out 
You can look at THE DWARVES and say, 
"Well, I want to do that because the singer's 
doing it and he can get away with it, and I'm a 
women so it's going to be even cooler to do 
that," because not too many women are ever 
in a position to be able to do this. But I think 
that completely perpetuates the cycle of sex- 

MRRi Women imiating men and their 
fucked up attitudes. 
Karin.- Exactly. And those are the criticisms 
that I have with bands, whether it's men or 

Paula: There are other bands who are trying to 
get out of that cycle. And they think, okay, 
what do I want to do as an individual and not do 
as I've been taught and what I've been fed. 
Todd: One thing that I think I've had to work on 
personally, when I was younger, was to learn 
to relate to men , to guys , in a non-physical way 
and not always in a sexual way. And one thing 
that women learn is that we can only be with 
men in a relationship. We can never just be 

friends. And so in turn we only relate to men on 
a sexual level. So when I see bands with 
women in them who are just relating to the 
crowd in a sexual way that bothers me. I feel 
that that is an expectation of us. That we have 
to be sexual. That's our role. To be an object 
for someobody, somebody's fantasy. And I 
don't like that at all. That's a step back. I am 
very proud of my sexuality and I think of myself 
as a very sexual person, but I don't just relate 
to everybody in just that way. 
Paula: And it's really hard to try to break out of 
that cycle because that's what you're, fed 
around you everywhere. All of us. It's all about 
breaking out of that. Challenging yourself. 
MRRi What were you going to say 
Todd: That's where the song "Ultimate Viola- 
tions" was bom from. 

Paula: It's not about them. It's about a situa- 
tion that involved them. We played one of our 
first few shows out at Dolores Park in San 
Francisco and played with the band TOTAL 
FUCKED. Adrienne had seen a sticker that 
her friend had shown her and the sticker had 
a picture of a woman lying naked on the 
ground and this guy was fucking her from 
behind with a gun at her head. The singer had 
drawn the picture. It basically said Total 
Fucked on it. Do you want to talk about how 
you confronted them on it? 
Adrienne: Basically, I asked one of the guys 
about the stickerand he said, "Well, I'm not for 
rape and I'm not against it. I'm just the guitar- 
ist." All of them just seemed to have this 
attitude of, "Well, it's just a sticker. It's just a 

Paula: We discussed it amongst ourselves 
and with ourf riends and said , " Did you see that 
sticker at the show that we played? Did you 
see what these guys were putting out?" Then 
they ended up getting scheduled on a bill with 
us at Gilman Street. We wanted to say some- 
thing about the stickerand wanted to make it 
public, so Adrienne wrote up a flyer. The way 
she did it was really respectful because it 
made more focus on the concept of what was 
happening and not so much on the people in 
the band. It was more like you put out this idea 
and we don't agree with this it. And we're 
said, "Oh, this is a joke. The sticker is just a 
joke. They're not serious about it. It isn't a rape 
sticker." And we were like, hey, it's not a joke. 
We don't think it's funny. 
Todd: You can't make jokes about rape. 
Paula: It's just not any different than that other 
shit that we're fed. The man on top of this 
woman. I saw it as being this dominate thing 
and this is how you treat women. It's total 
violence against women. And just being used 
as this object. It's obvious that that's what she 
was. She wasn't a part of what was going on. 
Adrienne: So I made this flyer that described 
the sticker because we weren't able to get a 
copy of it. I'd interviewed a rape victim like a 
year ago and I just put a clip of what had 
happened to her after the description of the 
sticker. At the bottom of it I wrote, "Somebody 
explain the joke to me. Somebody tell me why 
this is funny." And we handed that out to 
people. I stood at the door and while TOTAL 


FUCKED was playing I gave it to people and 
said, "Please read this." 
Paula: We were trying to challenge people's 
thinking in a sense about that idea and about 
how maybe some people would just stand 
back and blow it off or maybe not think twice 
about a different message that someobdy 
else might have gotten. That was sort of the 
goal behind what we were doing. In a sense we 
were trying to challenge the person who had 
drawn this sticker to say, "You didn't see this 
as being offensive and maybe you didn't see 
it as being a pro-rape sticker, but you know 
what, that's totally what I see it as," and it 
doesn't look any different than what I've seen 
on the billboards and what I've seen on TV. 
Karin: And not only the band, but also the 
people who were saying, "Ohcomeon, lighten 
up, it's just a joke. Don't take this so serious- 
ly." Because by having the back up that you 


r A 

had with the quote from the rape victim that 
really showed that a line drawing of the same 
deptiction is just as wrong or just as hurting as 
the statement from the woman who was actu- 
ally raped. There is an association. 
Adrienne: One point that we made that night 
that I feel is really important was that they have 
the right to say whatever they want. Anybody, 
anywhere, whether you're racist, sexist, ho- 
mophobic. . you have the right to say what you 
want. But we have the right, I have the right, to 
react. These bands that we were talking about 
earlier, they have the right to do whatever the 
fuck they want. If they want to be rock stars, 
if they want to get on stage and be sexual, to 
say whatever they want. There's nothing 
wrong with them doing what they want to do. 
But I have the right to have an opinion, and to 
not agree with it. TOTAL FUCKED have the 
right to put out a sticker like that. And we also 
have the right to react. 
Todd: But I'd hope that they'd see our per- 
spective and maybe read what the rape victim 
had to say and thinkabout it. I'd hope that they 
would think about it and go, 'Yeah, maybe this 
was going a little too far, maybe this isn't so 

MRRi I've sort of run out of any other 
possible questions, but are there any 
other area* that you all feel like you 
drastically overlooked here? 
Adrienne: I think it's really important to us to 
communicate, and if someone agrees or dis- 
agrees with what we've said in this interview it 
would be great to get a different perspective. 
And I think that that's really important. That's 
the whole reason that we're doing this. To get 
that feedback. 
Karin: That interaction is exactly what it takes 

to keep your thinking going and to help modify 
a thought or an idea that you have and take 
that into yourwhole perspective. That's how it 
all works. 

Todd: As individuals, all of us are very good at 
communicating. We practice good communi- 
cation with each other as a band and with our 
other personal relationships. Being able to talk 
to someobody and relate to yourself and be 
honest and not be defensive and be able to 
hear what somebody else is saying without 
jumping to conclusions or feeling attacked. I 
just think it's really important. Communication 
is so vital. Good communication. I don't think 
that in our society were taught to communi- 
cate and to be expressive. 
MRRi Anything else? 
Adrienne: I think we've sadly neglected our 
Third World country discussion. 
Karin: That's our next 7". 
Adrienne: Okay. 

Karin: We're doing thematic 7" by the way. 
This one's on sexism. I'm just kidding. 
Todd: I would like to say that we are pretty 
funny people. 

Adrienne: We have really serious lyrics but in 
person we're really pretty funny. And we laugh 
a lot at practice and we're really silly. 

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Egalia's Daughters, by Gerd Brantenberg 

Men on Rape, by Timothy Beneke 

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f us vmmmm w m ran® mm. 



by Eric Wilson 

hat's what William Lloyd Garrison called it as he burned a copy at a public meeting on the 
I Fourth of July, 1854. Garrison was a real punk of the nineteenth century, whose radical 
J^antislavery newspaper, The Liberator, so pissed off the Southern states that they passed laws , 
making its possession or sale punishable by death (Garrison also supported socialism, women's rights, 
and vegetarianism). 
'" ut most Americans were just as outraged by Garrison's action as they are by flagburners today. 
The Constitution is so widely accepted by the American public that researchers say many 
people, when asked whether they approve of it, assume that the researcher must be joking, and often 
threaten to beat him up. Even on the political fringes of society, both the Communist Party and David ' 
Duke claim loyalty to the principles of the Constitution, and in the letters and columns of this very 
pillar of alternative journalism, you can often find contributors accusing their opponents of wanting 
to violate the Constitution, usually without any explanation of the nature of the alleged violation, and ' 
f frequently revealing the author's own ignorance of Constitutional law. 

This is an example of how the people of this country, which has historically been made up of splintered 

racial, class, and religious groups which all hate each other, can all share this remarkable faith in the 

Constitution. It's the secular equivalent of the Bible — almost everybody claims to love it, but almost 

_ nobody actually reads it. Polls show that most people believe the Constitution reflects their own 

, personal beliefs to a much greater extent than it actually does. 22% of Americans eligible to vote can't 

name even one article of the Bill of Rights! 

' <£Xo what does it really matter? Well, if the Constitution is the equivalent of the Bible, what does 

y that make its authors? The worship of the Constitution is invariably linked to the worship of 

the group of wealthy white men who wrote the thing, and the implicit acceptance by the public of j 

their document has proven one of the most powerful weapons of the wealthy in their struggle to| 

control the rest of us. * 

TTf ike the rednecks I mentioned earlier, who threaten innocent sociologists for merely suggesting 

^■that it might be possible for someone not to approve of the Constitution, the mainstream media 

can be counted upon, whenever anyone suggests that the authors of the Constitution might have been 

j inspired not only by lofty principles of justice and liberty, but by a desire to expand their already 

considerable wealth and power, to attack the critic as hysterically as a fundamentalist preacher 

reviewing an Annie Sprinkle performance. 

for example, most academic historians agree that the best account of the writing of the \ 
Constitution is Charles Beard's Economic Analysis of the Constitution, published in 1913. 
. I Warren G. Harding published a review of that book with the charming title "Scavengers, Hyena-Like, 
Desecrate the Graves of the Dead Patriots we Revere". With a talent like that, Harding might have 
been signed to Combat Records if he'd been born later on. As it was, he went on to be elected President 
as a Republican and later was poisoned by his mistress... Like I said, those who study such things | 
for a living have now come to agree more or less unanimously that Beard was right; but most 1 
, Americans, then as now, would still agree with Harding. 1 

3ftfcut there's really no reason why the subject should be controversial at all, since the framers of 
^i3the Constitution themselves were so outspoken about their views and motives. Any reader who 
considers him- or herself loyal to or respectful of the Constitution is hereby commanded to find^ 
L a copy of The Federalist Papers (commonly available in school ibraries) and carefully read (it's^B 
| only about fifteen pages)Paper #10, by James Madison, another in the long list of total assholes 

who went on to become President. For those of you too lazy to go to the library, here are some of* 
the most revealing quotes from this document: "Democracies. ..have ever been found incompatible 
with personal security or the rights of property." "The primary focus of any government is that the ' 
majority. ..must be rendered... unable to concert and carry into effect schemes of oppression." (The 
• Constitution will) "refine and enlarge the public views by passing them through the medium of a '• 
chosen body of citizens". 

TThe picture you get from reading this is pretty clear — these were members of the wealthy class, / 
J/ scared of the potential power of the poorer majority of the population — a population which hadl 
just pulled off a revolution against the most powerful empire in the world. A careful reader will I 
see that the authors of the Constitution were very much 

ey -~*^r were more conservative than most Americans of the time, and 

, that the democratic features of the Constitution are there, not because its authors believed in ■ 
democracy, but because they knew they had to make some concessions to get the thing ratified 
The Constitution is not very democratic today, and was much less so when it was written. Originally, ^ 
each State Legislature was allowed to set its own rules about who was an eligible voter— and since 
those Legislatures had been elected under pre-Revolutionary electoral laws which restricted the vote 
to large property holders, they generally chose to continue such restrictions under the new, / 
"democratic" government. , ... „ . . \ 

'he Constitution was also loaded down with what civics texts call "checks and balances , designed 
_/ to protect the establishment from the majority; for instance, the terms of officeholders are 
staggered, to prevent a wave of popular indignation from seizing control of the government at one 
1 election As for amending the Constitution itself, all that takes is the consent of two-thirds of both 
' Houses of Congress and three-fourths of the State Legislatures! In other words, nothing can possibly 
pass unless it's acceptable to a large majority of the powers that be 

SlThe Constitution was very controversial when it first appeared, and the fight to ratify it was a clohe 
(11/ one It proved to be one of the greatest victories in the history of the American ruling class The 
document, written unabashedly by and for the benefit ofthat class, and almost certainly opposed at first 
by the majority, quickly became and has remained the focus of an attitude on the part of the mass public J 
that can only be described through religious metaphor. It is the symbolic centerpiece of American 
society— and at the same time the justification for the dominant place of the ultra-rich m that society. 
The tendency toward uncritical worship of the Constitution exactly corresponds to the needs of the 
' ruling class and is promoted through the Constitutionally protected stranglehold ofthat class upon 
the press and educational system. ... , i u - i i r *i i 

tfirhe Constitution has historically served as both an institutional and ideological shield foi the J 
01 wealthiest, most reactionary elements in society. Although its "checks and balances are^ 
powerful protections for the status quo against the democratic will of the majority, probably the 
, worst effect of the Constitution is the spirit of unquestioning zombie-like worship that it inspires in 
the people, acting as a set of ideological blinders which restrict the range of political options to include 
only minor reforms of the status quo. 

1 7(n the decades leading up to the Civil War, certain abolitionists, even more radical than Garrison 
,3) advocated violent revolution to overthrow slavery, claiming that even if the Constitution itself could 
be amended to outlaw slavery, the slaveholders would never give up their power peacefully r or 
daring to claim that wealthy Americans might ignore the results of democratic elections, these | 
) radicals were denounced by the mainstream "antislavery" movement (the people who didn t want to 
1 call themselves "abolitionists" because it sounded too radical— you know the type). They were right, 
of course— the moment a President who believed, even mildly, that slavery was wrong was elected, 
the Southern leaders, many of whose grandfathers had signed the Constitution, immediately threw 
it over and started the Civil War. . + J 

tffThey were really, really stupid to do that— President Abraham Lincoln never had any intention } 
Vil/of interfering with slavery where it was already legal. Only after the South lost the war was it , 
possible to outlaw slavery— if the slave states had stayed in the Union, they could have taken 
I advantage of the "checks and balances" to prevent abolition forever— or at least until the anti- 
L slavers became as disrespectful of the Constitution as the slavers were! m 

% f?ind of course, the abolition of slavery did very little to help the former slaves, whose ^ 
* let relationship to their former owners remained basically what it was before, only now it was ( 
described in the language of capitalism, as "employer-employee" rather than "owner-slave . 
This experience should be remembered as evidence that laws duly inscribed upon paper do not 
grant or protect rights-only the struggle of those who demand to exercise the rights can do that. One 
of the slogans Madison came up with to sell the Constitution to a suspicious public was that it would 
create a government "of tows, and not of men". But we have to realize that this is impossible, because 
it is men and women who engage in the daily economic struggle for existence— laws only reflect the 
outcome ofthat struggle. Only then will we be able to talk about how we need to change society in J 
terms of ordinary people taking command of their collective destiny from the bottom up, not oil 

lawyers and bureaucrats wafting paper airplanes of "rights" from 

the top down. 

:§>ctonb Thoughts on the Jfivst Amendment 

bv Howard Zinn 

Howard Zinn, ^^^^^^ professor emeritus at Boston University, is one of 

Americ a's most distinguished historians. Professor Zinn is a decorated World War II bombar- 

dier. He was an active figure in the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements. His seminal book, A 
People s History of the United States, is widely used in college and university classrooms throughout the 
country. Transcribed by David Barsamian of Alternative Radio. 
^gl^ne of the things that I got out of reading history was to begin to be disabused of this notion that that's what- 
Ur/i. democracv . ls j". 1 about- The more history I read, the more it seemed very clear to me that whatever progress has 
^*^ bee n made in this country on various issues, whatever things have been done for people, whatever human rights 
have been gained, have not been gained through the calm deliberations of Congress or the wisdom of presidents or the 
ingenious decisions of the Supreme Court. Whatever progress has been made in this country has come because of the 
actions of ordinary people, of citizens, of social movements. Not from the Constitution. You think of whatever progress 
has been made in this country for economic iustice. Obviously, not enough progress has been made for economic justice 
looking around at this country. You have to look around. You have to walk through a whole city. If you walk through half I 
a city you 11 be mistaken. You have to walk through a whole city and you see the class structure in the United States the ! 
I hidden story of American prosperity. So obviously we haven't made a lot of progress, but we've made some progress. 1 
People worked 12 and 14 and 16 hours and six days a week and seven days a week and then at a certain point we did get 

auout inis mucn-iouiea consuiuuon. ine constitution doesn't say anything about economic rights, at least not for 

people. It has something about freedom of contract, which is not an economic right for people but for corporations but 

the Constitution has nothing about the right of people to breathe fresh air or to live in a decent house or to have medical 

care or to make enough money or to work not too many hours. There isn't anything about that in the Constitution 

Whatever was gained in that way for working people was gained through an enormously rich, complex history of labor 

struggles in this country. r ' . 

flfhis has been mostly ignored in the history books that have been written. When I was going through the historyl 
l Ml/ training process, being trained as a historian, you know, they snap a whip and hold up a book and you jump at it I 
l learned very little about labor history. Then I began to read on my own about labor history. I was interested because ' 
; 1 3 d W»nt three years working in a shipyard and I thought, hey, that's what interests me. I saw what hadn't been I 
told about labor history what magnificent events had taken place, what struggles people had gone through what 
sacrifices, what risks, what courage had been shown, what had been demonstrated about lhe possibilities of what 
human beings can do once they get together, what people had gone through and what drama there was. I wondered " 
where is Hollywood. Talk about drama! Hollywood is struggling to get a bit of drama into some stupid movies and here 1 
were some of the great dramatic events in American history. It wasn't there in our culture, our books, our literature ' 
on the screen. Thats how whatever modicum of economic justice we have was gained 

What about the rights of women? Where is that in the Constitution? People have been struggling to get something 
fiCinto the Constitution about that, but there isn't. Whatever has been gained for women, and something has been i 
gained for women in this country over the years, especially in this century and especially maybe in the last ten or fifteen 
years, but whatever has been gained has been gained through the struggles of women themselves. Emma Goldman made 'i 
this very clear when they were campaigning at the beginning of the twentieth century for women's suffrage. She said 
Look, I have nothing against women s suffrage. She didn't want to alienate too many people. She had already alienated 
almost everybody She had seven friends left. She didn't want to alienate them. It's OK It's good for women to vote. Men 
vote, sure, why shouldn t women vote? But look, don't kid yourself. The vote isn't going to get you much. Look what it's 
gotten men! She said whatever women get they're going to have to get through direct action against the circumstances 
ot their oppression against the situations that oppress them in the home, in the workplace, in the community. They're 
going to have to act directly. Forget about Constitutional amendments and law and this and that. They may follow but 
tney will iollow, not lead. ' 

flThis is the point I'm making about how things have happened, how things have changed, what progress has been 
^1/made, is perhaps no more vividly illustrated than in the case of black people in this country. Yes there is 
something in the Constitution. There was something in the Constitution. What there was in the Constitution was bad. 
It affirmed slavery. That s why William Lloyd Garrison and the New England Slavery Society went out to their annual , 
picnic and Garrison held up a copy of the Constitution and held a match to it and burned the Constitution. They're 
getting excited about the flag? How would they like that— the Constitution. You remember guys used to burn their "* 
draft cards and politicians went apoplectic? What about burning the entire Constitution? He burned it because he 
said it s a covenant with hell. 

flThen finally, when they did amend the Constitution, and they didn't amend it just because Congress thought 
L >iUone day hey, it would be good to have equal rights. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments came after an* 
enormous struggle I m not just talking about the Civil War. I'm talking about the struggle that preceded and 
took place during the Civil War, the anti-slavery movement. It was that movement that created the atmosphere 
in which slavery could be done away with. It was that movement that created the pressure that pushed Abraham < 
Lincoln to write that rather piddling document called the Emancipation Proclamation. It was piddline. It had ereat 
moral force, but if you read the language of the Emancipation Proclamation, it was so meager. He said? I now declare 
the slaves free m all the areas where we can't enforce it. In all the parts of the country where we can enforce it, the parts 
\hl\%\t A g J wt £ «[' 3 ?ll?? th, ! e to * orrv abojit your slaves. They're still around. But whatever happened then, 
the 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, resulted from the pressure of the anti-slavery movement, the atmosphere 
created by that enormous movement, which started out very small. And then when the 13th, 14th and 15th ' 
Amendments were passed and finally we had in the Constitution the obliteration of those terrible words that made it 
a proslavery document, finally we had in the Constitution's words about the equal protection of the laws and life liberty A 
and so on. Property, yes, you can't leave that out. But when we had those noble words about equal protection of the'l 
laws, finally and you can t deny people the right to vote on the basis of race, color or previous condition of servitude J 

there it was, powerful, finally. The states can't do this to anybody. And everybody knows it! 

was ignored. 

o you have "^B ^^^^^^T it in the Constitution. It didn't 

mean a thine. ^^^^^ For 100 years it was ignored. The 14th Amendment didn't take on any 

meaning until black people rose up in the 1950s and 1960s in the South in mass movements in the hardest, 

toughest, most dangerous places for anybody to rise up anywhere. They created an excitement, an embarrassment ' 
to the national government that finally began to bring some changes. They made whatever words there were in the 
Constitution and the 14th Amendment have some meaning for the first time. That's what did it. Not the 14th 
Amendment. Not the Supreme Court. Some people date the civil rights movement from the 1954 decision of the Supreme < 
Court, as if these nine guys suddenly looked at the 14th Amendment and said, hey, we haven't looked at this for a while. 
Maybe we ought to reconsider the 14th Amendment. Of course not. Aside from the fact that the cases would never come 
before them if black people in the South hadn't taken enormous risks to everything, including their lives, to bring those 
cases before the Supreme Court. But also, in 1954, the world was changing. We were in the Cold War and we were vying \ 
with the Soviet Union for the allegiance of the Third World and somebody discovered that the Third World is mostly ' 
nonwhite. It's takes a while to discover that the world isn't mostly white. It's a shocking thing for white people to wake 
up one day and look at a map or statistics and find out, hey, we're a minority. The Supreme Court was very conscious that | 
it would be a nice thing politically. I'm paraphrasing the Supreme Court, Attorney General Brownell, who argued as 
much before the Supreme Court when he asked the Supreme Court to do this: I think it would be helpful for us to have 
a nice, resounding statement about equality. But it was all that commotion that did it. 

•TIThen of course on the matter of foreign policy and the Constitution, the Constitution has a few things to say about 
ViU foreign policy. That hardly means anything, as has become clearer and clearer. Who pays attention to the 
Constitution? Does the President pay attention to the Constitution? The Constitution says it's Congress that declares 
war. Does the President pay any attention to that? He makes war when he wants to make war. Korea, Vietnam, who cares 
about what the Constitution says about who shall declare war? So if you're going to do anything in foreign policy, like if 
you're going to help stop a war, you're certainly not going to do it through the channels, through the Supreme Court or 
Congress. There's the Vietnam War. They actually gave a Nobel Prize to Henry Kissinger for helping to stop the Vietnam 
War. It's enough to make you want to build 97 statues to Jean-Paul Sartre, who refused the Nobel Prize because he saidj 
it was a political prize . Imagine giving one of the architects of the war a prize for helping to stop the war because he signed' 
that treaty at the end. But the war was not stopped by any of the formal institutions of government. In fact, the Supreme . 
Court, which should have been — we learned that in elementary or junior high school — we learned somewhere that the 
Supreme Courtis the guardian of the Constitution and when anybody does something that violates the Constitution 
the Supreme Court is there to say, no, you can't do this. So these G.I.'s from the Vietnam War came up before the 
Supreme Court and said, we refuse to go to Vietnam because it's an unconstitutional war. You're the Supreme Court. 
O.KThe Supreme Court didn't rule against them. It just refused to hear the case. Wouldn't discuss it. The Supreme j 
Court is great on little things. But you get to matters of life and death, it's nowhere. So a movement had to be created] 
in this country to stop the war. That's what happened. It bypassed the formal institutions of government, bypassed 
that sheepish, timorous, obsequious Congress that kept voting money for the war again and again, bypassed all the 
institutions and created an enormous commotion and tumult in the country and scared the President and Congress. You 
have to read the Pentagon Papers about what attention they were paying to public opinion and demonstrations and draft I 
refusals to see how it affected their decisions about the war and their decision to start retrenching and not escalating the 
war any more. 

-Tlfhat's what democracy is. It's what people do on behalf of human needs outside of. sometimes against the law, even, i 
\ii/ against the Constitution. When the Constitution was pro-slavery, the people had to go not just against the laws but 
against the Constitution itself in the 1850s when they were doing all that civil disobedience against the Fugitive Slave 
Act. People have to create disorder, which goes against what we learn about law and order and orderly society and you 
must obey the law. Obey the law. Obey the law. It's a wonderful way of containing things. I was reading something, 
I made the mistake again of reading. Somebody interviewed Gertrude Schulz-Klinck. Anybody ever heard of Gertrude 
Schulz-Klinck? She was Chief of the Women's Bureau under Hitler. Did you know there was a Women's Bureau under 
Hitler? He was a great person for women's freedom [laughter]. Schulz-Klinck made sure that women were doing what 
had to be done for the State. That was her job. She's around, having fun. Somebody interviewed her about the Jewish 
policy of the Nazis and asked her how come people went along with that. She said, we always obey the law. Isn't that 
what you do in America? That's a nasty thing to say. [laughter] We're just doing what you do. We obey the law. You 
obey the law. Even if you don't agree with the law personally, you still obey it. Otherwise, life would be chaos. We don't i 


want chaos. We want order. 

/jfSn the other side you have Garrison and the abolitionists saying, let's not create too much commotion. Let's do things 
\i/ more quietly. Yes, I'm against slavery too, but you're really speaking too loud. Garrison replied, Slavery will nc 
be overthrown without excitement, a tremendous excitement. That has a lot to do with democracy. 
Now I'm finally going to get to the subject of my talk. I wanted to create a context. We always claim that when 
we go on and on about something, we're creating a context. I want to create a context for talking about the First' 
Amendment because what I'm going to say about the First Amendment fits into this general theme about what 
democracy really is and whether democracy comes to you through the existence of these formal institutions or 
whether it requires all sorts of action and organization and risk and sacrifice and energy which goes on outside of 
the formal apparatus and which is engaged in by ordinary people. So second thoughts on the First Amendment. 
First thoughts on the First Amendment, I suppose we all have them. You read the First Amendment, hear about 
it, write essays for the Reader's Digest essay contest on Bill of Rights Day, and how wonderful it is to have a First 
Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or abridging the free exercise 
thereof, abridging the freedom of speech or the press or the right of persons peaceable to assemble, to petition the 
government for redress of grievances ..." It's a terrific amendment. It makes you feel good to have something like that 
m the Constitution as the basic law of the land, the highest law of the land. It's language is absolute. There are no 
icceptions in it, no but's or however's. It's there. It's flat. It's absolute speech. It's fantastic. But.. .there are bad but's... 
Twill only use good but's. Freedom of expression does not depend on the First Amendment. Let me give you an 
example. It took me a while to figure this out. It took me longer than it should have. I don't know exactly when I 
did, but I know one of the moments when I began to think about it very forcibly. __^^^^_ When 1 
asin the South teaching at Spelean College which is a black 


college for worn- ^B JP""^^^^^' en in At- lanta, Georgia. I was 

teaching there for ^^^^^ seven years, from 1956 to 1963. It was an amazing time to be there. I could 

see my students move from a situation that seemed absolutely courtesy, politeness, quiet, order and 

suddenly burst out in the way things happen when people have despaired that anything will ever happen in the 
situation and suddenly things happen. Then you realize that you don't know anything about the way human beings 
are. You think you know what human beings are thinking by watching their external behavior. You don't know what's 
going on inside people, what they're thinking and feeling, what they're holding back, that they're waiting for the rights 
moment, how indignant they are, now wise they are. You look at people not doing anything andyou put them down. People | 
are not dopes. People have common sense. There's a reality there, and people feel it. They may not say anything about 
it. It may not be practical to say anything about it. But when the practical moment comes, things will happen. 
A.o my students began to do these things. One day, a group of students who lived on campus came to my house and 
3«P said, can we borrow your car. I was a great force in the civil rights movement: I had a car. [laughter] I had a 
typewriter to type petitions on and really played a key role, [laughter] I said, Where are you going? They said, we're going 
downtown. In fact, we have a question to ask of you. You teach Constitutional law. I drew myself up to my full height, 
Oliver Wendell Holmes. We're going to distribute leaflets on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta against racial 
segregation. You have to understand, Atlanta was as tightly segregated at that time as Johannesburg, South Africa. You 
didn't see a black mayor, black policemen, no such thing. We're going to go downtown, to the white downtown of Atlanta 
and we're going to distribute leaflets, we black students, against racial segregation. Do we have a Constitutional right 
to do that? 

'TTT'he answer is easy for anybody who studied Constitutional law. There are a lot of ambiguities in Supreme Court 
\y decisions, a lot of things that are uncertain. But there's probably nothing in the Bill of Rights on which the speakers 
of the Supreme Court had been more firm than the right to distribute leaflets on the public street. That is clear. So the 
answer is an easy one: Yes. You have an absolute right to distribute leaflets on Peachtree Street. Don't worry, [laughter] 
That's what I might have said if I were a real idiot. I was half an idiot, but not a real idiot. So I had to say, yes, you do have 
a Constitutional right, but if a policeman comes up to you and says what policemen say in such situations, you can imagine j 
what policemen say, something like, "Leave." Policemen have their principles. They don't like the sight of people ' 
distributing leaflets on certain subjects on public streets. Policemen will say "Leave." So what do you do then? Obviously, i 
t the policeman is not quite aware of the Supreme Court decisions. So you say to the policeman "Sir, I think I should [ 
inform you that I have an absolute Constitutional right to do this, Marsh vs. Alabama, 1946." At that point the situation 
is very clear. You have on your side the Constitution of the United States and the words of the Supreme Court. The 
policeman, all he has is his club and his gun. That stands for so much, tells so much about the difference between words . 
on paper and the realities of power in the world. . 

■YVJhat happened, of course, in the civil rights movement is that understanding that in some way because it was so | 
t£f clear and because black people in the South had so much experience with it, they didn't wait for the Supreme 
Court to come to a new decision on the right of black people to sit at lunch counters. In fact, the law was against that. 
If you studied Constitutional law, you know that the law, by the early 1960s, had been set down in 1883 for civil rights 
cases and private entrepreneurs, restaurants and hotels, were not covered by the 14th Amendment. They could! 
discriminate and you had no Constitutional right to ask for service at a lunch counter or a hotel or any public place. So 
what did they do? That was the situation when those kids sat in in Greensboro, NC in February 1960. That was the 
situation for all the subsequent sit-inners, all over the South in 1960 when sit-ins spread all over the South. They were J 
going against the Constitution. But they won. They succeeded, one after one against demonstrations and persistence and 
mass arrests and television pictures going around the world and embarrassment and boycotts and trouble, places gave 
in. Constitution or no Constitution, whatever. Because what the movement did was to create a power as a 
countervailing power to the policeman with a club and a gun. That's essentially what movements do: They create 
countervailing powers to counter that reality of power which is much more important than what is written down in the 
Constitution or the laws. 

TT et me say a little about the First Amendment. It says, "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech." 
>£»ln 1791 the First Amendment was passed. Seven years later Congress passes a law abridging the freedom of 
speech: the Sedition Act of 1798 says that if you criticize the government you're going to be put in jail. No problem. 
The law's passed against the Constitution. The Supreme Court will take care of it, right? It goes into the courts. They 
try to put people in jail for violating the Sedition Act and critici zing the administration. They cite the First Amendment ' 
and the Supreme Court justices say, "Sorry, the First Amendment doesn't apply." "Why not? It says Congress shall 
make no law abridging the freedom of speech. They're abridging our freedom of speech! You don't understand. People 
are reallv very thick. They think they can just read words and know what they mean, [laughter] Why do people go 
to law school: to see what words really mean, [laughter] How do you become a judge? You don't understand. You 
have to go behind those words, far behind those words, and you have to look: what does freedom of speech mean? % 
You have to go back to British Common Law. Let's see what freedom of speech means in English Common Law. 
Really, that was the argument of the judges. English Common Law? We just had a revolution against England! 
It tells you a lot about revolutions. You had a revolution against England andyour law's still English Common Law. 
English Common Law, you want to know what it is, you read Blackstone. Blackstone's put English Common Law ' 

you say it we can put you in prison, i nat is tne doctrine ot no pnor i 
Supreme Court is serious. They're all serious. Down to the present day, that is still what the First Amendment means. 
I'm serious. That's doubly serious. People are always astonished to hear this. You might say, ifyou were just an ordinary 
person, but let's see. You're not going to stop me, but if I say it I'll go to jail. If I know that, doesn't that stop me? Isn't 
that prior restraint? You don't understand. There are big differences between common law and common sense. t 

' o there we are with no prior restraint. That's why Congress can pass laws abridging the freedom of speech. And] 
' it does, did, in the Sedition Act of 1798, and again in World War I. They passed the Espionage Act in World War| 
I. The Espionage Act, another lesson, don't think you can tell a law from its^^^^fc_ title. Es- 
jonage Act, you think, oh, good— we don't want espionage. 

pionage? It turns out the Espionage Act does have some 
onage. It also has other things, like *you can't say this. You can't write this. You can't 

\±tho wants es- 
"Hf things on espi- 

print this. You can't publish this. You can't utter this." They Fove the word "utter." I guess if you say it but don't utter 
it it's O.K. The Act said you can't say or publish things that will discourage recruitment in the armed forces of the 
United States. They passed this in 1917. The United States had just gone to war, joined that noble crusade World War 
I, where 10 million men died in the battlefields and at the end of it nobody knew why the war was fought. Not an atypical 
situation for wars. At the end of it people look around at the debris and say, "Hey, what happened here?" The Espionage ' 
Act is passed. You can't say things that would discourage recruitment or enlistment into the armed forces of the United 
States. In other words, you can't speak against the war. That's what it meant. Do not criticize the war. Then it was tested. 
The Socialist Party was quite strong in those early years of the twentieth century, really strong. They had 57 Socialist 
locals in Oklahoma. Shenk was a Socialist and distributed leaflets against the draft and against the war. He was brought 
in under the Espionage Act, which provided for up to twenty years in prison, by the way, for saying things, and he was 
convicted and he came up before the Supreme Court. He said, "How about the First Amendment? The Supreme Court 
was unanimous: Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the decision, who has a great reputation, an intellectual, one of the really I 
awesome figures in American jurisprudence, intellectual history, etc. Holmes writes the decision. He says what people 
have said. You hear this all the time. Your mother said it to you, your brother-in-law said it, who knows? Somebody you 
heard said this: Freedom of speech is fine, but you can't shout "Fire" in a crowded theater. How many times have you heard 
that? How many times have you opened your mouth and looked? That stops you. Who wants to shout "Fire" in a crowded 
theater? That's the end of it. That takes care of that. Holmes, this brilliant man, gives this stupid metaphor, this 
ridiculous analogy, that Shenk distributing a leaflet criticizing our entrance into the war is like somebody getting up in 
a crowded theater and falsely shouting "Fire." A clear and present danger to all these people. Who was creating a danger: 
Wilson by sending us into the war, or Shenk by protesting against the war? Who started the fire that's burning in Europe 
and that's killing all these people? What's going on here? A unanimous Supreme Court: clear and present danger. So they 
prosecute 2,000 and send 900 people to prison under this Espionage Act, including Eugene Debs, the leader of the Socialist 
Party. Holmes writes that decision, too. I'm more bitter against people who are revered as liberals, people with three \ 
names. It was too much. 

3Efcy the way, a guy who made a film was prosecuted under the Espionage Act. He made a film about the American i 
i ^43Kevolution. What's wrong with that, you might say? A film about the American Revolution. We were fighting 
against the British. This is World War I; we're fighting with the British! This film is going to arouse sentiment. It's going 
to divide the Allies. It's going to arouse sentiment against the British, and the British are our allies! So he violated i 
the Espionage Act. He was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison. The guy who made this film. Ten years 
in prison. The film was called The Spirit of 76. The case was called U.S. vs. Spirit of '76! I 

TFThe First Amendment has always been shoved aside in times of war or near war, 1798 was near war, 1917 was war. I 
VtU In 1940 when the Smith Act was passed was near war. The Smith Act was used against the Socialist Workers Party 
and then against the Communist Party for things that they said and wrote. What happened in those trials against the 
Communist and Socialist Workers Party and the courtroom was full with stuff the prosecution had brought in. What , 
had they brought in? Guns, bombs, dynamite fuses? No, they brought in the works of Marx, Lenin, Engels, Stalin. That's " 
like a bomb. So people went to jail. National security. People fall prostrate before the words national security. All you 
have to do is use the phrase "national security." Oh, well, I'm sorry, do whatever you want to if it's for national security. 
If any of you read the transcripts of the Nixon tapes, those famous Nixon tapes, Watergate? At one point Nixon says to ' 
Haldemann, he always had this plaintive tone, "What'll we do, what'll we do, gee, what'll we say, what are they going to 
ask us?" Haldemann said, "Say it's national security." Just recently, a few years ago in Cambridge, a debate was 
scheduled at Harvard between Alan Dershowitz, who teaches at Harvard Law School, a Zionist and strong supporter 
of Israel, and a guy named Terzi, who's a representative of the PLO at the U .N. It was going to be an interesting debate. 
PLO vs. Zionist at Harvard. The State Department went to court to prevent Terzi from travelling from New York to 
Boston. Why? They were worried about his safety on Amtrak? Why? Because the appearance of this PLO guy in Boston 
and the things he would say might undermine the foreign policy of the United States. And the court upheld that. Terzi 
could not come. National security is invoked to keep people out, to keep playwrights and Nobel Prizewinners and ' 
writers. A lot of those writers overseas are socialists or communists or anarchists. Keep them out. National security. 
TTphe First Amendment, for a long, long time, only applied to the national government. It didn't apply to the states. | 
k ViU The states could make any law they wanted abridging the freedom of speech. Georgia and Louisiana in the 1830s ' 
passed laws against the distribution of anti-slavery literature. Anybody who distributed anti-slavery literature in 
Georgia or Louisiana in the 1830s could be sentenced to death. It was not a violation of the First Amendment. It was ' 
perfectly constitutional becausehere again you have to be careful reading things the First Amendment says Congress 
shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech. It doesn't say Georgia shall make no law abridging the freedom 
of speech, or Louisiana. The states could do whatever they want. We never reckoned with the cleverness of the^ 
Founding Fathers and all of those people who write these things. When the 14th Amendment was passed that 
might have put a little different thing on it, because the 14th Amendment was directed against states now. The 
14th Amendment says no state can deprive a person of life, liberty. Now we can act against the states. If we say i 
no state can deprive a person of liberty without due process of law, maybe that should include freedom of the press, 
so now we do have protection for freedom of expression against the states. That came up in 1895 with some guy who 
wanted to speak on the Boston Common. They wouldn't let him speak on the Boston Common without getting a permit 
from the mayor. The mayor wouldn't give him a permit. He went to the court and they say, no, the 14th Amendment 
doesn't apply. It wasn't until the 1920s, 1930s that this First Amendment was applied to the states. So we say, now ■' 
the states cannot pass laws abridging the freedom of speech except that anybody who went out on the street to say ' , 
something or distribute leaflets or make a speech was still at the mercy of the police and the state. Nothing new. There's 
such a thing as the police powers of the state, which the Supreme Court brings up again. The state has police powers 
and they're always balancing the First Amendment rights against the police powers of the state . The First Amendment*' 
doesn't say that your right to free speech should be balanced against anything. But the Supreme Court has decided, J 
and it's a very handy thing, that it should be balanced against the police powers ofthe state, just as on a na- 
tional level it's balanced against national security interests. Whatever the. 

K state has to do to ^^r^^ maintain order, etc. So some student who gets up in 1949 in Syracuse, NY and J 

K makes a speech criti- cizing the government, gets arrested for it, goes up to the Supreme Court, and they say J 

V sorry, police powers of the state and so on. 

W Mfjhat you' 1 * gathering from all this, I hope, is that the First Amendment is not as strong as it seems. I'm trying to \ 
W Of hint at that. The First Amendment is not a bulwark for us. Interpretations by the courts are only the beginning 
I of the problem, because the real problems come outside of court. Very few people get to court. Very few free speech cases 1 
I are settled in court. Most free speech cases are settled out of court, that is, on the street or at work or in a family or at i 
I school, that is, they're settled in the world of reality. An enormous deal is made of what happens in the courts, what 
r happens in the Constitution, Supreme Court decisions. The Supreme Court has said that high school kids can be M 
censored. They said that, yes ? high school authorities have a right to censor the things that high school kids write. What ■ 
if the Supreme Court had said high school kids cannot be censored? How much of a difference would that make in the ^ 
reality of a high school and the reality of the authoritarian atmosphere of a high school and the reality of what the power A 
ofprincipals, of teachers, etc.? The fact that you have a Constitutional right doesn't mean you're going to get that right. I 
i Who has the power there on the spot? The policeman on the street? The principal in the school? The employer on the job? l 
t The Constitution does not cover private employment. In other words, the Constitution does not cover most of reality. It ^ 
p doesn't cover most of the situations in which you need free speech. Therefore, you have to get it yourself. You have to do 
i what the IWW [Industrial Workers of the World] did. It did not have a constitutional right to go to the mining towns and ' 
| lumber towns of the Northwest in the early twentieth century. The First Amendment had not been applied to the states. 
P The states could do whatever they wanted to the IWW. The IWW was not a legalistic outfit. No. Arrest our comrade, our . 
I brother? We'll send 100 people into that town. Arrest 100 people? Well send 1000 people into that town. We're going to 
fill their jails, their streets, we're going to make life impossible for them until we can finally speak on that street corner. 
That's what the free speech fights were. Emma Goldman did the same thing. She had no constitutional right to speak in 
these places. She was arrested again and again, especially when she spoke about birth control or marriage. That's much , 
more serious than war. She came back. She refused to be silenced. She came back and spoke, was arrested and came back J 
k and spoke. What did workers do, being fired for speaking their minds? They formed unions. That's a more important! 
function of unions when unions were created than wages and hours and that is job security, that you can't simply be J 
i arbitrarily fired for something you said to your foreman. The union will come to your defense. The union will go out on J 
strike if they fire you. People got together, collectivized, organized in order to defend themselves. % 

~*here are several problems about free speech that I haven't talked about which are very important. Suppose they J 
''didn't interfere with your right to speak. Suppose none of these restrictions, none of these Supreme Court J 
interpretations, no policemen interfering with you, none of these interferences were there. There you are. Say what J 
you want. What resources do you have to speak out? How many people can you reach? You can get up on a soapbox! 
and no one arrests you, and you reach 200 people. Proctor and Gamble, which made the soapbox, has the money to ^M 
go on the air and reach five million people. Freedom of speech is not just a quality. It's a quantity. It's not a matter of ^ 
do you have free speech, like, in America we have free speech. Just like in America we have money. How much do you m 
have? How much freedom of speech do you have? Do you have as much freedom of speech as Exxon? A nice little fl 
community radio station. They're not CBS, NBC, prime time. They're trying to reach some people in a local area and doing I 
a wonderftdjob, but they have to fight for a small audience. Resources. Who has the resources? The press is monopolized. ] 
Turn from CBS to NBC to CNN, it s all the same. Resources. The biggest problem with freedom of speech is the economic ^ 
problem, who has the money to speak out, to reach large numbers of people. There is an additional problem. Suppose you 
even overcame that and you had the resources. Now you could speak and reach a lot of people. What if you then were 
in that position and you had nothing to say? [laughter] I'm serious. You had nothing to say because you didn't know ■ 
anything, because all you knew was what the government told you, what CBS told you, ABC, you didn't have any I 
alternate sources of information? If you don't have anything important to say, what's the point? Freedom of speech is ^ 
meaningless if the sources of information are controlled, if the government is putting pressure on the press to withhold 1 
information as it did in the Bay of Pigs, as in the CIA overthrow in Guatemala, the government put pressure on to pull 
a New York Times reporter, Sidney Grusin, back from Guatemala because he was reporting the facts. They put jA 
pressure on to get another Times reporter, Ray Bonner, pulled back from El Salvador because they didn't like the ^k 
stories he was printing. The government reaches in, the CIA hires people in the media to do their job for them. It's not I 
that the press is being taken advantage of by the government. Noam Chomsky said something about it in his book fl 
Manufacturing Consent. It's a wonderful book, as is any book by Noam Chomsky. Hesaidyoureafly can't totally blame V 
the government for taking advantage of the press when the press seems to be so eager to be taken advantage of. 1 
Information: where are you going to get it? The government is lying to you. I.F. Stone said. "The first rule for 1 
newspaper people: governments he. The government is lying to you and concealing information, deceivingyou." ^d 
You have to have something to say. You have to have independent sources of information. It puts a tremendous^^ 
I responsibility on all of us. If we want freedom of expression, it's up to us. We have a tremendous job to do. We ^B 
have to take risks. We have to speak out. The Constitution won't do it for us, nor the courts. We have to create ^B 
social movements that create atmospheres of protection for people who will take risks and speak up. We have to J 
create alternative sources of information. We have to do what was done during the Vietnam War when you had ^ 
teach-ins outside the regular class curriculum, which had given people no information about Asia or Vietnam, just like 1 
the whole education system has given people no education about Latin America. This continent which is the closest to M 
us, with which we have the most to do, we have the least education about. So we obviously need alternative sources of J 
information. We need to do what was done during the Vietnam War: community newspapers, underground fl 
newspapers, alternate press services, such as Dispatch News Service, this little radical news service in Southeast Asia W 
which broke the story of the My Lai massacre before anyone else did. There's a lot of work to be done in speaking up. ^ 
We need to create that excitement about the issues of the time, excitement about the war, excitement about the ^ 
misallocation, the waste of the country's wealth on the military. We have to create excitement about homelessness and^ 

poverty and the class system in this country. We need information. People have to know things. People have to spreadl 
^fc the information. That is a job that all of us have to be engaged in day by day. That's what democracy consists ofl 
||^ ^^^ flfhat's the only thing I've been trying to say. ^^^^^ 








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Piercing and Tattooing: Self-Expression at the Surface by Lily Brain 

Body modifications^particularly piercings and tattoos, have reached a 
popularity. Once the rarely-seen mark of the outlaw, piercings 
e now commonlv seen nn frpAks<'nr''nltorn!»tim»ri«»nT>l,»*;<\,«.,\.,. 

new neigm in , — r -...-. .._,. ■»,..»,«, „..<= 10 icyoccn mam ui me uuuaw, piercings 
and tattoos are now commonly seen on freaks (or "alternative people 1 ' if you're 
sensitive to the «F" word) and Yuppies alike. By far, however, more freaks 
than Yuppies are sporting this "body art'. 

Certainly the practice of body modification is nothing new. Cultures all 
over the world have been tattooing, piercing, scarifying and otherwise perma- 
nently changing their bodies for centuries. A quick look aXNational Geograph- 
ic r magazine will tell you that these practices are still going on in many parts 
of the world today.... though those folks at NG seem content to overlook the 
current interest in body modifications in the United States, Canada and 
Europe (You know, those white countries). Guess it's quaint when those 
uncivilized natives" do it, but heaven forbid an "enlightened American" 
should look beyond the world of acid-wash and baseball jackets....but I 

There are many reasons why an alternative-leaning person would 
appreciate, and therefore appropriate, permanent body modifications. For 
many permanently marking one's body is a way of claiming it as one's own. 
San Francisco professional body piercer Michaela talks about her body 
modifying experience: "Coming out of a history of mental, physical and sexual 
abuse, my piercings and tattoos to me are really reclaiming This is my body ' 
I have had this experience (of body modification) and this beautiful thing to 
show for it. It's mine and I've chosen to do it for myself." 

For others, body modification is a statement of individuality. Mike a 
heavily-tattooed punk from Washington states, "My tats tell the world that 
1 man outsider and proud of it. I've put a lot of thought, energy, time and oh 
yeah, money, into my tats, and I really feel like the designs (Mike's tattoos 
include a large tribal-style back piece and several skull designs) show who I 



'am. Plus, they scare the right people and that's cool." 

Other people favor permanent body modifications as ameans marking 
a rite of passage. Some choose to get a piercing or tattoo commemorate a 
birthday, a relationship (such as the piercing of a slave in an s/m relationship, 
or a biker woman being tattooed "Property of..."), inclusion in a group (such 
as a band, club, or sect) or even a death. Michaela: "My Ball Python died 
recently, and I had his bones tattooed in white down my back." 

In addition to reclaiming the body, stating individuality, andmarking 
rites of passage, piercing and tattooing also represent something else: 
Commitment. Fickle trendies take note; a tattoo (and a piercing, if jewelery 
is worn in it long enough) is forever. Certainly, one who craves body 
modification but is less eternity-oriented than the typical tattoo and/or 
permanent piercing enthusiast has other prospects to persue. Among them: 
temporary piercings (usually done with hypodermic tips); temporary tattoos 
(available in decal form and removable with rubbing alcohol); corseting (why 
not bind your waist down to a comely 18" or so when the mood strikes?); and 
of course, the funky haircut and color (the purple mohawk still lives...and it 
still grows back!). 

What are the options for someone ready to take the permanent body- 
marking plunge? As for the ancient art of tattooing, virtually any external 
body surface can be tattooed (though the genitals, soles of the feet, inside of 
the mouth and the eye area are thehardest, and subsequently, least common 
areas to tattoo). Careful consideration should be given to the placement, 
design and artist of the tattoo. Reknowned Chicago-based tattooist Guy 
Aitcheson stresses the importance of choosing a tattoo artist who you not only 
feel is qualified, but trustworthy and likeable as well. "When you're carrying 
a tattoo around, you're also carrying the experience of getting that tattoo. If 
it was an ugly experience, you're not gonna like the tattoo as much." 

The tattooing itself is a transformative experience. As with all acts 
beautiful and daring, it is bound to be a little painful, though the degree of 
sensation varies, depending on what area is being tattooed and the tattoo-ees/ 


pain tolerance. Also, if the tattoo being applied is of substantial size, the 
process can be quite time consuming. (Some tattoos can take weeks, or even 
months, to complete). In addition, tattooing is not cheap. According to 
Aitcheson, mosttattooists charge and hourly rate between $100 and $150 an 
hour. Expense, however, should not be a deterrent to the determined, for a 
quality tattoo is well worth the money. No one wants to moan in regret over 
a bargain-basement tat from here to the grave. Or as Ben Weasel so aptly 
stated during his interview with Aitcheson, "If you're getting something 
tattooed on you for life, it's worth shelling out some cash for it. 

The same can be said for permanent piercing. Despite what one might 
think, getting a proper permanent body piercing is not as simple as bribing 
the lady at the mall jewel ery store to use her ear piercing gun on your nipple. 
Piercing requires just as much preparation and care as any other form of body 

As for piercable parts of the body, basically any fleshy protuberance 
away from veins and arteries is fair game. These parts of the body include ear 
lobes, ear cartilage, tragus (the little bitty part protruding over the ear canal 
opening), eyebrow, nostril, septum (the flesh below the cartilage in the center 
of the nose), lips, tongue, nipple (both male and female), navel, inner and 
outer labia, clitoris, clitoral hood, perineum (area between the genitals and 
rectum), various points on the penile head and shaft, and the skin of the 
scrotum. According to Michaela, who pierces at the San Francisco Gauntlet 
store, flat body surfaces are very difficult to pierce and these piercings tend 
to work their way to the surface of the skin as they heal and close up, so such 
areas are generally avoided . 

A trained piercer will help you select the best placement for your 
piercing. The piercing should be done with a special body piercing needle and 
the appropriate iewelery should be inserted. Proper piercing jewelery is 
made of a non-allergemc metal, such as surgical stainless steel, gold or 
niobium. It is also quite thick, as compared to a standard earring or wire, 

which, if inserted into a body piercing is likely to slice right through the flesh. 

As for the pain of the procedure, Michaela gives us the scoop, "I have 
a real hard time talking about piercing in terms of pain." Heavily pierced 
herself, Michaela reports, "Every piercing had a real different sensation to 
me. My fourchette stung, my clit hood felt like an 'eek', and my nipples 
thudded. It's like it was occurring to me that it was about to hurt, and then 
it was over. It never actually hurt." As with tattooing, the amount of pain one 
feels hinges largely on the area being pierced and the individual's pain 

Great care must be taken during the healing period of a piercing. The 
area must be cleansed with a surgical scrub and fabric, hair and other 
potential irritants must not touch the piercing. Otherwise, gnarly infections 
and ugly scars could result. Be warned! 

Body piercers are much less common than tattoo artists, and the 
prospective piercee who doesn't live in a major city will probably have a hard 
time finding a qualified piercer. With this geographic shortcoming in mind, 
Gauntlet publishes piercing how-to articles inPFIQ (Piercing Fans Interna- 
tional Quarterly) magazine and also has mail-order piercing supplies 
available. (See resource guide for more info) 

Articles like this further expose the current trend of body modifica- 
tion. Like any trend, piercing and tattooing will inevitably become just 
another "thing to do" for the impressionable. However, getting rid of a tattoo 
or a poorly-healed piercing is a lot harder than packing away the bell- 
bottoms or dumping off all those straight-edge records at the next Gilman 
record swap. Tattoos and piercings should be means of saying "This is how 
I want to express myself to the world, " not "There's one born every minute." 
Think carefully (Sorry, I've met too many "wish-1-hadn'ts" to refrain from 
the sermon here...). As Guy Aitcheson says, "If it's done for the right reasons, 
they're gonna love it for the rest of their life. They're never gonna regret it." 
You decide what the right reason is. ..and if ya got it, DO IT. 


Michaels Gray is a professional piercer at tha San 
Francisco Gauntlet studios. Talk about ona intensely 
interesting parson! I interviewed har in her home ona 
evening, with har Ball Python snaka in lap. aha delved 
into a subject of many facets and controversy. Inter- 
view by Suzanne Bartchy. 
MRRi When did you first get into piercing.? 
Michaela: I asked my mother to pierce my ears when I was three 
years old. She did it with 
an ice cube and a needle; 
a hippy mom... but she 
flipped out and only did 
one, and I ended up do- 
ing the other one myself. 
At the age of three. So 
whatever that means, I 
don't know, but I didn't 
see anymore piercing 
type stuff until much lat- 
er, although I did related 
stuff. Like when I was 
four years old, I tied up 
this boy I used to play 
with, stuck an apple in 
his mouth, and then 

Keed on him. 
IRRi Is there a con- 
nection between 
sexuality and pierc- 

Michaela: Very much so: 
Piercing is a great thing 
to talk about, because 
there's so many differ- 
ent levels to talk about it 

MRRi Do you think 
there is something 
to the opinion that 
piercinqs are self 
mutilation, and 
therefore some- 
what masochistic? 
Michaela: I don't feel 
that way. To me, it's all 
about context. I mean, if 
somebody said, "I'm 
gonna ram this safety pin 
through my cheek, punk 
rock!", that's mutilation. 
And you know, even that 
I could question, be- 
cause what's the reason fordoing that, instead of something else. 
Orwhen an twelve year old girl is depressed and slashes herself. 
You know, women are much more into blood, and into actually 
cutting theirown bodies than men are. Men are real freaked out by 
blood. Men always come in to the store and ask if it's gonna hurt 
and if it will bleed, almost every time. Women are nervous, but they 
never ask if it's going to bleed. Never. Women aren't freaked by 
the fact that it might bleed, and have much more of a concept that 
it's okay, that it's going to hurt and maybe bleed. 
MRRi Do you think that women have a higher mental 
or emotional strength when it comes to enduring pain? 
Michaela: Ithinkwomen definitely haveahigherpain tolerance. But 
there are so many factors that determine if a piercing is appropriate 
for someone. This one day, I did a frenum piercing on a man, and 
he had wanted to get pierced the following day. But his friend 
wanted his nipples done that day, so they came in , and he was not 
really into getting a frenum piercing. But he got it done anyway. He 
came back the next day to do a second frenum piercing, because 
he just didn't feel the placement was right. The day before we'd 
talked about it. and I had asked him again and again if the placement 

was where he wanted it. ..and he just had a "Yeah, yeah, whatever 
attitude. And the second piercing, the sensation was much smooth- 
er; it was a perfect placement. He ended up keeping both piercings. 
But definitely the day he had put himself in the right mind frame to 
be pierced, he had a whole different experience. I've had piercings 
where I didn't really feel good about the experience, and they grew 
out. They actually grew towards the surface. Your body will reject 
piercings, for various reasons, like a piercing that's on your elbow 

is gonna grow out because 
it's a flat broad area. It's 
also important that you be 
in the right emotional 
state, and the person that 
pierces you is really impor- 
tant, the people that are 
around you in the room, 
whether you're holding 
someone's hand, or some- 
one's touching you, the 
music's that's playing, and 
the smells. 

MRRi Have you ever 
refused to pierce 
someone after talking 
to them? 

Michaela: I've strongly 
suggested not to pierce, or 
to think about getting a dif- 
ferent piercing for the first 
time. A lot of women will 
come in and they'll say 
"Oh, I want my clit 
pierced" . The clit is one of 
the most intense piercings 
you can do. I think it's the 
most intense piercing any- 
one can get, more than any 
male piercing. You're talk- 
ing every nerve that's in 
the head of a penis, in one 
centimeter of space. 
That's intense! I mean you 
gotta know you're ready 
for it. I'm doing mine Janu- 
ary 15th. But I've been 
waiting for three years. I 
feel ready to do this and I 
know what it takes. I've got 
two clit hood piercings and 
another on the fourchette 
I know what a genital pierc 
ing is like, and I know it's 
going to be like all my otherpiercings combined. And it's not like that 
for everyone. Some people get their clit done and they can laugh 
when they get off the table "That was great, thanks! " And it was 
really pleasurable, they wanna do it again. Some people have a real 
agonizing, intense experience. So we try to dissuade people from 
that being their first piercing. I tell them we've got five other female 
genital piercings, why not try one of those first. And I have actually 
told people "no" if they insisted. 

MRRi Do genital or nipple piercings actually increase 
the sensitivity and pleasure that can be felt? 
Michaela: Yes, they definitely have increased my sensitivity. I had 
no sensitivity in my nipples. I had a breast reduction, talk about the 
ultimate piercing experience, I had one hundred metal staples in my 
breasts plus sutures. It's pretty relative. This is pretty official for me, 
this is what I tell people when asked if the piercing will hurt. I have 
a real hard time talking about piercing in terms of pain. Every piercing 
has a real distinct sensation to me. My fourchette stung, mynipples 
thudded, my clit hoods felt like an eeekk. It's like it was just 
occurring to me that it was about to hurt, and then it was over. It 
never actually hurt. So people that come in on a dare or think it's 

•* a ~r ■■■—..» , ...... — r v^,i. .nai ^uinc 111 mi a uaie ui uiiiik II 5 








really weird or "I'm being so fringe", I personally refuse to do them and let 
another piercer that's more equipped to deal with them do it. If you think it's 
weird, why are you doing it? I don't do anything that I think is weird, I do things 
that have meaning for me. I get really personally insulted when people treat 
piercing that way because it's something that I have some real heavy spiritual 
roots in, you know. 

MRRt When you did start piercing again, after the three year old 
experience) was it something you did on yourself? 
Michaela: My lover (at that time), and I pierced each other; I pierced her labia, 
and she pierced my clit hood. The first clit hood piercing I had seen was in On 
Our Backs. Then I saw Modern Primitives, and was like, "Oh good, informa- 
tion!" I sent away for the Gauntlet catalog, and that took forever to get, and 
then sent away for the equipment, and waited and waited. I got the equipment 
just before Christmas vacation in New York, so I went home, and every night 
on Christmas break, I tried to do it myself. I'd put the forceps on, got the cork 

and the needle ready, and then I just couldn't do it! So finally the last day of 

break we pierced each other and went to 7- 1 1 and got food. And I'd gotten on 
the mailing list forthe Gauntlet to PFIQ (Piercing Fans International Quarterly), 
and thought," This is great!" We have a new one coming out at the end of 
January this year, and I'm featured in it. Anyway, then I found out that Jim was 
coming to town, and I wanted my clit done. 

MRRi Could you expand on who Jim is in the world of piercing? 
Michaela: Jim Ward, he's the founder of the Gauntlet, the person that is pretty 
much responsible forthe resurgence of interest in piercing. He's one of those 
few people you hear about before you meet , then you meet them, and they live 
up to your expectations. And you're not thinking, "This guy is an ego-ridden 
fool " . 

MRRi So, what do you think about the whole Modern Primitives 
attitude, for example, the "We're reclaiming our bodies through 

ing is, my hippy mom said something that I'm gonna repeat, 
and it's gonna sound really stupid coming out of my mouth, but when she said 
it, it was like " Ahhh, wow" . You know, that' the only thing left for humans to 
evolve in is their consciousness, and I think that's what's really coming about 
right now. The whole new age thing, which is really fake and bourgeois, and 
middle class. ..but there is some truth to it. And it's definitely bringing 
awareness to a certain population that otherwise wouldn't have gotten access 
to it. The whole interest in piercing and tattooing, the whole S/M resurgence, 
the fact that there'-s this total gay revolution right now, and that people are 
proud of being who they are, and 'fuck you' if you can't deal with thaL Just all 
of that is really part of a pattern, and I feel like it is part of this evolution of 
consciousness. If you want to talk about it in terms, of art, S/M is performance 
art, piercing and tattooing is really a personal art; instead of art being this thing 
that hangs on your wall. Instead, you have a really personal experience with it. 
To take an active role in determining your art, instead. of watching TV/and 
watching other people create art. Something you would feel out of control of. 
If anything, you should have control of how you designyourself. There's so 
many different levels that you can look at it, on! Spiritually, before I got my 
to ngue pierced, I never re ally knew how rriuch I used my tongue. I real! 
. ] A^IM<J..lUJ. I , l .ll!Jl l . ff^! U ! .M l lL^J..MM.SIIIJJ.Mli. ll M A^ 


kiss someone, eat, drink, talk, or sleep. By the end of my healing period, I was 
just so thankful and respectful of what my tongue does for me. Also, coming 
out of a history of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, my piercing and 
tattooing to me is really like a reclaiming. This is my body. Especially because 
those experiences involved what other people call pain. That I have this 
experience and I have this beautiful thing to show for it and it's mine, and I'm 
chosing to do it to myself. Everything I have done has a real personal meaning 
to it. I peirced my tongue as a committment to Kristen. Just before I went back 
to Hawaii to reconnect with my mother, who I've been separated from since 
I was six, I had this dream that there was this society, where for an initiation 
ceremony, the mothers pierced their daughters nipples. I was like, "Whooa, 
what am I trying to tell myself? " I had to have my nipples pierced. I really think 
carefully before I choose to get a piercing or a tattoo. I'm not just like randomly 
picking places on my body to get pierced, I've given it thought. My other Ball 
Python died recently, and I had his bones tattooed in white down my back. So, 
on a physical/sexual level, I can definitely say I had increased sensation. My 
nipples had no sensation in them before I pierced them. I thought that the 
piercings hadn't made a difference, but then I had to take them out, because 
they were growing out, and wait a while to re-pierce them. And I missed them, 
they really had made a difference. And my clitoral hood and fourchette, it's 
great! I was totally wet for two weeks, being like extremely stimulated in this 

J area. On the other hand, you know, my breast reduction, and having large 

W- ■ ■ •■» 


V,: ■) 







HJ that done, was it for the 
H sake of comfort? 

f.' Michaela: Well, I was a 34 

Jj body. My body image was just 
JU shit. I mean people would call 
Jfj' me a Jersey cow... (momen- 

I ti-irilir Irfncn ir\n/~i o r> & Alfli mnfi 

IP' and another woman that has 
|j just entered the room, roll 
!fl around on the bed, making 

ifj body modification thing. Ev- 
|U eryone tells me, "Oh, it's 

il men, for a male to get pierced, 
JF is really like a lesson, to have 
=r| something in you. It makes 
fc, them more aware, especially 
Jfi the guiche piercing, that male 

erotic responces are not only 
Jfj' centered in the genitals, and 

|j makes them more aware of 
Q what's there, and what this 

P' society has been cheating 

H them out of, with things like 

p, circumcision. 

Jjj MRR: Is it possible for 
Q the placement to be off, 

S\ genital piercing 

jjj Michaela: No, that's not really 
E an issue; there are dangerous 

<M shaft of the penis, because 

Qi there's a lot of blood going 

jE 1 through there. No way should 

jjjj think they had it done surgical- 

31 ly, orthey were lucky. We also 

||jjj won't pierce through the actu- 

I what's done in a traditional 
, as a form 
L!l of birth control. But placement 
jn anywhere within a limited area 
J is fine. We can pierce pretty 

Iff MRR: What's the most bi- 
ll zarre piercing you've 
jjy ever done for someone? 

jjj Michaela: I just pierced Chris- 

l__ f in « o frtrah r\*±f\ f l-i *■*•■ r\ kY\ r\ 

I weirdest piercing I've ever 
done, and it's probably gonna 

LA, has one, and it's been 

ever seen, the one piercing that 
really freaks me out, is a man who 
has half inch diammeter holes in 
his achilles tendons. He likes be- 
ing hung by meathooks from the 
ceiling, and have people-stick pins 
in his feet. Now, I'm sure that he's 
got some reasons fordoing that, 
he doesn't do it for shock value, 
he's totally doing it for sexual gnat - 
ification, and spiritual 
gratification. So, I have to respect 
that, that he's got his reasons, 
. that that's his form of therapy. But 
to me, that's a real hard one to 
deal with, because my feet are 
very sensitive. When I was eleven 
years old I stepped on a curtain 
hook, which went all the way 
through my foot. 
MRRi Do people ever re- 
quest certain environments 
to be pierced in? 
I. a 


CAN Y<| 





m y 
at my 
and I 
at their 
house in 
s e t - 
tings. I try not to pierce in settings 
that are too bizarre. You know, 
candles and the right music... but 
there has to be proper lighting for 
the actual piercing. You know, it's 
not really a good idea to get to 
bizarre and wild, because you've 
got to maintain sterility, and the 
person has to be real prepared for 
what's going on. If they 're floating 
off into an S/M induced haze, 
then they might not be in the right 
space to be pierced. It just has to 
be real controlled environment. 
It's definitely a craft, an art. 
MRRi This seems like this 
art is something that's been 
taken from other cultures. 
Do you agree with that? 
Michaela: Actually it's not. The 
European culture, where we've 
gotten most of our ideas about 
our culture from, definitely did do 
piercings. Piercings were used 
for chastity purposes, both labia 
were pierced together, and that's 
even pretty commomly being 
done in Europe today. Also, 
Christians and religious people 
would get tattoos when they went 
on pilrimage, and everyone thinks 
no European society has ever 
done these things. I mean, let's 

think about tight lacings and cor- 
sets, talk about body 
manipulation! I've got a corset 
that laces me down to 18jnches. 
That's a total body modification. 
But it's air about appreciating 
yourself, and understanding how 
your body works, and feeling the 
need to decorate it the way you 
want to. But I do feel there's 
something really basic that's get- 
ting reawakened in people 
because otherwise I would say, 
yes, this is just a fad, just young 
people doing this on a whim. But 
it's not, because we get grand- 
mothers coming in getting both 
nipples pierced for their- 50th 
birthday, loving the experience 
and saying "I'll be back for my 
labia!" I get 60 year old men 
coming in saying " I've been want- 
ing to pierce my ears for 20 years, 
and I'm 
^ gonna do 
i t 
mit! " And 
o f 

course, I 
get the 
18 year 
old kids 
coming in 
saying , 
"Oh, this 



is so 
weird " 

know, even those people, we 
wouldn't turn away if they were 

i & — i 

rock, because when those people 
will get their tongues pierced be- 
cause they want to freak people 
out, ultimately they maybe think, 
" I appreciate my tongue, this is an 
intense spiritual experience!" 
They might really start thinking 
about it; of course, not every- 
one's going to be that way, but 
I've seen it happen. 
MRR: Is there a difference 
in the techniques or atti- 
tude that the newer 
piercers have to their ad- 

Michaela: Yes, the older 
piercers, when they first started, 
had a reticence to do the actual 
piercing because they would be 
afraid they might hurt someone. 
More recently, piercings have 
become somewhat accepted, so 
we're used to being around it. 
Like I'm sure the piercers afterme 
will be even more firm and sure. 
But the three newest Gauntlet 
piercers are very much confident 
that the needle has got to go right 
through. It should be done in a 
quarter of a second. This is the 

time of all piercings, "Ready? 
Pop." That's it, it's done, then 
you put the jewlery through. 
Anybody that's taking longer 
than that doesn't know what 
they're doing. 

MRRi Do people ever re- 
quest that it take longer? 
Michaela: We've had a couple [I 
of weirdos. We get a lot of 
wank calls, like, "So, my wife 
is interested in getting her nip- 
ples pierced, are your nipples 
pierced?" Another guy called 
and wanted a Prince Albert Jjji 
done with a high heeled shoe, i 
But we couldn't sterilize the I! 
shoe, so we said no. One guy 5 
called and asked if we coud jl 
pierce him, but not put any 
jewlery in. I mean, play pierc- 
ing is great, I don't see why he 
didn't just buy a needle and go 
home and have fun. And we do 
get people that ask to mastur- 
bate while they're having their 
nipples pierced. As long as 
they keep it out of the way of 
what we're doing, I personally 
don't mind. But it's up to the 
individual piercer. We have 
totally private rooms, but they 
are connected with the rest of 
the room, which is important 
because if I need help when 
someone passes out, I need 
to be able to get help without 
leaving the room. And the peo- 
ple that pass out are the ones 
that have their earlobes done, 
I've never had anyone else 
pass out on me. Since we are 
located on the Castro, we get 
a lot of Castro clones that are 
like, "Damn my mother, I'm 35 ire 
years old, and I'll do as I i 
please, I'm gonna pierce my " 
earlobe!" That's the majority 5 
of my customers. Nipples run jl 
a close second. ~. 

MRRi What's the largest * 
piercing you'll do? , i 

Michaela: Any larger than10|5 
guage people are not gonna [ jl 
have a clear understanding of j, 
what goes into the aftercare, ' j! 
and they're probably gonna ' ^ 
fuck it up. So the largest thing 5 
that we can pierce a large jl 
number of people with is a 1 , js 
guage. I personally find that ~i 
healing a 10 guage piercing is 1! 
a bitch. After that heals || 
though, we can always stretch j | 
it to a bigger guage with an i js 
insertion needle. It depends l jj 
on the area as to how easy it I j; 
will be to stretch out. And we , ffi 
can stretch it out to a double ' jl 
zero guage, but beyond that, jjj 
it's something that you can do J 
yourself. Different body parts 'p 

stretch differently. My clit 
hood, I didn't even need to put 
| a needle in. I started out with a 
16 guage and two years later 
I put an 8 guage in. But I tug on 
them all the time, so of course, 
they're gonna be more 
stretchy. Nipples, navels, and 
cartilige can be hell to stretch. 
But you should never let pain 
deter you from what you wan- 
na do. I think that's a good 
thing to say. When people 
considerthepain, orthe after- 
care period, which to me, is 
the more intense pain; the af- 
tercare is really the biggest 
part of the process. What you 
do when you leave the store is 
95% of thepiercing. Even if it's 
something that you're scared 
of, and it's gonna take a long 
time to heal, if those things are 
something that's gonna deter 
you from doing something you 
would want to do like a tongue 
piercing, if it's something that 
you feel like a strong inner 
need todo, than, my god, doit! 
| Your body is trying to tell you 
something. Do this! I do think 
that in 20 years, people are 
gonna get pierced for their 
barmitzvah. You're now a 
member of the community, 
I you're an adult, because you 
can deal with it. It's something 

this society doesn't have. Which 
is why we have adolescence. 
Now that's fucked up. It leaves 
you feeling very empty. It's been 
said in so many dopey ways, but I 
think what we are doing is creat- 
ing our own rituals. 
MRRi Do you think piercing 
and S/M have any connec- 

Michaela: Definite connections! 
I've been noticing as I've been 
getting more into the whole thing, 
the difference between Western 
and Easten culture. Eastern cul- 
tures are much more aware of 
themselves, cultures that other 
people would call primitive; I have 
a real hard time saying. An East- 
em tattoo or tribal tattoo is a 
design that's incorporated onto 
your specific body, whereas a 
Western tattoo is uaually just a 
picture slapped anywhere on your 
body. Eastern tattoos are not just 
limited to a three dimentional pic- 
ture. And IthinkS/M is one way of 
getting back in touch.'s like, 
fuck all this basic day to day shit, 
let's just get back into what's real. 
When I'm getting pierced, tat- 
tooed, or undergoing an S/M 
experience, or putting someone 
else through an S/M experience, 
you have to be right there. You're 
right there in the moment. You 
cannot be anywhere else but 

where you are. Whereas in most 
of your daily life, as a basic urban 
person, you're kind of floating 
away. You're having sex with 
someone and you're not really 
into it, and you're thinking about 
the laundry that you have to do 
tonight. But you have to be there 
for this intense experience your 
body is going through. It grounds 
you so much. I'm here, now. S/M 
is really about that, and so is 

Ciercing. Everytime you remem- 
er the experience or you look at 
your piercings.. .there you are! 
Besides just that physical aspect, 
it is about redefining this real fear 
of our bodies. Which is all about 
shame, and male fear of blood, 
and this fear of bodily fluids in 
general. This is what gives us life, 
blood is beautiful! And it's about 
not being afraid of the actual inter- 
nal processes of our bodies, of 
which pain is one. That's a denial 
to me, like denying the pain in your 
life is like denying the pleasure in 
yourlif e. They do really connect to 
each other. Like I said, I don't 
even feel that it's pain, I feel like 
it's varing degrees of sensation. I 
mean, if you whack on some- 
body's- ass for an hour, just the 
lightest stroke or even just blow- 
ing is a delightful, pleasurable 
sensation. Whereas if you touch 
someone in the same place with- 


out the whacking on their ass 
for an hour, it's not the same; 
"Oh, someone's touching my 
butt, big deal." It's just differ- 
ent. It is a whole body 
experience, it's not like grope, 
fondle, fuck. It is total whole 
body ecstasy. I mean, how 
much closer can you get to 
someone than making them 
scream? I certainly get a con- 
tact high off that. 
MRRi So would you say 
that, as a piercer, you get 
something out of it when 
you give a piercing? 
Michaela: I get a tangible rush 
of energy, because people are 
putting it out. I had a lot of back 
tension for a while, and I got 
two temporary piercings for a 
performance I was doing at 
Club Snatch, and when I let my 
breath out as I was getting the 
piercings, all the tension just 
went right out. It lasted just for 
a week; it was a flat area pierc- 
ing that wouldn't have taken 
anyway. They looked nice, and 
they felt great, but it wasn't 
really practical. However, the 
one thing thing about piercing 
is every individual body is a 
totally different body. With lit- 
tle exception, none of these 
things I'm saying are hard and 



1 1 





The last time I interviewed Guy 

Aitchison for MRR was in the 

j spring of 1989. At the time, he was 

J torn Tattooing on Lincoln Avenue 
j in Chicago. Eventually, Guy left 
\ Custom Tattooing and, along with 
tattooer/piercer Mad Jack, 
opened his own studio, Guilty & 
Innocent Productions. 

When I went on tour last winter, 
I was pleasantly surprised to hear 
punk tattoo buffs all over the coun- 
try talking about Guy's work; it 
seems that he's gotten a lot of 
press in some of the larger tattoo- 
ing publication lately. These days, 
Guy works out of a spacious two 

level studio in Chicago. In many 
February, I talked to Guy about him 
progression from local famm to na- 
tional notoriety. Harm's what hm 
had to mayi Interview by Ben Wea- 
sel, photos , by Martin 

MRRr Somebody recently told me 
that a lot of the reason for your ri se 
in popularity had something to do 
with Ministry. 

G: Not really. I tattooed one of the guys in 
the band... . 
pMRRi Did they credit you on an 

G: Not that I know of. They might have, 
there's pictures of Al in certain magazines 
showing off his tattoos but I don't think any 
credit is given. 

MRRi riow did you become so fa- 
mous sine* the last time I talked to 

G: Well, there's a certain publication out of 
New York which I fell in favor with and 
they've taken good care of me, they print 
a lot of my stuff. 

MRR. What's the nam* of that on*? 
G: Outlaw BikerTattoo Review. It'slikethe 
main tattoo magazine available right now 
that's under $20. It's not super glossy or 
anything but they consistently print pretty 
good work. 

MRRi After you left Custom, how 
hard was it for you to gat started 
G: Well, we were in another space before 






| this one, a cheaper one. I went partners 
= with Mad Jack and we had a great, thriving 
| partnership We were there for a year, but 
| in that time, the space really started going 
| downhill. The roof started leaking, the 
= dumpsters got locked up and the landlords 
= just started fucking with us in every con- 
[| ceivable manner until it was just time to 
z leave. We just opened up this new space. 
= Jack set it up while I was on the road. I like 
= this arrangement. We're not completely 
I finished, we're building a work station for 
| guest tattooers, just trying to jazz it up and 
| spend some money and time and effort on 
^ the place to make it look nice. We've got 
^ a receptionist downstairs and I think peo- 
| pie really like the fact that we have private 
=j] offices. 

MRRi It's interesting that you're 
working with someone who does 
piercingsr it seems like those two 


things are going hand in hand... 

G: Well yeah, because people who are into 
body decoration in general are going to be into 

L.~il, _t lL M_» _l L...1 :.' - .... 

accurate generalization. Often people will get 
tattoos around theirpiercings or piercings that 
work with their tattoos. 
MRRi You work by appointment only 
nowi can people still come in and look 

G: Oh, people can come in and look at our 
photo books and ask questions or make ap- 
pointments, just get a feel forthe kind of work 
we're doing. and the kind of people we are, 
which is important too. When you're carrying 
a tattoo around, you're also carrying the expe- 
rience of getting that tattoo and if it was an ugly 




Body play All forms of body 
mopdifications in a "how-to" 
style. $1 2 from insight books, po 
box 421668, san franciso, ca 



experience, you ' re not gonna like the tattoo as 

MRRi la the "appointment only" poli- 
cy an indication of how busy you are? 

G: Right now I'm booked until summertime. 
Also, it's just a way of organizing things. As 
you can see, there aren't any designs on the 
wall so people can come in and say, "I want 
Number 237 " . We sit down with our clients, 
take a deposit, have a consultation and do a 
drawing either from scratch or from whatever 
references they might bring in. We also have 
a pretty extensive library of art books just to 
spark people's imaginations. 
MRRi So nowadays you're doing 
more of what you want to do. 
G: Pretty much. Because the work that gets 
published are pieces that I did and sent in 
because I liked those particular pieces. So 

people see them and say, "I want some- 'eh 
thing like that " . So I get to do more of that ( 11 
type of thing but elaborate on it and gojfjl 

progress - it's kind of a domino effect. 

ling now, right? 

G: Well, just because I don't want to get j 
too bored with being here. I pay my way as j 
I go by doing tattoos. It's also fun because 
when you tattoo people you get to know 
them and often when you're out of town, ] 
working in a different shop orin someone's, 
house, you meet a lot of people. So the] 
workday ends and you get to run around J 
and do whatever you're gonna do withj 
these people you just met. You can get to | 
know people pretty well when you're tat- j 

tooing them because you're face to face 
forfourorfive hours sometimes with noth- 
ing to do but talk. 

MRRi Who does most of your tat- *_ 

toos? | 

G: The gentleman upstairs, Eddie Deutsch 3 

(from San Francisco) is a good friend and fj 

a fellow tattooer and he's been doing a lot ^ 

of work on me like the big torso piece and = 

some other things. I've collected from 1 

about two dozen artists rightnowjust from a 

travelling around. Sometimes I'll make an fj 

appointment far ahead of time and fly out to = 

get it done, sometimes I'll just meet an i 

artist that I really click with and maybe not I! 

that time but two years later we'll get f 

around to tattooing each other. = 

MRRi I guess eventually you'll run 1 

out of space. |] 

G: Yeah, once I run out of space I'll be really fj 

happy because I won't have to sit through = 

this anymore. I 

MRRi Are you still working in other I 

mediums other than tattooing? =[ 

G: I'm not doing album covers profession- = 

ally right now. I did a couple last year that | 

I just did for free for my friends. I never | 

charged for that because if I calculated my jz 

hourly tattooing rate for that, people Sj 

wouldn't be able to afford it. Right now I'm = 

trying to learn to oil paint with what little | 

spare time I have. I got tired of airbrush and |1 1 

acrylics, I don't really like the look of it so 

much anymore. Right how I'm just playing 

around with my tattoo imagery. I m not 

gonna try to do any really intense paintings 

until I've got the medium down. * 

MRRi Recently someone told me 

that "No one goes to Guy anymore 

because he's too expensive". Do 

you have anything to say to that? 

G: Well, most tattooists charge an hourly 

rate, somehwere between $1 00 and $1 50 

an hour. There's a couple out there who 

charge more than that and a few who 

charge less. I'm at $150 an hour which is 

maybe a little bit higher than some people 

but. not to toot my own horn but I'm very 

quick. I really think that people are getting 

a better deal from me than they are from 

most people. They probably just assume 

I'm expensive because I have a long wait 

and a reputation and everything. 

MRRi I figure if you're getting 

something tattooed on you for life, 

it's worth shelling out some cash 

for it. 





G: Yeah, and also I like to get down to 
business and just get it done. A piece that 
might take me three hours might take 
someone else three sittings at three hours 
each and that's not even an exaggeration. 
I think I can get away with charging a little 
bit more because I get more done in that 
amount of time. 

MRRi If somebody comes in with a 
vague idea and you kind of help to 
flash it out in a drawing and it's 
something you really want to do, 
does that affect your price? 
G: Oh yeah, definitely. I mean, if they've 
got the money then I won't even worry 
about it but if it's a project I 
really wanna do then I might 
spend some more time on it 
than they can afford just 
because I really want to 
make it the way that I envi- 
sioned it. 

MRRi What do you 
t|>ink about tha recent 
explosion in populari- 
ty' of tha tattooing and 
piercing scenes? 
Cg I think it's great. I think 
body decorations are fun to 
have, they're fun to do and 
it's fun to have friends who 
are all decorated. I think the 
fact that it's a little bit fad- 
dish right now might be a 
slightly negative thing be- 
cause there are probably a 
lot of people getting tat- 
tooed or pierced or 
whatever for the wrong rea- 
sons. But I also think that 
deep down inside, just 

J about everyone out there 

|] has room in their life for a 

■ tattoo. And if it's done right and done for 
the right reasons, they're gonna love it for 
the rest of their life. 

MRRi It seems like it's becoming 
much mora acceptable nowi you 
see these Hollywood stars with tat- 

G: That's too bad because people are 
going to be getting tattoos because their 
favorite Hollywood people are tattooed. 
Again, that's for all the wrong reasons. 
MRRi It 
seems that, 
at least in 
tha punk 
scene, peo- 
ple are 
getting bet- 
ter quality 
tattoos | 
things like 
tribal pat- 
terns or 
What do 
you think 

G: A bt of this is because of certain publi- 
cations. I think something that sparked it 

i WcnSM?n^^^^^l!!iLql!ai^^i3TM !: il [: ?l l ?il l: !l g il^igi515l i 

was a series of four books that were released 
probably five or six years ago by a guy named 
Ed Hardy, who has re- 




Ed Hardy, who has re- 
ally made a lot of TATTflflC " 
advances in this art. ■■*■ IWUD 
The books were called 
Tattootime and they , 
featured a lot of really PHOTOS 
cutting edge work, ft ■"**■** J 
was shown on all sorts 
of people, especially 
younger, more pro- r 
gressive types of 
people. You'd see 
some chick with a 



mohawk * 

, ?r a „a, a G"YAITCHIS 

too on the side of her head and 
piercings in her face. Most of the 
work that was in there was really 
, good. So people would see it and 
they'd be like, "Wow, I had no 
idea!" That's when I first got in- 

already had a couple by then but 
I had no idea that I was gonna go 
this far with it, I didn't picture 
myself getting body suited. Then 
the Tattoo Reviews that have 
been coming out 
these last two 
years have been 
really slick and c - 

they've been fea- 
turing really nice 
work. They're also 
a lot easier to get 
ahold of now. A lot 
of just ordinary L 

drugstores carry 
them. So just having good work 
in print and available to the pub- 
lic, it's gonna plant a seed in 
people's heads. 'X 

MRRi I think a lot of it had 
to do with the Re/Search 
Modern Primitives book / 

that came out in 1 989 too. 
G: Yeah, Ed Hardy was in that 
and the Greg Kulz work that was 
in there, I think a lot of people 
r were jfS 

really t'Xt 

into that 

then all the other 
chapters, it had a little 
bit of everything. I've 
also noticed there are 
a lot of people who'll 
call me up and they'll 
want to make an ap- 
pointment fora tattoo 
and sometimes they'll 
• . be from out of town 

and they've been 
looking at these mag- 
azines for years and 
they're not tattooed 
yet. They're really interested in tattoos but 
they've been taking their time about it. I've 
been seeing a lot of that. 

MRRi Do you sea yourself doing 
this for the rest of your life? 

G: I don't know 

"~ r ]MW'elMl ft I'd De doing it 

MiJtM professionally, 

spending 60 or 
80 hours a week 
doing tattoos, 
just because 
there are other 
things I want to 
do and when 
you're a tattoo- 
ist it really takes 
over your life. 
You don't just 
go to work, tat- 
too and go 
home. You're a 
tattooer wher- 
ever you go, whatever you do. People 
come up to you and ask you questions all 
the time. I cannot go to a bar without being 
assaulted by questions. My friends will go 
to bars or whatever and people will come 
up to them, "Can you get me an appoint- 
ment with Guy?" or, "Can you get me a 
deal?" People they just met asking them if 
they can get a deaf from me . On top of that , 
with all the preparation time I spend setting 
up to tattoo and all that, I'm at home in front 
of the TV waiting for my pizza to be deliv- 
ered and I m working on 
drawings. I'm spending 20 
hours a week, just at home, 
drawing, on top of all the time I 
spend here. 

MRRi How many hours a 
week do you usually 

G: Including all my preparation 
time and everything, 60 to 80 
I'd say. That would include time 
I spend driving across the 
country because I'm driving as 
a tattooer. When I suddenly 
realized that being a tattooer is 
this art form and that this cul- 
ture was totally sucking me in 
and taking over my life, I didn't 
object at all and I still don't. It's 
kind of a neat feeling; it's a lot 
more than just a job. 
MRRi I think when you 
start to make money off 
of what you really love 
doing, that's when you 
realize that you're work- 
ing way more than you ever would 
at any job. 

G: Right, cause it's not just a job, it's your 
life. And at this point, I wouldn't trade my 
life for anything. I would eventually like to 
paint a lot more. I'd like to be able to make 
a living selling my paintings. But I can't 
imagine not tattooing, it's such a neat 
medium and I love working on people, I love 
working with people. My interactions with 
my clients, that's one of the things that 
really makes it for me. And the opportunity 
for travel is definitely a plus. 

Guy Aitchison can be con- 
tacted c/o Guilty & Innocent 
Productions/ 613 W. Briar/ Chica- 
go, IL 60657. 





















































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A.C. - "Unplugged" KI' 


esters have now broken another record: 
1 they've released the "first ever acoustic 
«j noise record". It still sounds likca rcgu- 
** larol" blender-inspired A.C.plattcr. The 
'* only difference is there isn't any distor- 
tion on the guitar. Even though they 
could have milked the gimmick to a 
wider extent this is still pretty funny. 
A.C. still does their duty keeping music 
■ in its most primal state. Wonderful. (CD) 
(i'svehomania, I'O Box 19, Alloa, FKIO 
2YE, IK) 

ACAO DIRETA - "Resi.vlirei" II' 

Straightforward NY style punk/speed punk/thrash from this Brazil- 
ian band. Song <|Uality ranges from very good to poor. Songs are in 
Portuguese with English translations. (KK) 
(Jurgen Hcgew aid, Fricdricli-Eherlslr. 29, 2210 Itzchoc, GERMANY) 

AGAINST ALL HOPE - Breaking Through" KP 

This music has a lollow-all-thc-rtilcs-to-SEHC approach complete 
with vocal attack and a number of inoshy parts infused with the fast stulT. 
(Round Flat Records, 63 Lennox Ave, Buffalo, NY 14226) 


Side one is hard rockin' funny punk Willi wailin' metal guitar way in 
tile background where it belongs. Side two is a lot more melodic and shows 
that these guys probably like the TOY DOLLS a whole lot. Good vocalist 
with clear enunciation and those irresistibly pogo-inducing British inflec- 
tions. Recommended. (KW) 
(Weird Records, 61 London Rd.Baldeiion, New ark, Notts. NG243AG, UK) 


This 2-song EP has a mid-tempo, power-rock feel and polished 
production similar to their earlier material. The overall mood seems more 
tame with singy vocals. This could have college radio appeal. Nomine 
shocking. (MK) 
(Blackout Records. I'O Box 544, Yonkcrs, NY 10701) 

AMYGDALA - "The Nocturnal Burrito" tape 

Erog-stomping music if ever there was any! Grungy, noise hell with 
back-breaking heals. Played with a sense of humor and lack of self-con- 
sciousness that only true nerds can achieve. (DS) 
($2 ppd: Jon, 2161 Bunker Hill Dr, San Mateo, CA 94402) 

ANAL CUNT- "Live" El' 

Well, if they have any fans, they might enjoy this. It's loud, it's last, 

it's sloppy, it's unintelligible. For me velty value only. Best part of the 

whole thing was hearing someone in the crowd say "Boy, these euvs reallv 
suck.". Ha. (I'M) } h 3 '} 

(Psycho Mania, PO Box 19, Alloa, EKIO 2YE, SCOTLAND) 

ASTl RZENDE BKIII TAl BIN - •• Ausser Kontrolle" CD 

Live recordings <if 29 songs. I hadn't ever heard them before this, but 
apparently they 'vc been at it for some time. Pretty basic German punk. I 
certainly was awed by the depth and diversity of their merchandise. ISoxcr 
Shorts and "Portrait" posters??? (TM) 
(K. Kittllcr, Poslfach 91 05 02, 3000 Hannover 91, GERMANY) 


Melodic, upbeat rock n' roll from this SI. Louis trio. They remind me 
a bit of GREEN ON RED, especially Hie first song "Cnclc Sam". Very clean 

production. (KW) 

(3S52 Russell til. St. Louis, MO 631 10) 

ATOMIC 61 -"Hcaitworm" 10" 

Light years better than their 7", I now hear the psychosis of the 
JESUS LIZA Rl) or STEELPt H.E BATHTUB, the force and guitars ol late 
BLACK II. AG. and the soulful rhythms of J1MI HENDRIX. Although a 
couple tracks went on loo long. I liked all of them line. A nice surprise. (WG) 
(Box Dog Sound, PO Box 9609, Seattle. WA) 

B.S.G. - "Warm Inside" LP 

Very weird, must be some kind of Hessian joke. Although these 
Germans can play a variety of different sly les (primarily a brand of syrupy 
pop-punk/rock, that at times borders on melodic hardcore), none of the 
material really meshes. Perhaps this suffers from the "loo many cooks" 
syndrome. (McM) 
(X-Mist Records, Meisenweg 10. 7270 Nagold, GERMANY) 

And Joey/Termite Hop" 

Last year Cleveland's popular Top 
40 station, WMMS, played what Ihcy con- 
sidered the town's best new hands. That 
consisted of a zillion talentless music busi- 
ness wannabees, and Cleveland's one good 
band. BEATNIK TERMITES, who got a 
chance to plug their excellent debut 12". 
This new single might he an even more 
entertaining dose ofspcedpop. Musically. 
the TERMITES are a cross between llie 
sounds likcyou might like it, you will. (MC) 
(St. Valentine Records, PO Box 06121. 
Cleveland, OH 44106) 

BECK'S PISTOLS - "Lockruf" EP 

German) \ tardy response to thcSEX 
PISTOLS, with apparently very little influ- 
ence from them. Straightforward punk/ 
hardcore with throaty vocals and occasional 
German-style chanting. A tribute to the Ar- 
gentinean/Italian soccer star. Maradona. is 
puzzling. (KK) 

(Teenage Rebel Records, GcrrcshcimcrStr. 
16, 4000 Dusseldoi I I, GERMANY) 


Police Beat e.r 

AkiiHlri. gentler | 
notice burnt 

ASPIRIN FEAST- "Police Beat" EP 

The production on this sucker 
finally does these guys justice. What we 
got here is a relentless wall of hardcore 
and screams that puts old DRI to shame. 
By the time this lets up you'll feel as 
though your ears are gonna melt. I be- 
lieve these guys are gone now but their 
legacy will live on forever thanks to this 
disc. (NN) 

(Urban Alert, B.P. 21,93340 Le Raincy, 

BENCH - "Hey Mister/Out Back" ■*" 

BENCH are a rock hand with a capital R; I did not realize this. Full- 
on thick metallic rock guitar riffs abound on this making a heavy mid-tempo 
crunch which could very well propel them into stardom, you never know... 

(Noiseville, PO Box 124, Yonkcrs, NY 10710) 

BIG CHIEF - "Strange Notes" 45 

A one-sided slab that epitomizes, at least in my mind, what is wrong 
with so much of today's "underground" sounds. Go back and listen to THE 
GERMS original, and then play this. Il hurts. Depressing, lifeless and self- 
indulgent ego-rock. Why fucking bother? (TY) 
(SFTRI, 4901 Virginia Ave, Long Beach. CA 90X05) 


BIG MOUTH ."Fat, Drunk and Stupid" tape 

Early 80\ midwest style hardcore with snotty vocals. There's modern 
punk) and ska influences present as well. This hand probably stirs up quite 
a pit, eh? (Mi) 
($3ppd. to I'O Box 270684, Corpus Christi, TX 7X427) 

IIIRDSKIN - "Home/She Builds" 

Competent tunellul alternative pop from the Netherlands. Sorta 
sounds like major label craHUSKERDU (especially the very Bob Mould-ish 
chorus in "Home"). Nothing that will start a new era or anything, hut I 
suspect I'll be playing "Home" a lot more than some of the other poop I aet. 
(Kelt Records. Jacobijnenstraat 10, 3512 TH Utrecht, HOLLAND) 


Records like this keep mc awake ut night. You can feel that this band 
loves what they're doing. 6 songs on this rager. All classic in their own right. 
Punk as fuck! D.I.Y. production! Lyrics about social life and P.C. Dig this 
one up if you can. (S.\I) 
(Black & Blue, Suite 152, 400D Putnam Pike, Smithtield, Rl 02917) 

THE BROOD - ••Vendetta" LP 

The second LP for these fuzz-drenched garage dwellers. Take a step 
hack into the hip femme-powered world of "Faster Pussycat" and immerse 
yourself in simple 3 chord psych garage rockers. The inevitable surf guitar, 
growling screams, key hoards" and lots of fuzz will be there to greet you. (MH) 
(Kstrus Records, PO Box 2125, Bellingliam, VVA 98227) 

BUILD UP - "Keep Up The Fight" tape 

Basic last hardcore similar to AMERICA'S HARDCORE or VISU- 
AL DISCRIMINATION. Ordinarily I wouldn't go ape over something like 
this, but there's just something about this tape that has me playing it 
constantly (while simultaneously lighting off a strange urge for bananas). 
Pissed vocals and lyrics. Anti-racist yet violent lyrics. Raw production (4- 
track?). Strong material. Aggressive would he an understatement. From 
what I can gather, these blokes are SUA RP skins. Cosh. Butt stompin' to say 
the least. (CD) 
(PO Box 11422, Pueblo, CO 81001) 

BULLOCKS - "15 Hours" EP 

Cool, simple, '77 style, melodic, punk rock. Doesn't sound unlike 
early SPIZZENERGI's "Where's Captain Kirk?". (What did Spock And in 
the balliroom?...The Captain's log.] German band, English lyrics. (KK) 
(Teenage Rebel Records, Gcrrcshcimcr Str. 16, 4000 Dusseldorf 1, GER- 

% -9Clpl 


HUM - "Promise is a Promise/Wedding 
Extra catchy pop-punk rock. Raw- 
production makes it sound better. Bar- 
chord rock with melodic vocals. (GF) 
(Lance Rock Records, 3200 Island 
Hg»y, Country Club Mall, Nanalmo, 

I val Of Chaos and Carnage" CD 

These fuckin' goofs have been 
around forever, so why has it taken me 
* until now to finally hear their music? 
What can I say...I lead a sheltered life. CAPITOL PUNISHMENT is the 
closest reference point for the efforts of these kooky Canucks. Full-bodied, 
abrasive hardcore and basic catchy thrash with porky production. "Fucked 
system" lyrics and even skulls with mohawks. Not terribly original, but this 
live-piece pulls it off with such moxic you'd be a fool not to dig it. "Punk as 
fuck" is an apt description. (CD) 
(Fringe Product, PO Box 670, Station A, Toronto, Ont., M5W 1G2, CANA- 

BUZZOVEN - "Wound" EP 
Delightfully sludgy goo-core 
that would feel comfy with DRUNKS 
WITH GUNS or any band off or the 
first "Noise From Nowhere" compila- 
tion. Three slugs pump out four cuts of 
vinyl cyanide packed with feedback. 
The drum sound is a mite on the "pa- 
per box" side, but otherwise this is 
heavy enough to leave tire tracks on 
the walls. Gear! (CD) 
(Allied Recordings, PO Box 460683, 
San Francisco, CA 94146) 

CHEMICAL PEOPLE - "Soundtracks" LP 

An LP featuring CHKMK.AL PEOPLE original instrumental. Tal- 
ented musicians drawing from a number of different styles (punk, metal, 
reggae, funk...). While this might sound interesting, it's actually pretty 
boring. According to the jacket these "jams" were meant for films- 1 have no 
reason to doubt them. (KK) 
(Crtu Records. PO Box 7756. Long Beach, CA 90807) 

CHINO HORDE - "Merit/Racket" 

Plaintive, philosophical emocore with vocals occasionally reminis- 
cent of RAIN. The music, however, plays second fiddle to the mini-issue of 
Ahmillim zinc. which ischock full o'inl'oon the LittleRock.ARsccneand has 
personal essays b> the hand members and several others. (DS) 
($3 ppd: Long Arm Records, 20 Patricia I.n. Little Rock, AR 72205) 

CHUMBAWAMBA - "1 Never Gave Up" 12" 

The 12" dance mix record of the year is here! Yoowww, get down! 
Total disco-) remixed versions ol'"I Never Gave Up" off the SltipfLP, only 
these are much better. Anyone up for a Rave, dude? As bitingly political as 
ever. (SB) 

(Agit-Prop. Box 4, 52 Call I.n. Leeds. LSI 
6DT, IK) i 

CIRCLE JERKS - "Unfortunate Son' 

forever ...geez, all I still like CIRCLE 
JERKS. Okay!?! A live 5 soon, bootleg of 
fairly decent sound quality, this is a nice little 
bootleg to pick up, and includes an interest- 
ing version of "Nervous Breakdown" 7 For 
other well known goodies. (LD) 
(address unknown) 

CLINT Rl 1N7LYDIA LUNCH - "Don't I ear the Reaper" 12" 

Space)' type new-wave music/noise with equally space) vocals. Very 
artsy-l'arlsy. The kind of music which could really drive a person insane. 
Cool cover art. though. (KK) 
(Big Cat U.K. Records) 


Oh shit. I thought this was yet another bad Euro band trying to 
imitate an even worse U.S. band. As usual, I'm totally wrong. COLD 
WORLD is actually a great band! Their cover pose, in muscle T's and 
holding baseball hats, is actually a joke about "macho" bands. Whew... 
Awesome tunes and a variety of styles with tracks ranging from slower 
illusion' ditties to LARM-ish hypcrspced rage, and some of the fastest 
around at that. Intelligent lyrics and decent recordings of songs from '88 to 
'91. "Sailin" and "More To Come" are my prime choices. Atypical. (CD) 
(Sacro Egoismo. cAi Tihcriju, Polschnergasse 9, 2500 Baden, AUSTRIA) 

sion" EP 

Ever listen to a record for the first time 
and yearn to see what thcy'rclikclive? Thanks 
to (the now defunct) llippycure for helping put 
out this Arizona hand, we've got an amazing 
release here. Far above the multitude, they ri p 
out a well produced, tight, intensely winding 
one look at their lyrics tells that they look at 
hardcore as more than just a style of music. 
The best release this month, as far as I'm 
concerned. (SB) 

(Dog Day Sunrise, BP 77, 75623 Paris Cedes 
13, FRANCE) 

UK WD II I I Mi>\ 

CORN FLAKES - "Childish" LP 

The Spanish ALL!? Singer sure sounds the same, hut the music is much 
better. Same stuff — pop punk with lotsa pop. Hooks galore. Vocals in 
English. I'll leave it at thai— a more powerful ALL. (GF) 
(Jordi, Apd. Correus 35.221, 08080 Barcelona, SPAIN) 

COUSIN IT - tape 

A live-song dose of metallic hardcore (emphasis on metallic) that's 
really powerful when everything gels. With time (and a few voice lessons) 
great things will come. (DS) 
(House o' Pain, PO Box 120861, Nashville, TN 37212) 



COWS - "Cuiiiiinii Stunts" IJ 

God. You know. Ihi' bin 

eavcn? Well, be plays on 
-letup. As much as Hike 

l he best yet. I'll he playing this when I'm 75 and smut-kin' my neighbors kids 

mound. Don't miss them live either. (Ml.) 

l.-VniKep. 2541 Nicollet Ave. S. Minneapolis, M\ 554111) 

DRIVE - "Out Freakage" LP 

First nl'all this conies with ;i I'ree 7" spoof on SST with a cover of the 
MINI TlvMKN's "This Ain't No Pienie" and DESCENDANTS "My World" 
which are verj enjoyable. The l.l' itself is vcrv pleasant pop punk from the 
IK which to me sounds like a cross iifSot'IKKKI, BAIT, SNIFF and THE 
(First Strike Records, IK) 

CRl CIITX - "Nineteen Eighty-Four" IP 

A 3-smig hoot from a San Francisco recording done in "82. Great 
sound. Includes a poster with an essay (;i meditation on war) by John 
Slolenherg that comprises the notion of "Disarmament and Masculinity," 
discilssiug gender issues in relation to war vs. peace. Be one of 800 to own. 
(no address) 

Cl'STOM FLOOR - "Homeless" EP 

Twangy . discordant guitar work lights up this trio of atmospheric 
post-punkers. Spare, simple — by and large, an okay disc. (SS) 
(Goldenrod, 228-19th SI.. Del Mar, CA 92014) 

CZARNOBYL ZDRO.I - "Hipokryzja" EP 

Cynical, sinister dirges for a doomed world. Rock- steady drumbeats 
count olfthcsccondsuntii humanity is consumed hy its apathy and escapism. 
The bass will relentlessly pursue us to the edge of our graves. The snarl in the 
vocals tells us we deserve it. (DS) 
(no address, POLAND) 

DAISY - "Brave Mr. Real/My Dog Died" 

A decent slab of fuzz-pop with a slight Creation label feel to it. 
Musically, it's appropriately noisy and dreamy and melodic, but the vocals 
detract from the impact. Liked the tunes; singing not. (WG) 
( Planned Obsolescence, 495 Satula Ave., Athens, GA 30601) 


Yes. this is what made Japanese hardcore infamous! All the ingredi- 
ents are here: nonstop blistering noise, shrill as fuck screamed vocals, and a 
wonderfully amusing name. Forget SOB, these guys are the future of 

cni-cs. Male/female vocals work well. Catch) al times, but it could be a little 
more straightforward, with less null' and lurkv-jerktness. (KK) 
(Jeiinj Heuer, Am Sood 1. 2000 Hamburg 50, GERMANY) 

E-TYPES! - "Action Packed" EP 

There was an I,.A. band in thcoO's with the same name, and more-or- 
less Ihesa me sound... that hcingMONKEES.BYRD.S, mod-influenced sounds. 
Not much improvement in the peppv. preppy, pop world. (TY) 
(I'O Box 1S9092, Sacramento. CA 95XIX-9092) 

F.LMERH ASSEL - "Honour Your Partners" 12" 

This British band is reminiscent of MEGA CITY FOUR. The songs 
don'l have quite the punch, and the vocalist isn't as great as Wiz, hut the 
songs are fairly good. A promising debut. (MC) 
(Vinyl-Japan, 281 Camden High St., London NW1 7BX, ENGLAND) 

ENGAGE- "Turning Point" EP 

Picking up Willi improved production where the last EP left off. 
ENCAGE do their own unique blend of hardcore, metal,. jazz and straight- 
forw aid rock. Al times the music can be a little eclectic hut the means make 
the ends on this record. The lyrical and political content and communicative 
intent of this project make this an ample example of the Do It Yourself ethic. 
(Re-evolution Records, I'O Box 4842, Santa Rosa, CA 95402) 

ERCHINT - -Blaze" I 

(Amok Records c/oHolgerSchnudt,Droste-Hulsholf-Slr.42,W-4709Bergka- 
men, GERMANY) 

Punk rock that's full in sound and feeling. Some of mis has a bit of a 
rock feel, with vocals from lliegul that lap the mud-crunching guitar riffs. 
(Self-Destruct Records. 1901 Bainbridgerow Dr.. Louisville, KY 40207) 


Buzz-saw fuzz guitars slice in a 
metallic, mean NYHC kind of way. Vo- 
cals sound mean and distant. FromPenn- 
sylvania. (KG) 

(Inner Rage Records, c/o Jean-Marc 
Dablin, 5 Rue A. Fleming, 95460 Ezau- 
ville, FRANCE) 

Fucking" CD 

Believe it or don't, they sound 
-■ just the same as always! Riding the crest 
of Canadian 'tardcore, the DAYGLOs carry on the tradition of idiocy by 
spewing 15 new warped anthems. Good mid-speed thrash with the usual 
laste of metallic guitar licks and humor that I could only truly appreciate it 
I was 13 years old. Rockin' loons hut they're lyrically as funny as Andrew 
Dice Clay or "Married With Children" other words, not at all. More 
classic punk stupor or (be masses. Dub. (CD) 

(Fringe Product, I'O Box 670. Station A, Toronto, Out M5W 1G2, CANA- 


Boise is back on the map. First Pushead, then TAD, then the TREE- 
PEOPLE and now this. Four songs total, pretty unique really. Sounds more 
like some of what's coming out of the East Coast than the Northwest. 
Haunting female vocals play edovei .somedrivingstufl'at limes. Well alright. 

(Scrcemin' Fez, I'O Box 3633, Boise, ID 83702) 

THE FALL - "Dresden Dolls/Psycho Mafia Industrial Estate" 

Apparently there is enough interest in THE FALL to warrant boot- 
legs. THE FALL don't sound too different now than they did back in -77 
when this rehearsal was recorded. The defects in this recording may have 
you checking your needle, hut other than the fluctuations in volume the 
sound quality is all right. (MC) 
(Total Eclipse Records, no address) 


Tlie front cover reveals they have leather jackets, cigarettes, and 
STRAY CATS hair. The vinyl reveals they have no distortion pedals, a 
hoi cd-sounding vocalist, no particular songw riling skills, and no lyric sheet. 
The hack cover reveals this was recorded eight years ago. Does anybody still 
care? (EW) 
(Teenage Rebel Recs, Gci i esheimci Sli . 16. 4000 Diissddorfl, GERMANY) 

FLATUS - "(Jet it While Your Young" tape 

Metallic New Jersey style pop punk. Well recorded and catchy. (DH) 
(15 Lawrence SI., Hamburg, NJ 07419) 


Evil, nasty, snarling German hardcore mixed liberally with eerie 

industrial gothoid effects. Ly Ties deal with can 
Ihe toilet". On blue vinyl, entertaining lyric 
poster (ifyou read German) and animal rights 
info enclosed. Fans of this style should enjoy. 

(Der Bdolf. 7800 Freiburg 1. Bremen, GER- 



Ex-PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH bassist Gerard Smith and drummer 
Ion Coates. and guitarist Billy Pilgrim create a cryptic, swirling, non- 
pretentious sound, (ileal guitar work on "Circut" aiid plenty of original 
changes and hooks. A pleasant surprise, since the tape cover looks kinda 
straight-edgy. (KW) 
(Gerard Smith, 196 Avenue A #2, New York, NY 10009) 


A Canadian hand that has an old-style 
Kalian HC thunder to them. Out and mil 
thrash at limes that picks you up and throws 

(Heart First Records. Dorian Helmchew, 
BiM.-k.sti-. 39, W-1000 Berlin 61, GERMANY) 


THE EREEZE - "Five Way Fury" LP 

9 out of HI times, live I. IN area waste of lime and vinyl, In it mil no 
mid then. ..Recorded somewhere/sometime (Europe I assume) litis is a "best 
nl'° bj this might) Boston hand. Good sound quality and lull of energy. 1 
wasn't crazy about their last LP, hut this reminds me of why I still love their 
old stuff. Kockin' as lull. They even do "Boston Not I..A." I'm happy. Il.l>) 
(Lost & Found, IM Moore 8,'3000 Hannover 1, GERMANY) 

GALLEONS LAP -"Themes and Variations" tape 

Poetic yet direct lyrics sung with frantically urgent passion. Music 
that soars like an eagle and then plummets earthward like a 300 megaton 
bomb. I'm stunned. (DS) 
($5 ppd: Greg Anderson, 1218 Terry Ave #309, Seattle. WA 9X101) 

THE GEAR- "Flip Top Bop" EP 

3 good sunns. Basic rock music. Really good vocals make it work well. 
This is straight pop-rock, hut it sounds great. (GF) 
(Hey-Hay Records) 


GAS HITTER turns in a pretty cool version ol' a SILLi 'KILLERS 
tune (old Seattle punk hand that once housed a future GUNS'N'ROSES 
dude), while MUDHONEY does a so-so version ol the ANGRY SA MOANS 
"You St lipid Asshole". (TY) 
(Empty, I'O Box 12034, Seattle. \VA 98102) 

GLORIUM - ••Demolition" tape 

Aggressive yet mellow , mellow yet exciting. Sonic of the coolest, offbeat 
lyrics comhined with a nice thick guitar sound and great rhythms. Why do 
I gel the impression thai these gms do a lot of drugs? (OS) 
(George Lara, jr.. 509 \V. Aviation, Universal City, 'IX 78148) 

ilk ccr 

GORIES - "My Baby Says UuhVThc 
Idol With The Golden Head" EP 

This band has perfected such a 
, fractured, messed-up guitar sound thai 

on t know if they are vii lu- 
ososor missing lingers! These two cover 
tunes aren't <|iiitc as hot as the last lime 

■i out hut if you have been ignoring 'cm, 
your missing out on one of a handful of 

i inspired handsinthcsclcan ycars.(BD) 
(Estrus, PO Box 2125, Bellingham. \VA 

GORILLA BISCUITS - "A New Direction" EP 

Six songs recorded live in Germany. Admittedly, this'll probably he 
enjoyed by only the die-hardest of tans - sounds like it was recorded on one 
of those big rectangular portable tape recorders from the '70s. (KG) 
(no address) 


Reminds me of THE MEICES: slow, plodding bass; boring, luzzcd- 
out guitar rills played into eternity: and "I'm hungover, but I gotta go to 
hand practice anyway" vocals. Sorry guvs, this just isn't my tiling. (DS) 
(K Records, PO Box 7154, Oly mpia, WA 98507) 

HAI.l ION .25- EP 

Recorded live onto a cassette al one of their practices in 1989. Only 
Mill pressed. The songs are okay, basic punk on one side, slightly more 
ambient stuff with a keyboard on the Hip. I enjoyed its atrocious sound 
quality, most people wouldn't. (I'M) 

. New Pl\ mouth, NEW ZEAL AND) 

HAMMERHEAD -"Load King/Slumber. \ aid" 

Perhaps nut as immediately gripping as their first 7"; This one see 
to lack a little ol' the adrenaline gon/.o. while adding some melody a 
subtlety. Still rough guitar driven noise reminiscent of thcUNSANE, tin 
guys have a future. A good blast. (WG) 
(Amphetamine Reptile, 2541 Nicollet Ave. S.. Minneapolis. MN 55404) 


••Something Went Wrong Again/It's Your Own 
middle on the wide-ranging CHILDISH quality 

(Diom sus. PO Box 1975. Bui -bank, CA 91 507) 

HELL, RICHARD - "3 New Songs" EP 

Backed by SONIC Vol TIL these 
tunes all vary substantially One is a noisy but 
mid-tempo song that sounds like MICK.IAG- 
OERincclsl LIPPER. Another islikea VEL- 
VET UNDERGROUND poem-spoken-ovcr- 
guilnr noise affair. And the last sounds like a 

hand. (TY) 

(Overground Records, IK) 

HELL BENDER - "Kickhutton" EP 

I'pheat. melodic punk with some funky 
rock parts. The high point is the moiiv ational 
ly lies with a cool song about racism. (\lk) 
(Oedipus Records, no address) 

reminds me of a e 

music which 

( Wardauce. 35-18 93rd. St. Jacks 

HGl'AL - "Riding on Three Wheels" CD 

have that nonexistent DC sound. The vocals are a combination of IGNITION' 
and late RITES OF SPRLNG, while ••Chime" is out-and-out MARGINAL 
MAN. Metal emocore? Yeah, except lor those two reggae songs. (D^' 1 
(Skene!, PO Box 5422. St Paul, MN 55104) 


GRUNTER performs fast, grimy HC with metallic squigglcs — at full 
speed, they wail. ARM THE INSANE play s last basic punk, but their songs 
are badly flcsltcd-out in comparison. (SS) 
(Dnminator Records, PO Box 743 Norwood, SA 5067, AUSTRALIA) 

CITTERMOITH - "Full Length" LP 

Two part review here. The music is true to the older SoCal vein (old 
SOCIAL DISTOR Tit )N. VANDALS, etc). In and of itself unspectacular. 
Cover that with vapid knee- jerk lyrics showcasing idiocy that ranges from 
misplaced patriotism to straight ahead racism. Too had there isn't curhside 
vinvl recycling available here. (I'M) 
(Dr. Strange, PO Box 7000-17, Alta Loma, CA 91701) 

HAGGIS - "Can You Stomach Is?" tape 

Quick, snappy hardcore with hoarse, straining vocals (works well) 
and guitars distorted and fuzzed into oblivion. They cover "Dancing Queen 
by ABBA! Cool. (DS) 
($4 ppd: Zentrum Productions, 4890 Lakcvicw PI, Boise, ID 83703) 

HOBBLEDEHOY - "Max. Marks Dog" tape 

Kitchvinidlcinponielodicpopunk with song titles like "Rat Part" and 
"I Like Cirls Who Smoke" and a GG AI.I.IN cover (ack). (DH) 
(Gator Farm, 800 Crooks Ave. Kaukauna, \\ I 54130) 

ings. London 1 1-9 

(no address) 

s is a bootleg of a Peel session I guess (studio record- 
e sleeve scz). 4 songs total, sounds pretty good really, 
et around to putting it out for real one of these davs. 
NG/GERMS cover is too much! (ML) 


A quiet pulsating psj ch-pop piece on the A side that would' ve may be 
sounded like VELOCITY GIRL Hit weren't for the mediocre male singer. 
Side two shil'ts years instantly and results in 2 somewhat directionless fast 
tunes with olTkcv singing and Inlsa Hailing about, sorta sounding like a bad 
SURGERY or somelhin'. (HI)) 
(Mud. 2801 N. Coler, Croatia, IE 61801) 


sus r mtcrmm 

,...<M»M»|, WW* lack*.*. 




"What We H;ul" leads a set of 
sic though charming slow and 
.■■iiuivuiish punkcrs wild more than 
llicir share «»J" personality. The simple 
•i „.»« production complements the hand's 
' ..™.'.^i-, sneering humor. Pretty good. (SS) 

1 (C&P Records, 109 Minna SI. #341, 
"mfn Sil " 1 '' ,;,ncisl "- CA "4105) 
n mm... 

ptttact* IDENTITY - '* To Be" LP 
~~ Powcrfu|,melodiclhrasli/punk 
with lots of changes and crunch. Very 

are in English (although the song lilies are). The singer's gruff voice rattles 
along with the quick pace of the music and no lyric sheet is provided. Definite 
bonus points taken away for that, hul if you like speedy punk with harmony 
you'll probably like Ihisonc. Reminds of.NOFX or early PITCHFORK. (SR) 
(B-Core, Jordi. Apd. Con ens 35.221. 0X0X0 Barcelona, SPAIN) 


Melodic German hardcore that lias a metal influenced SoCal sound. 
1 lie vocalist has a strong, clear voice which in combination with the music 
reminds mcolTWASON TO BELIEVE. Thclvrics deal with love(or lack of) 

(Amok Records. Droste-Hulshoff-Slr. 42, W-4709 Bergkamen, GERMA- 

IRON WORKS - '•Toll/Here II Comes" llexi 

The A-side sounds like PINK FLOYD, miff said. The Hip has more 
danger to it, more of a heat, a punk edge that cuts and makes it a keeper 
Comes with issue #12 of... (TV) 
(The Village Noizc. 48-54 213th St.. Bay side, NV 1 1364-1234) 

JACK WITH KILLER - "Death To Timid Pop" tape 

Japanese hardcore that's quirky and jumpy and hard to get a grasp 
on. I hey s«iieh between last harsh stuff and seemingly happy tunes with 
goofy vocals. With no song lilies I really can't lell what's going on hut Ihey 
seem to have a good attitude. (NN) 

(Yoshiyuki Takahashi. 1-17-21-205 Katakura, Kanagawa-Ku, Yokohama- 
■■ Kanaeawa 221. lAI'ANi 


BL'TTHOLE SURFER like delay effects with treated vocals hul, with 
more structure. I he address on the sleeve is in Alliens, GA. Bet Ihey never 
get to play with REM and Ihat ilk.(MM) 


This two song 7" features new material since having added a second 
guitarist. Their sound has definitely developed heavily and mechanically 
ringing with discordant melody. The lyrical content is abstract and image 
provoking. I he sound works well with the production of Iain Burgess who 
worked wilh Big Black. (MK) 

JOHNNY KANNIS - "King of the Surl/Pushin' Too Hard" 

BEACH BOY/CHICK BERRY surf meets RAMONES type drive 
makes the A-side totally enjoyable. The Hip is the SEEDS classic, done well 
but not quite up to to SKV SAXON'S insanity. (TV) 
(Dog Meal. GPO Box 2366V, Melbourne 3001, AUSTRALIA) 

Jt'KE - "Don't Hate Is Because We're 
Beautiful" EP 

From the ashes of other cynical 


Jt'KE. Simple music made hy over 

educated aging punk rockers. Comes 

complete with a Jt'KE essay on it's 

VC I philosophy which seems likesomething 

ij I plagiarized from an MC5 record. 

' Quirky as can be, this is hound to be a 

hit with grouchy punks having large 

I vocabularies. (LD) 




KINt; LOUIE KATZ - "Back of the North Wind" lape 

A pleasant surprise. The last lliing I expected to hear was a bunch of wall- 
ol'-soimd. fu/zcd-oul. psychedelic rave-ups! Stare al Ihegroovy cover and let 
I he DiLANcsque vocals lake y on back to the 60's. (DS) 
($4 ppd J. Zadorozny, 34S Pembroke Si E, Pembroke. Out KXA3K4 


low growl and chuckled but the joke was 

these guys aiecsp 


Icasa nl change 

(106 10th Ave. E., Seattle, \\ A 9X102) 

KRAYONS - "Total Fucking Chaos" lape 

Seems that this baud has been together since 19X8 or so. 90 minutes 
ol limes combining melodic pop punk, metalh hardcore, DC style stuff and 
more. (I)H) 
($4.50 ppd. lo 6237 Hanky, Corpus Christi. IX 784121 

LARGE - "Bring II Rack/Hate&Dcvotion" 

I give them credit foi addingsaxes and slightly adventurous arrange- 
ments but this is still of the "Suhl'op generation". I dunno, if you (that's all 
ol "you") think you can make belter records than the JIMI HENDRIX 
EXPERIENCE or R( >X V Ml SIC. more power to you. I'll be glad to listen 
to your records in (en years but until then don't record! (BD) 
(6717 Conway Ave., Takoma Park, Ml) 

Madness" EP 

As someone recently said to me. "Boy, 

punk bands have been churning iail some 
totally hot slulf for a while now, and this 
debut is no exception. Quick-paced, hook- 

' "I-I-J 1"".' ""H •■"" .•>.■! |« |/l HIIIK- 

lion all make the grade. Top notch melodic 

hardcore. (TV) 

(Pans. UP 5058. 31033 Toulouse, FRANCE) 

LOOTBAC - "Next IS KM" lape 

Way better than average tape here. The first tune is a metallic reggae 
ska dub Ihing. Then the melodic punk rock kicks in, then more ska, more 
melodic punk, dub, you gel the idea. Cool lyrics, too. Tasty. (DH) 
($3 ppd to Tony (;oluza.#l-507Simcoc St, Victoria BCVXV1L7, CANADA) 

M.D.C. - "Hey Cop!!! II I Had a Face Like Yours" LP 

A new studio recording that has MDC going back to a more straight 
lorward punk/hardcore sound. A few songs. "Ill Had a FaceLike Yours" Tor e reminiscent of the first MDC LP, while others forsake speed for 
more power. 1 his is pretty good, hut the production could have been better. 
(R Radical. 2440 16th St. #103, SF.CA 941(H) 

.MALI: - -No Future In 1977" EP 

Originally recorded in 1977. this pur- 
ports lo be the first punk recording done in 
Germany. Appropriately raw, these 6 songs 
are generally fast punk with really great vocals 
in the vein ol Switzerland's DI.ITER MEIER 
or FRESH COLOR. But, the sound is so tinny 
that it's more of a lease than a rewardine 
listen. (TY) 

(Teenage Rebel Records. Gcrrcsllci liter Str 
16. 4000 Dusscldorl" 1, GERMANY) 

DT.BT03 112 nUfjfi 

MAN IS THE BASTARD - "Backward Species" EP 

..... .' vt ' dl ' ti<u ' d •<» permanently nail this to my stereo. SoCal's MAN IS 

I HE BASTARD (formerly CHARRED REMAINS) is a ruthless, four 
member unit lhal adds yet another branch lo punk...what the band likes to 
call "power violence". Ihey defy any categorization though. Imagine a 
iiionohlh ol twin bass guitar feedback, laced with noisy ullra-fuzz guitar 
united in chaos with thundering, intricate, jazz influenced drumming. This 
'^V , °r ,1 l MUlll,l '' Usl ' :llkh '' nt ' ,orr '' i,l ' il, f :v ' ,t ' alst ' i,i,1 K a <r<»t'il'es(.rhumanevil 
All ol this and a dose of droning industrial suffering solidify this as a bona- 
fide musical threat. (CD) 
(Keocenlric Records, Dlcsdencrstr. 30, 5400 Koblenz, GERMANY) 


Httw can I put it...Ihesc guys sound like a Vermiform band. Harsh 
- brash songs (hat grab you by the balls and 

J don'tlct go. Pretty heavy guitar work and 
an overall snotty" feel make this record 
en joyable. There's a lot of in-stiidio chat- 
ter that gels pretty annoying but some- 
how I doubt thev care. (NN) 
(Vermiform, PO Box 1145, Cooper Sta- 
tion, NY, NY 10276) 


•I he Birth Of 



MAYDAY - "The I ndcidark" EP 

Cultural hardcore grind of the 
post NEUROSIS school. Slowish tempos, 
massive rifling, angst vocals, you get the 
idea <HD) 

(Vicious Circle. PO Box 3607, Langley 

Park, MD 202787) 

MEATHOOKS - "God Crash DOA/Beg 

For Your Ass" 

Not even sure what speed this 
spins at, hut we'll try 33. "God Crash 
on sampled insanity, while the Hip is 
more "musical", but with echocy vocals 
and a ton of distortion. Could be a hit, 
but this kinda strikes me as noise for 
noises sake. (WG) 
(Disastro Mix-N'oiseville, no address) 


"Steak" CD 

A power disk jammed with dark and deepP.C. lyrics. Nineteen songs 
on this disk. Giving a till ofinduslrial disco metal, but yet a sound of its own! 
The I.R.A. will love their ingredients! (SM) 
( Indies Records Milady Horakoue 25, 60200 Brno, CZECHOSLOVAKIA) 


Three melodic rocking songs. "Don't Let the Soap Run Out" reminded 
meof SI 'PERCHl'NK with acid inspired lyrics. "We're Freezing" hasa cool 

screechy guitar solo as it fades out. "Back In Your Life" isa good JONATHAN 
RICHMAN cover. (MM) 
(Empty Records) 

MKI.VINS - "Night Goat/Adolescent 
K> ■* W ■ JHi 3»* j Wet Dream" 

A representative slab of the 
MKI.VINS' oxen-style musical trample. 
"Night Goat" slugs you like the school 
i bully on Quaaludes, while "Adolescent 
Wet Dream" is a skewed garage smash. 
OK, OK, I like it... (WG) 
(Amphetamine Reptile, 2541 Nicollet 
Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404) 

,*** • M()B 47 - "Racist Regime" LP 

It's quick, it's thrashy. They 
certainly seem more adept at their faster 
material - the faster songs were more 
memorable than the slower, more straightforward punk songs. I found it 
refreshing; it's great that there are still some bands who aren't plavi ng to be 
on SubPop or AmRep. (TM) 

(Revoltation Records, PO Box 49, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YOU 

MONOMEN - "Took That Thing" EP 

Seattle-csquc hardcore rock, not too sludgy. Side one is from a 
forthcoming LP, side two is a pair of "novelty" covers ("Shakin' All Over" 
and "Mr. Eliminator"). Probably of interest primarily to dedicated fans and 
collectors for the robin's egg vinyl and Cherry Poptart on the cover. (EW) 

(Sympathy for the Record Industry) 

Eyes Open" EP 

This is an awesome follow up to 
their lirst EP. As good as that one was, 

ithis one blows the other away. Great 
female/male vocals which still continue 
in the AVENGERS vein. (But harder), 
with live politically aware songs, this is a 
sure fire "pick of the litter". Great work! 
($3.50 ppd. to:Broken Rekids, PO Box 

The llvsses Aesthetic" El 
Point one: their ae 
terrorism put to action. I 
analysis makes the import; 
existential despair and I 
Point three: they're Jouil 
credible hair style. (LH) 
(Discllord Records) 

NATIONS ON EIRE . "Strike the Match" 

I can't say enough great things about 
this record, lien HC. with super vocals 
and highly intelligent lyrics. Possibly the 
best record of the month. Sharp looking 
cover photo. This is so good I can't think of 
anything else to say besides buy it, or you'll 
kick you i sell 'forever. Besides 'they gave us 
a really nice pat on the back in the liner 
notes - 1 blush. Niimero I' no. (I.D) 
(Strive records. Gartciistrassc 14. 6729 
Rulzehcim. GERMANY) 

NEIL SMITH - |.i,e Potato ' EP 

Well, Stevie Slilletlo has come a 
long way since his "Blow This Taco Stand" 
days. This adventure lakes in visits lo 
O/.ZY'S studio where Neil records coun- 
try ditties like "All the Girls Have Zits" 
backed up by SOCIAL DISTORTION. A 
huge audience howls their approval. Ev- 
eryonc goes home completely befuddled. 

(Razor Records, P( ) Box 420X65. San Fran- 
cisco, CA 94142) 

NIRVANA - ■Coming Down Heavy" EP 

The continuing saga.... NIRVANA bootlegs spewing rorth from un- 
named sources. This one is a good quality live recording from two venues; 
Hollywood Paladium 1990, and one from January of this year. Great 
negative creep kind of sleeve- sil\er and black. Pick it up at your friendly 
neighborhood record store. (BR) 
(Blood Breath Records, no address) 

NOISE CCLTVRE - "Face the Future" EP 

The styles range from gruff rap-punk and VICTIM'S FAMILY-ish 
jams to committed positive punk. Didn't conned with me. (SS) 
(Rainer Sprehe, 1 'heo-Claas-Damm 5, 4834 Hacscwinkcl, GERMANY) 

PITCHBLENDE - "Sum/Lacquer Box" 

Emo pop played by some guys who have heard a SONIC YOl'TH 
record or two in their lives. Veterans of many different bands, PITCH- 
BLENDE are based in the D.C. area. Nice package, first release on the new 
Land Speed label. (ML) 
(Land Speed, PO Box 4066 Duke Sin., Durham, NC 27706) 

THE PLAGIARISTS - "Disposable Girl" EP 

Music is cool— sounds like early POLICE with a guitar that is too clean. 
But the cheezy vocals are too much. Sounds like early new-wave/rock skinny 
lie stuff. Might pass with some K nerds. (GE") 
(Disposable Records, 2135 Haste Si., Berkeley, CA. 94704) 

PRESSl REHEI) - "Wired lor Sound/Hcd Strap" flexi 

This one's a I'reehie that comes with Flipside77. The tunes here have 
a trance), drone), chadclic feel which alternately sedates and 
bores me, depending on my mood. I'm tired now soitsoundsOK,butIcould 
see this getting on my nerves. (WG) 
(Ilipside, PO Box 60790. Pasadena, CA 91 1 16) 

PRIMITIVE TRIBES - "New World Death Frenzy" tape 

Wow, this is good! My head was bobbing before I realized it. Mid- 
paced hardcore with effective breaks and lyrics that rate high on the 
punkometer. A good deal of variation keeps this release interesting and 
unique. These guvs are going places. (NN) 
(PO Box 785, Flagstaff, AZ 86002-0785) 


*■_! «*■ *^ Another I'XCC 

core.'); no, punk, hand nul ol Germany. 
I'm into this fuller, heavier (no) l» be 
misconstrued as slow, mind you), hard- 
er, nol-so-perfcctl) -produced sound. Def- 
initely get a hold of this, as I don't think 
I'm doing them justice here, oh, and it 
comes with CoiljritilUttiuil ttl. (SB) 
($7.00 p|)d, c/o Corey V. Villicz, Irisstr 
19, (.700 Ludwigshal'cn, GERMANY) 


Th«w ouy s say their iiilluences are the DAMNED and the DEAD 
on't quite come up to those standards, but this is basically 
entertaining melodic retro-punk from (Germany with English lyrics. If 
they'd taken the best four songs and put out an EPit would have gotten a rave 
rev iew. but the lull l.l* does drag a bit in places. (KW) 
( Incognito Records, Hochlli slstr. 23, 70IMI Stuttgart HO, GERMANY) 

RAINHOl SE - tape- 
Melodic, metallic punk with a tinny, kinda weird, kinda neat guitar 
sound. Lyrics are basically about personal frustration, and the vocals have 
that strange, GOVERNMENT ISSUE cadence every now and then. (DS) 
($3 pad: Mike Scully, 85 West Northrup, Buffalo, NY 14214) 





■■n §j>TA" 

RIPCORDZ - "Kidnoise" LP 

Ever wonder how a PALLA 
ABDl'L song would come across in a '77 
punk style? Well, these Canadian punk- 
ers did. On a more serious note, "No 
Choice" deals with teenage pregnancy 
and and it's tragic results. All in all, a 
respectable follow-up to their first LI* of 
•77 punk. (McM) 

(En Guard Records. 1671 St-Hubert, 
Montreal, 1'Q, H2L 3Z1, CANADA) 

RISE ABOVE - "B is lor Bootleg" EP 

Hard and last hardcore with lyrics that exude a disgust for meat 
eating. "Where the Meat is Red" is an educational tune describing the 
plausible cancerous deaths that come to those who consume. (KG) 
( Warehouse c/o Jeroen, PO Box 90. 85110 Kortr'jk, BELGIl'M) 


A convergence of thundering power from opposite sides of the globe. 
Japan's RISK l'"Rt ).M THE DEAD belts out a couple of brawny megaton h.c. 
doses. As wicked as most Japanese thrash hands but with enough character 
'•• distinguish themselves from the pack. FILTHKICK, from England, 
„ger two violent exercises in early C.O.C.-land. Froggy vocals over dirty 
hardcore grunge. Not recommended for the mentally unstable. MCR de- 
serves a pat on the back. (CD) 
(MCR Co., 157 Kanuagu, Maizuru, Kyoto 624, JAPAN) 


This new European 12" contains new songs on the first side and re- 
recorded versions of old songs on the second. The production is great. It 
seems as though SAMIAM have actualized their potential sound. The songs 
are lull and well structured with a heavy, dark and yet melodic momentum. 
(Beri Bert, Marsh nerstr. 32, 2000 Hamburg 76, GERMANY) 

SHELTER - "Quest For Certainly/Alter Forever" EP 

Could it be? SHELTER doing BLACK SABBATH covers? I can just 
picture w hat inspired them. Ray Cappo and company sitting in a dark room, 
babbling about "the pretty colors" while staring in amazement at a purple 
lava lamp. In the background, we hear Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Deep 
Purple swirling out of the stereo as the bong is passed from hand member to 
hand member. As the walls in the smoke tilled room become less and less 
distinguishable; they finally fully understand w hat complete idiots they used 
to he, and decide on the spot to put out a full length LP entitled "Sticky Green 
Buds". For now you'll have to settle for the bootleg. (SB) 
(you got it, no address) 

SHARKBAIT - "PHI. A/Total Domination. Total Submission" 

'Tribal lech' (which lo me means that there's drums, right?) indus- 
trial stilt t from SF. Features the usual barrage of produced iudustrialisms: 
the extra percussion instruments, bin electro "whomps" endless vocal de- 
canting/chanting. Or you might say. a cross between KILLING JOKE and 
(Priiiiilech. 3501 California St. #204. SF. CA 941 18) 


Well, run me over with a punk rock bulldozer. These guys don't stand 
in line, they 're fhe ones who cut lo he first. Full on punk rock. Screaming 
vocals, messy drummer, noisj guitars. There's a cover of Bl'TTHOLE 
SURFERS -The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave'*! You get the point. 

($3.00 Chicken Farm Records, 509 Little York-Mount Pleasant Rd.Milford, 
N.I 08848) 

SILLY ENCORES - "Merchant Bankers" LP 

These guys show a good sense for varied instrumentation, melody, 
and song-structure. ..ranging from slick melodic punk to change-of-pace 
rockers. Not entirely distinctive, hut very lisleuable. (SS) 

■teliel, Gcrrcshcimcrstr. 16. 41)00 Dusseldorf I, GERMANY) 

SLAVE STATE - "Evil Empire" tape 

Hands down this is the best tape I've heard Ibis year. Astouudingly 
tight, slop-and-stai t. Black-and-Dcckcr thrash. Rabid hardcore that's a 
tagteam of the best qualities of INFEST, ASPIRIN FEAST, and HELLNA- 
TION. A "must get" for high speed addicts. (CD) 
($3 to Mike GilTord, PO Box 1201, Buffalo. NY 14213-1201) 

SLOT - "Grandma/10 Ft. Stare" 

Pretty decent loud-pounding hut-still-wilh-a-laconic groove type 
stuff. Imagine the TOILING MIDGETS crossed with the JESUS LIZARD 
and you might come close. "Granma" also comes with el he real femme vocals 
ala Ll'SII and with the noisy underpinnings, actually comes together to 
result in something pretty engaging. (HD) 
(Sympathy or PO Box 8(141, Ann Arbor, MI 48107) 


This three-bee gi\es you the best of both worlds: some seriously 
distorted guitar noise tempered by subtly infectious, poppy rhythms. On top 
of this, you get sincere, pertinent lyrics- not meandering, "confused young 
adult" bullshit. Ties Wen. (DS) 
(Subcorridor Records, PO Box 936, Astor Station, Boston, MA 02123) 

SOILCH ARGE - "Crossing the Line" EP 

Try ASEXl'AL-sty le vocals atop less poppy DAG NASTY -sounding 
music. Mid-tempo melody with a slight rock production feel. Quality job. 
(42 Records, Nelkenweg 45, 7303 Ncuhauscn, GERMxNY) 

SPERMBIRDS - "Ealing (Mass" LP 

Maybe not quite as sharp as most of their releases, but still acut above 
most straight hardcore hands. Lee Hollis's vocals still are intense as hell, and 
the band still rips, hut they're experimenting a hit, which is both good and 
bad. Good, in that it breaks the repitilion, hut bad in that they lose a bit of 
their rage due to structural quirkiness. sacrificed for more power. Still one 
of Europe's best. (TY) 
(X-Mist. Meiserweg 10, 7270 Nagold, GERMANY) 


Having seen SPITBOY play around the Bay Area the last year or so I knew 
this would be a good record. I wasn't prepared for iLs absolute greatness. 
Musically, it's mid-tempo punk rock with angry/raw vocals. The lyrics 
reflect what it's like to be a woman in 20 century America and to deal with 
rape, sexism and fear of the streets daily. I think this record will encourage 
quite a few women to start bands of their own. Truly inspiring. (MM) 
(Lookout Records) 

SPl NK - "You Gonna Eat This" EP 

This debut EP from a Houston hand sits in the over-crowded pool of 
metal-tinged hardcore. Side one brings you two ham-fisted tunes with 
powerful vocals, while side two gives up one charmingly catchy rocker and 
one disposable funky wank. The hand has obvious talent, but seems to lack 
a certain punk edge. (McM) 
(Fist-O-Fury House, 8834 Winningham, Houston, TX 77055) 



STRA WMAN - 'Politics On The Pave- 
mcnl" EP 

Great debut from one of the 
hist local hands. Raw vocals and catchy, 
tunes. Intelligent lyrics with the kind of 
meaning you don't expect from Frisco 
hands. Great packaging, of course. Es- 
sentia). <LH) 

(Allied Records l'O Box 460683, San 
Francisco, CA 94146) 


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. A way hot 
7" by a San Diego band that is so intense 
and emotional and unsurpassable live... 
The music here is heavy hardcore with 
moving grooves. The cover is a booklet 
with a cool expose of thoughts, lyrics, 
photos and more. Get it. (KG) 
($2.5(1 ppd. Ebullition, FO Box 680, Go- 
Ida, CA 93116) 

-J til SUGAR SHACK - "Fearless Frat Kill- 
* /»« ; J er"EP 

This new three songcr shows a 
iiulii cable change of direction for these boys; gone is their heavy 70s guitar 
assault, now replaced by a raw, treble), almost HEAUCOATS-slyle stomp. 
The title cut reveals a lad of their old "thickness", while the two llipsongs are 
roikiif garage tunes. (WG) 
(Anomie, l'O Box 131172, Houston, TX 77219) 

~~ ' SUNSPRING - "Slinky" EP 

The best bands always defy 

• description. This is one of the most 

creative, hardest records I've heard in 

a long time! Surging, churning guitar, 

"~ ' drenched in feedback and distortion, 

batters against tortured vocals, stops 

on a dime, staggers through someof the 

most demented guitar harmonics I've 

'* | ever heard, then turns on its heel and 

plunges headlong back into the macl- 

1 strom. Word. (DS) 

JL ' '} , ($3.50 ppd: Slamdek Records, PO Box 

43551, Louisville, KY 40253) 

Sl'RFIV DEAD BOYS - "Surf and 
Destroy" liP 

This Finnish band seems rattl- 
er obsessed with surf. Other than the 
English lyrics this really has little to do 
with the surf music genre. The 4 songs 
aregaragey pop which have so me catch) 
moments, but that's about it. (MC) 
(Alternative Action, PO Box 74, SF- 
11101 Riihimaki, FINLAND) 

SURGERY - "Little Debbie/Queen To 
Queen Level Three" 
These guys are quickly becoming the boogie rock lords of the NYC- 
Amrep-7" crowd. Take away the proto-punk/lower east side trappings and 
you get basically big swagger rock albeit with an indie bent. "Little Debbie" 
unapologctically celebrates these qualities down to the blooz-rock guitar 
solos and lascivious subject matter, too man) riff-cliches here for me, but it 
does 'rock' okay? (HD) 
(Amphetamine Reptile, 2541 Nicollet Ave, S. Minneapolis, MN 55404) 


sail), snotty-sounding vocals help give this a 

THIN WHITE LINE - "Enough Is Enough" EP 

Apparently, (his band has been around for years. Four catchy songs, 
musically somewhere between BIG DRILL CAR and early DA VID BOWIE 
(if you can believe it). Strange combination thai works most of the time. 
Incredible vocal range. From Pittsburgh... (LH) 
(Smog Veil Records. 441 Fast 222. Apt 13 Cleveland, OH 44123) 

THOUGHTCRIME - "Reconsider H 

Clank) guitar, and nasally, si 
trash) sound. (;<iod nngst-riddcii Im 
(13 Powell Street, Seneca. SC 29678) 

THREE STONED MEN - "Higher Than Cod" LP 

David Nudclman, the enigmatic, self-proclaimed "czar of the San 
Maleo folk scene", debuts with a new a new outfit determined to shake the 
"new Dylan" lag. The results are pseudo-concept album about the non- 
dangers of dope-smoking filled with spare, low-key rockers (and some very 
unlikely cover tunes) that bring to mind JONATHAN RICHMAN, the 
FUGS and even the K WHEATS. Apparently most of the pressing shipped 

(Shit-()n-Fire, 380 Magellan Ave., SF, CA 941 1ft) 

THUNDER MUG - "Pork Some Beef" CD 

A five song CD that puis you on your feel! This thing is a rager! It's 
hard to compare THUNDER MUG with any other band, so I won't! They 
write songs with tousol parts and bridges. A grinding sludge part thai jumps 
to a punk tune that ends with a killer lead! 1 can some it all up in one word 
- "Hcllma". (SM) 
(Nieuwe Inslag, 77B 4X17 GN, Breda. HOLLAND) 

TOTEN HOSEN - "Learning English Lesson 1" LP 

Even though litis came out late last year and is on a major, the concept 
here deserves recognition. This long-standing Cer man punk band lias done 
an album of covers of early punk rock. Big deal, hul....lhcy have brought in 
members oflhe original hands (usiiallv the singers) to join them in a remake. 
more, with other 'stars' thrown in (Ronald Biggs, Cheetah Chrome, Dick 
Manitoba). Polished punk, but done in a classy way that makes it re-exciting. 
(Virgin Records. GERMANY) 

UNBORN SF - "And We Don't Care" EP 

This is a remake of an old UNBORNSFEP. Sound quality is poor, but 
the energy level is still there. Loud and abrasive. '77 punkish style. Only 100 
made so dig in fast. (SM) 
(Alternative Action Records. PO Box 74, SF, 1 1 101, Riihimaki, FINLAND) 

UNION MORBIDi: - "015" EP 

From the moment I pul this on the turn table, I was hooked, three 
songs thai deal with personal/emo kind of stuff. It's sung with truly standout 
vocals which remind me vaguely of Gary Floyd (The DICKS). Good fast pace 
with loads of melody . You should really try to find this somewhere. (LD) 
(Let's Make Our Own Record, Vcncida'an 47, 1623 RA Hoorn, HOLLAND) 

THE URGE "Sell Respect, Manners and Decency" LP 

This is as described within: Pure Punk Rock. The slash and burn 
guitar technique compliments CHARLIE HARPER-csque vocals. Call it 
tribute lo 1977 UK SUBS. The song titles such as "I've Got No Religion" and 
"Burning Church" are clear indicators of the band's leanings. The lyrics 
embody strength and conviction. A good record. (BR) 
(Incognito Records, Hochfiistslr 23. 7000 Stuttgart 80, GERMANY) j 

SWIRLIES - "Sarah Sitting" EP 

The A-side "Sarah Sitting" is an ethereal swirling mass of melody, 
distorted guitars and barely perceptible vocals. "Didn't Understand" is a 
MY BLOODY VALENTINE influenced atonal song sounding somewhat 
off-center, and "Chris R", the second B-side cut is a wispily-sung quiet pop 
(3.50 ppd., Slumberland Records, PO Box 8012, Silver Springs, MD 20907) 

TECH AHEAD - "Certain Revenge" LP 

Loud guitars. Thumping, bottom-y bass. Drum machine. Sorta going 
for a Chicago sound. Almost shameless in that respect. Still, lots of weird 
parts and good production. Nice lookin' cover too. (LH) 
(Ant Arctic Records, Kirchstr. 5, 8901 Aindling, GERMANY) 

VELOCITY GIRL - "My Forgotten Favorite/Why Should I Be Nice lo 

Warm fuzzy English style pop. Reallv good. Neat production. Very 
sweet, but kinda dark. Like if THE PRIMITIVES were still good. (GF") 
(Slumberland Records. PO Box 8012, Silver Spring, MD. 20907) 


VICTIMS FAMILY always amaze me. This LP displays the usual 
excellent musicianship and catch) songs with punk,j:izz and funk influences. 
Most bands would lake the riffs in "My Evil Twin" and make 6 different 
songs out of them. Schwartz-core to the max. (MM) 

vixdic n\ i:s - -invisible Man" ep 

Very cool garage |>nnk which sounds like hands such the OUEERS, 
and another cci lain unnamed hand from Chicago who a certain member of 
I his hand sings fur. Vague enough, for you? Neat stuff here kids, pick one up 
($3.0(1 ppd. I'O Box 183. Franklin Pk.. II. 60131) 


ell Nichls" EP 

or refined. Kind of ri 

1988. no label. (KK) 
III" address) 


Jacgcrincisler kicks ass. Recorded in 

\ INK )NS IAIN - "Tilt Campsite" El" 

A pleasant 3 song FP w bleb brings to mind the PIXIES. Hut why do 
hands insist on covering stupid bauds like The SUNDAYS (at least that's 

YUPPICIDE- "Fear Love" I .1" 

Big heavy NewYurk hardcore. (read that with a highcavy NY accent) 
10 songs about gang hangers (thugs not rapists). AIDS, egotism, and bow the 
press has labeled them skinheads. Hard billing, and intelligent. (l.D) 
(Wreck age. 451 West Broadwav 2N.Ncw York. 
NY 10(1121 

V/A - "Als Je Hilar Maar Goal /.at" II" 

Twenty hands from the Netherlands 
slammed together on a lull length compilation. 
Ibis slab of vilij I has a flannel style to it "that 
is art rock"! Soil uf a soil punk thing with 
melodies. Hands that stand out are cour- 
agi:. ri vi. NCFoiGARRoTs. ami DEA\. 

ONDEN, Hie harder punk thrush bauds are 
TACK. I'll stick wild the harder stuff. (SM) 


W AKSHIN<;TON - "First Strike'' l.l" 

Ibis German 3-piece cranks along at varied tempos and has an 
interesting!} heavy sound. \ ague, personal lyrics, although a satirical side 
shines through on "I'm a Patriot". Definitely had my toes tapping and my 
head shaking, but Ibis isn't really breaking any new ground. Strong produc- 
tion and light musicianship make this better than average. Best tracks, I feel, 
are "I. earn" and "Watch Yourself, for the sheer sake of their respective 
power. (SR> 

(HassProduktionc/oTomMarschal.HcrncrStr. 143.4350 Recklinghausen, 


lb ree songs on this beefy slab. Solid punk with good hooks. They 
have a very early RAMI >NES influence. These guys are totally good. (SM) 
(Standby "Brothers, PO Box 20034, Seattle, WA 98102-1034) 


Four tracks of demented garage trash of dubious sound quality. Mr. 
Nudelman's bellowing and twisted ly rjes under ly one of the few attempts to 
infuse these recycled garage riffs with even a modicum of originality. 
Reminds me (strangely enough) of a RANCID VAT, pointing to excessive 
substance abuse as the springpool of any good music. (BD) 
(PO Box 1591, Hurlingamc, CA 94010) ' 

WOGGLES - "I Col Your Number" EP 

Superior playing and an attention to detail set this apart from the run- 
of-lhe mill 60s retro record. The hand does not adhere to the strict '66 cave- 
rock guidebook hut instead adopts a more refined (yet punchy) sound. This 
wouldn't sound outta place on some cheapo movie from '68 and I'm sure 
Mure were decent barbands doing similar stuff as late as '71. Surprisingly 
good. (HI)) 
(Eslrus, PO Box 2125, Bellingham, WA 98225) 

WOMBELS- "Too Long" EP 

The title track has a fast, FUNERAL ORATION feel to it (that's a 
compliment), and Ihe slow tune, "Faith," chips away at a slow, memorable 
lime with piccato guitar work. Recommended. (SS) 
(Incognito Records, Hochlirslslr 23, 7000 Stuttgart, GERMANY) 

WYNONA RIDERS - "Some Enchanted Evening" EP 

Blending mid-tempo punk energy and post-punk complexity, the 
WYNOXA RIDERS deliver an appealing first single. "Childhood Games" 
starts out with a CIRCLE JERKS style guitar riff and uses melody and 
screamed vocals to push the song forward. "Pack Rat" is the standout cut 
building tension with its minor key three chord barrage and incorporating 
a honking trumpet. While that cut is short fast and to the point, "Catfish 
Discipline" is nicely sung vocals, multi-layered guitar, wanky solos and 
echoey hacking vocals. The first two songs, however, make this a great 
release. (Mil) 
(Lookout Records. PO Box 1 1374, Berkeley, CA 94701) 

YUMMY- "Candy Day "45 

Side It is melodic THUNDERS punk with hooks galore and some 
powerful drumming and bass work. "Do Your Fix" is more cesspool oriented 
with dangling raw appendages and small furry creatures bludgeoned all 
about their heads. Good stuff. (BR) 
(Bag of Hammers Records, PO Box 928. Seattle, WA 98111) 

V/A- "Chickcnsbit Conformity" tape 

This is what happens when people drink loo much Jolt. Strange 
'spoken word' things and strange 'musical' things. •Hands' like EEYORE 
POWER TOOL, SHU, PIKE, and GANG OF PORK. Actually quite 
entertaining in a .jiinior-highsrhool-hulhroi mi-humor kinda way. This would 
sound way heller after a eolipla foul lies. (DH) 

(Burping Turds Cassettes & Cheese, 635 Princeton l)r, Sunnyvale, CA 

V/A - "Clamcbowder + Ice vs. BigMacs + Bombers" LP 

Kooky compilation with all Canadian hands on one side and all IS 
hands on the other. IS side mostly covers the pop/garage/surf (and all 
combinations uf) genres and includes HEAT HAPPENING, the DEVIL 
DOGS, local heroes the MUMMIES doing a faithful version of DEVO's 
"Uncontrollable Urge" and Ml DHONEY doing a straight surf instrumen- 
tal. The Canadian side has some slightly more noisier fare in the contribu- 
tions of NO MEANS NO and SUPERCONDUCTOR as well as stuff in the 
aforementioned genres courtesy of SHADOWY MEN. the GRUESOMES, 
etc. All u ii released stuff and really worth vour while. (HD) 
(Nardwiiar. POItox 27021, 1395 Marine Drive. W. Vancouver, BC, CANA- 

V/A - "Die Baudmappe" tape 

A project of Tubebreak magazine, Ibis is designed to give worldwide 
exposure to uukuow u German hands. Musically, this is all over the map, so 
with eleven hands and twenty-three songs you're bound to find something 
you like. (DS) 
(Tubebreak. T. Paul. Auerstr. 29. 8201 Neuheiiern, W. GERMANY) 

V/A - "Dope. Guns, and Fucking in the Streets, Vol. 4-7" LP 

A pretty wonderful compilation of the last four "Dope. Guns, ..."7 ins; 
Sixteen exclusive tracks total including sonatas by HELMET, JESUS LIZ- 
Standouts on m during the MEI.VINS pou tid- 
ing "Euthanasia", the swirling INS ANE cut. — 
and GAS HI ITER'S janiuiiii' "Before I Kill 
Again". Fun for the whole family. (WG) 
(Amphetamine Reptile, 2541 Niccolel Ave. S., 
Minneapolis, MN 55404) 

GRIN£> EM DolVAi' 

V/A - "Grind 'Em Down" LP 

A luck load of bands from Oz on a skate 
comp that seems to have zip to do with skating. 
A plethora of different styles here, super-fast, 
plain old 3 chord and core, and one icky funk 
tune. A little something for everyone from 
ditching school to surf to why war is had. 
CAY and more. (1.1)1 
(PO Box 743 Norwood. S A. AUSTRALIA) 

V/A - "Guns n' Roses Punk Rock Roots Vol. 
1" IP 

From the vaults of Seattle comes this 
bootleg collection ol'hard to find punk classics 
from the No Threes Record label. Two cuts 
from the VAINS' "3 Action Hits" single, one 
from the THE SILLYKII.LERS ("Social 
Bitch") and the FASTBACKS doing "It's 
Your Birthday". Excellent raw fast spit-in- 
your-face punk that still sounds great. (MH) 



ScnoBVPoo Record Dm sT&i&uTto* SeMfCE 

*3o*ER * R1 $E ABo^B 






* Scratch 






0(/# CHO/CEW** 


* CHAPTER 2 2 " V2»/> 

* TURBO * f"K 

10- C A/A POLE ON ST. 

$r.,CA USA tllSleiS-OLfSf -FAX SXH'9Z?6 

"CrtB.STEfi.Ft ECO /ciVe" 


Ti/P 3 r- 1 EP onus. 

SPL \NT£H BO v f#M PHrtAXis" 

LP//*c/cD -SPASM 3SC 

STE^t- pole Bath Tub 

^BoZEMAW "^ "/COS 

SvPERCofi/Puc-roR t 
-?"/cds BOtfEA. &£-% o 

4CHE£fZteS" PSL-f-" 

VtOOU- 7*" 

For Who leSALE- For Export* ForStores*For. That Special. Sor*e©r\e ... 









E. SYRACUSE, NY 13057 







7" EP 



send a stamp when you write, 
no checks, m.o.'s out to SHANE DURGEE. 






r z_ <_ CJ r -l S 
5701 randolph, lincoln ne. 68510 

also available: 

sideshow 8 song 12" $6 ppd 

2;ermbox groaning bridge 7" $3ppd 

available through BLACKLIST and 
j\ europe from GELD HER! i 

sideshow tour spring and summer 
anyone interested in helping out call 
[t02.476.7857 or write, thanks! 







CROSSED OUT - 7 song EP 

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES - "The Art Of Ballistics" 8 song EP 

BIHIeeeaauuurrrrggghhhh-The Record" - 41 band, 64 song comp EP 

STIKKY - "Cuddle" 9 song EP 


NO COMMENT - "Common Senseless" 9 song EP 


1S °fe %.. 

juZS!"^ S/apAHam 

"V,°«i A :**»■ SanFran.CA 94M2-0843 

Exclusive distribution by Revolver (so there)! 







the history of the most influential 

hardcore band of all time 

2 record set/ CS/ CD 

Mighty Mighty Bosstones 

More Noise & 

Other Disturbances 

11 new tracks by the plaid 

boys of Boston 







JPoison Idea 

Blank Blackout Vacant 
11 blistering new tracks by the 
most hell-bent band in the land 

Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Where'd You Go?" 
x/r- ".colored wnWcassingle/ CD five has 3 extra tracks 
ivr- u* nir- 1.x. Wff h *y Mighty, bosstones Devil's Night Out LP/ CS/ CD 
Mighty Mighty Bosstones 2 different t shirts/ longslelve tees/ hooded sweatshirts/ 

P rt ,- m „M M ^^^^^JA^r^^^^CS/CD __.. 

Poison Idea Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes LP colored vinyl/ CS/ CD 
Pft .„ T , ^i 8 ?.^ 1116 * A n £f #P"»* LP colored vinyl/ CS/ CD 
Poison Idea 4 different t shirts/longs eeve tees/ hooded sweatshirts/ posters 
ocjr. SSDXnias 7 B single 200 made $6. ^ 

Wo Ql ert , SSD t shirts/ longsleeve tees/ hooded sweatshirts 

We also have Mighty Mighty Bosstones plaid Zippo lighters. No shit. $29.99 

Write for a catalog 

of all Taartg? releases 

Taang! Records 

P.O. Box 51 

Aubumdale,MA 02166 





7" « 



long sleeve 



postage $1.00 lint 

E S 








add $2. 

Item; then .50 



OAKLAND/ CA 94609 






3.00 PPD 


,vj „• END OF '91 
' . '.VITH AN 

- •.- ' ADDED 





*LP/cassette of 

"Free Souls 

in a Trapped Environment" 

*3 colored white 


tower block des 


*3 colored white 


fishies design 

*Live cassette, 


October 91 ($5, 

$7, S8) 


P*Your choice of 

a dark 

purple or dark 

blue shirt 

with white ink. 

Two slded.j 


|*Black shirt with Yin-Yang| 
| design in white ink 



*White T-shirt with LP 

design in black ink and 

red lettering. 
*Black T-shirt with blue 

logo on front in white and 

exploding alien on the backl 




*Black shirt with white ink 
of a woman holding a gun on| 
the front and the logo on 
the back ($9, $11, $12) 

All items are: $10 US/Canada 
$12 UK/Europe 
$13 Elsewhere 
unless otherwise noted 
Make all checks/money orders 
out to: Kamala Parks 
PO Box 11346 
Berkeley, CA 94701 US 

As of July 4, DCE will no longer be in opera-tiori 
Orders received after that will be returned by 
the post office. 


[wider than a postcar d, 
mi ■ mmn i 

out n©v on BL,UU&G( records, fish Z$ 

mu(an( ska punk r°ck, and so onJ 


cyicAao londou 

f A& 312 4G3 32,<tG ?A#: 081 888 £888 

A. ~g R I L 

22 Oakland CA ^our Viae* Too 

23 San Francisco CA tba 

24 Berkeley CA Oilman 

25 A-sWand OR A-sWand Armory 

26 Eureka CIA. The 'Power Station 

2 8 Torrance CA fxcessive Warehouse 

29 Los Angeles CA Al's Bar 

30 San Diego CA Che Cafe 

** A -if 

01 Wilmington CXA Seaiiawk Center 

02 Vhoeni* A2 Silver Dollar Club 

03 Tucson A2 Dotmfoun ■Performance Center 
05 Austin T5<J Tlie Cavity 

OS Dallas T>£ Common Grounds 

07 ifouston T5< tba 

08 iTew Orleans LA Abstract Bookstore 8* Cafe 

09 Birmingham AL Tustedo Suxiction 

10 Chattanooga TtJ tba 

12 Savannah <3A Tlie Sun 

13 Columbia Sc Roch&fcUas 

14 Charlotte Nc World Famous t^iile-seone. Club 

15 Washington DC benefit for FABUt 

16 Jtfew -fork City 1^ A8C-:No-Bio (matinee) 

16 "Plainfield tT-sf First Onifarian Church (nigJif) 

17 "Philadelphia "PA tba 

18 Sherbrooke QXJ^ 2one Indelibile 

19 Montreal QX5E tba 

21 "Toroxxto Ol^T Tlie Opera ijouse 

22 Detroit Mil 404 Willis 

23 Dayton Oif Th* New Space 

24 .Elmhurst 1L lsicGregors 

for more information, or if you can .help vrith sliow\s: 
phone (S10) S26 4451 


Reviews by (MS) Martin Sprouse, (LH) Lance Hahn, (JX) Jux, (KO) Katy Odell, 
(HH) Harold Hartmann, (TM) Timojhen Mark, (MW) Matt Wobensmith (MM) 
Mike McNiel, (SB) Suzanne Bartchy, (SA) Steve Aycock, (JD) Joe Donohw 

When sending in a zine for review, 

please include a complete address 

and a post paid price. 


8 x 12 - offset - 68pgs - German 

Strange to say some lines appear just too slick, and this is one of 

them. It comes across with that reek of "money". Articles on plenty 

of bands, to name a few; Gwar, Go, Dead Moon, Hard-Ons, Helmet 

Urge, God Bullies- lots of reviews and ads. (HH) 

Goar / c/o Mingo Diener / Postfach 3/6601 Saarbrucken-Scheidt / 


VERAKANT #4 / $2.00ppd 

5 x 6 - offset - 28pgs - Dutch 

A colorful zine from Holland, this issue reviewing films from the 

Rotterdam Film Festival, and articles on the bands, The Killek Pearl 

.*)?' Antiseen . ™<< Gun Club; plus record reviews. (HH) 

J.C. Vera / Oosterstraat 44 / 9711 NV Groningen 050-128776 / 


YUPPIEKILL #2991 / $4.00ppd 

8 x 12 - offset - 48pgs - French 

There is a lot of punk to read in this zine, a long letter in someones 
journal about Green Day, an interview with Mike Bullshit of Go 
spending a weekend with Shonen Knife, plenty of reviews of shows' 
records and zines. (HH) »-"w», 

Yuppiekill / c/o Gwenael Rattke / 3 Rue Isidore Louveau / 35700 
Rennes / France 

5 x 6 - offset - 28pgs - Dutch 

Some fanzines are amazing just for the amount of creativity that goes 
into them, and this is one of them. Simply excellent for the graphics 
and layout, plus comes with a smaller 28 page booklet attached to the 
zine that includes all the record reviews. Interviews with Coffin 
Break, Firehose, Shimmy Disc, and Spermbirds. DIY' (HH) 
HoUmd' c/o ^"l ' Madoerastraat 12B / 9715 H6 Groningen / 

CONFRONTATION #2 / $3.00ppd 

8 x 12 - offset - 60pgs - German 

This issue has sexism as it's main theme, from the front cover of a 

picture of a nude woman straddling a motorcycle with purchase bar 

codes covering her private parts to the last few pages, an interview 

with two women who work at the Mannheim Women's House 

Interviews with Hammerhead, Upside (Italy), Profax, and SFA 

«™ y S record reviews - Cam *s w>U) Profax 7" if you send them 

>B.uu. Hope to see more issues of this zine! (HH) 

Equality Records / c/o Corey ViUiez / Iris Sir. 19 / 6700 Ludwig- 

shaven / Germany 6 


8 x 12 - offset - 52pgs - French 

Aslick well-produced rock'n'roll zine, this one has articles on the 

Cramps, Toy Dolls, Black Rag, Hard-Ons, Guns'n'Roses.and Gun 

Club. Has plenty of record reviews, ads and addresses. (HH) 

Bee Pee /! Place Genevieres/ 59000 Lille/ France 


12x18 - newsprint - 36pgs - German 

Upright Citizens cover the front page of this newspaper like zine 

Tons of info, over 200 record reviews, plus reviews of T-shirts 

zines, tapes, comics, and videos. Interviews with Violent Arrest] 

Hallraker, Upright Citizens, and Triple X records. Plenty of ads and 

&gmbaio d mm 8 " comes Wim 4 band 7 " tSamtam ' Rise ' Abs ' 
Ox / c/o Joachim Hiller / Joseph Boismard Weg 5 / 4300 Essen / 


8 x 1 1 1/2 - offset - 52pg s- Italian 

A professionally put together zine, has an article on Cro-Mags' 

singer, John Joseph who has joined the Hare Krishnas, Poison Idea, 

Smashing Pumpkins, plus an articleon the label Iloky, the Clash and 

a Rawpower scrapebook. Zine also has horror film reviews (HH) 

Blast/ Via EQ Visconti 20/ 00193 Roma /Italy 

WISCH-MOB-ZINE #6 /$5.00 

8x11 1/2 - offset - 44pgs - German 

A pretty cool zine from Germany with feature articles on No Means 

No, Coffin Break, and Grey Matter. Has record and zine reviews a 

crossword puzzle and comes with a Noise Culture 7"EP (HH) 


ALIEN REALITY #4 / 3 stamps 

8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 34 pgs. 

Finally someone attacking the stupid "Hate Crime" ordinances. 

And offenrig some great pieces on Dahmer, Hardline, poetry and 

real y, really cool drawings. This zine is definitely worth getting. 

lake / 383 17 Sunset Dr. / Ocon, WI 53066 

GARBLES #2 /$1 ppd. 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 28 pgs. 

Bloody fucking great comics in this UK rag. Almost scary Also 

some reviews and an interview with All You Can Eat Not alot here 

but what there is, is good.(JX) 

5 New House Close / Caterbury / Kent / CT4 7B0 / England 

LIZARD'S EYELID #winter / $2.75ppd. 
8 1/2x11 -offset -24 pgs. 

OKAY-it's celebrity week here at zine reviews. This one's got an 
interview with Charles Bukowski (that might not be bullshit)- a 
summer travel diary that includes Lollapollooza and small town 
rednecks; an interview with tattoo artist Lou Lombi; games- advice 
to presidential hopefuls and the Wussies. Above averare (SD1 
POB 8561 / Jupiter, FL 33468 * ' y ' 

THE UNMENTIONABLE #13 / $2.50 ppd. 
5 3/8 x 8 - offset - 88 pgs. 

There's some people In Santa Cruz who are really into doing things 
and Kelina is one of them. This is the latest of her attractive and 
unconventional zine. One of the refreshing qualities of her work is 
that she actively encourages input from her readers by doing mailout 
surveys concerning people's sexual mores or what have you open- 
ing doors for whole possibilities of information. She always wel- 
comes submitted artwork as well. One highlight is the reproduced 
graffiti from a girl's bathroom wall at UC Berkeley You know I've 
always wondered... (JD) 
Kelina / POB 72 19 / Santa Cruz, CA 95061 

JUST EVERYTHING #2/2 stamps or a strange family picture 
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 40 pgs. 

Wow, an Easfbay zine that's not a Cometbus ripof f and still comes 
across fuckin cool. Actually, its got astrange kinda of humor linklne 
it all together. Uke the story about Telegraph hippies, misquote! 
trom Filth, proper drug use, the 3 reviews, suffering In the art 
industry, tattoos, and a guide to the "How to be Punk Rock Hand- 
book book. Cyrus puts alot here so check It out already ( JX1 
PO Box 8591 / Albany, CA 94707 ' ' 

BLUE RYDER #22 / $2.25 ppd. 
8 1/2x11 -offset -40 pgs. 

A lot of thought ammo here. Blue Ryder is a kind of Vote Reader for 
people who are aware of the last twenty years of history, providing 
an alternative media forum from various sources consisting of 
various opinions and perspectives. There's libertarian articles on 
Christian police states, interviews with racist skinheads on how they 
feel about David Duke, Ace Backwards comics and a satirical look 
at Disneyland among other bits. Due to the collective nature of the 
fJDi SOme atures ***• of couree ' be,ter P" 'ogether than others. 
Blue Ryder Network / POB 587 / Olean, NY 14760 

DETOX #1/ $3.00 ppd. 
8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 64 pgs. 

This zine deals with interviews and nothing else. Included herein are 
Cosmic Psychos, Aussie record label Dog Meat, Einsturzende 
Neubauten, Hellmenn, Low Meato, Noose and Poison Idea It's 
always refreshing to read the comments of Pig Champion Poison 
Idea's Mr. Friendly. (JD) r . » »>« 

POB 666 / Indoorpilly / Q 4068 / Australia 

FLIPSIDE #77 / $2.00 ppd. 

8 1/2 x 1 1 - newsprint (glossy cover) - 120 pgs. 

The highlights of this issue are the better interviews with Hole and 
Naked Aggression, the Dwarves tour diary (done by Thorn in which 
we see the more sensitive side of these thoughtful musicians) and 
cooking with the Jolly Roger. The Rog. gives some info, on how to 
have fun with Ma Bell (to be applied in theory only, of course) in the 
not so straightest sense. Also included are Das Klown, Electric 
Ferrets, Paul Bearer, Stinkerbell, Victim 's Family etal. Also find out 
the dirt on Kelly from Stinkerbell and Bladge! (JD1 
POB 60790/ Pasadena, CA 9 11 16 


8 1/2x11 -offset -24 pgs. 

Truk Pez is neat for a number of reasons. First, and most importantly 
they have a Pez of the Month (this issue it's Spiderman). It also has 
reviews of Eighiball and Hate comics, a Peter Greenaway interview 
(that English guy who makes the really arty but sick movies about 
cannibalism, murder and circumcision. No, I don't know how they 
got a hold of him but it's not pirated.) and some words from Detroit 
rude boys the Deceptions on ska, art and death. Also the Didiits 
Fishbone and Victim's Family. (JD) ' 

POB 1746 / Royal Oak, MI 48068 

BUNDLE OF STICKS #4 / $2 ppd. 
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - offset - 64 pgs. 

Irs notsomuch the great lettersection asTeg'sresponses thatmakes 
ttus issue standout. Some can be alienating and condescending but 
others offer a cool perspective on queemess AND non-queemess 
1 om J offers the best insight I've read on punk and the response 
about non-sexual relationships had me thinking for days. BOS also 
nas lots of homoerotic stories, poems and reviews. The thing that did 
oother me this time around was the noticeable absence of women I 
TvS5™ a ^ be "' least a contributor or something..Anyways if 
ANYONE out there likes letters from readers and personal relation- 
ships, then this zine is for you. (JX) 
54 South 9th St /Suite 132 /Minneapolis, MN 55402 

FURTHER TOO.. #2 / $1 .50ppd. 
5 3/4 x 8 3/4 - copied - 24 pgs. 

^ CW H. al . an ^ > ? ous ^ daUm « wifll P°P. «« ««1 football 
(soccer that is) in Europe and various other places. Detailed in here 
are Moscow s home team, Spartak, as interpreted by a resident fan. 
band interviews with Velvet Sidewalk, Pitchshifter and Daisy Chita. 
saw. Also some bits on punk vinyl rarities. ^^ 

Not as boring as it may sound. (JD) 
40 Darwin Ct /Barlow St. / London SE17 1HR / England 

5 3/8 x 8 1/4 - copied - 38 pgs. 

This is a German skate zine (in German) that for the most part 
explores the world of Euro skating while interviewing such Amer- 
icans as Tony Hawk. There's some political stuff here too and 
reviews of underground videos. Their slogan is (written in English)- 

c/o Moritz Gottwald / Ritterstr. 14 / 3572 Amoneburg / Germany 


8 1/2 x 7 - copied - 44 pgs. 

Preachy zine that concentrates on politics. There is one essay here 
which states that the government has norighl toprohibit people from 
taking drugs, stating that people can do to themselves what they 
please and then three pages later the same author tells me I can't 
smoke tobacco. I guess it could be said the Soulless Structures staff 
isn't passing laws keeping me from smoking. Not yet anyway so 
maybe my concern is unnecessary, but time will tell. Still, Michael 
and crew have got guts arguing with Nazi's at a David Duke rally 
Put your march where your mouth is! Thoughtful book reviews 
interviews with fellow zine makers, etc. (JD) 
550 Pinewood Dr. / Pendleton, SC 29670 

KEEP LAUGHING #4 /$1. OOppd. 

8 1/2x11 13/16 - copied - 20pgs. 

Keep Laughing Is also titled Positive Peer Pressure Zine, which is 

the stupider of the two titles, so I'll just leave this one. This is a 

Belgian zine that has been translated into not always so precise 

English. All the bands and whatnot interviewed are asked if they are 

either vegetarians ornon-smokers. Interviewed are Endpoint L4 F 

Records, Otherwise and the Dark Side. Some interesting comments 

on racism in Eastern Germany and its economic roots. Yes this is a 

S.E. zine. (JD) 

Hans / J. Demeesterstraat 33 / 8800 Roeslare / Belgium 

STRANGE DAMAGE #8 /$1 ppd. 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 52 pgs. 

Yes, there are losers, and sometimes they do zines. Like this one 

And it snot likehesaysbe'sa loser, it just kinda comes across.From 

one line letters, to stories, plays, quotes, a strange survey, and road 

trips. Also some interviews with Eeyore Power Tools and Gang of 

Pork, with some actually interesting questions. And It's sIopdv 

enough to be cool. (JX) 

635 Princeton Dr. / Sunnyvale, CA 94087 


5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 36 pgs. 

From the house that brought you a corpse - Oh wait, she moved out 

before that happened...Anyways, straight from Sam's heart comes 

entertainment 'bout insomnia (fun), comics (funnier) and Sad Brad 

(funniest), a story about his nervous breakdown and a crazy mom. 

There's also record and movie reviews. And cool-ass dra wings. Get 

PO Box 14841 / Berkeley, CA 94701 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 20 pgs. 

Mr. Licker thinks It's punk of us to do one sentence reviews of free 
zines. I'll try. This is mostly a review Issue. Which is OK. And to 
save on space they only do the ones fhey Uke. Except for my record 
which they didn't like and a Crimpshrine split which they alsodidn't 
like. But hey, this isn't influencing my review. It has alot of news 
clippings which are annotated (talked about) and a self portrait, 
which explains the bad taste. Actually, except for the one record 
review and John's erection, I liked this zine. Hell, I might even trade 
442 Route 146 / Clifton Park, NY 12065 

REALITY CONTROL #5 / 3 stamps 
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 44 pgs. 

Fun ass cover of someone stage diving into a dumpster. And inside 
you ' II see more photos, actually alot, and also some stories like what 
to do with your life and job, fun things to do, and general Santa 
Barbara kinda sniff. There's also a piece about not judging punks by 
what they wear and how they look, but it failed to mention how we 
do that with suit and ties, jocks, etc.A quick zine, but cool (JX> 
5970 Birch #2 / Carpinteria, CA 93013 V ' 

LOVE AND RAGE - Vol. 3 No. 1 / $1.00 
newspaper w/ seccion en Espanol 

AU the usual in depth coverage of international resistance and 
struggles. What makes this a standout is the consistency and read- 
ability of the timely articles. I have to say that the addition of the 
A.Y.F. page gave this paper a breath of fresh air (as self-described, 
it s funny and sexy). I'd like to see the return of a more humorous 
tinge throughout the paper, which gives it the vibrancy which so 
many political papers lack.(SB) 
PO Box 3 / Prince St. Station / New York, NY / 10012 

AM I TOTALLY NORMAL TOO? #2 / $3 ppd. 
5 1/2 X 8 1/2 - offset - 44 pgs. 

Ever notice how people can be so different, but at the same time be 
so simitar? How about how different punks are from Normal people, 
but then how similar we make punk mimic normalcy? Yeah, that 
strange contrast is kinda what this zine's about But not in a serious 
way, more like that dark humor Cleese and friends do so well. An 
example: A comic strip about a hero with comments about what it 
was like as a kid to want be that hero, but knowing you were even 
inept at simple sports, yeah, you remember.. In fact, this zine is 
"bloody heir amazing) So get it. Oh, the price? Well, I haven't 
bought a 7" lately, that I* ve liked as well as this zine, if that gives you 
any glue. (JX) 
BM CRL / London WC1N 3XX / England 

IT #23 / 1 stamp 

7 x 8 1/2 - copied - 8 pgs. 

It is small, but it has less than you mink. It's a collage type punk 

thing, but I really didn' t get much out of It. It's from Tulsa, so maybe 

it's a local thing.(JX) 

PO Box 472084 / Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147 

PINCHPOINT mil* stamp 
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 28 pgs. 

Cool thing about mis zine is toe editor. Chuck Damage, comes 
across as, well ah, cool. Not like the "hey look at me and imitate" 
kind of cool, but more like interesting and personable. Which you 
notice when talks on what it was like to be sexist, or rethinking 
Nirvana. There's alsosome good stories and aGodBullies interview. 
So, I guess this zine is, well ah, cool. (JX) 
PO Box 69 / New Boston, MI 48164-0069 

THE BIG TAKEOVER #9 / $1 ppd. 
51/2x81/2- copied - 16 pgs. 

High School and its infinite uncoolness is the focus this time around. 
The letters are pretty much local kinda stuff but mere's some 
amusing anecdotes from school days too. Captures the feel of high 
school pretty fuckin well and hey this zine's gotta be good cause it's 
banned from their own High School. (JX) 
10 Dahl St. / Warren, PA 16365 


#6/ $.75 ppd. 

5 1/2x8 1/2 -copied- 16 pgs. 

The previous five issues came out several years ago by some 

students in a Humboldt collage. And this issue is kinda the "where 

are we now" issue. And it comes off pretty Interesting. It should/ 

have/could have been longer, through. (JX) 

9SS Page St. #3 / San Francisco, CA 941 17 

FREAK ANTIZINE #2 / $1 ppd. 

8 1/2x11 -copied -32 pgs. 

Do you like freaky, deformed, mutated, gross, ugly, disgusting 

photos of gross mutants? Well then this must be your place. In 

between stories you'll find those awful / great photos. (JX) 

431 W. Johnson apt 1 / Madison, WI 53703 

EDITH #1/ $1.50 ppd 

8 1/2" x 11" - copied - 42 pgs 

Any zine that numbers it's pages so I don't have to count them 

automatically gets a good review. This zine deserves one anyway. 

It's got all kinds of neat stuff... there are band interviews (Kicking 

Giant, Bikini Kill, Nation of Ulysses, zine reviews, and show 

reviews. The fun starts with all kinds of neat editorials, recipes, and 

a good review of the last Star Trek movie. High in fiber and low in 

saturated fat. That last sentence doesn't mean a damn thing. #2 is 

also available. (KO) 

1 Mead Way / Bronxville, NY 10708 

SUCKS TO BE YOU #1 / free! 
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - copied - 20 pgs 

Wowl This is fucking awesome! Not just awesome, mind you - but 
fucking awesome! Basically, this is the most inspirational tome I 
have ever seen, full of well- written articles by punk women from all 
over the world that discuss their roles in the subversive cultures of 
their various locals. With somany different voices of so many varied 
backgrounds, this is really groundbreaking and not in the least bit 
dogmatic. Also, I must commend the graphics - some of them really 
moved me. (KO) 

Happy Huntin' Productions - C/O Andrea Solano / PO Box 19654 
/Denver, CO 80219 

SUBNORMAL #1 / $1.00 ppd 
8 1/2" x 11" -copied - 12pgs 

Sloppy and kind of thrown-together looking, I still think this one has 
promise. The theme of this issue is sex - sexual freedom and anti- 
censorship editorials being the bulk of the zine. One point I 
particularly agree with is that we cannot be really free and in control 
of our bodies until prostitution and pornography are fully legal. (KO) 
C/O Bruce E. / PO Box 602 / Normal, IL 61761 

ATMOSFEAR #6/ $2.00 ppd. 

81/2x11- copied - 20 pgs. 

A grindcore/crust kinda punkzine, but mostly music, with a couple 

political editorials. Features Disrupt, Resist, Capitalist Casualties, 

Embittered, and 976. Excellent print quality and layout. (SA) 

Denis Cullen / 3 5093 Maidstone a. /Newark, CA 94 560. 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 28 pes. 

This is a very intelligent zine here. The fact that the editor is currently 
in college as he does this probably explains why the writing here is 
so darn intellectual, but it is definitely readable as far as squids like 
me are concerned. Excellent essays on sociological topics, econom- 
ics, freedom and such, but don't let the labels turn you off from 
reading this, cuzl found it fascinating. And to top it off, the cartoons 
rule! Urn, check it out. (MW) 
Jason Read / Box 763 / Hampshire College / Amherst, MA 01002 


8 1/2 x 11 - newsprint - 64 pgs. 

Believe it or not, one of the best early 80's hardcore/punk zines came 

from the mid-west and was edited by none other man Tesco Vee. 

This collection of interviews, comics, photos and ads make for a 

great blast from the past. If you' ve never saw the zine then this gives 

you a good taste of early 80' s hardcore and Tesco' s sense of humor. 

My only complaint is that this could of been at least three times as 

thick without being boring. Comes with free 7" (see review section). 


Selfless Records / 8827 Hanford, Dallas, TX 75243 

FUR BEARING TROUT #0 / $3.50 ppd 

8 1/2" X 7" - copied - 44 pgs 

Jeepers, this is really good. First of all, it's funny and sarcastic as 

hell. Then, it's got cool interviews with local Queer Nation activists 

and a zine called The Third Side, erotic fiction staring Betty Page, 

great zine reviews. And if THAT isn't enough, let me tell you that 

this is the nicest looking thing I've been farced to review in a long, 

long time. Oh, the theme is something about being pro-sex, omni- 

sexual anti-censorship but isn't limited to just that. This makes me 

ever so happy. (KO) 

23 Nelson St. #3 / Kingston, ONT / K7L 3W6 / CANADA 

NOT YOUR BITCH #7 1/2 / $2.50 ppd 

5 1/2" x 1 1" - copied - 52 pgs 

This is a sort of "Best Of" issue, although I'm not exactly sure what 

that is supposed to mean. Like Y ve said the last three or four times 

I re vie wed this zine, NY B is a rough, very basic, punk chick feminist 
rag that has short rants against just about everything a feminist could 
possibly complain about. By "short" I mean one or two paragraphs. 
On one hand, this keeps us from getting bored - on the other, I get a 
little confused because nothing is explained very fully. For example 
- 1 know that at least one of the women who writes for this has/had 
a son named Roan Chaos something - or - other, but they've never 
explained what that's all about and what happened to him. (KO) 
[1276 Wilson Ave #230 / St. Paul MN 55106?] 

DISHWASHER #5 / 2 stamps. 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 20 pgs. 

Kinda cute idea (short stories about dish washing). Thekind of stuff 

most people can relate to. I was a dish washer and it sucked. A good 

read even though I'd almost rather forget. (LH) 

Pete / 1825 11th St. #6 / Areata, CA 95521 

THIEVES AND PROSTITUTES #5 / no price listed. 

8 1/2x11 -copied- 12 pgs. 

Lame Christian zine. Not punk. (LH) 

4009 Johnson St. / Hollywood, PL 33021 

CHAIN LETTER #2 / $1 ppd. 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 32 pgs. 

The only kind of chain letter I like. Okay, the high point here are the 

comics. Totally rad especially "What Fate Has In Store". Very cool. 


PO Box 72671 / Las Vegas, NV 89170-2671 

GOOD AND PLENTY #7 / $2 ppd 
8 1/2x11 -offset -60 pgs. 

No way. This has got to cost more than $2. This zine never stood out 
that much for me. But this time around, it's really catching my eye. 
First of all, the band coverage seems to be a lot more diverse (not 
strictly SEHC). Second! y, the photos are pretty great. Great printing 
and a great zine even though I still hate the candy. Hey, where do I 
get a "Straight Edge Isn't Cool Anymore" t-shirt? (LH) 
2 1 1 6 Salem / Zion, IL 60099 


5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 44 pgs. 

Not the most detailed commentary, but this is pretty fun to read. 

Interviews and editorials with lots of personality and fun sloppy 

layouts. It's about time someone took a stand against these glitter 

punks I (LH) 

PO Box 193 / South Milwaukee, WI 53172 

PAGAN PLACE #4 / $1 ppd. 

8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 22 pgs. 

Kind of a cool mish-mash. Experiments in writing. Sometimes 

interesting. Sometimes funny. Sometimes I skip to the next page. 

Enough to keep me pretty interested. (LH) 

Trevor Wagon / 626 Beverly Road / Brooklyn, NY 1 1218 

BAYOU LA ROSE #37 / $3 ppd. 

1 1 1/2 x 18 - newsprint - 48 pgs. 

How much Peltier news can you take? Actual! y, it's pretty great that 

this anarchist publication is still pumping out. Lots of news and other 

snips of info. At times it can be pretty dry. But that doesn't make the 

issues any less important. (LH) 

Heart of Angiolilk) / PO Box 5464 / Tacoma, WA 98405-0464 

LIVE WILD OR DIE! #3 /$3 ppd. 

I I 1/2 x 18 - newsprint - 44 pgs. 

Jesus, when was the last time this hush puppy came out? At any rate, 
this another of the well-known, big-sized anarcho papers. Lots of 
news with more of a Santa Cruzian bent (if you get my drift... tree 
hugging and stuff). Still, I can 't slag off this kind of effort even if it's 
not the most up-to-date or regular. Lots to read. (LH) 
PO Box 329 / Santa Cruz, CA 95061 

PUDDLE FANZINE #7 / $1 ppd. 

5 1/2 X 8 1/2 - copied - 36 pgs. 

If you're not familiar with Puddle, you're really missing out. Not 

only does Chrisser do neat layouts with crazy artwork, but he's got 

a lot to say too. No Earth shattering revelations. More like having a 

good long conversation with a friend over coffee. Not to be missed. 


PO Box 14841 / Berkeley, CA 94701 


WIND CHILL FACTOR #5 / $1.50 ppd. 
8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 50 pgs. 

This is a zine of the burly variety, so the price above is my guess 
about postage costs. It's free, you know. At first glance I expected 
to be assaulted with rhetoric from the anarcho-crustoid vein, but this 
turned out to be quite informative, entertaining, and sincere. This 
thing is fucking packed to the gills with news clippings, columns, 
angry slogans, and the like. I was glad to see that the content here is 
aiming to provoke change rather than pointless bitching about how 
fukt the world is. Great zine, kids. (MW) 
POB 81961 /Chicago, IL 60681 

DEEPSIX SUPERSTITION #3 / 2 29* stamps 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 28 pgs. 

Hey, I really liked this one! The editor uses most of the space here 

to vent his frustrations and views, which has the potential to be 

boring, but there is alot of writing here worth merit. Subject matter 

revolves around masturbation, sex, homosexuality, sex, and some 

reviews, too. While this is kinda small, it holds your interest all the 

way through. Cool. (MW) 

Alejandro deAcosta/POB 391 /Hampshire College /Amherst, MA 


BAG O' STINK / $2.00 ppd. 

5 1/2 X 8 1/2 - copied - 18 pgs. 

Comprised almost entirely of of fbeat and bizarre news clippings and 

articles, nothing here was particularly gripping or novel. It seems to 

be a recent trend in zine-making to construct a zine all out of other 

people's stuff, and I think it has to be exceptionally different in order 

to distinguish itself from the pile. This ain't bad, but it seems like a 

side project. (MW) 

Popular Reality / POB 2942 / Ann Arbor, MI 48106 

2 29* stamps 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 36 pgs. 

You know it's a punk zine when you start flipping through the pages 
of a "split" zine - neat concept. Cygnet Committee is made up of 
some pretty fucking angry writing, dealing with gender, scene 
hierarchies, and some severe alienation. I have to give this woman 
some credit - it takes alot of guts to be able to spill your beans on 
paper for everyone to read, and I admire her for it. Filthy Mouth starts 
out with a more sarcastic, shock-value approach, and it ends up 
working well. Good piece on being bisexual, and a pissed off look 
at religion. I think these zines' publishers are homeless, and that 
might start to explain the incredible angst contained within. Any- 
way, they're pissed as hell. I can identify with this. (MW) 
POB 684 /Mankato, MN 56002-0684 

POPULAR MECHANICS #1 /$1.19 ppd. 
8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 18 pgs. 

This is another of those zines comprised of wacky news clippings 
and weird flyers and such. I suppose someone could defend this sort 
of publication as a Dadajst artistic statement, but in general it comes 
off as being kind of scatterbrained and distracting. This can be bad 
if you intend for someonetoactuallycgailyour zine, but if this is what 
you're trying to express, well then so be it. Check out some of these 
twisted flyers - it's a scary world out there. (MW) 
Nick Johnson / 945 E 43 / Eugene, OR 97405 

BEN IS DEAD - #18/ $3.00 ppd. 

8 1/2 x 1 1 - printed - 64 pgs. 

Darby and company have completely out-did themselves with this 

glamour issue. Beauty tips, interviews, (Glue, Goddess Bunny, J. 

Vallance, and J. Alberti), and much more. BID has become the best 

zine ever. Totally great cover. (MM) 

PO Box 3166, Hollywood, CA 9002 


8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 24 pes. 

This must be kind of the "Japanese issue"- features interviews with 

Shonen Knife and Public Bath. Has comprehensive discographies 

of the above, plus some record reviews. Neat, simple layout- well 

worth the price (free locally). (SA) 

Jon / 2161 Bunker Hill Dr. / San Mateo, CA 94402. 


8 1/2x11 -offset -95 pgs. 

A massive and very comprehensive music zine carrying on in the 
'60's garage/psych/punk kind of tradition, but in an inclusive sort of 
way. Covers way too much stuff to list, but has page numbers and 
a table of contents, which is great, esp. for a zine of this size. (SA) 
23 Nelson St. #3 / Kingston, Ont. K7 3W6 Canada 

THINK AGAIN #1/ $1 .50 ppd. 
8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 56 pgs. 

"A Hardcore and power pop zine covering as many rides as 
possible. " I'm glad they're trying to be open-minded, but I wonder 
what "sides" they're talking about. Is going to be another forum for 
mindless debate? Not really- it's mostly music (411, Down By Law, 
etc.). Readability is no problem, as the layout is of the shit-simple, 
black&white, all bold type variety. (SA) 
PO Box 1223 / Claremont, CA 91711-1223 


8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 44 pgs. 

This was addresed to Jeff Bale (sorry, but he doesn't do these zine 

reviews) and fans of his column might dig this. Full of punk/rock 

kinda stuff with a very '70's punk' layout, which is cool. (SA) 

Dimitri /78 Pleasant St. / Cambridge, MA 02139 

HOUSE OF PAIN #7/ $2.00 ppd. 

81/2x11 offset - 44 pgs. 

This is a quality publication. Slick cover, tho black & white, good 

printing, good writin', and fun layouts. Has i-views with firehose, 

Rollins, U.K. Subs, and Trusty and tells a little about the local 

'scene'. (SA) 

PO Box 120861 /Nashville, TN 37212. 

SBT INC./ SPONGE ON THE BRAIN # A/ $1.50 ppd. 

81/2x11 -copied- 32 pgs. 

Good. Basic uni-staple design, full of issue-oriented columns and 

articles, punctuated with cool collages. Does have music stuff 

(sparse reviews + Born Against & Screeching Weasel int.'s) but the 

articles A graphics are the best. But which part Is Sht Inc. and which 

US.O.T.B.? (SA) 

102 Fennec Dr. / Undenberg, PA 19350. 

TUATARA#1/ $2.00 ppd. 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 32 pgs. 

If you're looking for an English-language Dutch fanzine covering 

rock from New Zealand, look no further- this is apparently the only 

one in existence. It's well written, too. Print quality is okay- small 

type and dark photocopied graphics. (SA) 

Paul Schwarte / A-Kerhaf 33 / 9712 BC Orcein gen / Holland 

WHAT'S NEXT #3/ $1.50 ppd. 
8 1/2 x 11 - copied - 30 pgs. 

Mostly record reviews, with three band interviews (Big Drill Car, 
Changeof Heart, JuaroFracus) and smatterings of poetry. Straight- 
forward, readable enough typewritten-looking layout. A couple 
pages are out of order, though. (SA) 

Dan Lajoie / 301 Edgewood Grd. Unit #22 / Samia, Ontario / N7S 
4X7 / Canada. 

SLUR -#4/ $1.00 

8 X 10 1/2 - newsprint - 24 pgs. 

Thoughtful and informative zine covering western Canada, as well 

as articles on Jello Biafra coming through town (with a bit of DK 

history), excerpts from Pressure Drop Press's Threat By Example, 

and an article on the Brave New World Order. Of most interest to me 

though, was the column that challenges the celebration of Christmas, 

kinda thoughts that I've been kicking around for awhile now, too. 

The only suggestion I could offer is that the computer graphics 

shouldn't be distorted as much, cuz it makes it kinda hard to 


Room 362-21 / 10405 lasper Ave. / Edmonton, AB / Canada 

PUBLIC OUTRAGE #2 / 2 stamps 

5 1/2 x 8 - copied - 32 pgs. 

Interviews with Rabid Salesman, Jim SpeUman of Velocity Girl / 

High Back Chairs, some art, show, record reviews, and a restaurant 

reviews. (TM) 

5808 Timberridge Dr. / Raleigh, NC 27609 

RAW/IDEA - *3 / free ■ 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - copied - 12 pgs. 

More cool anti-establishment anarchist propaganda. An assortment 

of articles, comics, and flyers, some that have been reprinted such as 

Profane Existence's "Here's your brick back". Has the "youth 

liberation" feel to it. Less reprints and more original articles might 

add to the freshness of this material.(SB) 

435 W. Delavan / Buffalo, NY / 14213 

DtSCORDER » 1 10 / $2.00 ppd. 

9 x 13 - newsprint - 32 pgs. 

Columns, letters, lots of advertising (it's free locally), interviews 

with filmmaker Bruce MacDonald and TV show host Pierre Berton, 

record reviews, opinions, etc. It's a program guide for CfTR Radio 

in Vancouver, and one of the best program guides I've ever seen 

1233-6138 Sub Blvd/ Vancouver BC/ Canada V6T 1Z1 

SQUAT OR ROT - #3 / buy it cheap or steal it! 

newspaper comes w/ Squat or Rot comp EP 

If you've liked the first two projects by Squat or Rot, you won't be 

disappointed by #3. The graphics are so strong that you'll wish you 

could make each page a poster. Each new NY band has one page 

dedicated to their lyrics and artwork; while articles on homelessness 

and the shelter system, and factory farming/vivisection occupy the 

rest of the paper. Interested in the EP? Check out this month's record 

reviews to bear 5 more reasons as to why you should order this 


PO Box 20691 / New York, NY 10009 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - offset - 48 pgs. 

Righteously angry girls retell their stories of surviving rape, insest 
and molestation, and trying to overcome feelings of insecurity and 
jealously in the here and now. These are stark, powerful stories that 
really get under your skin and make you feel helpless. At least there 
is an intelligent forum to express the anger that comes from not being 
in control of your body, and in a punk forum. Everyone should read 
this. Oh, and Erika, keep up the good work, and thanks.(SB) 
(For zine and sending contributions: c/o Erika, 850 N. Edison St 
Arlington, VA 22205) 

DEVIANT #1/ $1.00 ppd 

8 1/2x11 - copied - 24 pgs. 

Contains plenty of editorials by the editor (not as bad as it sounds), 

poetry, interviews with Meatwagon, Polluted Views, Scratch My 

Ass Heartattack, and zine reviews. Although the editors attitudes are 

well thought out at most times, he certainly sinks into juvenile banter 

at times. Not bad. (TM) 

211 Greenbraith Way / Las Vegas, NV 89121 

RAVEN #12/ $1.50 ppd 

8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 34 pgs. 

Lots of crazy art, record/zine reviews, short stories, and interviews 

with the Wallmen, GG Allin (with lots of clippings), and the 

Mentors. I can certainly live without the idolization laid upon the 

Mentors and GG. There's got to bea better way to spend your time 

PO Box 4546 / Polk, LA 7 1459 

8 1/2 x 1 1 - copied - 18 pgs. 

National Newsletter of the Campus Green Network. This issue 
contains interviews with Noam Chomsky, Herbert Marcuse, articles 
on the Iraqi war, efforts to remove ROTC from Campuses, reprint of 
a Katy Odell article from MRR, War Tax Resistance, Enlighten- 
ment, Columbus Day, and the Green Summit in San Francisco. 
Although I've seen a lot of this information in other places, It's 
certainly a collection of valuable data. (TM) 
PO Box 30208 / Kansas City, MO 641 12 

PUBLIC ENEMA - #2 / free 

8 1/2x11 -offset- 18 pgs. 

Here to upset the established "revolutionary anarchist" guidelines is 

Kaos Revolution/Ideology and reasons are not important. Do! Act! 

Livel Live Revolution! Don't think about it. Thinking is boring and 

a waste of time. If you think too much, you're gonna miss the action." 

Join now before they destroy you. (SB) 

c/o S.M. Steppen wolf / PO Box 4472 /Long Beach, CA 90804-0472 


'pinions on society and poetry by Wiseu 


sin D&D heads (hirtu- 

. \V| 53547-2382 

/ New Brunswk k. NJ 08903 POB 4444 / Riw 

MCLEAN #3 / tree with piwtage 
lauorced pain, politics A: hand interview* Some good siult. 
II il) 921)07 /Sallla liarbara. CA 931911 

K M>|<> RIOT IIV / lav Willi S 29 slump 
Opinions "ii "alternative" publications. Demo tape reviews and Iroin WRSl' DIM.m /NewBrunswick.XJ 


Mmiij handwritten zine covering the industrial and punk music 
cenes. Information on Northern Ireland and how to be an inexpen- 
sive Skinny Puppy. 
Kelly/ 69-4 1 185th St /Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 

»'e have reviewed you in lliisvillc in detail! Stories' and essays lor 
'lid hy inmates in llie American high school system. 
Uabe Meline/540 I os Alios Cuurl /Santa Rosa, CA 95403 

HIE LEGION OK FUCKERS ill / iree + stamp 

Pleasure Fuckers 1 page laiizinc 

ilolino Devientu / B5 I). INT 2 Sum /Madrid, Spain 


Interview wilhNarlromSacramcntoandrccordreviews.Poclryand 

niinv quotations also. 

-I12's. Spokane Si / Senile, \VA 9S144 

'IIAOS COMIX 1127' .SI OOpptl 

s,, nic tunny, ii basic, comics. 

Kandy / Upper 348 UcUley Ave / Victoria. BC V8V 1.15 

( 'UCMI , IREZINE#6/$*l)ppd 

1 luuiically structured interviews with hand personality trees 

1 iteg / POB 5.10 K<l 2 / Coopersburg, PA 1 8036 

CEASEFIRE #29 /-50ppd 

Intellectual nieanderings by the Ceasel ire people and comment 

llie histories »| various bands. 

Pi Hi 29 / 82 Ave / Edmonton, AB. Canada, T6E IZ3 


Sonic more or less in depth band interviews and the like. 

Frederik Poekebeckbro / 21 871X1 Tiell .' Belgium 

WALRUS REVIEW II B / $.5i)ppd 

Criticism ol society and its structures as well as Mime interesi 

GREEK PINK ZINE f!2 / S.60ppd 

Looks good hui I c.hi'i Greek None oi us can. 
1 can't tell y ou what the title is. Stive Albini inten 
Dill Pavlides/ IVPindouSt. 13231 /Alheas.Gree 

CAFFINE 111 /$1.00ppd 

Cui and paste everything Irom newspaper clipping 

with .Sewer Trout. MTX and The Fiendz. The broke 

very punk roek. 

James / 149 Eldcrwood Ave / Pelliam, NY 10803 

DROP KICK 115 /SI 33ppd 

Mostly newspaper clippuigswiihsoinehclpiul ml. n 
in start your own lape making label ami oilier slull 
1 16 32 Coldbrook Ave 1114 / Downey. CA 90241 

SLUG & LECTURE #24 /S.29ppd 

Newspaper wiih relevant intormution, classiiieds, 

record reviews. 

Cllrislnie / I'OB 201.7 / Peter Stuy Sin / NY, NY 1 

IIANLEV NEWS n\ 3, 4 a f, /SI OOppd 

i 'oinics poking lun ar S.E., bad punk, eel 

one zine here bui Kiev decided to Bive il three numl 

>ad punk grammar, eel. The 
■d In give il three numbers, 
ucson. AZ857IU 













uf&ft&&t c&€£tei& 


."•■ ■ r„ ■ ;/Vs '■ | 





1 I 1 


B r t 

rf£3T ■■■■- 




5^ ♦ 


F- 1*4 

' 1 ^>. 





Worlds Collide CD & CS will contain two 
bonus tracks. 


P.O. Box 146546 Iceburn CD & CS will contain three 
Chicago, IL. bonus tracks. 


European Mailorder/Distribution through: 

Send SASE for Catalog ^ BITE Gonninger Str.3 7417 Pfullingen Germany 




5 SONG 7" E.P.//6 SONG CD 










• QUE -IWUJm.- "* "* 







f *B0Bjp0C^r- 
m ! AND$rELL0* 

f MAY0R*r 


3 S 


=• *a s *» G 

(A B< H £ 

a 5 

_ » 

8- a. 

£.•0 E 

- rr O. 


<: >> 



comes ui/ 

Issues jane/fif i" 

f «* ADU/ $ 2 p & .L 

•y itself. R*rsch«<fc£ 

N e**JerfliAi T-" -f© •* 

f oiiou* . VMr ;t€ for Jnf© N 

I P.O. Box 1145 
Cooper station [ 
NY, NY 10276 
send SASE for catalog/info [ 



Reviews by: Harald Hartmann (HH), Tom Vague (TV) 

Stewart Home, The Assault 
On Culture (Utopian Cur- 
rents From Lettrisme To 
Class War), ($10 ppd from: 
AK Distribution, PO Box 
40682, San Francisco, CA 

Asger ran off with 
Constant's wife - Fanaticism 
saved their working rela- 
tionship. Michelle married 
Guy and together they plot- 
ted to overthrow capitalism. 
George was a revolutionary 
communist but debt forced 
him into a job for the US 
govt. Gustav was sentenced 
for putting on an indecent 
exhibition. John was busted 
on a drugs charge. Jerry be- 
came imramous as the man 
who had a thousand orgasms 
for art. Read their stories in 
this fascinating expose of 
cultural agitation. 

It's alright, I take it all back, you don't have to read all those 
boring old situationist texts after all. Someone has at last said the 
unsalable - Don't bother, it isn't worth it, you'll just end up as boring 
and insane as the people who wrote them. I should know, 

Shake in your shoes, Situationists, the international power of the 
pulp novel plagiarists will soon wipe you out' 

Assault on Culture' is an anti-art book, chronicling the contradict- 
ions, counter-culture coups and contentious capers of the various post- 
war groups from Lettrisme to Class War, in a way not dissimilar to 'The 
Boy Looked At Johnny'. No stone is left unturned, no ideological 
unsoundness left unslagged, all thestuffthatisleftoutelsewhereishere. 
Mostly, it has to be said, at the expense of the Situationist International. 
And you don't have to be too familiar with the Theory of Misery/ 
Misery of Theory to follow Stewart's Utopian Currents. Which makes 
a nice change for a start. It's all written sensibly enough for a beginner 
to understand, there's plenty of good anecdotes and trivia, and if you 
get bogged down in some of the more arty stuff, don't worry, the 
rockin Situationists, Motherfuckers and punks are never far away. 

Stewart Home, The Art Strike 
Papers/Neoist Manifestos, ($10 
ppd from: AK Distribution, 
PO Box 40682, San Francisco, 
CA 94140-0682) 

Back to back and twice 
as mean, nicely packaged pro- 
paganda of the years without 
art (1990-1993) and the best 
of Smile, the most radical anti- 
art magazine of the 80's. 

Hopelessly confused? 
Then buy this book and you'll 
find all you ever wanted to 
know about the art strike, the 
Festival of Plagiarism, Neoism 
and all that kind of stuff, but 
were afraid to ask. 

You might not be any 
less confused after reading it 
but it should give you second 
thoughts about a career in art - 
If you ever had such a dumb 
thought in the first place. (TV) 

Eclipse Books Trading 
Cards, (PO Box 1099, 
Forestville, CA. 95436) 
Maybe a lot of you 
readers remember the 
Frankenchrist LP by the 
DK's that was censored 
because of the Geiger post- 
er," Penis Landscape' that 
was included with the al- 
bum. Well, there is a sim- 
ilar controversy starting to 
brew only this time it in- 
volves trading cards. Yep, 
that's right, trading cards, 
ormore simplyput, "base- 
ball cards". 

Let's start at the begin- 
ning. There is a publish- 
ing firm located in north- 
ern California called 
Eclipse Books, and over the past decade they have been putting out 
series of trading cards very similar to baseball cards, i.e. a picture on the 
front side, and information on the backside. There are usually 36 cards 
to a box. Over the years the publishers have printed a series on the many 
different scandals that have rocked the US government. Included are 
the Watergate Scandal, the Iran-Contragate Scandal, the Savings and 
Loan Scandal, and Baseball's Greatest Scandals. They have also putout 
a series on who the players are in the US Drug Wars, who has influence 
on President Bush's policy decisions, and their latest collection called 
"Coup D'Etat" is a set of cards on the people directly involved with the 
Kennedy assassination. My favorite series is "The Friendly Dictators", 
America's most embarrassing allies, with graphics that are astounding. 
They have also put out cards that are not so negative such as Great 
Players of the Negro Baseball League, and 3 sets on the Heros of the 
Blues, Jazz, and Country music scenes with graphics by R. Crumb. 

It seems that the Jeffery Dahmer mass murder case in Wisconsin 
inspired the folks at Eclipse Books to do a series on true crime. This 
series will cover information on the police, mafia bosses, FBI agents, 
and sociopathic criminals. Remember, dear reader, the purpose of 
these cards has always been as an inexpensive and fun way to edcuate 
and learn. When it was announced that this "True Crime" series would 
be printed and distributed this May, who would have realized that these 
cards, mostly found in specality bookstores and comic shops, would 
create a national furor over their release? This is exactly what has 
happened. First it was announced that a group called "Parents Of The 
Victims Of Serial Killers" would fight the cards release on the grounds 
that these serial killers would get publicity, suggesting that young 
people would want to emulate them?? Nothing could be more absurd! 
Then in mid-February, South Carolina and Arkansas passed laws 
stating these cards could neither be sold nor possessed in these states, 
meaning iust owning a set could land you in jail. 

Let s get the facts straight. America is an extremely violent society 
where we gun each other down over the slightest provocation, and if we 
are so violent then it goes without saying we need to learn, and educated 
ourselves about this kind of society and the people inhabiting it. If we 
oudaw information on these kinds of criminals, and then execute them, 
we will only be pushing the problem under the rug. Mass murder will 
not end, itwill just become apart of our secretshame such as child abuse 
and incest. It is absolutely imperative that this series on criminals be 
printed and distributed. All or us must understand our environment, 
whether we are reading about a Jeffery Dahmer, or a Lt. Calley who led 
the massacre at Mai Lai in the Vietnam War. 

Remember those who forget the past are prone to repeat it. 
Censoring information, no matter how ugly, is an attempt to forget. 
And if we censor serial killers it is only a step away from censoring 
institutional murder, and there is a hell of a lot more of the latter than 
the former. (HH) 



Brie Bradford 

raining, and the 
complete ly ex- 
posed line tor the 
night's last show- 
ing of MirhaelApl- 
ed's 31 SI Up 
stretches around 
the block. Was I 
wise to join the 
shivering masses 
for the half hour 
wait; 1 In the immor- 
tal words of George 
Washington Carver, you're damn Skippy. 

This was the tilth in Apted's series that started with ¥ U p, in 
which a groupof seven yearolds representing each of England's rigidly 
defined socioeconomic strata were interviewed. The idea was" that 
similar interviews would be staged with the same kids every seven 
years until the year 2000. Each film draws heavily on all of the previous 
unes, juxtaposing the individual kids' answers with their past answers 
lo the same questions. On the surface, this concept's appeal may seem 

lo 1 1 to same questions, un tlie surface, tins concept s appeal may seem 
lo be strictly voyeuristic, but Apted's approach takes it to another level. 
Without interjecting any ana lysis of his own, ho carefully mate Iv 
us past footage with pointed questions to draw out the qualities of his 
subjects that, as wo can now see, were there from the start. The theme 
>f the series is "show me a boy at seven and I'll show you the man", 
ind it would seem that Apted's whole point is that personal manifest 
lestiny is nearly impossible; that seven year old losers will always be 
losers and seven yearold "winners" will always be "winners". You and 
I know different. Go see the movie. Listen to the conformist little kid 
become the pathetic adult. Watch the rich, wise-ass group of boys 
become the rich, one-dimensional 35 year olds. Mosfof all, watch 
them all fall into some sort of trap from which they'll never esc ape, and 
try not to let the same thing happen to you. 

Deep breath - I've always been a Charles Bukowski tan. Not as 
slavish as some, maybe, but I've checked out most of his books and 
-■veil own the four hour IEUkOWSk.1 Tapes video. So I was 
pleasantly surprised to find a 1981 movie based on his Tales of 
Ordinary Madness short story collection. It stars Ben 
(Jazzara as Bukowski/Chinaski/whatever they call him this time. The 
book, for those of you not familiar with "Buke", is a great introduc tion 
lo his work: lean, punchy, and heavy on his characteristic shoe k 
ladies. Strung together into one screenplay, though, it gets really 
muddled, and even boring in spots. The shock is definitely there, but 
the cohesion isn't. If you're forced to go to Blockbuster as a last resort 
'as I was) and you like Bukowski, you could do a whole lot worse. 
Otherwise, start with IP a rf ly (reviewed in a previous MRR). Until 
next time, remember: to rent is human, to dub divine. 

1 I saw the new 

thriller IEaslC In- 
stinct recently. This 
is the flick that had 
stirred up a huge 
amount of protest from 
homosexual ac livist 
groups who were urg- 
ing people to boycott 
it because of its nega- 
tive portrayal of lesbi- 

From their point 

>l view, and rightly so, there seems to be a trend in movies these days 
lo characterize gays and lesbians as extremely hating people, raging 
iiomocidal maniacs. There was that Al Pacino film, Sea Of love, 
is well as Silence Of The iambs. 

The arguement can be made that there are many more movies 
ihat depict straight white males as equally bruta I psychotics, so why get 
all bent out of shape? And the simple answer is that there are also a huge 
amount of movies that depict SWM's as loving, caring heros, oral least 
as average, semi-balanced human beings — but that there are precious 
lew films that display gays/lesbians in an equally warm light. 

Generally, I think this is a true characterization, although there 
ire several exceptions, such as the Torch Sonq TrllogV and 
Hy Own IPrlvate Idaho. But the more typical Hollywood 
approach is to pray on people's negative stereotypes (that sells, 
although you know movies that portrayed, say, jews ihat way very 
rarely make it lo the screen), or to sanitize out anything that might make 
lomosexuals appear as healthy, loving people, as was done wilh 

fried Green Tomatoes. 

What about this particular release? IEaslC llnstlnct is a 

.lightly better-than-average thriller that has a few good twists and turns, 
ind several scenes that had me talking out lourfin discomfort. But it 
does borrow heavily from Hitchcock's 'VertlQO (and the San 
Francisco backdrop) and a bit from Psycho. If there wasn'l a big to-do 

Tim | yo 

about the movie, it would probably not be drawing huge crowds and 
would soon be forgotten. 

And is it a vicious portrayal of lesbians. Relatively, yes, although 
I found it lo be much more of a woman-hating film than an anli 
homosexual film. All the women portrayed are lesbians, although the 
main suspec I isbi-sexual, not homosexual. They are. it seems, all mass 
murderers, devious and hard, no one who seems to nave any redeem - 

The main male charac ter comes off in a not too much better light 
although the charges that he glorifies rape in this movie are greatly 
exaggerated. There is a sc ene where some very hard and ugly sex takes 
plac e. There is mutual hatred and mutual c onsent. It ain't pretty, but il 

Apparently, the fellow that wrote the sc ript offered to do some re- 
writes alter the initial reaction of the gay community here during 
filming, but Iheproducerand diree lor rejec led them. If there had been 
the addition ot some lesbian, gay or female characters that were 
portayed as human beings, the bigoted edge would have been re- 
moved. That wouldn't have undermined the basic plot, would have 
balane ed things out nicely, and would have been a respectful gesture 
towards the values of the community where the film was being made. 

Ciiven all of this, I think it's important for communities that are 
being stereotyped or debased by I he pandering mass media to respond, 
to pressure Hollywood or whoever lo gel their act together, but it can 
backfire as well. In the case of IE aslc Instinct, it seems to have 
c realed c uriousity, and seems lo have been an over-simplification and 
over-exaggeration of what was really going on. But if women's groups 
had gone apeshit, I think they would've had more of a leg to stand on. 
Kr^ T m T m TW r T^m ii 1 1 ii i "I"P 1 Andrei Tark- 

l r ,.^, '..'.' Li 1 *. n j | ^ ' " M SI ovski is viewed by 

l^ Wtf/FfTOfffflffl ^^^_. fj^'H I many people, who 

I jr ^ESHa ft^^Pr L ' arn the j r ';, '."# sa v- 

■/ _^ wmmmmL^K, ^ -vTvNV*? ln R bUch things, a- 

M W0L 1 ■l^^C^-^i^ one of the greatest 

li ^3 1 ■LL-. '";^«/|.:.'_£<Li I Sovietfilmmakersot 

I if mm 1 ■Bs^r VVUArv > "'"~ the twentieth centu 

I m..^^r . m m \ '•- VZ't'S* X V> if not one of me 

mW ' w^ m M ■•*.• . f^S'i] '*■> greatest film makers 

^ii ^^^ »v**i > . fK«i" "*•" period. I kind of 

"mml 1 1 <£'•£" l- * - ' *' h ree wilh ,his so 

l^-i4 ' J!33^ '" ' . whenever I get a 

^L . .... r-T^ffff'l— T"^^"^ chance to see one of 

* f ■■''■' ' ' • . | f | ' i | - | i , 1js works | do _ Tark . 

ovski lilms are not adrenalin rushes, nor are they fun. They're what 
they call High Art, so if that doesn't sound like something that will light 
the ol' lire tor you then it probably won't but you never know. 

I like Tarkovski films because they're beautiful and because they 
deal with concepts that are timeless and always troubling, like religion, 
death, war, hope and despair and because the man who makes mem 
didn't learn about these things in art school. 

A n d re I IR U h lev (1966) concerns itself with one of Tarkovs- 
ki's recurrent themes, the nature of the artist in society and what 
happens to personal belief under the attrition of politics, age and war. 
Andrei Rublev was a famous icon painter in 15th century Russia, a time 
of plagues and invasion. Being a gentle soul, he is a monk who can't 
even bring himself to paint the required souls burning in hell on the 
Vladimir cathedral wall yet he is driven to create great art for the 
majesty of his god. When the Tartars invade, the spectacle of human 
betrayal and altrocity causes him lo renounce his gift and take a vow 
oi si knee, despite protestations from the ghost of his teacher, Theophanes 

who contronts him in the ruined cathedral. For years he grows old in 
silence until a young bell makers minor miracle restores his faith in the 
human race and he resumes the practice of his calling. 

The film, like his others, tells a story through silent imagery as 
much as through narration. Expanding on the Soviet Montage tech- 
nique pioneered by Sergei Eisenslein, Tarkovski lets his visions expand 
like Russian landscapes. Charac ter development is slow and labored 
and the faces of his actors express pain or joy quietly, allowing for the 
audience to decide on motive. Visual clues as to the meaning of action 
or inac tion are offered in the background of various frames. Haunting 
smokey woodlands frame backdrops for human dramas and madwom- 
en scream, for no apparent reason, at while walls smeared with mud. 
The c amera lingers for not always obvious reasons on flowing streams 
or snow falling on a crucified peasant. Sometimes it's hard to know 
what's going on but there are brilliant moments when the raw human 
emotion comes through the stateliness. The director, it must be said, 
has his weaknesses however. We never get to see Andrei actually paint 
anything (big mistake) and the ending (the only segment done in colon 
l< loses its potential power becuase of the amount of time spent on it as 
well as the choices Tarkovski makes as to what the audience should see 
from the world of icons. Tarkovski deserves a try. His commitment to 
the mystical and the personal, made in a society which didn't revere 
sue hillings (he was exiled in the 70's and died in Finland), marks him 
as an independent (hi nkeranc I like I said, his stuff is beautiful. It is magic 
cinema. Okay, next month Wavne'l World! 

VIA - "Hi-ad Start in Purgatory" 1.1' 

,..,. £'!", " U ' K " Area """''■ ' "'""K 1 " *«•■ strongest tracks were from 
CRASH \\()KSHlI>.l)KI\i:i.lKi:.|i:iU.yii:.SArAIJi:ZA. ;,,,(! OI.IVK- 
41 1. All said, it's ;i (-real thing tn hear, as there's certainly a good amount of 
cool Moll coming from (lie region. What's Willi all the dual noun names? 

(HeadHtinter c/o Cargo) 

VIA - "How Much Longer?" EP 

EARTH CITIZENS are last, gruff, tight hardcore. DEKADENT 
are more catchy, (heir pace varies more without having awkward transi- 
tions. 1 preferred the DEKADENT side, hut that's certainly not to take 

"">:' « ;'""> from EARTH CITIZENS. Lyrics of both hands covered 

topics such as solidarity, materialism, dissent, etc. Comes with a polylingual 

booklet. Impressive offering for a first release! (TM) 

(Romp Productions, PO Box 6347, 6000 Lucerne 6, SWITZERLAND) 

VIA - "Ox" HP 

A comp. brought to you by Ox Fanzine. Includes THK ABS (from 
South Wales, kinda punk), RISK (a Canadian hand with easy to follow 
ill} thins that have a college music feel and good production), EIGHT BAI I 
(from Pennsylvania, punk with a nick/driven groove) and SAMIAM (from 
California, doing "Conditions," a song that's on their new German 12" 
release). (KG) 

(Ox Fanzine e/o Joachim Hiller, Joseph-Boismard-Weg 5, 4300 Essen 14 


V/A - "Qwertyuiop!" KP 

A 4-band Sacramento comp of 
up-and-coming punk bands: GUN, 
Most cuts are pop-punk, but there's a 
dab of slow pain as well. Well done. Oh 
yeah, the title is the first line off the top 

A- "Reagan Regime Review" EP 

Quite a package. This batch of 
live recordings (early Touch & Go 
bands like THE MEATMEN, THE 
comes with a zinc, a "best of" of the 
ancient Touch <£ Co zinc that Tesco 
used to put out. Neat bit of history! 
(TV) } 

(Sellless, 8827 Hanlbrd, Dallas, TX 

\ »- VIA - "Self Mutilation Volume Two" 
SUPERCHUNK's acoustic 

lu'il'r-i'i"!^] ^vSerlwS'7 ' Ut ' kin ' t00l! SANDY DUNCAN'S EYE and 
l«»N01 ONI. also rock accordingly. Don't know about POP- 
.. Pretty great record ifjust for the Sl'PERCHUNK tune. 

< .V i y,' > .^." , , , i l " Rw,,rds ' (:, '° B «* W GG. Melbourne, Victoria 3001 
■At S 1 KAI.IA) 

VIA - "Sick But Slick" EP 

5 bands: SFA.Hl ASIPL'NGO, 
HUASIPUNGO kind of a grind/funk 
tune about death squads. AWKWARD 
THOUGHTS - a true gem of "hate 
core". YUPPICTDE are your basic 
NYHC with intelligent lyrics, and NO 
WIN SITUATION are kind of vaguely 
AN I'HRAX if they were crushes. Not 
bad. (LD) 

(Nawpost, PO Box 245, Buchanan, NY 


V/A - "Smells like Smoked Sausages" 2xEP 

The AinRep rosier | 
Suhi'op for one pretty fucking awesome re- 
lease. One cut each from TAR. t'OWS. lit- 

(who do ;i MEM INS cover of all things). 1 
don't know, I'm excited (surprise!) about it. 
Now let's sec Ha/c put out a WALKABOUTS 

single. (ML) 

V/A- "Squat Or Rot #3" EP 

These camps, have consistently had f^K&n^Vjl/uiTpi 
some of the best new New York bands, and #3 J\"3I?C3»' , «UT»^J 
doesn't break the tradition. Allhougli not all cj 
the bands songs keep with the overall themeof 
the record, this provides a refreshing change 
ol pace. SUMMER'S EVE throws down the ^ 
most Ij rically original song, while MAGGOT K 
and WAR are the standouts as far as the IJ 1 
intricate. loud, throaty, and (/i,(/«h v /i/)ciusIj X 
bandsgo(yeali!). Finally. you'vegol CRAWL"- £ 
PAPPY and REJUVENATE, also worth f "< . 
checking out! Comes with Sqmil()rKnl#MSli) f 
(PO Box 20691, New York. NY 10009) /.. '>*, 

VIA - " Thieves and Beggars" tape 

Musically this is fairly competent metallic puiik/hardcore/exneri- 
mental stuff h„t lyrically all of the hands spout off about mythological 
bullshit (mm thousands of years ago (Christianity) (I)H) 
(4009 Johnson Sl„ Hollywood. IT.. 33021) 

VIA - "This Town We Own" EP 

A compilation featuring TERROR- 
STANCE and VERTEBRAE. Each band's 
got a different approach. The common ele- 
ment, I gather, is Albany. NY. (KG) 
(Rake, 3 Highland Dr.,E. Greenbush, NY 

\7A - "Transition" tape 

Hardcore- plain and simple. Nothing spe- * 
cial. hul iiolliing disappointing. Above average 
($5 ppd: No Name Productions. 614 L a'l'ou relic 

, J""''* ! 2K. 

#2, Quebec, PQ.G1R1E5, 

VIA - "The Violence Inherent in the System" CD 

This twenty-two band compilation from Noise fur Heroes 'zinc brings us 
deprived Americans some good old. garagey rock V roll from France, 
* inland, Germany, and Sweden. A list of standout tracks would be ridicu- 
lously long. Buy this or bad things will happen to you. (DS) 

92122) A ' $ ' 2 W " rld PPdi N " fcW l '" 1 ' Hir " t!i ' 531 ° Bl " 8S St ' San Dkg0 ' CA 

V/A - "Where the Wild Things Are" 2x45 

k , i. A '! L '^' Ul '!" t "'" r 8 , " ss > l,,ur l»'^kage showcasing two of Australia's 
best bands. I he HARD-ONS "Lose It" starts out as a slow ballad, then 
peimulales into lull scale marsupial-core. "Sorry" is a frisky RAMONFS 
type rockc. The CELIBATE RIFLES record includes one upturn.,,! "rcvi? 
oiisly released number: "5 Lamps" as well as a slow moody one: "Electric 
Mowers . Here s hoping the lour comes Stateside. (BR) 
(Waterfront Records, PO Box A537, Sydney So, NSW 2000, AUSTRALIA) 

V/A - "Women's Liberation" CD 

Without a doubt, the best thing I've heard in a long time. Japanese 
comp ol all women bands. Contents include - WORMCAST, GAIA GUSH 
and 1 ISS I otally mind boggling. I lean towards WORMCAST and GAIa' 
but every band on this totally kills. It's fast, it's brutal, it's angry. This is how 
I think hardcore should sound. (TM) 

T^kyo h 16MAPAN)° ^'^ ^"^ ^^ K "' K " ii **—** Su S inami - ku > 



Bill / Pumpkin 7" 

| S-U»B | 


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St. Paul. MN with luncfish Speed Boat 

Madison, wi O.K. corral 

Champaign.IL Blind Pig 

Chicago. IL Metro MACGREGOR'S 

Kalamazoo. Ml Club Soda 

Detroit, Ml St. Andrew's 

Louisville, KY Another Place 




Gainesville. FL with Rein Sanction Hardback 

Orlando. FL with rein Sanction Beach Club 

Tampa, fl with rein Sanction USFL 




st. andrew's 

Another Place Sandwich Shop 


beach Club 

IOX 20645. SEI 

usively by Caroline records, inc 

Springfield. MO 
Lawrence. KS 


Seattle. WA with holy Rollers 

Commercial St. Club 

Hall Shon 
crazy Horse 

O.K. Hotel 


c*MsHc*w/\r-r* r^sHWirc* ck/svh worship* Qoe*ACABe2A° H€UCopr€fc.» 

HoL-< Lt»M€ ^M^«S * \>R»P -TAW K» MtAO HUWTC* # 0/0 AD : PICK P*s K 


"•'.'<■.■'■ < '■'..' ' ' 

Poison Idea 











MAKE IT STOP lp /cd 








BITZCORE FAX 49 *° 782783 

REEPERBAHN 63 * D - 2000 HAMBURC 56 











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replies and contributions to build a Rudy Ray 
Moore shrine to: J. Hunter/ PO Box 195/ Tulsa/ 
OK 74171. Don't ask how and why, just put yo' 
weight on it and write! 

Thrower, Carcass, Dcicide, Deceased, 
Entombed, Morbid, and Sheer Terror, 
Carnivore, Slap Shot, Agnostic, Plasmatics 
Pentagram (US), Vitus, Obsessed, Sabbath, etc. 
and of course Jimi. Rare vinyl/video/audio etc. 
Mike P./ PO Box 226/ Meffifield/ VA 22116- 
0226. USA. 

Seco/ Brigada do Odio (split), Olho Seco "Os 
Primeiros Dias"12"EP + "Fome Nuclear"7" 
and Terveet Kadet "Black God", Massacre 
(Finland) "From Womb to Grave" + "Afflicted 
Cries in the Darkness of War"(Swedish comp 
with Anti-Cimex, Crude SS..). For wanted, see 
otherad.. Manoel-Rua Man oelGaia, 1636, Sao 
Paulo, S.P., 02313, Brasil. 

FOR SALE/ TRADE: Ripcord "The Damage is 
done"flexi, Icons of Filth "Filth & Fury" 7", 
Crucifix "1984 7", Business "Harry May"7", 
also Disorder, Discharge, Crass, A.Y.S., Flux, 
GBH, Varukers, Zounds, Conflict, Blitz, 
Oppressed, Riot Squad, etc. Andrew Burton, 2, 
Barrow Close, Churchill, Bristol, Avon BS19 
5ND England. 

FOR TRADE: I have Agnostic Front "The early 
Demo t rax " 7 "( 1 984), Crippled Youth "Join the 
Fight "7 "(German boot), Youth of Today 
"Yesterday-Today"7"(boot), Ramones "Live, 
fast and punk over Deutschland"7"(boot), 
Chain of Strenth - 1st 7", Side by Side 7 ", 
Cromags "Age of QuarreT'LP (fully 
auti igraphed by Harley, Doug, John, Pete, Parris 
in '86). Write to: Udo Meixner, G.-Semper- 
Weg 36, 8580 Bayreuth, West Germany. 

YOUNG PUNTER, graphics major, male, 
Teddy boy rocker looking to write, hang out 
with girls into 77 punk, H.C., oi, and ska. I can 
read and write in Spanish. Write to: Ern, 430 
E.14th St.#2RE, NY NY 10009 

PLASTIC FORK. Bands, labels, fanzines: 
looking to get your stuff sold in our part of the 
world, please write. Please include wholesale 
prices: 723 Whitney Landing Drive, 
Crownsville, MD 21032 

HARDCORE CALIFORNIA, best book on the 
California hardcore scene, $19.95. Skinhead, 
the UK skin scene, $11. 95. 12 Days on theRoad: 
The Sex Pistols and America, $19.95, Iggy Pop: 
I Need More, $9.95. To order: add $2.50 for 
postage, CA residents add 8% tax, send check 
or MO to: James Stark, PO Box 170381, San 
Francisco, CA 94117. Catalog Available. 

28 YEAR OLD MALE looking for contacts for 
a possible move to Minneapolis in August. I'm 
intersted in a rooinate(s), people to hang out 
with, plus possible help in finding a job: Agus, 
916 Ohoi. Lawrence. KS 66044. 

I AM PLANNING A TRIP to the UK around 
July or August. I'm looking for interesting, 
friendly, open-minded, and creative people to 
show me around, go to shows, hang out with, 
and eat with. I do a zine and I plan to use this 
trip as a "writing experience." I'm especially 
interested in meeting zine writers. If you would 
be interested in meeting me, please write soon 
so I can write back! I'm also thinking about 
going to Holland, so if you are in 
Holland.... Alyssa Isenstein, One Mead Way, 
Bronxville, NY, 10708 

MINDWARP VAMPIRES and black leather 
poets of yearning and gloom. Please share my 
thought cages and burn in my disco inferno. 
Stand with me in the moonlight of the spirit. 
Older, versatile, creative male hetero flower 
lover seeks stimulating exchanges of words, 
muisic, love and understanding. Rodney, Rt. 1 
Box 564, Brookline, MO 65619 

TRADEbrazilian early/ rare HC/Punk records: 
Lixomania "Violencia e Sobrevivencia" 7", 
Olho Seco "Botas.."7", "O Comeco do Fim do 
Mundo"(live comp with 19 bands - '83), 
Inocentes "Miseria e Fome"7", "Grito 
Suburbano"(comp), R.D.P./ Colera "Ao vivo 
no Lira Paulistina "(live split) and (see other ad 
please). Manoel, Rua Manoel Gaia, 1636, Sao 
Paulo, S.P., 02313, Brasil 

HUNDREDS of Punk, thrash, death, noise, 
industrial records, tapes, zines, shirts, etc. at 
the fairest prices! Lots of Greek stuff as well, 
write now for FREE mailorder list to: 
Decapitated Records, Panos Tzanetalos, 
Aspasias 55, 15561 Holargos, Athens, Greece. 

WANTED: Larm/ Stanx (split), Larm 
"Straight..", both 7"s + "Farewell 
Cassette"(original), MDC 7"s, Final Conflict 
7"s, "End the WarZone"(comp), Ripcord(flexi 
+ 7"), Heresy "Thanks", "Like Attack" + 
"Voice...", Chaos UK 7"s, 7 Seconds/ Youth 
Brigade (split), Minor Threat - early 7"s + 
bootlegs, MRR back issues. ..Trade too recent 
records and flyers. Manoel - Rua Manoel Gaia, 
1636, Sao Paulo, S.P., 02313, Brasil. 

WANTED: MRR issues 0-30, 1 need someone to 
make me a cassette copy of "MRR presents Not 
So Quiet..", old 7"ers ('77-'84), and I'd like 
female correspondence (18 or older, send pic): 
Wayne R.Garrard Jr., 2417 Sandle St., ALBQ., 
NM 87112 

NIRVANA 7" SALE: Acoustic EP, Molly's Lips, 
Here She Comes, Silver, Smells Like Teen, 
About a Girl boot, Mudhoney/Melvins boot. 
L7, Hole, STP, Babes boot. Bids to: Ernie, 466 
W. Washington Ave.#77, El Cajon, CA 92020- 

RECORDS, CHEAP 7"s: Beaver, Germs, Sham 
69, Damage (Fl), Coma (Jap.), Nekron 99, 
Explosives, Nighters (Italy). 12"s: Conflict, 
Disorder, Sleepers, Weirdos, Fix, Hated 
Principles, Skunks, and more. For list send $1 
to: Jeremy, Astor Station, Box 969, Boston, MA 

FOR SALE/ TRADE: Big Black Headache bag 
(sealed), Fugazi "Song no. 1 "(test press), Reagan 
Youth ep, Mudhoney live LP, Big Black 
"Kerosene"LP. Make me an offer: Mark, PO 
Box 40275, Long Beach, CA 90804 

RECORDS FOR SALE - New lower prices. 7 
Seconds, Blast fan club press, Nuke your Dink 
comp, DOA "Triumph 12", Negativland "U2 
ct.", Necros "Conquesf'LP, Busted at 02 comp, 
SubPop singles, Amphetamine Reptile, 
Damned, Sham 69, Bauhaus, Pussy Galore, 
Killdozer, Crucial Youth first 2 7"s, Misfits, 
Naked Raygun "Treason" 12 ".Meatmen, Touch 
& Go colored 7"s, Spacemen 3/ Sonic Boom, 
The Freeze, Lots more. Send SASE to; 
Requerdos a Todos, PO Box 162113, Sac, CA 

AUCTION - 7"s: Helmet "Annoying", NOFX 
"PMRC", Warzone (Rev.#l,, DK's 
"Halloween", "Bleed", (Statik), Halo of Flies 
"Death ".Poison Idea "Darby Crash"( 1st press, 
auto., blue v., 80/80). 12"s: Damned "3x" (blue 
v., ultra-rare), Poison Idea "Record 
Collectors"(F.E), Bad Religion "Original", 
D.O.A. "Something..", "HC '81", F.U.'s "Kill 
For". Bids to: Chris, Box 73, Yale Station, New 
Haven. CT 06520. 

RARE HC & PUNK: Old and new, American 
and English, Buzzcocks (Spiral Scratch), X- 
Ray Spex, Undead, SubPop, Cynics (Dionysus), 
Scratch Acid, Exploited, every thing under the 
sun, practically. Send a stamp! Very reasonable 
prices. Chris, Box 73, Yale Station, New Haven, 
CT 06520. 

BANNED IN FLORIDA? Not yet! Here Cums 
Sickness-T-shirts. Perverse filth you won't 
believe. Get one now before we're arrested! 
Graphic artwork by Mike Diana. $10 ppd. or 
$14 ppd. longsleeve. S/M Graphics PO Box 
10701, Bradenton, FL 34282-0701 Checks to 
Steve Sanborn. SASE for catalog. 

HELLO! We are the process of trying to put 
together a zine, if anyone has anything they 
would like to advertise in it (records, zines, 
etc.), send youradd to: So What, 1 957 Belvedere 
Cr., Cornwall, Ont. K6H 6L9. Nothing racist, 
sexist or homophobic please. 



Europe mid/end summer '92. Paula & Richard 
are looking for places to stay, places to go & a 
motorcycle to take us all over. Willing to trade 
room in East Bay house for use of motorcycle. 
Write: Paula, 4924 Webster St., Oakland,' CA. 

BUMBLE BEE WHERE THE fuck are you? 
Hey Berkeley area do you know where my 
friend is? Breaking away from the brain 
pumpings. Getting back to an instinctual 
natural state of being. Please no organized 
religious bullshit. I'm hitting a cross country 
trip in May and June. Need contacts. Hemlock 
Sony Newpaltz Bouton, Box 115, New Paltz, 
NY 12561 

SALE: "Something To Believe In" comp., "Let 
Them Eat Jellybeans" comp., "City Of LA" 
comp. (Flipside), Dickies "Banana" 10"maxi., 
Hogans Heroes "Built To Last" (original 
straight -on), CH3 12" EP, Damned "New 
Rose", "Sanity Clause", "Rabbit", "Happy 
Today", Rocky Erickson "Bermuda", 
Buzzcocks "Chainstore", 7 Seconds 
"Committed", 999 "Alive", "Separates", 
"Concrete". Offers to: POBox 865, Agoura, CA 

MISFITS: autographed singles and LPs, rare 
Venom and punk/Hardcore items, all 
reasonably priced. Send S.A.S.E. to: Ethan 
Walker, 11828 Mafaya Woods Ct., Orlando, FL 

SALE/TRADE: 12" Halo of Flies "Garbage 
Rock" (Grey), YOT WW 1st press, blue & red 
cover 7" - UO Ticket To LA 1st 1000 
autographed. TAD "Loser" (green). Turning 
Point 1st (red), Crippled Youth (black), Bad 
Bra ins- iguanas.Big Chief "Get Down" (green), 
Dinosaur Jr. "The Wagon" (white), Side By 
Side 1st . Send lists: Jennifer Cousino, 273 
Windsor Ct. Perrysburg, OH 43551-1753. 

WANTS: Youth Brigade "What Price 
Happiness" (black oryellow), Necros "Conquest 
For Death" LP (US, T&G), MasterTape Comps., 
Fang "Landshark" Jerrys Kids "Is This My 
World?" FUs "My America", SSD "Get It 
Away" SOA 7", BigBoys"Where'sMy Towel". 
Ratcage stuff. Will buy or trade. Send Lists: 
Jennifer Cousino, 273 Windsor Ct., Perrysburg, 
OH 43551-1753. (419) 872-0614. 

1990 demo - $5. Only 11 of these left! We've 
stopped making these since our record came 
out. well concealed cash only. Alan Intrusion, 
4090 N. Detroit Ave., Toledo, OH 43612 

SOUL REACTION LP - From Minneapolis/St. 
Paul, influenced by Bad Brains, 24-7 Spyz, and 
Living Color, the time is now to own this. $5.00 
ppd., cash, check or money order payable to: 
Jennifer Cousino, 273 WindsorCt., Perrysburg, 
OH 43551-11753. 


records — I've been trading/buying punk vinyl 
for 10 years — mostly obscure foreign stuff — 
punk, he, pop-punk, wave-reasonabls prices — 
rarest stuff beingauctioned (see below) — send 
Slformy 16pglist — RonLacer/41 Mystic Ave/ 
Medford, MA 02155 USA 

"Stitches", Affirmative Action "Blind Eyes", 
Econochrist/ Detonators split, Volkswhale/ 
Titwrench split, Volkswhale "Borschta", 
Faggot in the pit comp, Where are they now 
comp. $3 each ppd.: Uneven. 6934 Calvin, 
Reseda, CA 91335 

STRAIGHT EDGE people living in theOttawa 
vicinity. I am looking for a "Straight Edge- 
United Against Drugs" patch. Will trade for 
Winnipeg Straight Edge stickers or will send 
money, or both. Would 1 i ke about 4 or 5 . Please 
write Jon/ 1038 Prince Rupert Ave./ Winnipeg, 

T-SHIRTS MADE by new underground 
silkscreening company, Graphic Assault, 
catering to the upcoming West coast bands. 
For all your silkscreening desires call (818) 
222-4754 ext. 3825 or write 17120 Rinaldi 
Street/ Granada Hills, CA 91344. 


I have LP's, 7"s, t-shirts, demos and videos. 
Prices are reasonable and stock is plentiful. 
Send me your want lists or call to see if I have 
what you need. Chuck/ 8820 South 85lh Ct./ 
Hickory Hills, IL 60457. (708) 430-0685. 


feature #3 Psycho #4 Negative Approach, #4 
Sons of Ishmael, #6 Impulse Manslaughter 
$1.00 each - outside US/Canada Add $2.0( 
airmail, Craig Hill, 220 Standish #1, Redwooc 
City, CA 94063. Cash Only. 

CHEAP 7" SET SALE: Infa-Riot "Kids of the 
80's", Anti-Pasti "Let Them Free" and "Six 
Guns", Redskins "Bring it Down" double 7", 
Haywire "Painless Steel", Halfoff "Shoot 
Guns". All $6 each ppd. to: Ryan. 6934 Calvin 
ave., Reseda, CA 91335. 

AUCTION— min $25: Thought Criminals 
"Edgc"7"(test,scratchy) Extrem/Miekeyman 
split LP (test) (one track skips)— Subhumans 
"Firing"7" (original)— v/a "Soundtracks zum 
Untcrgang 7" LP (uncensored) — Comes 1st 
12"— Fuck Geez 1st flexi— Zolge 1st 12"— 
Violadores 1st LP— KSMB"Rovarnas"7"— 
Appendix7" (original)— Kohu 63 1st 7" and 
7"s by Inocentes, Cretins, Blut + Eisen, Slime, 
Cani, Kjolt — Ron Lacer, see above. 

AUCTION— min $25: Rattus "Disco" 7" & 
"WC" LP— ShitterLtd 1st 12"— TerveetKadet 
"Suojelee" 7" (original)— Tyhifat Patterit 
7 "(test) Pahkrti 1st 7"— Pekinska Patka 1st 
7"— v/a "Noui Punk Val 78-80" LP— min 
$30:Aburadako 85 LP— Lixomania 7"— 
Thought Criminals "Oceania" 7" — Betong 
Hysteria 7"— Dirt Shit 7"— min $35: Fresh 
Color 1st 7" — Ron Lacer, see above. 


American doesn't know where Venezuela is! 
We can help you stay stoopid! Send $5 for 
"Fistful of Sky " by Mister Guy. 50 min. chrome 
tape. Third Eye Records/ PO Box 385/ 
Cheltenham, PA 19012. 

AVAILABLE MARCH 1992. "Native Son" by 
Mister Guy. 50 min. chrome tape. After George 
Bush dug this cassette, he abdicated presidency 
to become a Zen monk! You too can attain 
Samadhi! Send $5 to Third Eye Records/ PO 
Box 385/ Cheltenham, PA 19012. 

AVAILABLE JULY 1992. Mister Guy's 
"Exobiological Memoirs" goes against the 
principles of Catholicism ! What would the pope 
say? Shield your children from this menace! 
Send $5 for 50 min. chrome cassette, Third Eye 
Records/ PO Box 385/ Cheltenham, PA 19012. 

WARNING! LISTENING to "Starbound" by 
Mister Guy can decrease your desire to be a 
productive obedient replaceable member of 
the industrial-military work force! 50 min. 
chrome tape available May 1992. $5 to Third 
Eye Records/ PO Box 385/ Cheltenham, PA 

TOM IS AN Alternative Affordable National 
Promoter. Tom can broaden your fanbaso. For 
free information on the current TOM service 
and future TOM services, and a SASE to 
TOMPACKRd#5Box 1031, Altoona.PA 16601. 
Support Local Music! ! ! 

LP'S: REALLY RED "Teaching the Fear" 
(sealed) $20, Samhain "Unholy Passion" (1st 
press, 400 tan cover) $40, Faith "Subject" (blue) 
$25, DYS (Modern Method) $10, Gang Green 
"Wasted Night" (German, unreleased tracks, 
500 green) $25, GI "Fun" (500 yellow) $20, 
"Baltimore's Buried" comp. $10. All near mint 
or better. Ryan Richardson/ Box 5090 Wes 
Sta./Middletown, CT 06459. Phone: (203) 638- 

GET AIRPLAY IN the U.K.. Cambridge 
Community Radio is looking for tapes and 
records from your band. All sorts welcome 
(HC, experimental, garage, etc.). Send material 
plus contact info to: CCR/ 4a Gonville Place/ 
Cambridge CB1-1LY, U.K.. 

GATOR FARM ZINE#1! Available now! Only 
250 + stamp or IRC for overseas! Send for free 
distribution list list! Comp. tapes on the way I 
Gator Farm, 800 Crooks Ave., Kaukauna, WI 

HOBBLEDEHOY! WI cheese punk! demo only 
S3ppd (or $5 ppd. overseas). Shirts only $5 ppd 
($7ppd overseas) tape. Comp. people and zine 
people please write! Hobbledehoy, 800 Crooks 
Ave., Kaukauna, WI 54130. 

MAIL ART PROJECT Theme: Graffiti. Need: 
Photos, newspaper clippings, old stencils for 
book. Deadline: Late Spring. Write for details 
Catalog also available: Pas de Chance, PO Box 
6704, Station "A", Toronto, Ontario, M5W 1X5, 

BOTTOM LINE issue #1 out now with 411, 
Triggerman, Groundwork, Pitbull, opinions, 
reviews, and photos. $1.00 and one 29(t stamp 
fromGregD'Avis, 1 E-5 Desert Sky Rd.,Tuscon, 
AZ 85737. #2 with Bom Against and more 

BOTTOM LINE ZINE wants your photos of 
hardcore bands! Send them to Greg Davis, 1 E- 
5 Desert Sky Rd., Tuscon, AZ 85737. #1 out 
now with 411, Triggerman, Ground work, and 
more. #2 with Born Against in the works. 

TOTAL MALE, 18 willing to share honest 
perspectives of emotion, sexuality, tightening 
up, and letting go with females everwhere. 
Let's trade pics, opinions, and life!! Joshua, 
Box 811, Burleson, TX 76028. 

MOURNING NOISE - rare warehouse find! 
The original EP with picture sleeve and lyrics. 
This is the real thing, not a counterfeit! Hurry, 
onlyalimitednumberforsale! $15 each plus $3 
shipping. Tom 193 Anthony PI., Wyckoff, NJ 

CHRISTIAN DEATH/ Southern Death Cult: 
vintage vinyl by both and others. Send SASE 
for list. Jerzy Space, PO Box 4110, Star City, 
WV 26505 

AM LOOKING for Newtown Neurotics stuff, 
especially "Beggars Can be Choosers" and 
"Blitzkrieg Bop . Also am looking for Billy 
BraggandChumbawamba stuff. .cash or trades. 
Send lists to: Scott Oldenburg, 4021 8th Ave. 
apt.#4, San Diego, CA 92103. 

ALL SYSTEMS GONE 7": Orange County 
peace punk. Limited edition. Only $2 ppd. to: 
Uneven, 6934 Calvin ave., Reseda, CA 91335 

FREE ZINES!: Well almost,. you send mc copies 
of your zine, and so do 50 other people, and I 
collate them, and send you 50 new zines. Send 
copv of your zine for info: LUKQ Inc., 1430 
Valencia Rd., Niskayuna, NY, 12309. 

7" SALE: Bad Brains "Pay to Cum" (orig. no 
PS) $40, D.R.I. "Violent Pacification" $15, L7 
"Insanity "(T&G) $25, MorbidOpera $10, Seven 
Seconds "Blasts"(green) $20, Can't Help 
It.. .from Florida comp $20, Turn itaround (2x7 
in) comp $20. All near mint. Early CA trades 
considered. Ryan Richardson, Box 5090, Wes 
Sta., Middletown, CT 06459. Phone: 203-638- 

RESIST will Ijc touring Europe and the UK. 
During May /June this spring Anyone who can 
holpus with anything- food, lodging, etc. ..please 
writef! See you at the shows! Resist/1951 W. 
Burnside/ Box 1654/ Portland, OR 97209. 

ATTENTION: Write right now for your FREE 
copy of the single most important zine ever 
published. Send name ana full address to: 
C.F.B.E., PO Box 060 382, Staten Island, NY 
10306. Add 2 stamps if you would like quick 
delivery. This is absolutely no joke. 

zine, and hang out. I'm into: anarchism, gay 
rights, feminism, Heresy, Neurosis, and coffee. 
If you are interested in the same stuff, and can 
help me out, then write soon (I travel alot). I 
will answer Kevin Campbell, 12103 Crest wood 
Dr., Carmel, Indiana 46033. 

STICKERS!!! $1.00 each Cows, 7-Seconds, 
Madness, Brutal Attack, Operation Ivy, Necros, 
Dwarves, Misf its, KMFDM,D.O.A.,SexPistols, 
Offspring, Agression, Judge, Crass, GWAR, 
Discharge, Fear, Bolt Thrower, Butthole 
Surfers, Boot-Boys, Bad Religion, Sharp, Oil, 
Adolescents, Cowboy Killers, Social Distortion, 
Insted, Minor Threat, Primus, Ministry, Jeff 
Hill (714)449-3229 1186 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. 
#106, Diamond Bar, CA 91763. 

PATCHES!!! $3.50 each NapalmDealh.Nitzer 
Ebb, Megadeth, D.O.A., Minor Threat, Nine 
Inch Nails, Replacements, Johnny Rotten, Dead 
Kennedys, Aggression, Cramps, Bauhaus, 
Adicts, Husker Du, Anarchy, Black Flag, Fear, 
Dead Milkmen, P.I.L., Cult, Fishbone, Oil, 
Crass, Samhain, Subhumans, Trojan, Skin 
Moonstoinp, Last Resort, Bad Manners. Jeff 
Hill (714) 449-3229, 1 1 86 S Diamond Bar 
Blvd.#106, Diamond Bar, CA 91763. 

WANTED VERY BAD: information on the 
band: Head On (old S.E. stuff) + original demo 
tape. Freewill shirt, razors edge zine + t-shirts, 
pictures of bands wearing PPP shirts. Have 
tons of records in trade, send want list. PPP 
shirts up to trade, for other s.e. shirts. Send in 
your stuff for review in PPP zine. Hans PPP. J. 
Demeesterstraat 33, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium. 
Phone: 32-51-240154. 

on green vinyl and sealed! Up Front LP 1st 
pressing, SSD 7" (boot), Youth of Today 
"Yesterday", Relapse 1st on green, Amenity 
"This is our struggle", Insted 7" on yellow and 
red, Against the wall 7" on grey, X marks the 
Spot 7", Scared Straight 7" on marble! Write 
or call to place bids: Pedro Ramos- Box 1729, 
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA 17325, 

that way. Write me now. I'm 1 8, male, involved 
in animal rights, and open-minded. I need 
correspondence! Max, 303 S. 3rd St., Sterling, 
CO 80751 

XSTRAIGHT EDGEX kid will be visitii 
London, France, and all over Spain (between 
Madrid and Sevilla) from May 16 through June 
2, 1992 1 Anyone who wants to meet up with me 
to hang out and trade records and shirts, get in 
touch! Write or call and let me know what you 
want! Pedro Ramos- Box 1729, Gettysburg 
College, Gettysburg.PA 17325,(717)337-7186! 
Love that snapper! 

mind warp, geniuses of love, and blossoming 
nymphs of the night spawn; older goth punk 
needs your letters, tape trades, love and 
understanding: Rodney Rt. 1, Box 564, 
Brookline, MO 65619. Hardcore holocaust 
survivors also welcome. 

HELP ! 2 1 year old vegetarian poet seeks similar 
man in the Manhattan area. Into the Sex Pistols 
and trading comics. Please send 
correspondence, photos and poems to: Lonely 
Gil, 75 3rd Ave. #203S, New York, NY 10003. 

EYE KILLED YOUK MOM, Butt she's not 
dead, She is reborn in Heavenly Chaos. She 
wants you to join her on this Eerie Planet, 
listening to Kingdom Scum. Free catalog for 
Good Idiots. Send money and mucus fore 
musick to: POBox 14592, Richmond, VA 23221. 

JOE COOL NEEDS: old, old Hardcore, Punk, 
Oil, Ska singles 7", demos, flyers, posters, 
pictures of any kind, and punk n'pie chicks to 
write back! Will buy, sell or trade in return! 
Start sending: Joe Cool, 50 Brighton Ave., 
Kearny, NJ 07032. 

HEY, I had to split till May so all of my 
correspondence is on hold. Sorry. But if you see 
a boy with long blue hair and a plaid bondage 
coat in your town give him a place to sleep ok! 
Thanks and to my friends in Europe, see you 
soon! Collin, 3625 N. Sheffield 2R, Chicago IL 

Common Ground 1109 Lagoon, Dallas, TX, 
75207. All ages alternative DIY venue since 
1990. Same number (214) 637-4404 terms open. 
BYOB, sleep, house PA/ lights. 250+ cap., no 

WANTED: Eat "Communist Radio"7", Vomit 
Pigs 7", Fresh Colour "the source"?", Roach 
Motel 7", What the hell, Rocks 7", Anti-Sect 
"Peace is bctter"livc LP. Have lots for trade 
like all Halos 7 "ers + 2nd Queers + more! Write 
to: Edwin Feenstra, 1 Helmersstraat 103, 1054 
DM Amsterdam, Holland 

latest Infest EP in your hometown. U. S. prices: 
$25 for 10 7 "ers, $50 for 20 . Anywhere else add 
$10 to U.S. cost. Single copies are $3 U.S., $5 
anywhere else. Postage paid. Cash only. Write 
to Drawblank Rec./ 23010 Magnolia Glen Dr./ 
Valencia, CA 91354 USA 

FUCKED UP, CONFUSED, bored, & lonely 
male ( sounds like the picture of misery-but 
fuck no it's me) age 21, vegctcrian, anti-Fa 8t a 
bloody lot more ( of course I'm into HC-why 
else should I read MRR) is looking for all kinds 
of correspondence. So what the fuck are you 
waiting for! DietmarEichcr/Karajangasse 13/ 
1 6/ 1 200 Vienna/ Austria (If you're visiting this 
area or if you live here call 3562373. 

YO! WHASSUP! Ultra SXE tees. Cool "Stand 
Up, Stand Tall!" Design with 4 colors. $8 
short/ $10 long sleeve. For 12 page list of SXE 
releases, T's, zines etc. Send $1 plus SASE: 
Wide Awake Productions/ 467 Spicer St./ 
Akron, OH 44311. 

-*-> K.rtHksi M/*iv*i fy^/Ki'yi k,<ir^si two/mi. »■ 

FOR SALE - Dinosaur Jr. Sub Pop 7", white 
vinyl - $6. Die Kruezen "Gone Away" on white 
vinyl - SI 2. The Unwanted "Secret Past" LP 
$15 up front. Spirit LP $7. Dah, PO Box 40483 
Portland, OR 97240 

IT'S OURXTURN ! OurXTurn issue 2 out now! 
Large, in-depth interview with Worlds Collide, 
columns, animal rights, reviews and tons of 
photos. Straight Edge to the bone. $3 ppd. 
everywhere. To: Peter Amdam/ Skoweien 39a/ 
N-0258 Oslo 2/ Norway. Shayne Robb: send 
out my stuff! ! 

HEY. ALL YOU BANDS!! Alternative college 
radio show wants to play your tunes. Any style 
of music ok. Send tapes/records/CD's to: 
WUMA/ A. Perry/ 719 Washington St./ Suite 
169/ Newtonville, MA 02160. Please include a 
breif bio and address/ phone so listeners can 
send love/hate mail and buy your music. 

AUCTION! Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Tad, 
Nirvana, Big Black, Misfits, Samhain, more! 
Send SASE to: Arik/ 1706 2nd Ave. #24/ 
Minneapolis, MN 55403. 

KALAMAZOO, MI! German spends summer 
term at college there. Need contacts, adresses 
to visit and hints from there and all of the 
states. I do the Gags&Gorc zine and am into 
HC, politics, vegetarianism, age 23, and. ..fuck, 
evertried to reduce what youare into 60 words? 
Gotta find out for yourself, write: Lars 
Reppesgaard/Deisterstrass 18/ 3000 Hannover 
91, Germany. 

APARTMENT WANTED! Arrivingin Bay Area 
mid June, lookingforaplaceneeding roommate, 
low-moderate rent preferred; negotiable. I'm 
25, male, nonsmoker, politically left/active, 
into punk, reggae, industrial. Age, race, sex, 
sexual preference unimportant. No racists, 
sexists or homophobes. Substance use not 
abuse. Smokers, pets, children ok. Patt/ 288 
Highland Street/ Worcester, MA 01602. 508- 
756-9202. Let's talk. 

BAD RELIGION-freak from Germany is 
searching forany Bad Religion material (flyers, 
posters, photos, bootleges, tour shirts) got lots 
of Bad Religion bootlegs and photos for trade, 
but can also pay (good!) if necessary. So write 
to: Michael Pahl/ Nordstranderstr. 16/ 2250 
Husum/W. Germany. 

PRISONER WOULD LIKE correspondence 
from interesting people everywhere. Please 
write and I'll write back. Into DYS, Shelter, 
Judge, ska, reggae, etc. Like to travel, the 
outdoors, photography and other exciting 
things. Shane Archer/ Housing Unit E/ 
Cumberland Cnty. Prison/ PO Box 820/ 1101 
Claremont Rd./ Carlisle, PA 17013. 

Collection! Mostly 70's punk through mid 80's 
hardcore. Over 200 titles! Send 520 stamp for 
Huge 9 page catalog. A sampling of artists 
includes - Christ on Parade, Crucifix, Misfits 
(stuff signed by Danzig), Rudimentary Peni, 
etc. Act now! No trades. Matt "Pegleg" 
Fitzgerald, 20931 Morewood Pkwy., Rocky 
River, Ohio 44116. 

CELL 63 - a new all-ages club in the San 
Fernando valley (20 min. North of Hollywood) 
is looking for bands to book. Please send tapes 
to 4071 Meadowlark Drive, Calabasas, CA 
91302 or call (818) 222-4754 ext. 3825 and 
leave message. Also, call and inquire about 
having your t-shirts made by a new 
underground silkscreening company, Graphic 
Assault. Thanks. 


iHksr #s*tv*t I'-vrrvi' 

BILL BRAGG WANTED - Any live stuff: 
videos, tapes, LP's. Any comps; rarities. ALSO 
WANTED: Stuff from No Escape, Life's Blood, 
Go! , Sheer Terror, and Sticks and Stones. Have 
records and other stuff to trade or I will pay 
cash. WriteMarkManago, 10 15 Wesley Avenue, 
Evanston, IL 60202. What I really need is any 
In Touch paraphernalia Peace to Columbo. 

is out! Only $1.75 ppd. to: 427 Monticello Dr., 
Ballwin, MO 63011. All orders sent next day. 

VEGANS! Send all your cool recipes and essays 
to 427 Monticello Dr., Ballwin, MO 63011 for 
the next issue of the Higher Ground Vegan 

TRADE! Wasted Youth "Wild Life" 7", 
Pressured Release 7", Crass "Merry Crassmas" 
('81) 7", plus YOT, Fugazi, Violent Children, 
Crippled Youth 7 " boots. WANT: Underdog 7", 
Mc Rad 12", Drunk Injuns 10" and Italian old 
7 "s. Send bids to Arrigo Bemardi, via PiaveNr. 
4 31100, Treviso, Italy. 

MISFITS! Life '79 Perfect Crime 7" $8.00/ea., 
Bad Brains/Danzig 7" (live Germany '91 #cd. 
to 1000) $8.00/each, Misfits "Horror Hotel" 7" 
ltd. 300 $5.00/ea., Morbid Angel "Decline of 
Rome" 7" red ltd. 500 $5.00/ea., Glenn Danzig 
"Who Killed Marilyn" 7" $5.00/ca. Please add 
$2.00 to total for 1st class post. Write: V. Street 
Records, 2611 Via Campo, Suite 228, 
Montebello, CA 90640. Please make anything 
payable to Eric Kwan. Cash is fine. All letters 
answered, a stamp is very appreciated. Foreign 
please write first. 

I'M POOR BUT THESE "Came From Pit" 
(comp.) $10.00,Battalion of Saints (2nd Coming) 
$15.00, Melvins (Alchemy) $25.00, Justice 
League(lst7")$15.00, 7 Seconds (Blasts, Blue, 
insert) $15.00, Crippled Youth (Join Fight, clear) 
$25.00, 'fThat Was Then, etc.)" (comp.) $10.00, 
Tad (Jinx, yellow) $7.00, Big Citys (comp.) 
$10.00, Vicious Circle (comp.) $10.00, B.Y.O. 
(comp.) $10.00. Call or write: Larry, 2324 
Church Ave. #5, Sacramento, CA 95821. 

WANTED: Does anyone have any old issues of 
Hippycore or Cometbus they would beprepared 
to trade or sell me. If so please contact Steve 
Hyland, 17 St. Paul's Road, Colchester, Essex. 
C01 SQ England. Thanks. 

SUBURBAN WASTELAND #@ is out, with 
Public Bath Records, Shonen Knife, reviews 
and other funs stuff. Also have issue #1 with 
reviews, etc. .75 ppd. a piece. #3, the "short 
stories" issue slated for June release, write for 
info on free advertising! Suburban Wasteland, 
c/o Jon, 2161 Bunker Hill Dr., San Mateo, CA 

SHORT STORIES WANTED for issue #3 of 
Suburban Wasteland. Non-fiction or fiction 
"authors" please write for info! Also labels, 
zines, etc. write for info on free advertising to: 
Suburban Wasteland, c/o Jon, 2161 Bunker 
Hill Dr., San Mateo, CA 94402. 

WANTED: Germs 7"s, any Angry Samoans, 
Dils 7"s, Sham 69, original GG Allin 7"s or 
12"s, SOA 7"s, Stiff Little Fingers 45's, Dead 
Boys 45's, X-Ray Spex 45's, anything by VOM, 
Zero Boys "Living in the 80's", the Zeros 7"s. 
Will buy or trade. I have the "Crime of the 
Century" box set, Vibrators 45's, X-Ray Spex 
"Germ Free..." 7", Negative Approach "Tied 
Down", Adverts 45's, Weirdos, Angelic 
Upstarts, etc. Send lists, want ads, offers to: B. 
Wagner, 236 The Mall, Berea, Ohio 44017. or 
call (216) 243-2744. 

SHONEN KNIFE WANTED: original Japanese 
pressings, videos, bootlegs, photos, and other 
obscure items wanted, esp. recordings of MTV 
and KUSF interviews. Will pay good money for 
any of the above. Fans of Japanese noise/punk/ 
HC please write! Jon, 2161 Bunker Hill Dr., 
San Mateo, CA 94402. Big thanks and hello to: 
Betsy and David, Sekiri, Elden, Mason and 

NEW SODA CAN STUFF! The new Soda Can 
7" will be out in early April on Forefront 
Records includes the gems. . . sublima-bean, 
Frankcncrack, and some lives stuff from the 
WFMU hardcore show. . . all on spankin' red 
vinyl. Fanzines get in touch lor interviews or 
ad rates. Write our new address for more info, 
T's, free shit, etc. 4609 Jenkins Rd., Winston- 
Salem, NC 27105. 

LAST CHANCE! Mudhoney, Nirvana, Fugazi, 
Halo of Flies, Smashing Pumpkins, Big Chief. 
Tons of Sub Pop, Am Rep and Assorted for 
sale/auction. Call Tom: (908)752-4778 after 6, 
or write: P.O. Box 4256, Dunellen, NJ 08812. 
Move it! ! 


available from the sickos at S/M Graphics. Be 
the first on your block to wear one of these 
"sure lobecollectors items" shirts. High quality 
tee available for $12 ppd. or in long-sleeve for 
$16 ppd. Look for ad in this issue. SASE for our 
catalog. S/MGraphics,POB 10701, Bradenton, 
FL 34282-0701. 

Soul, and I will take your to" the depths of 
Pleasure and Pain. Hand in Hand, walk the 
razors edge with me. Do you dare? No limits or 
boundaries, choose the path. Steve, POB 10701, 
Bradenton, FL 34282-0701. 

HELP ME! Send me mail, pictures, etc. 20 yr. 
old female looking to leave this town. Would 
love to hear from punk and skins ASAP! M., 
2841 Moland #16, Madison, WI 53704. 

BUBBLE GUM HITS. French bassman look 
for reform his band: Girls biginners in guitar, 
synthe+rhythm box and vocal. Industrial 
(trash), minimalist-psyche. Lyrics in French 
(and American if you want). Frank Malko (Les 
Faquins), 1831 Idyllwild, Redwood City, CA 

"Golden Shower," Doom "Total Doom, "J.F.A. 
"Live, "Foetus "Hole," AdrenalinO.D. "Wacky/ 
Humungous," Dead Milkmen "Big Lizard" & 
"Eat Your Paisley," G.B.H. "City Baby 
Attacked/Revenge," Surf Pun ks"LocalsOnly," 
any Chaos U.K. or Disorder. Splatterpuss, 300 
Meyran, 1-C, PGH, PA 15213, USA. 

GG ALLIN - "Bleedin', Stinkin', andDrinkin'" 
cassette only release available now for $5 (ppd 
cash only). For your new acoustic songs and 
interviews from the summer ofl991.60minutes 
in all. Vinyl Retentive Productions 3 12 W. South 
Ave. Tampa, FL 33603. 

GIRL SEEKS others to correspond with. Into 
the Cure, Janes Addiction, Human Drama, 
Bauhaus, and some industrial. Will write to 
anyone. I await your response. Kristine 
Anderson, 1 1990 Ha'vencrest St. Moorpark, CA 

WHERE THE HELL are the anarchists? Aren't 
there any anarchists in Massachusetts? I'd like 
to hear from you. Also, where are the female 
anarchists? I need to hear from you, so get 
writing! Andy What?, PO Box 708, Littleton, 
MA 01460-2708. 

sensual and erotic dreams, fantasies, photos, 
and videos with mature, sensual male. Al I may 
apply - bi, homo, hetero. Prefer female. Send 
to: Sep, Box 295, Somerdale, NJ 08083. 

CONFRONTATIONAL Graphic T-shirts. 
Renegade Graphex action wear/ 
deprogramming paraphenalia isnow available 
to the masses. Includes the "We are all 
prostitutes" t-shirt, the favorite of Operation 
Desert Storm participants. T's and hats that 
stop the blind & stupid dead in their tracks in 
the bluntest, cruelest fashion possible. Send 
two stamps for free catalog to: Renegade 
Graphex, PO Box 963, Kalamazoo, MI 49005. 

SMOKE THE SOUL Press has published the 
most intense books in this country. Titles like 
"Cutthroat Blues" & "Blood Rain" will hand 
youbackyour heart. Send SASE to: Smoke the 
Soul Press, PO Box 8347, Ann Arbor, MI48107. 

FLOWERING JUDAS? Ken Carps? Anybody 
know where he is? Please show him this or 
write to me. I have lost a friend. Ian c/o Pas De 
Chance, PO Box 6704, Station "A", Toronto, 
Canada, M5W 1X5. 

I'M A 21 YEAR-OLD female who may be 
spending the summer in Ft. Lauderdale area of 
Florida. Like lots of music, especially stuff on 
Sub Pop, Touch and Go, punk, hardcore, girl 
groups, even the Beatlesand some metal. Please 
inform me of cool record stores, clubs/bars, 
museums/galleries. Jennifer, 1219 Rebecca 
Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15221. 

LONELY FOR MAIL, submissive devilocked 
slave boy-23, bodypiercings, bondage, 
cemeteries, likes wearing pantyhose. Aren't 
there any wild dominant aggressive female 
punks, goths, skins anymore? Spooky, 4336 
Byesville Blvd., Dayton, OH 45431. D.I., 
Cramps, Flipper, Vandals, Misfits, Black Flag. 

DRI-1ST 7" 22 song $65, Misfits Halloween 7" 
original $65, Max's Kansas City 7" $20, Y.O.T. 
"Yesterday" 7" $9, G.I. "Stabb" 7" red #25/100 
$25, F-Word 7" red original, Posh Boy 1st $20, 
Iconoclast 7", Flipside '84 $25. All Mint. Please 
write: Kelly, PO Box 3162, Montebello, CA 

I AM A COMPLETE fucking loser. All I do is 
skate, avoid washing my hair and listen to 
Monsula. Please send me letters cause I need 
friends. I promise to writeback. Ethan Caldwell, 
PO Box 30771, Tucson, AZ 85751. 

MERCY! !! HUNCH NUMERO 4. Action loaded 
& ready with dives into the minds of Snailboy , 
Slot, Mike Doskocil of Drunks with Guns, 
Bomp!!, and heaps of more greatness at the 
backdoor of American entertainment. Reet. 
3rd pressing is graced with hand-embossed 
cover. Given the current state of economy, this 
issue's on thehouse. Request a copy from Johnny 
Hunch, 212 Highland, Apartment 122, East 
Lansing, MI 48823. (517)336-8781. 

RECORD AUCTION: 7"s: Fugazi - Subpop 3 
songs; Nirvana - Love Buzz, #'d 941/1000; 
Misfits - Li ve at Max's green w/poster, Beware, 
Bullet yellow, 4 Hits From Hell (Live at 9:30); 
Youth of Today - Can't Close... on Positive 
Force; Minor Threat - Buff Hall. Bids to Ian 
Miller, 486 41st St #1, Oakland, CA 94609 or 
(510)655-5810. Thanks! 

HELP! Just returned from school in Scotland. 
I need correspondents in No. Cal. especially 
Santa Rosa. I hope to return to school there 
Please write A.S.A.P.: Ariel Nicolini, PO Box 
1643, Lexington, KY 40507. 

- If You SwearRred, And No One Else. . . French 
import/different cover; 7 Seconds -New Wind 
red, The Crew green/blue; Youth Brigade - 
Sound and Fuiy green; Social Distortion - 
Mommy's... clear; New York Hardcore, Wild 
Things orange/black marbled. Bids to Ian 
Miller, 486 41st St #1, Oakland, CA 94609 or 
(ol0)655-5810. Send for list. Thanks! 

PUNKGOTH WOMAN do you exist? Bachelor, 
38, recovering, attractive, intelligent, artistic 
and articulate, soon bankrupt, free at lastl 
Does love still blossom in the spring? Rodney 
Rt 1 Box 564, Brookline MO 65619. 

SKOINK (> (punk, oi, ska hardcore fanzine) 
now available featuring Red Alert, The 
Skatterbrains, the Way, Red London, Blanks 
'77, and articles on S.E. hardline, the scenes in 
Colombia, Finland, Spain, etc., plus news and 
tonsof record/fanzine reviews (all fully written 
in English), send $1.50 (surface) $2.50 (air 
mail) to Johan Van Mieghem, Postbus 41 , 9550 
Hcrzele, Belgium. 

WHAFUCK? Is anyone out there who can send 
me a clue? My situation has me trapped and 
unaware. Some tapes and letters might help. 
Unique letters will be your reward. Female 
responses appreciated. T.,3911 17thAve. NW, 
Rochester, MN 55901. 

FEMINISM NOW! "Our Bodies, Our Rights, 
No Compromise". Pro-choice T-shirts $10.00. 
Female biology sign with fist on front, words 
on back. Also, Take Control zine $2. 00. Articles 
on home abortion, feminist networking, and 
defending abortion. Cash or MO to Radical 
Wimmin, PO Box 41584, Memphis TN 38174. 
No checks. 

FOR SALE: Oi Polloi "Outraged at Atomic 
Menace" LP $10.00, Cowboy Killers "Press. 
LP $7.00 and Media Children 7" $3.00. Also, 
send a stamp for a list of Anarcho punk stuff 
I'm auctioning off. Write to PO Box 241532, 
Memphis TN 38124. 

tapes, zincs. Ebullition, Simple Machines, 
Profane Existence... for a complete list send 
SASE to: Brix, POB 144, W Bend WI 53095. 

FOR SALE!!! Huge stock of quality Bondage 
Bracelets $8.00 each (made with black genuine 
leather & shiny silver loops) — Huge stock of 
quality Bondage Belts $16.00 each (made with 
black genuine leather & shiny silver loops). 
Ledandustruphy Enterprizes, PO Box 86217, 
Phoenix AZ 85080. 

Colombia into Exploited, Chaos UK, GBH, 
Circle Jerks, Filth, anarchy, occult, chicks with 
fucked up hair and mail, unfortunately I'm not 
receiving any. Send me anything: Poems, Art, 
Pictures, Flyers etc. Write to Danny Pratt, 
11324 NW Flagler Ln, Miami FL 33172. 

press/ COSA ep/ CroMags 10" bla bla bla...) 
Looking for: Icons of Filth, Antisect and many 
more. Please send lists: A. Ujma, Uberweg 50, 
7334 SufJen, W Germany. 

AUCTION! Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Tad, 
Nirvana, Big Black, Rapeman, Misfits, 
Samhain, more! Send S.A.S.E. to: Arik, 1706 
Second Ave. SO. #24, Minneapolis, MN 55403 

LAS VEGAS OR BUST! Learn how to beat the 
casinos & your buddies at blackjack, poker, 
etc. Send 50 cents for a list of books. M. E., 
Dept. GA-R, Santa Barbara CA 93121. 

LOTS OF T-SHIRTS and patches and zines 
and books and records and tapes and shit. Send 
a SASE for free catalog and sticker. Everything 
is pretty cheap. Write to Neverendingvegetable, 
PO Box 263, Colorado Springs CO 80901-0263. 

INFINITE ONION zine #6. Stuff on Rasta, 
Hitler's B-day party, the draft, 
Phantasmorgasm tour diarrhea, interviews 
withex-nazi skin leader and Profane Existence. 
Also art, scams, and more. $1 from PO box 263, 
Colorado Springs CO 80901. 

Misanthrope seeks 3 AM hell/bliss survivors, 
neuroticgoth chicks, borderlineschizophrenics, 
apocalypse watchers, subgenii, pagans, 
surrealists, insomniacs, and anyone bearing 
the wounds of Christ. I'm 2 1 into :Death In June 
Current 93, Swans, Black flag, Sonic Youth, 
Ministry and watching the world disappear. 
Please write: Dave grave, 14 Rundel PK. #2, 
Rochester, NY 14607. 

POLY BAGS - sleeves for your records, prices 
ppd. 7": 120 - $5.00, 500 - $17.00, 1000— 
$32.00. 12": 60 - $5.00, 200 - $15.00, 500 - 
$32.00. 10":10 - $2.00. Cash or blank postal 
money order to: Greg, PO Box 482, Paoli, PA 

DONT READ THIS! Underdog records for 
sale: Shaggy?Eskimo Nation split 7", Tasty 
Bush 7", Eskimo Nation 7", 8 Barks 7"s (EP #1 
& #2), I.M.F. 7", Dead Steel mill 7", each $3.50 
ppd. Send stamp for catalog/newsletter! D.I. Y. 
or don't do it. Underdog Records, PO Box 
14182, Chicago, IL 60614. 

and all. Please send info.! I would also 
appreciate any observations, opinions, essays, 
pics, about punk women, feminism.etc. Also 
looking for girl bands. Valerie Taylor, 1600 
Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105. 

MRR READER AND FRIEND (male/female) 
traveling in Europe Sept. - Dec. 1992. Hope to 
correspond with anyone having advice about 
cheap eats, cool clubs, and especially who might 
offer a night's free accommodations in your 
city. We are easy-going and honest. Will return 
kindness if you come to US. Robert Zieger, 230 
12th Ave., Seattle, WA 98102. USA. 

URGENT. WANTED: Devo - Live LP. Blurt 
"Friday the 12th" LP, Quartet - 2X - LP, Big 
Black"Lungs", Black Flag Live promo 7", & 
Live in.Hamburg (orig., vid.), REM "Radio free 
Europe" (1st on Hiptone), Butthole Surfers 
"Blind Eye" video (w/5" record), Half Japanese 
"Calling All Girls" 7", Shonen Knife "Pretty 
Little Baka Guy" (1st): Doug, 11 Country LN, 
Collinsville, CT, 06022. 

DOA, Social distortion and more! For a free 
CD mail order catalog, send a stamped self- 
addressed envelope to: Restless Mail Order, PO 
Box 6420, Hollywood, CA 90028. 

HEY YOU! Check this out. 3 stamps gets you a 
copy of 312 skate zine plus catalogs for Sluggo's 
skates and stickers. Maybe my chick will kiss 
your envelope. Send to: 312, 2524 Lincoln Ave. 
#105, Chicago, IL 60614. 

FOR SALE - Youth Of Today "Breakdown the 
Walls" on Wishing Well, lstpressingfor$25.00. 
4 Uniform Choice "Screaming For Change" 
LPs, 1st pressing for $20, read and green for 
$25 each and marble for $35 and a Unity 7 " for 
$15. All prices O.B.O. Brett BceRoberson, (602) 
491-1205, or write: 1659 W.Millagro, Mesa, AZ 

BANG! #23 Special all babe issue is available 
with; Lydia Lunch, Kayla Kleevage, Beverlee 
Hills, Kristy Swanson, and more. We're looking 
fora few rock n' roll writers. Send $1 cash and 
two stamps per issue to: Bang! 77 Newborn 
Ave., Medford, MA 02155-6430. 

PLEASE HELP: I'm a 17 year oldgothic 
princess. Loves Sisters Of Mercy, Janes 
Addiction, Bauhaus etc., Looking for black 
clothed punk & gothic gods to worship. Let me 
serve you. come with me on a walk theough the 
darkness of eternity. Write to: Barbara, 79Port 
Monmouth Rd., Port Monmouth, NJ 07758. 

WANTED! TheDamned. Serious collector will 
pay top prices for records, acetates, promos, 
press kits, posters, etc. from Japan, USA, New 
Zealand, Canada, Italy, Thailand, India, 
Phillipines, Greece, Africa, Mexico, Holland, 
Germany, etc., Anything at all considered. 
Please write any thime. All letters replied: Carl 
Gee, 56 Zetland St., Darlington, Co. Durham, 
DL3 0NF, England. 

OUT NOW! Dare to Defy 7" - 4 songs of brutal 
metallic hardcore and Test of Time - 4 songs 7 " : 
danceable hardcore from Connecticut. - $5 
ppd. world to: Inner Rage records c/o Jean - 
MarcDablin, 5. rue A. Fleming, 94560 Ezanville, 

WE HA VEIN TRADE: Judge: Schism 7 ", Septic 
Death: Burial 7 ", SubPop singles club 7 "s, Bad 
Religion: into the UnknownLP, Weirdos: Action 
Design 12", DOA: Triumph of the Ignoroids 
12", Minor Threat: In My Eyes 7", Terveet 
Kadet: Message 12" andhundredsmore... Stuff 
we need: DOA: Prisoner 7", Cock Sparrer: 
Shock troops LP, Toxic Reasons: Ghostown & 
War heroes 7"s, Really Red: Crowd control, 
Modern needs, & Despise moral majority 7"s, 
Subhumans (Can.): All 7" & 12"s, Viletones: 
Look back in anger 7 " + much more, so write & 
send lists to: A.A. Records, Box 74, SF-11101 
Riihimaki, Finland. 

MAC USERS!! Don't throwyourmoney away!! 
I can get you Pagemaker 4.2 for $275 and MS 
Word 5 for $175. No, this is not a scam and 
there's no catch, I just have connections and 
want to help you out. Call me!! Greye, (805)564- 
6021, POBox42242, Santa Barbara, CA 93140. 
This is for real. 

WHERE OH WHERE can I find the triple 
grooved glow-in-dark 10" ep called "Yo 
Rumpus Room" by the band Rump? I saw them 
live and haven't been the same since. Are they 
from CA (No. or So.)? Juana Fauk. 511 Kimberly, 
San Dimas, CA 91733. 

ANDROMEDA PRESS is still looking for good 
writers of all varieties to contribute to an 
alternative compilation book of fiction/poetry. 
The book will be a benefit for Earth First! , and 
contributors wilkl recieve a free copy. Send 
your best stuff along with a SASE to: 
Andromeda Press, PO Box 423592, San 
Francisco, CA 94102. 

ton o printed matter. S.A.S.E. or 2 IRCs for the 
list to: Seidboard World Enterprises, PO Box 
137-M, Prince Street Station, New York NY 

NATION OF ULYSSES: Please send any all 
NOU related materials; ie: articles and 
interviews (any publication), photographs, 
flyers, information on audi o and video bootlegs 
for sale, etc. Monetary reimbursement will have 
to suffice. I'll cover all postage costs as well. 
Dan Eldridge Jr., PO Box 1362, McMurray, PA 


HARDCORE & EXPERIMENTAL videos wanted lor a national 
alternative music program - Noise Bazaar. To be considered, 
VHS tapes should be submitted to: WNEU-TV/ 1001 East 
Entry Dr./ Pittsburgh/ PA 1 52 1 6. Tapes can also be submitted 
for a home-video program in production. Videos will not be 

LIVE AUDIO/VIDEO FOR SALE/TRADE. Punk, hardcore, thrash. 
Over on* thousand shows, Excellent prices and quality, S«ad 
your list or two stamps and list of bands yaw looking far. 
Nada KhodL 547 Alleghany Ave. #3, Towson, MD 21204. 

SHLONK! SHLONK! SHLONK! Guaranteed to annoy your 
parents!!! Live tape $4.00. Recorded Dec. 31st '91 Krelr IJ 

V e L» Jft.._h«..llT .l:.i.(om 11M..1. 

Dick design (multi color on white) 2) same on black. Arm Your 

UVE SOCIAL DISTORTION audio 1 1 different shows fro* 
1982-90. Also iva shews by TSOl and Minor Thrent, plus 
some others. Write t* Rich Kfin*. 122 HI St., Lock Haven, PA, 
17745. Hole Mafcoda. I love ywlH 

AMAZING UFO. VIDEO! new on 1/2" VHS send $25.00 
P&P to: PI-SANO, Bx. 621 554 Int. Airport, Orlando, Florida 
32862. Order today! First time ever offered! 

UVE AUDIO FOR SALE. 17: Seattle, WA 8/91, 65 minutes. 
Samium: Gomau St., InrknUy, CA 12/90, 45 minutes, loth 
are $8 tech ppd. N. America and $10 elsewhere, loth 
receromgs ire of oxcolwl snnnd lenity. Jeff Coulter, 6 
Windy Hi, Eiview, WV 25071. or MO, $1 gets 1st 

Children video $6.00. Package Deal!! Includes: 1 tape, I T WOULDANYBODYhappcnrohavedemosby Dove (early '83) 
Shirt, 1 Video, 1 Glossy Band Photo, $1 5 total. Angie Shlonk, and Insurrection (DC) that I could possibly gel a copy of? 
3032 St. Anloine West, Montreal, PO, H40 IA5, Canada. Please write! Thanks. Adam, 4220 Sl.James PI, San Diego, 

JANE'S ADDICTION— 11/25/88 Cabaret Metro. Chicago. 
70 mm. Sound ax. Performance Ex+++ Kettle Whistle!! $8 
ppd. cash or M0. Also have list of many hot Jim's videos far 
under $20. Rage! Paul Losoff, 246 Crescent Drive, Glenview 
IL 60025-4616. 

SATAN SMASHING HEADS, ripping limbs, and gutting our 
bodies. Killing, Mayhem, Death. Satan is strongest in the 

• I f.l *^ . • J . •! _Li L.-I.I-IJ. - T uA J 

IIII1IUSVI I HO WICIWKUCiii ivmuic »miwvi imiiu. ii. ■ u yv " -i UIIU 

pamphlet only $4, send money: CNF, Box VI 52, Virginia 
Beach VA 23450. 

GLEN DAN ZIG VIDEO - Live from Gold's Gym. Join Glen is he 
pumps iron, takes steroids, and performs decedent sexual ids 
on his bodyguards. For $50 cash only is I'm financing ■ enr 
with this video. Write: Dickhead Ripping Yon Off Videos. 

VIDEO - Wanna trade? I have: Nation of Ulysses, Shudder to 
Think, Riles of Spring, Kiss, Dwarves, Holy Rollers, Severin, 
Superchinq, and Jawbox. Want: Rites of Spring, Kingface, 
Nation of Ulysses, Melvins, Helmet, Body Count, Shudder to 
Think, and Masters of Reality. Also want good MST 3000 
episodes. J. Hunter/ PO Box 195/ Tulsa/ OK 741 71 . Sorry 
for late responses, school has kept me busy. 

70S AND 80'S are back! - 1 bavi been persuaded ((books to 
Loveslug) to start my cheesy covers compilation again. H yon 
have a bad 70's or 8u's song already recorded that! could use, 
let me know. J. Hunter/ PO Box 195/ Tulsa/ OK 74171. 

FREE VIDEOS!!?? Fuck No! Send 2 stamps or $1 for 1 1 page 
list full of video, audio, and 7" trade list. 100's of videos 
available, including Melvins, Unsane, Surgery, Babes, Helios, 
Boss Hog, Oxbow, Helmet, Lizard, and tons more - cooler 
prices than those other fuckers! Everybody write: Jay Kuehm/ 

\ am, vi m i , ■■ i i - / ■■ i nni A r ■ .L .■ n 

AUDIO VIDEO TRADERS we can't do it H you don't send them 
lists. Still need stuff by The Catalonics, Antiseen, G.G. Attn, 
Bloody Mess & the Skabs, Cedar St. Sluts, Altitude Adjustment. 
Does anyone have i Zero Boys "Vicious Circle" LP tboy wi 
sell? Also need Bloody Mess 7". Kevin Sisk, 303 SW Blvd., 
Aberdeen, WA 98520. 

VIDEOS WANTED! Alien Sex Fiend, Kiss, Metallico w/cliff 
Burton, Nine Inch Nails, Bullhole Surfers, Ozzy, Nirvana, 
Soundgarden, and more: Looking for good quality only. Will 
buy or trade. Write to: Darren Schulte, 1019 Willot Rd, St. 
Peters. MO 63376. Also looking to trade Metallica concert 
photos.. .please write, I'm bored. 

VIDEOS FOR SALE: Crass, Conflict, Discharge, UK Subs, Damned, 
GBR Misfits, GG, Abrasive Wheels, Screamers, Undertones, 
Buiicocks, SLF, Jam, BobbySox, Meatmen, Gwnr, Japanese 
HC/Punk and more. For list send $1 to: Jeremy, Aslar Station, 
Box 969, Boston, MA 02123 

MISFITS OUTTAKES, unreleased recordings, and live excerps 
on 30-song, 90-minute tape. With interview. The ultimate in 
Misfits compilations! Contians "Cough Cool", "Rat Fink", 
"Return of the Fly", "Spook City USA ', plus outlakes on old 

, .. I.I url II iPr It ii\l : II -»- ft AA 

per tape. Send cash or money order to: Brian Sheppard/ 240 1 
Spring Creek #3007/ Piano/ TX 75023. 

CA 92103. 

VIDEO FOR SALE OR TRADE: 1 00's to choose from. GG Aim 
al 1 991 t 1992 Shows. Jesus lizard. Bad Religion, Fugazi, 
Inttbolas, No-van, Helmet, 17, Thunders, Siouxsie, Primus, 
Jones, Cramps, Ramones, Misfits, t many many mora. Wrilo 
Merle Attn, $98 Mulberry st.#7D, Now York, NY 10012. Or 
col (212)274-0803. 

1992 shows. Over 20 shows from our last three tours. All 
excellent quality from the masters, lots of shit & blood. Also 
have the Orlando show & the Austin show where he got 
arrested. Write: Merle AHin, 298 Mulberry St. #7D, New 
York, NY 10012. Or coll (212) 274-0803. 

VIDEOS: Hundreds of Hardcore I metal videos vid's. Sold o 
seK-addrossed stomped envelope far ■ complete 1st today. 
Video traders - your 1st gals ■bo. Frank/ Videos P.O. Box 
165, Olmsted Fans, OH, 44138 USA (VHS only) 

Up, Release, Resurrection, Shelter, PX, Outspoken, Inside 
Out, Chain, Turning Point, Wide Awake and lots more. Your 
list gets mine! Looking for Schism and Touihxd own shirts (XL), 
also Confront, Breakaway 7"s (have TP on gold (200 made)). 
Coming: Onward shirts. Pete OurXTurn/ Skovveien 39a/ N- 
0258 Oslo 2/ Norway. 

THE DECONSTRliaiON DEMO. 14 songs, ever 40 minutes, 
$2.00 ppd in US. Cleanly 4-trock recording, "Enjoy It Or Not" . 
Chocks, money orders or wel-cancenled cash to: Soon Barney, 
' ' 1 Doughs Avo, Kalamazoo, Mi 49007. 

LIVE TAPES: All, Bad Religion, Big Drill Car, Buzzcocks, 
Chemical People, Circle Jerks, Crimpshrine, Dag Nasty, Dead 

1/ J... A J »- A.: l_ l\ D..I f\-..._f..ll 

nenneuy), Lfe*ienuem>, lmiiusuui ji, l/uvvii uy luvv, i/uvviiiuii, 

Fiendz, Fugazi, Green Day, Jane's Addiction, Milestone, Minor 
Threat, Misfits, Nirvana, Operation Ivy, Porcelain Boys, 

AUDIOS AND VIDEOS - Subhumans, Crass, Conflict, NIN, 
Citizen Fish, Chumbawamba, Bad Brains, Culture Shock, RDF, 
Nausea, Oi Polloi, Jam, ska, reggae, Smiths, Janes Addiction, 
and much more. SASE for list. Mike, 1404 Deercreek Dr., 
Plainsboro, NJ. 08536-3302. 

VIDEOS!! GG ALUN 1991 Shows Available! f 1 Asbory Pork 
NJ show + interview #2 NYC show and Pknadelpkia show. #3 
1991 Tour comp. of tan shows with songs, ml erview, news, 
& moral Shows mi about one boor each, $30 each. Most ho 
18 or older to order! Rude stuff! Peter de Motrin, 8 Hodden 
Rd., Hewitt, NJ 07421 or col (201) 853-4220 

REBEL REBEL demos, videos & other merchandise available. 
Ala J. Addiclon, S.S. Sputnik, Specimen, Alien Sex Fiend, & Sex 
Pistols. Send SASEforinfoto: Rebel Rebel, 7510 Sunset Blvd., 
Hollywood, CA 90046 

TRADER WANTS: VU, Red Kroyela, The Outsiders 
(Dutch), Insect Trust. Donovan, The Creation, Caravan, Any 
other inter .slug 60's stuff, The Frogs, Only Ones, GG Allin, 
Dwarves, preferably trade, but wil pay. Ion, 1 55 Draw 0, 
Delran, NJ 08075. 

NIRVANA - live 1 2/28/9 1 Del Mar, CA. $2.00 ppd. Send 60 

• .. . • ■ n * it i * i r f 1 ji 1 a t* 

mm. cassette toe 
Diego, CA 92109. 

WANNA BE ON A FINISH COMP. TAPE! HC/Puok al round the 
world, sand your demos /live lopos (and some info!) to Mania 
Prod, Box 13, 00281 HkL Finland. 

INFESTATION-DEMO '92 Yonkers death metal is back! Send 
S3 to Joey Inlervallo, 16 Cedar Street, Yonkers, NY 10701. 
$6 for t-shirt! 

VIDEOS AVAILABLE! On nay world system! Movies, Live 
shows, punk documentaries, industrial ska, hardcore, punk! 
Rare stuff old and now, from ol over the world! Evan 1991 
GG Attn shows) send $1 or SASE f or a bio 1st! Or give a col. 
fast service, no rip-offs, fair prices. P. DeMetia, 8 Hue so. 
Rd, Hewitt, NJ 07421 USA. Phone (201) 853 - 4420 

60 MINUTES of truly "original" music • Demo-lition Vol I: The 
Ones That Got Away. 1 3 unsigned artists that must be heard 
to be believed. Words cannot describe the outrageous sounds 
on this comp. Send a $5 bill or write for info to: Dead Snake 
Recordings, 3149 36th St #2B, LLC, NY 1 1 106. also have 
punk/HC records for trade/sale. Write for list. 

ideal soundtrack far the approaching end of the Reagao Bosh 
dynasty. Sixty minutes of music on high bios to pa, with lyrics. 
$4 op/ Richard Engof, 955 Page St. #3, Son Francisco, CA 

WANTED: to trade w/ someone who has early (back when 
they were cool) Social Distrolion. I'm not a collector, I'm just 

Ramones, Samhain, Screeching Weasel, Snuff, Social Distortion, looking for copies. I'll trade tapes or supply the blanks plus a 
Soup & Sweet Baby. Send a SASE for list, over 120 shows! couple bucks, doesn't anyone still do this? Write: Andy. PO 

Jason Duncan, 507 Windndge Circle, Inman, SC 29349 

PABLO realy hod bis shit together, so yeah, I pulled the 
fuckin' trigger. Now that's more...Galieoas Lap 10 song 
cassette Sfopd. 1218 Terry Ave. #309 Seattle, WA 98101. 

NO ONE really knew why Jeffery left, if I recall correctly he 
mumbled something under his breath about spoons, Picasso 
and handguns. Then Tie stepped out the door. ..Galleons Lap 1 
song cassette $5 ppd. 1218 Terry Ave. #309, Seattle, WA 

BUILD UP "Koop Up Toe Fight" Ion sang cassette— hardcore 
sbovod down your throat. Sold five bodes ppd. to PO Box 

11422, Pueblo CO 81001. rock racism. 

NIRVANA/JANES ADDICTION split cassette. Peel Sessions 
from Nirvana, demos from J.A, live stuff from both. Mostly 
unreleased, high quality, no bullshit. On chrome cassette. So 
to Danny Hicks/ 709 S. Wood St./ Pryor, OK 74361. 

WONDERFUL WORLD? Vol.2 comp. tape is out! 6 bonds, 34 
songs of para crashing punk/HC. lands ico: Resist, Anal 
Intruder. .Get yoor copy!! Europe: $6, USA: $8 to: Mania 
Prod, P.O. Box 13, 00281 Helsinki, Finland. 

Box 146227, Chicago, IL 60614. 

TOXIC TRAMPS 4 cassettes now available. 1) Under The 
Influence. 2) Armed Ami Dangerous. 3) Wicked Witch. 4) 
Heaven. Kick oss electronic pop thrash punk. Sand cash or MO, 
US funds only. $3.00 US/ $4.00 foreign ppd. To: Rob DulLPO 
Box 601, Rockford, 1161105. 

MILKTOAST "Omoi-Ofo" (translation Heavy Noise) Six song 
cassette available now! Power-fed industrial hardcore 
noise. ..believe me, you need this! Write for information on 
shirts, booking, etc. Send US funds to Mark Johnson, 6505 
Phinney Ave N- Apt B, Seattle WA 98103. 

MY AREA CODE IS 410: This is a 90 min. cess, of ear 
assaulting, brain destroying loisa. Also available, Duncan 
Lemmoabreath's "Death Danes". Each $2.00 PPD Irom 
Twang I Bug Records 5360 Iron Pen Place, Columbia, MD 

NIRVANA - 1 was stupid enough to buy these boots and want 
to help you a void this scam ondmake some of the cash, so send 
$4 for a tape of 5 singles of demos to David Aaron, 1962 
Bellamy St #20, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Different versions 
& unreleased songs! 



Featuring un released tracks from 





and tracks from our European bands 






Available as of March 17th 

WBA suggested retail price is: 
LP/CASS $ 5.98 • CD $ 8.98 

Distributed by Rotz Records, Dutch Fast, 
Twin City, Subterranean and others 


IX). BOX 10172 

CHICAGO, II. 60610-0172 

All mailorder handled by: 


CHICAGO, IL 60607-1911 

For free mailorder catalogue send a loose stamp 



CONTINUED "FROM 1977-1992" 




Good quality live recording of a great gig when the band were at their peak includes Baby Baby, No 

Heart, Judy Says, Automatic Lover. 



Celebrating ten years of this well respected socialist punk band. This live recording on RED vinyl includes 
CND, Revolution Times, This is England, No War No Hate, 48 Reasons etc. 




A CD only compilation of the best of Oi Polloi includes the bands first single and the Oi Core side of the 

Unite & Win LP etc and for the FIRST TIME A LIVE SET recorded in Edinburgh (includes "If the Kids are 






Mail Order (inc P & P) 

UK- £6 Europe- £7 USA -$14 Others- £9 



CHAOS UK "Headfuck'EP 


CONCRETE SOX "Lunched Out" EP 

on red vinyl 

ALL P. A. RF!T.F!A.q^,q r 

$3.50 postpaid in the U.S. of A. 
$4.00 postpaid in Canada/Mexico 
$5.00 postpaid in Europe 
$6.00 postpaid in Japan 



7" EP 








A.C./PSYCHO split EP $3.50/$4.00 
CROSSED OUT EP $3.50/$4.0G7$5.0( 
DISASTER "War Cry" LP $8.00/$9 
ENOLA GAY"Denmark"EP $3.50/$4 
IDORA (Japan) 5 song EP $3.50/$4 
JUDGE u No Apologies"LP $8.50, 
NATIONS ON FIRE "Days" $3.50 
SARCASM"Your Funeral"EP$3.50 
SWILL comp. EP $3.50/$4.00/$5.00 
S.D.S./MISERY split LP $9.00/$ 10.00 
STIKKY "Cuddle" EP $350/4.00/$5.00 
STP "Hate is the Move" EP $3.50/$4/$5 
THATCHER ON ACID EP $3.50/$4/$5 


1320 South Third 8tr*«t 
Loul«vill«, rf. 40208 


$3 - USA 




Flush rccora$ 

p.o. box 1050 

Richmond, CA 

94802 USA 



limited edition 
urine colored vinyl 

7"-— $3.25 ppd 
2 sided t-shirt 
black-- $8.00 ppd 

Send cash/MO/check to: 

John Foster 
13 Powell St. 
Seneca SC 29678 



C0MP7"EP $3EA 



3 Highland Drive, E. Greenbush, NY 12061 


From: To: 


P.O. BOX 460760 
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94146-0760 



PERMIT No 1153